This Cop Just Tried to Force a Citizen to Give Him Oral Sex: Report


A police officer from Bethel, Alaska is at large and police have issued a warrant against his arrest.

Twenty-three-year-old Aaron Fedolfi had been placed on administrative leave while investigation was underway in relation to sexual assault charges.

He resigned mid-enquiry and went into hiding, but not before collecting his final paycheck.

He faces two charges – third-degree attempted sexual assault and official misconduct by the office of special prosecution.

In the early hours of the morning on September 12 this year, a woman – who had been drinking at a friend’s house – was walking down Ridgecrest Drive when the Fedolfi stopped in front of her in a no-exit street.

There is no body cam footage of the encounter and the officer did not log confirmation of stopping the woman.

Perhaps, this is why he thought he could get away with telling investigators that he had not had any contact at all with the woman.

However, he later on admitted that he was lying and he had indeed picked her up on September 12.

Once the woman was in Fedolfi’s cruiser, he drove to the dog pound.

A media release suggests that the woman was either placed in custody or was under the impression that she was under arrest when she was in the vehicle.

Once the pair got to the pound, he asked her to get out of the car.

Then, he opened her car door and tried to push her to perform oral sex on him.

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