This is What Happens When You Call the Cops

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Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics


There is a new music video that is going viral entitled This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.

It is a shocking video putting together numerous clips of Police Brutality that is very disturbing to say the least.

It has captured the stark transformation of the police into a militaristic force far removed from the old days.

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The days of Norman Rockwell are gone and this is what I fear is unfolding as the Domestic War Cycle turns up.

We are more likely than not going to see widespread violence targeted against the police after 2015.

Once the economy turns down, the frustration against government will rise up like the 1960s.

This time, it will not just be a black issue.

The militarization of the police has no boundary of race, creed, or gender.

This video captures the resentment that is bubbling beneath the surface.

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Watch video now:

Watch the raw footage of cop punching and macing a 15-yr-old girl:

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  • winter32842

    The police officer said put your hand behind your back, the girl was not listen and thus he had to use force. What are you going to do when they don’t listen to you. Let them go? I do agree that there are a lot of police officer who abuse their power but this is not one of them.

    • sivien

      Since this cop didn’t have enough strength to pull a small childs hand behind her back she deserved to get punched and maced? Looks to me like this cop is a bitch who lets his emotions control him. If you can’t restrain someone that much smaller than you, I think you should find a different job. If anyone who wasn’t wearing this costume punched a small girl like this we would be charged with assault. Badges and costumes don’t grant you the ability to do what ever you want.

    • Anon

      And if she would have continued to resist whatever the bullshit order was, you’d be claiming he was justified in murdering her. You are disgusting, thinking some stranger should have this authority over our children.

    • Michael White

      Do that to my daughter and they’ll never find your fucking body, I don’t care what authority you imagine you have

      • Hugh Johnson

        Asinine response. First, you wont do anything. Second,if you did in your dream what would that accomplish? You assume you can beat the officer, maybe yes maybe no. You either end up dead or in jail. How does that help the rest of your family, or even your daughter. You and your violent retort is the problem. Maybe make sure your daughter knows not to resist and to show respect. This officer was extremely patient.

        • Michael White

          My daughter shows respect only when it’s earned, if you respect a uniform, or an idea, congratulations, you’re part of the problem.

        • Joe

          We need more people like Michael White… Any man with a MANLY pair of balls would step up and defend his family against tyrannical assholes like that. You Sir are just a coward.

          • Hugh Johnson

            another ignorant ass hat has spoken.

        • Carlos

          Ur so stupid

          • Hugh Johnson

            Yeah, it’s funny when someone with first grade spelling/grammar skills tells you how stupid you are lol. Can’t wait until Trump throws you and your family out. Si.

    • Chris Lyspooner

      Point being there is no moral reason “legislative edicts” should be “enforced” on individuals causing no harm. Saying people should comply with this is not a defense of the initial wrong . You can’t see the problem if you cant get out of your box….All legitimat elaws are one based on crimes against property and the rights thereof

    • I am pro black and anti cracker as much as the next black militant – but I have to agree with you, dumb ho should have just co-operated and put her hands behind her backs, there would not have been any issues then. If she had not done anything I’m sure she would have been released within a few hours.

      • Declan Mooney

        Well that’s just plain racist. How about just being pro right and never mind colour.

        • Nah… its not racist its just prejudiced! Now if I had wealth, power and influence to enforce my will and economically oppress and abuse people because of white… THEN you can call me a racist. But as it is, only whites can be racists.

          • Rick Hiltz

            really you believe that ?? your dumb as shit then

          • I don’t believe it. I KNOW IT.

            Its a group activity where 1 group of people with power uses their position to economically oppress and subjugate a another group of people because of their color. DO BLACK PEOPLE DO THAT? You fucking dumb ass!

          • Stormy

            Definition of racist.

            a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another

            You don’t get to make up your own definition. You fucking dumb ass!

          • I CAN GIVE A FUCK about how some cracker feels he is better than me, its the moment a group of people with a more established economic power-base use their money and institutions to subjugate, oppress and abuse another group because of their skin tone that it turns racist.

            Until then its just some bigots and prejudices sharing their personal views. Anyone can be that, I could be that…. but I am no racist, my group does not use our money to oppress you or any white person because they are white. ITS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT MONEY thats why racism was created… not because you thought you were better.

            Why am I trying to educate fucking dumb crackers any ways.

            I am done with this conversation – you fucking dumb honkeys can all go fuck yourselves. Your day will come – and your kids/grand kids will pay for your sins.

          • larry

            Cracker….honkey….fuck you NIGGERRRR

          • TruthSeeker

            lol, wow… the retardation oozes from your pores. No wonder many people of your same ethnicity suffer so much throughout their lives. You guys are raised with a a crippled mentality. The smart ones realize the Al Sharptons of the world are actually working for ‘the man” and make something of themselves while the “freedom fighters” like you eat dirt. lol, wake up fool, you’re being used.

          • I know Al Sharpie is a coon. Why are you even bringing him up? Whats he got to do with this discussion. Stop reaching.

          • Jae Johnson

            You don’t get to make up your own definition. Note the definition requires that you feel “superior”. There are almost no black people who believe themselves superior, they simply believe that white people are oppressing them; when it is NOT true, this is called “racial prejudice.” Racism is something else. instead of going to, why not take a moment to actually educate yourself on the issue. MOST academics say that racism REQUIRES an element of power and superiority (Someone without the majority of power therefore cannot be racist. However, you could argue that, say, in a majority Hispanic area (there is a place in California) minority poor whites are kept out of jobs and bullied in schools; if that happens, it’s localized racism, because they have the power, but even that is a bit of a stretch). Even simply typing the word into google will give you a more complete definition, so try harder.
            If you need some help, see “What’s the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism?” or better yet, just wiki it.

          • TruthSeeker

            lol, you need to read a book because you’re sounding like a god damn retard.

          • Jae Johnson

            It seems you need to read a little more. See my post above, see “What’s the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism?”, wiki it, or even just google will give you a more complete idea. Racism and racial prejudice are not even close to being on the same level. Seeing this generation equate the terms so often is truly disturbing.

          • Edward V. Locke

            Yes they do. Its called equal opportunity. Try getting a job in Cleveland on a minority company or project. Reverse racism at its best…….

          • Edward V. Locke

            And you my friend are what keeps the racial bullshit around. I’m Native a American and white. I understand shit happened in the past. I’m over the fact my country was stolen as a native. Overcome….. In time there will be more blacks than whites…… Then what? No more excuses. Till then keep blaming others….

          • Its not just about being the majority.
            For example take a look at latin america and south africa – the minority white with all the MONEY control shit. They set the agenda and govern the people.

      • pammy

        “dumb ho”??? and you are pro black??? hmmm

        • So because I am pro black that means I can’t call one of my people dumb and a ho? She IS probably a thot. Look at that thot ass weave.

          • pammy

            Over your head and so telling….This is why black men are gunned down and no one respects them because they don’t know how to protect their community. Grown men calling women derogatory and misogynistic terms only shows the low caliber of the man. You have to respect yourself first then that flows out to another human being. So sad!

          • I do respect a young lady or a young man or a man or a woman/lady… I do not respect ratchets, hoes/thots, N words and other degenerates.
            To me she comes a cross like she was not raised properly – thats just me… on top of that she has that european weave… it makes me think she is a thot from a single parent house hold where she was hardly raised by her “strong and independent” “mother”.

          • Mike

            Obviously you were not raised properly. And only “whites” can be racist? The ignorance is strong in you!!!

          • Jae Johnson

            Ignorance is only shameful if you don’t try to correct the problem. See my post to Stormy above, see “What’s
            the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism?”, wiki it, or even just
            google will give you a more complete idea. Racism and racial prejudice
            are not even close to being on the same level. Practically only whites are in racist in America, but Chinese in China, Hutus/Tutsis in Rwanda, and any other place where one race dominates and discriminates against other races from a position of power are also racist. For racism, you need to feel superior, not just dislike the other group. Seeing this generation
            equate the terms so often is truly disturbing, it’s more than just some PC distinction.

            That said, in judging a woman by her clothes, he may be right about the def. of racism, but he’s still a sexist twat.

        • This guy “Let’s Build” is just playin all of you. He probably works for the FBI or Home Land Security. All he or she wants to do is piss you all off and create racial divide. That is how they get more power by inciting riots and mayhem. Then they get more money to do more of the same and perpetuate the illusion that we need them for protection.

      • jennie

        You’re a sexist, racist piece of shit.

      • john

        All black schools, all hispanic schools, any all white schools? No, thats racist. National association for advancement of whites? No, thats racist. United Caucasian college fund? No, thats racist. Proud to be black, strong African american. Proud to be Puerto Rican, strong hispanic. Proud to be white, cowardly racist. What the fuck are you talking about?

        • -_- get a life. Do BLACK PEOPLE Use their economy to oppress you and your people? Use the police to kill your youth, use their “justice” system and law system to lock up your people in droves, create laws specifically targeting your people in order to lock them up?

          -_- there are no all white schools? Yeah okay. Sure. Keep telling yourself that. Go to your typical upper class neighbourhood and tell me you don’t have all white schools. Its sad cunts like you that keep racism alive by pretending like it does not exist and try to claim shit like being gay or being a woman is the same as being racially profiled or killed by a racist white cop.


        • Jae Johnson

          If you want to know what he’s talking about, and educate yourself, wiki “Racist”, see my first post to Stormy above, see “What’s the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism?”, or even just google will give you a more complete idea. Racism and racial prejudice are not even close to being on the same level. Practically only whites are racist in America, but Chinese in China, Hutus/Tutsis in Rwanda, Gulf Arabs in their countries, and any other place where one race dominates and discriminates against other races from a position of power are also racist. For racism, you need to feel superior, not just dislike the other group. Seeing this generation equate the terms so often is truly disturbing; it’s more than just some PC distinction. People need to know.

    • Christine

      I agree this girl would not comply , he repeatedly and nicely asked over & over trying to get her to listen and telling her that he didnt want to use force. this video doesn’t even belong on here…and her “banging her head on the hood wasnt him slamming her head on the car lol that was from him just trying to get her other arm behind her back. she looked extremely intoxicated as well 🙁 shame on her. you could tell he was trying really hard to be gentle and saying to her because she “was small i dont want to use alot of force”…But if you are a 15 year old drunk off your butt teenager who got caught, I’m sorry but you deserve to get arrested.

      • Chris Lyspooner

        So if the start rounding up people for whatever dictate comes from politicians people should not complain they should comply because they will make interment camps worse ?

        • Christine

          well I can’t really read your comment very well but I think I may understand what you mean, and what you are talking about has absolutely nothing to do with an underage person being out after hours intoxicated illegally and resisting being arrest. If you actually watch the video the first few minutes the policeman calmly tries to reason with her while she hysterically cries not listening to him and not putting her hands behind her like he nicely requested several times. I have been in her position and have learned the hard way. Just because you are a young girl who got caught breaking the law doesn’t mean you should get away with it because you started crying.

      • Yeah, being drunk is a terrible, terrible crime. Thank God for the police keeping such horrible criminals at bay and keeping us safe from them!

    • Rick Hiltz

      winter go suck off a cop

    • Alistair Robb

      Yes it is.

    • felixinmontana

      Yes depending on the level of criminal activity she is suspected of, the ability to identify and re capture her, the ability to stall the person from leaving until more help can arive. letting some one go rather than resort to violence should absolutely be an option. You have no idea how many heads have been smashed for the false belief that the officer “doesn’t have time for this”. BS. You nothing better to do than protect that suspect or citizen from harm.

    • AbenaMcKenzie

      He could have handcuffed her invthe front, which they usually do to kids anyway. They also handcuffed murderers in the front as well, we’ve seen this many times before.

  • It’s never been a black issue. It’s always been a divide and conquer issue w/racial profiling just one of many ways to divide. “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” — Warren Buffett.

  • Brian Ingles

    Why was the cop arresting her in the first place>?

    • Christine

      the very beginning of video she appears to be extremely intoxicated.

      • Throw away the key! Damned evil drunk teenagers are destroying our democracy!

  • Judi Blueye

    I was shoved viciously to the ground by a cop for saying that he did not need to shove people. Imagine what would have happened if I wasn’t white, female and over 50.

    • richard

      Hah, white and over 50…… cops in the states have thrown grenades at, tazed,beaten and killed elderly,todlers,children and even pregnat women!

      • Judi Blueye

        What is your point? It’s funny?

        • His point, Suite Judi is that being old, white or a woman doesn’t get you a pass in a police state.

  • reality chick

    I agree if he CAN’T handle a small person. He needs another job. She should not have BEEN SLAMMED INTO car. In a few more months, I would love to release my tape where I called for help & get arrested instead. DA dropped resisting arrest & assault charges the officer put on ME!! Nice, huh. Cop tried to charge me with assault when I needed them, 110lb me

  • john

    she should be home watching Jerry Springer

  • Lorelle Hatcher

    I have been posting this video repeatedly and finally it is going viral – about damned time!! Wake up people. Blindly supporting the cops is supporting this illegal behavior! It’s time to reign in all of the cops and put the bad ones in jail.

  • donna warner



    Develop permanent, independent boards to review incidents of police corruption and brutality—and then fund them well and support them publicly. Only this can change a culture that has existed since the beginnings of the modern police department!

  • mike

    just shut up and put you hands behind your back. god what a dumbass.
    im all for these pages but this is dumb. how annoying. not a very smart girl. he was being very nice about it and even told her she was small and he didn’t wanna force her

    • Christine

      exactly he was being very nice & patient for quite awhile more so than I have seen from alot of officers from around here. You could tell he was trying to be gentle but she was purposefully being difficult 🙁

  • LawrenceNeal

    I have to say, she should have just complied, and not resisted.

    • richard

      What if had had a disability that made it hard to undrstand

      • LawrenceNeal

        It would have had to be a mental disability, (and I don’t mean that sarcastically) because even if you can’t hear, how do you not know the cop was trying to put your hands behind your back?

  • kcdad

    She was violating “curfew”, a status offense. CURFEW! You don’t get ARRESTED for status offenses, you get fined.

  • Kevin Thomas

    He tried over and over before she gave him no choice… …..This is just exploiting of a bad situation..SHAME ON YOU !!!!

  • bill

    That is so wrong, why dont you guys do something about your out of control police force. You should all take to the streets and shoot these guys. How long will you all watch and do nothing.

    • richard

      Although I live in Canada, Hell yes

  • Bernard Phillips

    Those of you who are saying she should have put her arms behind her back don’t know what she was being charged with. Maybe she did nothing, in which case she would be justified to resist.

  • Shoshone 51

    I know this girl is completely whacked out of her mind, but she still needed to put her hands behind her back and quit resisting. She was very fortunate she did not have an officer that had something to prove that very moment.

  • john

    Just think that video wouldnt have been brought up if she just put her hands behind her back


    maybe any 15 year old shouldn’t be punched in the face by any full grown man regardless , ever think of it that way ?


    race has nothing to do with this. a helpless minor is being physically tortured by an adult. period.

  • Eric Bruce Eichbauer

    This is beyond disgusting
    This is beyond shameful
    This is
    unbelievable in America

    Time for the haters, the bigots, the racists, the homophobes, the
    bible thumpers, the gun toters and the rest of the ignorant populace
    to re evaluate their moral and ethical bases

    the people we have in place to serve,
    protect, write and enforce our laws are evidently above those very
    laws. That’s gotta change.

    If the good, decent moral cops
    aren’t gong to clean out their ranks, then the public needs to.
    Brutally beat or murder any citizen without undeniable justification
    should qualify any cop for citizen justice and that citizen should
    know we have his back.

    getting closer and closer –
    seems the people we retained to enact, enforce and adjudicate our
    laws all seem to think they are above those same laws. Guarantee they
    ain’t above “People Laws” ……

    I believe that every
    incident involving a Law enforcement Officer should be investigated
    by the FBI – no longer do we allow them to investigate and
    whitewash these criminals.

    There is no human situation
    so miserable that it cannot be made worse by the presence of a
    policeman.–Brendan Behan (1923–1964), Irish writer

    I have been a big believer
    and supporter of unions my whole life. But not the police union –
    seems it’s main function is to keep psychotic power freaks on the
    force. A well documented incident like this needs no further review
    the ass wipe cop should be fired on the spot and never allowed to
    work in law enforcement again.

    been proven over & over – you don’t need a brain (intelligence),
    a heart (compassion) or a moral & ethical bearing to become a
    police officer – in fact I believe these characteristics may
    disqualify you from becoming a LEO.

  • Amanda0113

    Why does there have to be a damn race war on all of these types of articles? Why the hell can’t we all just get along? Is it really that difficult for people to refrain from being nasty to each other just because we have different colored skin!? This is so pointless. Hating each other has never gotten anyone anywhere. All it brings is more hate, resentment and prejudice. We are all human beings, and it’s about time everyone realized that.

  • gary

    teach your kids to fight the police and thats what happens

    • richard

      Go fuck yourself

  • Adam

    This is a bit of a situation. On one hand, yes, the girl is 15 years old, and the cop appears to be close to triple her size. On the other hand, this 15 year old girl is creating a problem by resisting when she is being placed under arrest.

    Should the girl have put her hands behind her back and allowed her parents to deal with the situation?


    Did the cop repeatedly tell her to put her hands behind her back?


    Did the cop give the girl ample warning that if she continued to resist that he would use force?


    Should the cop have been able to to handle this girl without an issue?

    It’s reasonable to assume yes.

    Should the cop have slammed her on the hood of the car?

    This girl isn’t exactly giving a lot of options, and the slam to the car wasn’t exactly devastating.

    Should the girl have bitten the cop.


    Should the cop have punched the girl in the head?

    Absolutely not. He was wearing gloves and she wasn’t going to be breaking the skin through them anyway.

    Should the girl have bitten the cop?

    No. Hence the reason the girl was maced.

    Should the cop have maced the girl?

    At this point in time, she has gone from resisting to becoming combative (even if it is just her trying to bite). So yes, she earned the mace on that one.

    When it comes down to it, this girl made this officers job difficult and went as far as to bite him, even after he had given fair warning that though he did not want to use force due to her size, he would if he had to. I’m not a fan of cops. I’ve had my own issues with them. And even in light of all recent events occurring with the police and their abuse of power, I feel that in this case, this one was actually in the right, minus the punch to the head (and if you want to get into it, possibly the slam to the hood of the car). There are other cases of cops getting physical that deserve more attention than this story. This is a simple case of a teenage girl doing the wrong thing by continuously resisting arrest and acting like a diva.

  • Since the cops don’t police themselves and remove bad cops from the force, and courts do nothing, it has come time for the people to take charge of their lives again and straighten out these fucked cops.

  • Corey Robey

    I feel sorry for people who think her resistance justified that kind of gratuitous violence. A person’s willingness to engage in such violence with such little provocation says a lot about a person. What it tells me about this person is that he should be a criminal or a boxer, but probably doesn’t have the guts to commit violence on a level playing field, and so hides behind a badge and slimmest of justification. If I were a psychopath, I would want to become a cop.

  • Fly on the wall

    You know regardless of the fact of union form or not, black or white,at
    no time should anyone have a right to take your life,invade your life,or
    disrespect your life at anytime!People are getting raided in there own
    homes,cars,work places.schools everywhere.Where is the line, and who
    draws them??Us as a society or the people with money?you never see Jay Z
    getting pulled out a car and beating til near death, because he didn’t
    get out as soon as they said so.Then they say it was because he was,” Resisted arrest”, and
    went on with there day, after hours of the man laying on the ground while
    they stand and talk about it!I understand that their needs to be rules
    and they need to be followed, but who chooses when to break them?In the
    the eye of the law it’s the criminal that is breaking the law and they
    had to up hold it, by any means necessary,clean, cut, and dry, as a attorney
    would tell you.But when the criminal is the law, who up holds the law
    then?When they know the loopholes to get out of jail or never be taking
    to jail for that matter. Is this what we call,” Justice”?

  • gatogato

    Okay, I don’t know what was wrong with her or why he was arresting her, but she was totally hysterical and uncooperative. Whether spraying her in the face or smaking her face on the car was necessary, I don’t know, but she was very small. I think he was actually pretty patient, she continually refused. But again, why was he arresting her in the first place.

  • MasterExploder

    These mother fuckers only feel brave enough to fight when they come in packs or when they clearly have the advantage (e.g. cooperating victim). Bullshit.