This Motorcyclist Was Killed Because a Cop Wanted to “Write a Ticket”


The family of a St Clair man has filed a lawsuit against the city and a police officer who they believe was responsible for their son’s death.

Ironically, it is exactly 3 months after their son’s untimely demise.

On July 22 James Bush was on his way to his parents’ home for dinner where his mother and girlfriend were waiting for him.

Unfortunately, he never made it.

The 20-year-old was on his motorcycle on Old Eight Mile Road when a police car cut in front of him from nowhere; he crashed into the vehicle.

The entire drama was caught on dash cam.

He succumbed to his injuries and died a few hours later in hospital.

What was the officer up to?

It was around 9:30 PM that Officer Thomas Murphy spotted a minivan that did not have its lights on.

The driver was in the opposite lane headed towards a private driveway.

The cop made a rash decision to pursue the person behind the wheel, for a charge that would have invited a $ 150 fine. He made a sharp U-turn cutting horizontally in front of oncoming traffic.

“He drove his vehicle so recklessly as to demonstrate a substantial lack of concern as to whether injury would result. At numerous times during his run, including the moment of the collision, defendant Officer Thomas Murphy drove his vehicle in violation of Michigan law in that he failed to operate his siren and overhead lights and failed to ascertain the potential safety of his actions prior to taking action,” the lawsuit states.

He then collided with Bush. Bush was on his way to work — he never imagined he would die that day, all because a cop wanted to drive recklessly in order to take money from someone.

In the dash cam footage, moments after the accident the officer can be heard asking the unfortunate victim if he is okay. The young man is groaning in pain.

He then calls for an ambulance, which took Bush to the hospital where he died.

The lawsuit

The family’s attorney David Femminineo says that Officer Murphy showed an indifference to all motorists on the road.

“It’s clear from the video that there is less than a one second timeframe for my client to take evasive action,” he added.  

At this stage, the Michigan State Police has submitted its findings from an investigation to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

As it is still an active investigation, authorities declined to comment.

Femminineo says the outcome has no bearing on the civil lawsuit, which will go ahead irrespective.

Watch the video below:

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  • WillMatrix

    In b4 JC comes in to justify this shit.

    • Theron Heideman

      $160 is worth more than a peasants life to JC. He won’t have a problem justifying it. He’ll just blame the victim.

      • Yodapop

        How much ya wanna bet the cop says, like most idiots who don’t ride and pull a left turn in front of a bike, ‘I didn’t see him’….bastards.

      • Ann

        Yes the cop was of course “IN FEAR FOR HIS LIFE”. Scumbags.

  • Kevin Brooke Hudson

    Editorial comment: Which is it…he was on his way to have dinner at his parents home or he was on his way to work?

    “On July 22 James Bush was on his way to his parents’ home for dinner where his mother and girlfriend were waiting for him.”

    “He then collided with Bush. Bush was on his way to work “

    • Yodapop

      On his way home from work, to have dinner with his parents…take a look at the video, the reporter on the news station got it right….

  • Swede760

    Too bad the Kid wasn’t driving a Semi.

    • WillMatrix

      He probably would’ve been charged with the death of the cop if he had been. Doesn’t matter if the cop made an unsafe and illegal turn.

      • Swede760

        At least the Cop would not be able to do it again.

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          • Swede760

            Yes we know that on line prostitution is lucrative but I do not see how you could even dream of owning a McLaren F1 even on those wages let alone maintain it.

          • Bruce Zarillo

            Spamming scum.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    The officer should be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

  • Chris

    He should not have been out that night, of course.

  • alilrebelchick

    One of the signs of a drunk driver is driving without headlights on or having their high beams on. The cop was most likely turning around to see if the driver was drunk, you judgmental Pricks. Yes, he should have made a safer turn but it was cause he WANTED to write a fucking ticket, you bunch of cop hating assholes!

    • Ian C

      It is a clear case of “proper police procedure”. No doubt about it. Today in the Soviet Nazi Police States of America police have to.
      1) Enforce immoral and corrupt laws the serve the corrupt government that is in bed with the predatory banks

      2) fight the war OF Terror by the War OF Criminals Or Psychopaths (COPs)

      3) And most importantly – Generate Revenue.

      4) Yesterday Protect and Serve, Today = Punish and Enslave.

      Now bow to your masters, comply or die!

      I do not fear the Criminals Or Psychopaths because I break the law, I fear them because they break the law. My fellow American’s. It is time to: Stop using the Criminals on Patrol as a tool to generate revenue and time to put an end to blue privilege. Equal Punishment for Equal Crimes, with out without a badge. Else we need a violent revolution. Just for clarification…the 2nd Amendment was not intended for protection from fellow citizens….it is for protection from an oppressive government. And police are part of that oppressive government. If you disagree then you think we (Americans) should be British. Our forefathers did not politely protest the British. They did not vote them out office, nor did they impeach the king, march on the capitol or ask permission for their rights. They fucking shot them.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      The van pulled into a driveway, so they weren’t going anywhere. There was no reason whatsoever that he couldn’t have waited 5 seconds to make sure traffic was clear, especially since he didn’t even have the overheads on… This was absolutely senseless, and completely avoidable. There is no excuse.

    • PissedOffMotorcyclist

      You are such a dumb fucking cunt, rebelchick. Nobody bothered asking you for signs of anything. The cop could’ve waited until the coast was clear, before he spun his car around in the middle of the road like that. A KID DIED BECAUSE OF HIM AND YOU’RE TOO BUSY DEFENDING COPS EVEN WHEN THEY’RE WRONG.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID bitch.

    • Darren Washen

      He should have made a safer turn ? Are you brain damaged ? A young man died because the officer willfully ignored the oncoming traffic so he could write a ticket.

      A cop just killed another civilian. An innocent man on his way home. He was NO PART of the reason hte cop turned around. Do you get this you illiterate ass, or did you just want to spout garbage about the cop haters ?

    • Chuck Cap

      How does your cop boyfriend get you off? A baton or his 9mm?
      “OOOOH. I love it when you keep your boots on!”

      • alilrebelchick

        Go f uck yourself douch ebag.

      • alilrebelchick


  • William Smith

    In one part of the article he is on his way to his parents house, then later he was on his way to work? Who wrote this because they cannot organize facts?

    • William Smith

      Yes the video is correct but this writer damages credibility to the article.

      • no, the writer doesn’t damage credibility to the article . the article presents fact and truth, with and editing mistake . this site is run by unpaid reporters and writers

        • Will Smith

          Volunteering is not an excuse to do something incorrectly or wrong. What if your red cross blood nurse accidently gave you HIV, would that be ok because they are unpaid? Stupid response….

          • what kind of person compares an editing mistake to a red cross blood nurse giving someone HIV ??? someone who clearly lacks scope

          • William Smith

            Took you 5 months to think that up? Douchebag.

  • Ann

    They will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong.

  • Edward The Great

    Fuck the police.

  • Karolyn Karma

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