This Video Will Forever Change the Way You Think About Police and Courts



“That’s my Momma! Don’t take my Momma!” her 3-yr-old daughter can be heard screaming as they handcuff her  after sexually abusing her.

CLARK COUNTY — A mother and her three-yr-old daughter showed up to court for a non-criminal minor proceeding.

It was a visit that they would never forget.

During the proceeding, Officer Ron Fox unexpectedly commanded the mother, Monica Catreas, 28, to enter a private room with him in order to submit to a random “drug search.”

It turns out that Officer Fox made up the excuse of a drug search in order to get Monica alone and begin sexually abusing her, fondling her breasts, and violating her body against her will, according to reports.

As he forced her shirt to be lifted so that she could be more exposed, Monica cried and begged the Hearing Master Judge to intervene and stop the officer.

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Hearing Master Judge Patricia Doninger, instead of intervening, literally turns her back as if to pretend not to see or hear what happened to Monica.

It’s almost as if sexually assaulting women was a routine occurrence, and Master Doninger knew it was going on, given the nonchalant manner in which this abuse was performed.

Monica can be heard crying and saying that Officer Fox sexually groped her and abused her.

At that point, Officer Fox can be heard saying “you’re under arrest.” Monica replies in tears, “For what?”

Officer Fox responds, “For making false allegations.”

Monica continued to plead with the Master Judge, saying she didn’t want to be arrested.

The Judge eerily turned her back on Monica again, and began playing with Monica’s 3-yr-old daughter as if nothing was happening.

To blatantly act like nothing was happening suggests that the Judge knew that Monica was being sexually abused and had previously agreed with the officer to cover it up for him.

It is almost as if this was a routine occurrence for the judge and the officer. One wonders how many other women may have gone through this same process and weren’t able to speak out.

The situation then turns even more nightmarish.

As Monica is crying and begging not to be arrested, an obese officer waddles over to her in the dimly lit courtroom and threatens “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”


The officer did not say what he meant by “the hard way,” but presumably it meant using physical force to abuse the woman even more.

Monica was given the choice: either recant your allegations against the officer, or be locked in a cage.

Not wanting to be handcuffed and locked in a cage, Monica says “Ok ok, it was all lies, all lies, please don’t arrest me, it was all lies.”

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At that point the Officers briefly decide not to arrest her, as she gave in to the coerced recanting.

But once she gets free, she re-asserts the truth about what happened, making one final attempt to get the judge’s attention.

Again, the judge ominously ignores her cries.

The officer then places Monica in handcuffs as tears stream down her face.

“That’s my momma!” her three-year-old daughter can be saying.

“Don’t take my momma!”

The officers then separated the mother from her child, locked the mother up after sexually assaulting her, and gave the child to a government “child service.”

Other government employees then had Monica’s daughter all to themselves for several hours.

After two months, Monica was finally free and able to press charges against the government officials.

Judge Doninger and other employees of the Court were investigated for a cover-up of sexual abuse.

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Officer Fox denied the sexual abuse, but was fired.

About a year later, Monica filed a federal lawsuit against both officers and against the Judge, as well as the State of Nevada.

“The wrongful conduct of defendant Fox was intentional and evilly motivated, and the wrongful conduct of defendants Kenyon and Doninger involved reckless, callous and deliberate indifference to plaintiff’s federally protected rights,” states the complaint.

What happened to Monica brought national attention to the court, and other employees and judges are under investigation for misconduct.

Eventually Monica won a $200,000 settlement. As the Review Journal reported:

A state panel has settled two civil rights lawsuits with a Las Vegas woman who alleged a Clark County Family Court marshal groped her in August 2011.

The Board of Examiners on Tuesday approved a $200,000 payment to Monica Contreras as a global settlement of both a federal and separate state lawsuit filed against the court.

Contreras alleged she was pressured to recant her statements, which she did not do.

Patricia Doninger, the “judge,” was also fired. The Las Vegas Tribune reported as follows:

Patricia-Doninger-129x150Patricia Doninger is no longer employed by Clark County Courts after an alleged investigation into the August 11 incident in her court, during which she turned her back on a disgusting situation to play with the victim’s underage daughter. Doninger heartlessly ignored the young mother’s plea for help while two Clark County Court Marshalls tortured, groped and viciously attacked the Hispanic woman that was in court for a routine divorce case.

Televisions, public schooling, mainstream State-run media, and cinematic programming has convinced most Americans that courts and police are to be thought of as “justice.”

Individuals who dress in black robes and command Americans to be locked in cages are called “Judge” and “Your Honor.”

Police officer patrols outside US Supreme Court in Washington after Justice O'Connor announced her ...

The reality of the situation is that State-monopolized police forces and courts are concentrations of power, and like all concentrations of power, they attract the lowest and most hideous elements of society.

It is for this same reason that nearly 2,000 Pentagon employees were caught purchasing or viewing child pornography, while State-controlled mainstream media is silent on the matter.

europeans-using-new-techFuture generations may look back on us and perceive us as worse than we perceive the brainwashed Puritans who burned witches, or as worse than the millions of “good democratic” German citizens who went along with mass extermination.

The video you are about to see, will shake you to the core. You will see the political class for what they really are. All euphemisms such as “officer” and “master” and “president” will be swept away from your consciousness and the reality of the situation will be laid bare: political authority is simply a collection of sociopathic individuals dressed in costumes, initiating violence on the rest of us.


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  • Aaron Dana Pendlesteiger

    the system needs to be brought to its knees in the worst way

    • Jack

      Very much agreed, a message needs to be sent to these fucking tyrants… all the way up to the federal level. The only way to do it is the way the French did it… guillotines.

      • Ellie_Light

        Messages ARE being sent. More police are being shot because some consider them the enemy of the people. Prosecutors and Judges will be next unless someone starts cleaning up this mess. I see it happening everywhere. Many, if not most, citizens do not trust the police. They are no longer peace offices. They are the gestapo.

        • bob

          i feel like a bad person for saying this, but… i’m actually ok with them being shot and killed. every time i hear a report, i feel awful for the family, but that justice has been served. :/ i don’t like feeling good about people dying.

          • Jack

            It is sad… but that is the only thing these people understand… you must understand… I have seen it from both sides… once as a former federal agent than as someone who was targeted by the feds for speaking out about them lying and being crooked. You see, the law doesn’t work anymore because they have spent decades finding loop holes and scheming ways to get around the law, and make things look legal when their not… essentially they have worked out ways to turn anyone into a criminal and send them to jail for life if they want to. It does however require a lot of work and intimidating a lot of people… but they do it…

          • GravityChanges

            Could you tell more of your story? Clearly people can lie on the internet, but I like to operate under the benefit of doubt until shown otherwise then parse it all for myself. I am addicted to stories like Adrian Schoolcraft and all the real hero LEO’s who are persecuted for “speaking out about them lying and being crooked”.

          • Jack
          • Jack

            That link contains enough I think.

          • whocares

            You were a former federal agent, but fail to use proper grammar?! Hmmm. I smell bullshit.

          • His use of their instead of they’re is troubling you? I think the BS “your” smelling is your own

          • Rob Pike


          • Sunshinelilroc

            You’re would actually be you are

          • Rob Pike

            …you are smelling….

          • Sunshinelilroc


          • Jack

            I dos not has to spek like with da proper english in evey sentance I writz yo.

          • frankfewell

            Looks like he was TYPING with freat grammer. Wow even like ha has sum edjumakation

          • Jack

            My name is Steve Rossello, I was an HSI Special Agent assigned to Child Pornography, Human Smuggling and Narcotics. My life was ruined by my own agency after my doctor gave me a prescription drug that caused me severe side effects and I lost my career and fiance, which only led to even more of a downward spiral that cumulated in my agency intimidating my Cop-ex-girlfriend into filing false charges against me. The feds fixed the local judge into setting the bond ultra high, and offered me a low plea of probation, I tried to get my day in court but I was being held on $1 million bond for a year in solitary confinement while I fought to get my day in court. Eventually gave up and plead to the probation that was dismissed after less then 6 months due to “misconduct” by the government. However the judge was still “fixed” enough to allow the differed adjudication to stand which is enough for them to keep me out of certain high profile government jobs for the rest of my life; which is honestly fine with my since working to make the system less crooked from the inside is almost impossible at this point as the forces arrayed against anyone trying to make a true positive difference in the government are dark, powerful and vast. You can “Google” my name and get my version of some of the events and also the news reports from the fixed local media down in Texas. Odds are judging by your post though you are already someone that simply eats up regurgitates whatever the state media puts out. So believe what you want. There are a lot of people still inside who are against what they are doing but their federal pay check means too much to them to put it at risk. Thank god for heroes like Edward Snowden.

          • Brock Lee

            It says in the Bill of Rights there shall not be unjustly bails set,or to high,,,so they just say fuk it I’m the judge yeah God is,,,

          • Jack

            Under our legal system the Constitution does not exist unless a Judge says it does, and only in the way they want it to.

          • bosider

            and when our own constitution no long applies that really means we are over do for another reformation. perhaps a new declaration too everything needs upkeep even the laws of our fucked up bigot nation

          • Bobby

            I was arrested with stolen hubcaps and was placed under a 50K cash only bond. I’m not convinced that was reasonable. Nor was the nearly 4 years of my life it took to deal with, which included a quite long incarcerated stay in a solitary cell in a maximum security unit housing murderers.

          • Brock Lee

            That makes no sense I would try my best to sue them u have to be charged and go b-4 the Judge wth happened,that was unreasonable punishment is suppose to fit the crime,

          • gingerail


          • Patrick J Maher

            any other first nation you would have only been fined. Putting people in prison is big business at $35000 per individual and this is all contracted out to private firms like Halliburton which Dick Cheney owns. If this happened to me I would immigrate to France

          • Mark Robinson

            if you are a former cop, you prolly DESERVE everything that has happened to you… how many of your abusive fellow officers did you turn in over the years? ZERO…….. so now, you get ZERO sympathy from me. let the world rain down on you, just like what happens to us when when one of your former pig buddies does what you punks usually do to citizens. I hope you get DOUBLE the recompense.

          • Daniel Weller

            So does that mean that all the innocent people living in bad neighborhoods should die as well because they aren’t reporting anything? I don’t hear anybody “snitching” on the drug dealers or gang bangers. It goes both ways if you gonna say that. Good cops and good citizens need to step it up

          • Sono Kage Enzeru

            that’s because their drug prices are cheaper than the government’s prices lol

          • Sunshinelilroc

            Good citizens are not protected

          • Daniel Weller

            How do you mean? As in protected for so called snitching or just in general by the cops?

          • Sunshinelilroc

            I dont know how do mean…smh

          • Jbkorn02

            Some people just like to complain. Most people have enough going on in their own lives to call the police on others. But you have a very good point. The public sees more than any cop and if they aren’t calling in to report things what makes them any better than the police? In the last year there have been riots and looting where the owners of the stores refuse to even call the police on the people stealing from them. I never understood why someone would loot and burn their own neighborhood.

          • keith

            Your right some people do just like to complain while doing nothing. However, fear can paralyze even the people who have a consciene. If you grow up in a high crime area sometimes for some people it becomes the norm Growing up in West Philly and hearing an occasional sound of gunshots or loud comotion was just a way of life you can only hope two things one your not next and two maybe someday you can get the hell OUT to the suburbia or country areas. You dont think anything will change but know it will get worse. which in my old neighborhood it has.
            The cops there are streetwise and tough they kick ass and take names late. Iits just how its done not saying its right.
            As far a looting and burning most of these have nothing there homes are section 8 or just rented not a whole lot of home owners. So nothing to loose!

          • Jbkorn02

            What gets me are when these riots and burnings start not only do they destroy their own property but stores. There have been so many I forget which time it happened but a security camera showed people breaking the front window of one mans store and he knew the thugs on it who were stealing everything but refused to say who they were. Those are the ones I truly don’t understand.

          • fatty

            You can claim a lot more shit stolen and collect the insurance. I know a guy once someone had someone broke into his seafood business and stole maybe 20 boxes of shrimp. When he made the claim he said about 100 boxes So crime does pay sometimes.

          • Jbkorn02

            True, but there was one man I wish I could find the video of who lost his store because of looting. They had the kids who did it on tape and he knew them but refused to say he did thinking it would be “cooperating with the police” so no arrests were made and he lost the store. I saw the man speak and explain (that’s the link I’m trying to find) and it was the one that really got me. He wan’t one that had enough insurance to cover his losses but seemed afraid to put anyone in jail.

          • Jbkorn02

            I don’t see how you can truly blame the police for not telling on their own. In previous years or decades cops always had each others backs and it was usually a good thing. You have to remember most of these officers worked daily and became very good friends with others so unless it was something truly horrible they would not go and tell. Times are changing though and I think now there is starting to be a giant divide in law enforcement. There are more good cops than there are bad cops and other than a few incidents they are following orders. You can say they shouldn’t follow them if they are wrong but then they lose a job. Things like shooting innocents should always be reported and I think will be from now on just because of the fear cameras have put into the police. But until the media really started making things about race we didn’t have so many refusing to listen to police orders and ending up dying. Someone who was a former cop was probably not a part of anything that harmed you or anyone else. I have to say you sound like a racist in your post.

          • Jack

            Here is the thing honestly. I never, ever framed anyone I even might have thought did not commit a crime. I even let a 18 year old kid off once when I could have charged him with felony “fleeing a federal checkpoint” which he did because he was late to get home to his mom, but in the process almost hit a customs agent at the bridge. I did however feel bad about deporting old ladies for 10 year old food stamp fraud convictions, which I had to do twice. I also worked in child porn for a while and those cases were disturbing… I actually never really felt bad about arresting those people.

          • fatty

            I think the whole system stinks. Now they won’t let you off on anything. They’ll charge a girl with underage drinking when she’s 19 and ruin her, but she can go to war and kill people, but can’t drink a beer. I mean you’re 20 and home from Iraq with no fucking legs, but you can’t legally drink a beer and if I give them one I’m contributing to the delinquency of a minor. You can’t drink a beer in a car even if you are the passenger. You can’t buy six beer and drive home 30 minutes and pop a top on one. Today a beer in the floor board and they want to tear your car apart. What is going to happen is we are going to have a revolution. Not the kind we really need where we kill 100 politicians and 20,000 cops,. We will have the kind where when it’s over the Jewish Communism rears it’s ugly head and then we are done and they have been undermining us the whole time while the cops kept everything in order.

            You see they gave you freedoms to use all the drugs and drink all you wanted back in the sixties and seventies, but you can feel the noose tightening. The checkpoints to get you used to Communism. The coming down hard on alcohol. They want to search your car every time they stop you. They want to look all inside your car and hope they find beer can.

          • Jack

            Their always looking to turn a small case into a big one. They get promoted based on arrests and convictions. It’s so they can wave it in front of the politicians and say look this is why we need more money.

          • fatty

            You aren’t making it safer if you stop someone and give them a ticket for not wearing their seat belt. In fact when you stop someone on the side of the road. The cops never have them go a half a mile to a safe pull off.No we must make this seat belt stop right here with cars whizzing by and many times cause serious accidents. When they could have pulled off but instead stop on the highway and cause an accident, then the cops are put in jail for maybe five years. It is so unsafe along side the highway and you see accidents all the time. But the policy doesn’t change

          • Jack

            LOL I was never a patrol cop. I was an ICE special agent, I worked internet and child pornography crimes.

          • Jack

            Never saw anyone frame anyone, plant evidence or whatnot. I was federal, not local or state. The state and locals tend to do it more. The feds usually get the state and locals to do it for them… but that is done behind closed doors and the rank and file people are kept in the dark.

          • Sono Kage Enzeru

            People’s lives are more important than any paycheck if you can put a price on your conscience then you are just as corrupt as everyone else, I bet you’d be singing a different tune if this was someone in your family

          • tanya

            Jack awesome job whether you realize it are not you made a difference you stood up for good and whats right lets face it we all have labels applied to our foreheads in some form or fashion that is the way they control our every breath but you found great strength and courage within yourself. You now know what truth lies within your heart and soul and so do they. The others who do nothing do you think they sleep good at night? Not if they have any human in them they dont. Be very proud of who you are.

          • Jack

            Thank you, its hard now. Years later still trying to rebuild my life but I see more and more people becoming aware of the situation here.

          • fatty

            Jack, i see no other remedy than to get hit teams together and go out and whack people. I mean all we do is expose the corruption and then you see what they do to you. Like they have done to so many just throw them in jail. Look what they did to Traficant. The purpose of the government is to do what’s good for the people and the country and what we want them to do, but they never do what we want. They only do what Israel wants.

          • Jack

            I know, I have considered that as a last resort for the people since the government now behaves more like a mafia than a legitimate institution. We are running out of options slowly… they keep the spying up in total violation of the 4th amendment, the patriot act is gone but the “freedom” act is not any better at all and in some ways worse. Essentially it comes down to two options: if you have the means you can leave, vote with your feet and deny them your tax dollars and work put into the economy. Or you can stay and resist it/fight it… by far the most difficult of the options. Leaving hurts them the most if its the younger, educated people who leave and even more so if they go to countries opposed to the United States’ policies.

          • steve

            I agree. Russia doesn’t want their people to leave, because the ones that leave will be the wealthy and educated. The USA won’t let you leave with your money. I would not want to apply to denounce my citizenship and have a couple million in the bank. You can make interest on your money in other countries. They pay none here. This country and the western countries have raised home prices as far as they could go and now the whole thing implodes. I mean you buy a house and you do nothing to it and 5 years later its worth $100,000 more. Something increases in value as it gets older. That has to be done by design. I think for one to make homeowners feel like it’s always best to own. To collect more land taxes and to allow the realtors to make more money.

          • bob bot

            Jack, dude this shit was all planned. Go look t the protocols of zion and the 45 Communist goals. This shit has been done to us intentionally. Now we think the military is coming in. The Jewish politicians keep trying to take our guns and if you look what they did in Russia they kept picking away and finally the Jews overthrew the Russian government n you think they don’t want us?

          • Jbkorn02

            Can I ask what drug your Dr gave?

          • fatty

            Go to and read what they did to the Slavs over there. This military is not about the federal government. It is about Communism. When it rears it’s head you have mass murder and genocide and they just decide to kill everyone over 40 and that is what they will do, because when they get the military to get rid of the guns and all the militia and dissidents, then the Commies roll in and they don’t play. They load millions into trucks and one shot to the head. You know what the Commies do? They shoot you. They shot 100 million in Eastern Europe and not peep about it.

          • kodster

            Same as Pol Pot did in Cambodia… I saw a recent ‘River Monsters’ episode where the star of the show went to Cambodia, and one of the things he pointed out was that there were no old people around today, only younger generations, because they killed off all of those over 40, as well as many people in wheelchairs, etc., because of the damage inflicted by land mines.

          • fatty

            NOt many people know that white people the Jews had lived among for thousands of years and they just killed them by the tens of millions. The Jews came into Europe and then took over the professions. No big deal but then after a while the Jewish judge always rules in favor of the Jewish defendants. The Jewish prosecutor won’t prosecute the Jews. The Jewish doctor won’t treat the Slavic patients and so on and before long they learn this and then the Jews fuck up. During Passover the Jews will obtain blood from a Christian child. They would kill the child. Now if they wanted to pay people to drain a pint of blood if they wanted to use it, but they drain all the blood from the child and the child would be missing and then someone remembers the child with one of the local Jews and under torture he would tell them where he dumped the body and as word spread the Jews would be getting the fuck knocked out of them and they would all have to haul ass. This has gone on for thousands of years and no doubt continues to this day. 250,000 children vanish in the USA each year and some fall victim to this practice.

          • kodster

            Fatty, this is false anti-Semitic propaganda that has already been proven to be erroneous, as far as the taking blood from a Christian child. If you have actual, verifiable sources to prove this, then please provide them. However, I don’t think you’ll be able to provide them, because they are indeed lies. Please don’t contribute to the anti-Semitic, anti-Jew, anti-Zionist crap that is perpetuated by people like you who believe falsehoods, rather than verifying.

          • fatty

            Who says it’s false in the media the Jews? Are they going to say it’s true or deny it? I think deny. So it is they denying it. But look up Boy from Trent. It’s hard to describe when someone is sneaky and they do things against the state. They gave us the federal reserve. We print money and they charge us interest on the money. Nothing but slavery. Who knows how many they have killed to keep this in place. So now they have 500 trillion dollars. How much do they need? They also deny the protocols of zion and of course Communism and blame it on the Russians.

          • kodster

            Here’s a ‘liberal’ site for you, to repudiate your lies. What you’re following is indeed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and do you know who wrote that garbage? The Rothschilds of the New World Order… the same ones that you are blaming the Jews for, as far as atrocities, are actually none other than these so-called Jews. That’s just what they WANT you to believe! Anything to discredit the Jews, and propagate the anti-Semitic LIES of the Islamic world, which is where the lies came from. You fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Here’s another site (which, honestly, I don’t normally use, but maybe you’ll accept it, since you fall for anything that fits your agenda), but it also takes the time to tell the truth… Now… I provided sources to repudiate your lies, yet you’ve provided NOTHING to back up your claims. Notice, I didn’t use any Jewish sites, either.

          • fatty

            All I know the Jews came into Eastern Europe. The Slavic people didn’t invite them. They came in and were educated in the Slavic Universities. Then they took over the professions and tried to run the country and how dare the Slavic people to try to stop this. The most affluent Jews were the ones who lived in Germany and look what they did to that country. I assume Karl Marx and Engels were not Jews and Communism is not a Jewish creation. A failed system that will not work. That has killed 300 million and started many wars. The protocols of zion would never work if the whites had not invented the airplanes, tanks and submarines that could kill more people in a week than they used to kill in four years.
            The Jews overthrew the Russian government. A feat that could only be accomplished if all the Jews organized. There is no argument the Jews are just warmongers, revolutionaries, swindlers, and they deal in prostitution, porn, jewelry, and want to control the media and government. This still has been gone over, but what are we going to do bout it. The Jews could have been wiped out thousands of years ago. They are the ones that create such mess of things and then aren’t serious when they ask Vhy do they hate us.

          • Not pro Israel

            Snopes, 2 fat Christians

          • fatty

            Who says it’s false in the media the Jews? Are they going to say it’s true or deny it? I think deny. So it is they deny.

          • kodster

            I gave you TWO Non-Jewish sites to repudiate your claims. What are you, Arab? Islamic convert? In Jesus’ Name, I rebuke you!

          • fatty

            What does it mean non-Jewish sites? Are they sites that were created by a goyim married to a Jewess? Sites created by some goyim forced to create them by Jews? Sites created by whites who have this white guilt? I mean you could introduce me to a white guy and he says my race is shit and are responsible for all the shit in the world and then go home at night and stick his pecker into a Jewess that makes him feel good. The Jews have been kicked out of every country in Europe. The founding fathers didn’t want to even let the USA. We can’t look at history and come to a conclusion? We have to look at the present? Ok, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon Iran. Enemies of Israel. They only get along with Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, because we pay each one of those countries billions to let them do what they want. So the USA citizens don’t know we pay out maybe 20 billion to Israel and then the countries surrounding them to get along with them. It’s the greatest bunch of bullshit.

          • fatty

            You seem adamant to defend the Jews for so much of their bullshit. I assume you are Jewish. So you are not biased? If a German defends Germany or an Arab defends their country you would say you only do it because you are German.

          • kodster

            I’m a born-again Christian, and an American. I also happen to be of primarily German descent (3 grandparents that are 100% German)… but no, I’m not going to defend the atrocities that Germany inflicted upon the Jews, nor do I defend their current laws, left over from that era of their history, for example, all children are wards of the state, today. And that’s exactly where our own country is heading, which is the reason why I stated above, the goal of this case was to separate the child from the mother, for the state’s gain. Because this is pure evil, that is what I am against.

            I defend the Jews because they are a people maligned through the centuries… you are STILL maligning them. The only reason is because they are God’s Chosen People, meant to be an example to the world as to how a society should live, and people who malign them are JEALOUS… a violation of the 10 Commandments!

          • fatty

            To say a race of people are chosen by God. Doesn’t make any sense. We are all God’s children. Whatever laws Germany has on the books are laws the Jews want, because they control the government. I really pains me to run into someone like you, because you’ve got your education from the TV. In Germany if you question the holocaust you got to jail or pay a heavy fine. Only thing in the world you can’t question. Jews when they gained control over Russia over 100 million were killed. I just hate to say it I just don’t feel like taking the time to hold your hand and educate you. I’m going to let you go back to the TV and learn some more.

          • kodster

            Uh-huh… I’m not the one with the messed up thought process, fatty. Communists don’t believe in God. Yet, you’re blaming Jews, who DO believe in God (just not His Son, Jesus Christ) for the atrocities of the world, and calling them Communists. Communists are atheists. How do you explain that one?

            You’re the one that needs to be educated, because your anti-Semitic beliefs are definitely clouding your judgment. I’m done.

          • fatty

            You’re done? OK, then wipe your butt and get off the toilet. When the Jews calls someone an enemy. It’s cut and dried. All the Germans are enemies. They momma and the baby sucking on her tit. The old man and the young boy and drop bombs on all of them, but the Jews never do it themselves. The same with the Arabs. The religious, and non-religious. The women and children. Don’t matter. All of them. Bomb all their cities. Don’t make a damn just bomb them. But when it comes to the Jews. They are so delicate and sweet and each Jew must be selected for his religious beliefs or non-religious and whether or not they are Christian Buddhist. So they are carefully selected.

          • steve

            You are the one who is fooled, because Jews believe in money and anal sex. They don’t believe in God. THey murdered tens of millions. THey start wars. They take a Christian child and drain the blood out of them. They get caught doing something and a child sees them. They kill the child and her whole family. They are the ones who have bombed all the planes the last forty years. Arabs didn’t do that shit. Right now Jews own the security at many airports. That is how they get the bombs on the plane. If you put six sticks of dynamite in a suitcase and it got put in the center of the pile of luggage. IT would not blow up the plane. But put one stick on the skin of the plane and look out. You are the one that is fooled. When I say Jews do this. IT’s the Mossad. The money Jews. So who gives a fuck about poor Jews. THey count as much as poor people everywhere. You realize without Jews WW1 and WW2 would never have happened. Communism would never have been created. So that means 300 million would not have been killed. Now that is saying a lot and you want to argue about religion. Look at what they have done to TV. We got boys kissing boys and nudes on Primtetime.Oh, they blur out their butt crack. The Jews that are pushing this shit do it to weaken and destroy us. That is the Communist plan. What don’t you understand? You think we bomb Iraq because they are bad? We bombed them for Israel. You want to talk about crimes against humanity. THey do it everyday. Imagine for a second that Syria or Libya doing what Israel does. When they do something the call direct to the White House and tell them so they can whitewash it. You’re arguing about Jews being nice when a Rabbi will fuck a three year old child in the ass.

          • kodster

            Boy, your anti-Semitism is flamboyant. All of what you report as facts, have ALL been debunked. Who, if it’s in your knowledge base, is the entity that FORCED the Jews into a ghetto, prevented them from performing the jobs that they originally had, and made them do things that were AGAINST God’s decrees? None other than the Roman Catholic Church. Ever check out the very first ghetto in the world? It was the Jewish ghetto in Venice, created by the Roman Catholic Church. When the church pushed the Jews into this ghetto, they stopped the Jews from doing what they have done for work, for years. God had decreed that the Jews were never to be moneylenders, never to charge interest… yet, this was ONE of the jobs that they were allowed to do, while in the ghetto, and they did it, in order to survive. So, WHO created the Jews’ moneylending practices? None other than so-called Christians, who really are nothing but minions of the Father of Lies. That’s who you believe, over God??? Fool.

          • Joe Bassett

            Everything you said is wrong. Jews formed the ghettos so they could retain their Jewish heritage and of course they wouldn’t be wanted in other parts of the city so they naturally would have thier own neighborhoods. It’s the same for the Gypsies. They live in their own areas like little slums all around and Gypsies deal in gold and trinkets just like the Jews, but Gypsies dont’ cry and whine and start wars and brainwash our children. Let’s see they alllowed the Jews to form their own neighborhoods. That is a whole lot more than what the Jewiish Commies did to the Slavic people when they killed them by the tens of millions and many of the to get rid of the intelligent people.

          • kodster

            Oh really? So, the Jews voluntarily placed themselves in a neighborhood, walled in, and then lived in squalor, suppressed themselves, so that they could keep themselves separated from everyone? Your thought process is so flawed, it’s pathetic. You have fallen for the lies of the Destroyer, Joe. Even the Germans created a ghetto and kept the Jews inside of it, in Poland, during WWII, and then proceeded to annihilate everyone within that ghetto. The Jews voluntarily did that? I don’t think so.

            Here’s a secular site that reports on the creation of the ghetto in Venice, as well as some details about the ghetto in Rome for the Jews… note what they had to do, to live in an area that was flooded every year from the Tiber River. Remember, too, that the Roman Empire enslaved Jews, after Israel was erased from history by Tiberius and Hadrian.

          • Not pro Israel

            Your own Jesus Christ called them the synagogue of Satan you stupid idiotic evengelical moron. Get your head out of your rectum and go suck some Jewish penis so you can recharge your batteries.

          • Chelsey Proctor

            Oh God. Stfu with your racist anti-Semitic bullshit. This article has nothing to do with Jewish people or Black people. Go to a goddamn Klan meeting if you want to spew racist hatred from your asshole mouth. This article is about a woman being sexually abused by a cop. That cop is not Jewish or black. The evil judge is also not black or Jewish. I’m sure there’s an Aryan Nation website or a White power website you can go to and spew all the ridiculous, disgusting hatred you want. Unless it has to do with the article, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

          • bob bot

            Chelsey I am going to KKK rally this weekend. You want to go? I’ll take you and you can see it’s just decent ordinary white people discussing things and cooking hamburgers n selling literature. You see poor people don’t start or finance wars. Thy don’t create the federal reserve. They don’town the brainwashing TV. They don’t own the radio or the Jewspaper. Poor people don’t loot and protest. What is your beef? All our problems revolve around the Jews. Their federal reserve takes billions out of our paychecks. Their screwy fucking 30 year mortgages yank the interest first. They’re TV brainwashes us and because of them we get corrupt politicians so they can blackmail them. The Jews finance all the wars and they are why our country is full of brown immigrants. If Jews want something like holocaust money they will never stop till they get it. If Jews want to stop something from happening they can do that. If they want to escalate something like the Rodney King incident all they have to do is play it over and over again on TV. If they want to keep something quiet. Boy, they can take child pedophile ring from being exposed.

          • Not pro Israel


          • steve

            You might be related to Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, or Speer for all I know.

          • kodster

            Nope. In fact, my grandparents escaped Germany BECAUSE of them.

          • steve

            Can I explain something to you about history? Germans own Germany. Jews were in Germany and they could live in Khazaria where they came from. But they are in Germany and they have to live under German rules and law and if the law says Jews have to wear a star of david on their lapel, then that is what the frick they got to do. If they say no Jews can be in the German government, then shut up and do it. Cause let me tell you something. You don’t want Jews running the whole show. Because when Jews run the whole show. You got the most intelligent of your people killed inside a year. You got wholesale murder when they run the show. I mean it’s so hard to educate you about this. But just look what they did to Eastern Europe and Russia and Germany. Those places are still like shit. It almost brought down West Germany to absorb East Germany. I mean they were Germans too, but they were so poor. Now just like if western Europe had to absorb Eastern Europe it would be bad. They only can perform manual labor. They don’t have any money. Now the Jews that live in Moscow and Kiev and St. Petersburg are loaded.

          • steve

            You need to look out for the white people and fuck the blacks and Jews. They came to our countries and took control. The blacks have destroyed our cities and the Jews are responsible for this.

          • Cindy


          • Not pro Israel

            Jew lover Evangelical godTARD

          • kodster

            Is that all you’ve got? Calling people names? That’s a trait of the libtards. If it wasn’t for the Jews denying Him, which HE knew they would, back when they left Egypt, then Christianity wouldn’t exist for the pagan Gentiles, and that goes totally against God’s plan for the world. You deny it, you’ll pay the consequences, not I.

          • steve

            Go to this site and read that stuff and you will say fuck them where is my klanrobe. Why do you think people dislike them so much? Why do you think they don’t like them everywhere? You think because they are successful? The Amish are successful. Do you hate them? The Germans farm and successful. Do you hate them? The Italians own pizza shops when they aren’t shaking down businesses. Do you hate them?

          • carlitowranjr

            Actually Rabbi Abe Finkelstein admitted all of this in a radio interview a few years ago, you can find it on YouTube.

          • Dtown

            u do know you can be anti-zionist without being anti-semitic right? There are even anti-zionist jews, and Israeli ones at that! Not that im saying that douche u was relying to is correct with his garbage about commie jews killing everyone

          • kodster

            You do realize that ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ was written by the Jesuits, and not the Jews, right? Get your propaganda sources right, and maybe you can figure out what is happening in the world.

          • fatty

            The whole world is run by nasty bastards and the USA has provided them with the armies. But looky now we are going to pay and they have a whole lot of obese bastards to get rid of in the USA.

          • kodster

            Now, that, I will agree with. However, you calling the Jews as the cause of the NWO is wrong… if you are, than you’re calling Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor a Jew, which she is anything BUT! She is the Chairwoman of the Committee of 300, the steering committee of the NWO. You might want to check your sources a bit deeper.

          • fatty

            Queen Elizabeth might be the richest woman. She is worth trillions. But the Rothschilds and Warburgs make her look like a pauper. She is nothing but evil. Anyone who is super wealthy usually is.

          • fatty

            Do you know who has killed more people than all the others combined? Jewish Commies killed hundreds of millions during peacetime.

          • steve

            In two years there won’t be anyone here over 30. They will kill them all. You see what good is person they are obese and diabetic? Those baby boomers will weigh down the government paying their social security and all the medicare. There aren’t enough younger workers to pay the bill. So the Commies have a good system. They load them in trucks and shoot them. They don’t give a fuck about Aunt Edna or grandpa Joe. Fuck they shoot the fuck out of them. Get real. They did it in Communist Russia and nobody was punished. They are going to do it here. So many people will be loaded. Your neighbor could be loaded up in the night and you not even know it. You think you can see everything?

          • fatty

            What people should do is keep quiet and maybe 2 years later these crooked no good bastards make a good plan and pay them a visit. Maybe it’s out on a lake fishing. Maybe they’re home by themselves watching football game. But these no good bastards need to be paid a visit and get some satisfaction. Like those agents that killed those children in Waco and Oklahoma City. They intentionally murdered those children and that should be known and then the share a jail cell with some dudes that don’t play those games.

          • Joe Bassett

            I think courts and jail now just try to make money. Once you get a system where a lot of money is made. It has to keep making more and more money. Used to be nobody wanted a prison anywhere near them and now they want them because they pay decent money, but the truth is it isn’t really good money, but a bunch of lazy mother fuckers can sit around and open and close cages in comfortable setting.

          • Joe Bassett

            Snowden didn’t change anything. The congress never had him testify. Now they claim they are snooping as much but who knows. One thing Snowden did was give the media something for us to o for a few days. He would be stupid to come home. LLook what they did to Manning. They want Assang too.

          • Lita Burnett Campbell

            No he probable was a former agent, Didn’t you know many police administrations only hire those who fail their IQ test to be police officers? Yep sad but true we have a bunch of walking and talking dummies running around with a gun and badge working for us.

          • Sono Kage Enzeru

            most of the police force is full of a bunch of former high school jocks and bullies that didn’t even try to better themselves with an education

          • Jbkorn02

            This has been going on for a long time. I always thought it was kind of common knowledge. I had a friend who grew up in a house with his Mother, Father, and Brother were all officers but as soon as he graduated and tried to get on the force he was denied. They never told him it was because of his high test score but both of his parents were furious and found out somehow(you get to know people having your whole family on the force). They want people who will blindly follow orders and not question something if it makes no sense.

          • meeeeh

            There are several agencies that only require a GED. Not sure why you expect a federal agent to have keen grammar skills. I always thought that people join the public sector because that couldn’t get a job in the private sector. Or maybe you do not realize a federal agent means any agency of the government and not the FBI. Who knows?

          • Jbkorn02

            I haven’t met a person yet smarter because he had a High School Diploma instead of a GED. Some aren’t able to finish school due to breaking small laws that shouldn’t exist like smoking pot. Then they are forced to get a GED and be looked down on.

          • fatty

            They could stop cocaine if they sent troops down to Colombia instead to Afghanistan where they actually help themwith their drugs. The CIA is rogue Jewish run organization that is responsible for dumping hundreds of tons of drugs onto society. It”s like in Mexico I can buy switch blade knife and legal for the vendor to sell it but I am not allowed to buy it and walk away from the vendor after purchasing it.

          • Jbkorn02

            No one could ever stop cocaine as long as there are people who want it. That’s why our “war on drugs” will never work. As far as the blade you can purchase it and they can sell it to you but you aren’t allowed to own it or possess it? That sounds like a pretty backwards law lol.

          • fatty

            Cocaine is grown in Colombia and Bolivia. How much would it do if we sent a million troops down there? I think knock out 95% We never knock it out because the CIA sells drugs and number two we never go there to destroy drugs. Now we can go to Iraq if they kick Kurds in the butt and kill their leader. We can do the same in Libya if they call minorities names but we can’t go into these countries to destroy their drug trade, because that would be immoral.

          • Jbkorn02

            We have no reason to go to destroy all of their plants though. If we did the price would simply go up and those who used it might move on to something cheaper, synthetic , and far more dangerous like meth. I’ve known a few families from Mexico and in that region cocaine isn’t looked down on like it is here. I’ve heard stories from good friends who have family down in Mexico and how at every family party the adults have always had a bit of coke while they are drinking or to make it through long days of hard work. And since it’s something so common no one even looks at them twice. We need to just legalize things and let people decide what they want to do with their own bodies. If it weren’t a crime your have a lot more people going in to get help for addiction too. You’ll always have those who don’t want to quit but for the ones who do it would become something you don’t have to deal with the law for.

          • fatty

            I learned more out of school. Public school is a Communist system to make good little factory workers and soldiers to make them think like a team and not as individuals.Home schooling solves that problem

          • Jbkorn02

            I was stuck in a public school. I got my diploma without bringing a book home for 4 years so it says a lot for what you need to make it through one. And your right. Most of my jobs have been in warehouses or factories. I think that I’ve learned more things from watching TV (when the History Channel showed history and not Pawn Stars) or reading books that I wanted to not to mention researching on the net then anything in all of my years of school. From Kindergarden through 12th grade I think all I truly took away from public schools was how to read, write, and do basic math. And maybe how to deal with bullies which they are now cracking down on so kids will go out into the real world and let others just walk all over them. Everything else I’ve learned had nothing to do with school and I consider myself a fairly well educated person.

          • fatty

            One more reason the government will come after us along with the fact all the false flags and bombings they have committed in this country is the fact too many are home schooling their kids. Public schools turns out good factory workers and they don’t want too many free thinkers. So they know we re learning the truth about drugs and if they don’t come after us when the next batch learns what the government did. The whole thing could implode in on them.

          • Jbkorn02

            I think the whole “war on drugs” is already backfiring on them. I remember growing up every year in school we would have a big assembly from DARE and then there would be a field trip to a place called The Robert Crown Center( the name just stuck with me). Both the assembly and these “classes” are what basically made me as a kid think “why are they lying to us?” and that was by about 3rd grade. After that the field trips and assembly’s became a joke and everyone knew it except for what seemed like the teachers. I remember back then after they would tell us about how horribly smoking pot can take over your life it would turn into being against needles and diseases but they made them both seemed like they were no different than smoking a bit of weed. Funny that they never even mentioned alcohol. People being afraid of Aids sticks out and them calling a new drug coming onto the streets “ice”(meth) more dangerous that crack (who knew they’d get one right lol). But in general the memories I have are of being misled or just straight out lied to.

          • Jack

            DHS – HSI, BA – international business, MS Computer Science

          • Enrique Elizondo

            Who gave you a grammar police badge

          • TruthandJustice


          • Kim Serrahn

            what improper grammar?

          • pattie

            Oh now we have the grammar police. I guess I better watch out.

          • Actually, the bullshit you smell may not be from this “Federal Agent” … US District courts ruled recently that its A-Okay for PDs to discriminate against individuals with “High IQs.” That’s why I can’t get on the force…

          • Jbkorn02

            They don’t want their employees smarter than them lol

          • Jbkorn02

            I was thinking the exact same thing lol.

          • daniel Crothers

            Who cares about your comment “who cares”?

          • Richard

            You don’t know law enforcement.. most of those fuckers can’t spell or use correct grammar.

          • fatty

            federal agents are the worst spellers around. We have four Jews on the Supreme court once they start killing you they don’t stop. I had a cop lied about me and I wanted to kill him. But I just went and cut his tires and busted his windshield. So he paid.

          • Keith Mattia

            Even libbrarians and english teachers make grammatical errors and typos too does this mean they are not librarians or english teachers?
            Did i make any mistakes in my sentance? After all that would make my words lies.

          • steve

            Jack is my brother-in-law. He wasn’t a cop. He did some roofing until he fell off and hurt his back. Then he started delivering flowers until he fucked up the addresses. He’s cutting grass now. I told him you got to get on of those big mowers, but he thinks he can do it with one of those Sears 38″ cut swath. He’ll fuck that job up some kind of way.

          • Erin

            Grow up. Who are you to criticize spelling? Maybe you’re a cop n need a bullet in you. I’m a previous federal employee n oops didnt spell and out…burn me now at the stake. Pathetic whiner you n others like you just troll to start arguments. Here let me send you a dime to buy a life.

          • Mike Conrad

            That argument MAY hold water IF Federal Agents were smart in the first place.

          • Joe Bassett

            Federal agents are probably more suck ass yes men than super smart educated

          • gingerail

            It is the message that counts… many doctors, lawyers, scientists etc..don’t write well or win spelling bees…
            Try to focus on what’s important here, the true message.

          • Deanna Tarrow Kloostra

            I keep wondering about the two men who escaped from prison who shot a cop, make you wonder if they were not set up somehow and people should help.

          • fatty

            when you’re in prison and you are innocent it might take a decade to get you out, because now prison is a multiply billion dollar industry and once something starts making a lot of money it becomes corrupt. Look at congress. Cops don’t know it but there are going to be thousands of them killed by the end of the year, because people will learn this is the end and won’t care. So cops will die by the droves defending a system that was flawed from the start

          • Joe Bassett

            Like Matt Hale, Edgar Steele, Chester Doles James Traficant and Paul FIndley

          • Michael Troller

            That isn’t right all cops are not bad. you never even hear the good things they do and I promise you there is a lot ! all people want to talk about are the bad cops

          • Micah Starmesh Ortiz Geimer

            Show us the “good work” your cops do, and We’ll show you their world of hell

          • ericka

            You see stories on good cops all the time, like come on! But when cops get shot ALL the time hmmm no big deal to you right? Lets just not have cops anymore and lets have everyone rape and murder people left and right with no consequences. Like give me a break! If you guys dont want to abide by the law go to another country and deal with there law enforcement. The media sits here and wants to stir the pot for ratings. This is just sad! You guys saying murder cops is hypocritical and down right wrong! You preach all this vomit coming out of your mouth how ALL COPS ARE BAD, you are so delusional you should go get a psych evaluation immediately!

          • John J Publicus

            Been a cop long ‘ericka’? Even the good cops I know personally are fed up and don’t say the shit that rolls off your tongue so easily…..

          • AJ Mauceli

            What makes you think that people would start raping and murdering people at higher rates just because there were no cops? Is that how low your opinion of humanity is? You probably are a cop, with that kind of mind set. I don’t think the existence of cops stops people from murdering and raping, and I think if people knew that justice would come from family members instead of cops, they would think twice, because I know if someone hurt my daughter I’d kill them, after doing horrible things to them. So, yeah, get rid of the cops, I’m all for it. We can police ourselves just fine.

          • suebrowcounty

            The problem is you can’t monitor your family 24/7. You send your kid to school and hope they are not victimized. The teachers themselves are targeted for crime. How can we protect the children. Ultimately, The Judge and Top Boss of this court deputy are responsible for the way their employees behave. The male deputy should never be allowed in a closed room with a female period. Bad policy, bad supervision, bad judicial process. On-going and reoccurring bad policy allowed this to happen. And if the Chief Deputy was an appointed position then the commission who appointed him are guilty as well.

          • swedelady13

            Look to the countries where there is little or no police protection……like the tent cities in Haiti where women and children can’t lock their doors. There is no way I would want to live in a place like that. It would be survival of the fittest with women and children being raped and abused, and that’s the truth! Be realistic. The gangs would do whatever they want.

          • Jane Doe

            Not all cops are bad to be sure…but there are enough to make the threat of sexual assault or other forms of violence on an innocent person seem likely.

          • Jay Sinclair

            Like it’s totally spelled “their” not there. And I now live in Sweden, haven’t had one problem with the police since I moved here 2 years ago. In America, it was 1 to 3 times a week. And the only one who needs a psych evaluation is you, you are seriously in denial. Just because you haven’t personally experienced it doesn’t make it false. You’re so dumb it should be painful for you to speak.

          • MyThoughtsToday

            The woman in this article did not shoot anybody. She was molested, and there is absolutely no excuse for it! Stop condoning bad behavior. Do you honestly think what happened to this woman is OK, in any way at all?

          • Joe Schmidt

            If anyone here is delusional Erika its you, for sure and i dont think a pysch eval would help you , fact is there are bad cops and there are good cops , unfortunately the bad outweigh the good on a despicable daily basis , , for every good deed a cop does theres at least 50 daily thats against the law , sad truth is their PUBLIC Servants and are supposed to be for the citizens not against them , in todays world their para military gestapo goons enforcing a broken system against the very people their supposed to protect , and over 90%of them have no clue what law is let alone how to uphold it , punks with bad attitudes a gun and a badge thinking their above the law is what they project and saddest of all they brought it on themselves , and continue doing so on a daily basis , theres miles of LIVE video footage all over the internet that proves it , They know nothing of the law they know nothing about human rights and know nothing about what the hell their function is aside from arresting , killing people and generating money for their employers broken system , I am 54 years old have never needed a cop for anything ever and guaranteed wont in the future , in the wild wild west everybody carried a gun , there were no cops and very few marshals and everything worked fine because for the most case there was a mutual respect for people , piss somebody off you were liable to get shot , piss a town off you were either tar and feathered and run out or hung up , this country hasnt needed cops for anything in a long while the commit as much or more crime than they think their preventing , and there will come a day of reckoning , thats when they find out their actually not part of the elite but mindless slaves like everybody else , when their families and loved ones get their asses kicked arrested and molested just because their in the wrong place at the wrong time by one of the boys or girls in blue , 90 people killed in january 2015 , young people for the most part , since when did they become a license to kill anytime they feel threatened , bunch of pussies if you ask me maybe they should go back to something more their speed like mopping floors or sweeping parking lots because thats about the best qualification they have , how about a citizen shoots a cop everytime he feels threatened ??/ oh no equal justice we cant have that right , your pathetic excuses are disgusting woman so shut the hell up seeing as you havent a clue to what your talking about

          • Marnie Culotta

            *they’re* I counted at least twice you misspelled that in your post.

          • swedelady13

            People misspell all the time on here. What difference does it make? We all know what they are trying to say, and that’s all that matters.

          • bigbird2071

            Cops don’t get shot all the time…hardly…don’t you read?…if you did you would see its mostly the pigs doing the shooting….silly bit ch.

          • Annette Williams

            If you work in job that requires a gun, you may get shot at just as you may shoot people.. So what the hell is your point? Don’t sign up for something that might put a bulletin you..that’s just pure’s the crumbling of the letter of the laws that have unleashed this ghouls.

          • gianna


          • gianna

            oh and maybe thats the plan let us destroy each other over their actions that way they can justify the deadly force who knows! I am just grateful i am 46 and my life is half finished because its only going to become worsegi

          • Jack

            The whole system is bad, and broken… its a broken justice system. All cops are part of it, therefore all cops are inherently responsible for some of the evil. Just like prosecutors and judges. That is like saying well all Nazis are not bad… rounds of executions are in order.

          • Leo

            They weren’t all bad…that’s the problem…

          • Jack

            Admiral Carnaris, and a few of the others resisting… but we’re talking about a handful… the same handful inside the US government who don’t like whats going on…

          • Annette Williams

            It never was a just system….it’s working like it was suppose too . now without all the smoke and mirrors of “fairness” got just the right A-holes on the supreme court to insure this.

          • Diana

            Yeah your right, good is doing the right thing and bad is doing the wrong things. There is more bad then there is good. When your good nobody hardly notices it but they should and get rewarded for their acts of kindness, BUT WHEN YOUR BAD , your bad. These People were all bad and should get punished for their actions, SEVERELY PUNISHED….It was so hard to believe as I watched this JUDGE turn her back on this pleading woman asking for help. It’s like she was condoning the sexual harassment this cop was performing. Why, if she just went in to court on a minor non criminal offense did this asshole have to conduct a drug search and why not send a woman as she requested? Whats worse is she had to go to jail for 2 months for a false crime and her child taken away from her.

          • Marnie Culotta

            *you’re* yeesh doesn’t anyone know how to spell your and you’re anymore?

          • JKC

            Sure let’s just bury our heads against the atrocities that are happening way too often. How would you feel if this was your daughter, wife, or relative being treated in this manner?. SMH.

          • peck2

            Easy question to answer. The fat costumed thug, the “marshal” and the judge, would no longer be breathing.

          • John J Publicus

            Simple; if it was my daughter, my wife, my son-and I KNEW they were wronged by a cop, there would be hell to pay and I would personally collect what’s due…. I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment either!

            …and I’m a law abiding business owner and employer!

          • Bryan Boone

            Until the good cops speak out publicly against the bad ones and help bring them to justice; there is no good cops. They’re no better than the cop that murders and rapes if they’re going to help cover it up and for all intent and purposes become an accessory.

          • Erik S Whatley

            Isn’t that a fact …

          • Chiv


          • Vance Boulter

            Judge should be disbarred, cops should be EXECUTED!

          • William Driscoll

            here here that the truth and i know there are good cops ive met them and ive ben arrested more times than i can rember done 3 state prison sentances all it wood take would be the good or desent cops to speak up and police the police that would generate more good will than anything and help restore what being a cop means and the respect they deserve

          • candy

            amen to that! I feel the same effin way!

          • Black Jewelz

            Real talk.

          • suebrowcounty

            Then do you apply the same logic to the black community who do not speak out against the atrocious violence in their own community like Chicago or Detroit?

          • Get Real America

            YOUR ARE A RACIST CUNT !!

          • MyThoughtsToday

            A police officer murdering someone is NOT THE SAME as a citizen murdering another citizen. Don’t you know anything?

          • James

            YEAH Police Union Labor Agreements

          • Sharon Wiley

            That very shit gonna catch up with you scum bags.

          • Sharon Wiley

            What are you saying cause the public don’t talk the police should not when they kill someone? I never taught in a million years we had so many sick people in this world.

          • 1rao10

            there are very good cops out there…and its a shame that so many good deeds are lost upon those who have done harm to the body politic of this nation… its seriously tragic …but the cops who are doing harm when joined with the amount of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct is overwhelming…its the systemic….and the imaging has been happening for so long, the courts have brought this upon the entire system by their judicial over balancing the scales of justice towards the bad policing methodologies

          • Bruce Call

            Omg pleeeeease ! Since 911 all you hear about is cops on a pedistal ! The truth is there are bad cops! Period. The general consensus is they are exempt from accountability because they don’t police themselves. We need to give credit where credit is due not where it isn’t! I know there’s good cops but good cops don’t let bad cops vet away with crime!

          • Erik S Whatley

            Dear, one bad officer in a station that is left to work in that station means there is no justice – means they’re breaking the law by association.

          • suebrowcounty

            Guilt by association. Does that same rule apply to Detroit and Chicago?

          • Jay Sinclair

            No, but shut the fuck up applies to you. Get lost you ugly troll.

          • dhodge

            And your delusional.

          • Marnie Culotta


          • SickOfTheStupid

            if police fail to police themselves then the reality is there is no such thing as a good cop…………just criminal accomplices ………

          • Dante

            thats because the bad cops NEED to be talked about.

          • adamjdlm

            every cop i have ever met has been bad.

          • Mark Smith

            I can imagine the circumstances of you meeting the cops. I’ve never met a cop outside of a social situation. Wanna guess why?

          • adamjdlm

            Because your last name is Smith?

          • bigbird2071

            You stay in your house all the time?

          • Ray Rittenhouse

            Then stop breaking the Law????

          • adamjdlm

            stop being a sheeple.

          • MyThoughtsToday

            We always hear about the good cops. For example, the cops that didn’t kill the armed-to-the-teeth theater shooter, who killed children and adults, were good cops because they brought the perp to justice. That’s what ALL cops are employed to do. That’s their job.

            Killing, raping and attacking the public IS NOT their job. Does anyone get big congrats for doing their job the way they are supposed to? NO! It’s when one is a screw up like this jerk in Nevada that you hear people bad mouth the police. His JOB is not to molest citizens!

          • Jimbob

            the story is about dirty criminal cops… not an argument about if there are good cops…..

          • Sharon Wiley

            Maybe if they do something good we will talk about it but all Im seeing is a lot a people getting killed, raped, and caught on tape but will still plead not guilty. Sad world we live in.

          • Sean Michael

            Justice hasn’t been served and you sir are a moron. The law isn’t our enemy and you being okay with them being killed is horrible these are your neighbors they volunteered for this they are no different than a soldier fighting in a foreign country. You should be ashamed

          • John J Publicus

            Wrong! They are VERY different from a soldier fighting in a foreign country!! This is the VERY REASON so many cops are out of control, wake up and see past your nose, we have very real problems with this. Your apologist approach isn’t helping!

          • anonymous

            Actually Sean, there’s a distinct difference. Soldiers are defending themselves against a foe whose intent is to kill them. Cops, however, aren’t in a war zone. They’re killing fellow citizens… brothers and sisters.

          • john

            Your ridiculously ignorant. Yes let’s shoot more innocent police to send a message. That the people are out of control hey then there can be martial law oh and foreign army’s on us soil then you will see what tyrant means. 90% of police are doing the right thing stop being an idiot. With your logic I should Hate all humans because of the numbers in prison rapist and murderers that must mean every human in the us is the same you must be a raping murderer because you live here. See how dumb that sounds. People are individuals just because they’re in a position of power doesn’t mean they can’t act as an individual of there own doing. It is a very small amount of officials that are doing the wrong thing. But your all to blind to that with your childish fuck the police bs. Wake up before martial law hits and usa becomes a dictatorship under tyranny law.

          • Fields82

            How are the people to fight back? The law does not prosecute the law. You see it everyday that a cop gets away with killing a civilian and gets away with it. You can see it by Judges getting away with DUI’s because it would look bad on them. Or cop families getting away with things that would get other people sent to jail, fined and publicly shamed. Their is no recourse for a civilian against a corrupt system when you have to use the system to fight the system.

          • bigbird2071

            A voice of reason…Thank you!

          • David Vance

            I’d like to know where you got your 90% statistic from… Though, I have an idea of where you pulled it from;) I’m afraid the lesser of two evils is simpley not good enough, John. This public out-cry is long overdue. You’re correct in saying we need police, we really do. However… a corrupt system is an unstable one, and an unsustainable one. And whether you choose to believe or admit it, our judicial system is broken. I wouldn’t say F.U.B.A.R., but it is quite F.U. Executing officers is not the answer, this isn’t a mad max movie. Holding the guilty accountable (civilian or otherwise), and punishing the crime(s) in a fitting manner is part of it. You are the other part, the key, in fact. If you turn a blind eye on these offences, then you are akin to the judge… And I guarantee she is feeling the sting of remorse as we speak.

          • Marnie Culotta


          • Tidewaterhorse

            You are an idiot. The cops that are being killed are not the same ones we are witnessing in the court room.

          • Mark Smith

            Don’t fret. It’s just the kind of person you are.

        • mrfreeze26

          So true it is coming to a head

        • Jack

          You are correct because the prosecutors and judges are the real enemies they are allowing and even promoting the evil to continue to the people of this country.

        • peck2

          First off, This did NOT change the way I think of the pigs and the entire “legal system”. From the clerks on up to the “judges” in the system, they are all filth and need to be exterminated. This, from 1st hand experience.

          • Isis Vertus

            We just need to fire everyone in the justice system and start from scratch. If they leave any corrupt judges, attorneys, police officer s, and officers of the court they will just manipulate and corrupt the new agents because they are well skilled in manipulation. It’s sad, but the truth.

          • peck2

            Well, Isis, you are partly correct, in that they all need to be fired. But that will not change their sociopathic and psychopatic personalities. As long as they are
            breathing my air, they are a danger to everyone. Fired, and “free”, they are easier targets than they would be if they were incarcerated,

          • Mark Smith

            Yeah, let’s start with the top cop in the nation, and his boss. Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

          • bigbird2071

            Fire…thats hilarious…you must mean fire as in AK-47.

        • Craig

          Then how come the police that are committing these crimes aren’t shot? You are seeing innocent police officers grouped in with bad police officers. This doesn’t punish those who are committing the crimes. This only shows good cops they need to be bad and it shows bad cops that they can still get away with murder. Random senseless killing only justifies even more brutal tactics. So unless you have the names and addresses of all the police that have gotten away with rape and murder, you should stop encouraging the killing of innocent people because that is a lose-lose situation. You don’t know what those two police in Brooklyn were like. They could have been the two nicest police officers in a world of bad ones. And guess what? Now they’re dead. So why didn’t the guy that shot them shoot the police officer that choked Eric Garner instead? Because of dumbass statements like this that group all police together. We need BETTER law enforcement. The people hiding behind these masks to commit heinous crimes deserve nothing less than death, but the people who are trying to fix the system do not deserve that violence. Not only is it misplaced, but it only strengthens the resolve of those who give police absolute unquestioned authority

          • Charles Mcdaniel

            your kinda right but at the same time one bad apple spoils the bunch violence will only ever bring more violence we all need to find a better way if the system in place is to broken to fix

        • nessa

          Yes and it sucks for the ones who actually are great officers! I know of a few. But 8 out of 10 are abusing their power/badge. Sad!!

        • Sean Michael

          You are seriously okay with this these are men and woman protecting you and because your some tree hugging asshole they deserve to die your sick none of these people are Gestapo your comparing horrible war crimes to the men and woman who make sure you can sleep safe ay night your sick children are without parents tonight because of your so called “statements” good on you that’s great terrorist are killing woman and children but no the police are the bad guys you lady are a fucking moron.

          • phillip

            I guarantee that at least one Jew said that exact same thing before the Holocaust .

        • Sean Michael

          So now our country is nazi Germany so your saying I am giving up six years of my life to fight for your fucking freedom of speech to let you say this and tell me I’m a nazi seriously. All I have to say is your welcome tonight you don’t have to worry because you live in a country unlike Afghanistan where woman are allowed to have an opinion. I have an idea you don’t like the rules here GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY

          • Fields82

            calm down lady everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just cause you are a veteran does not make your opinion better or more valid then someone elses. You don’t like it? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

        • Mark Robinson

          that is HORSESHIT… hardly any cops are getting ANYTHING, much less shot… stop speaking BULLSHIT… only 67 pigs died at the hands of citizens, nation wide, last year, and a goodly number of them werent even shot but assaulted by automobile.. NOBODY is shooting pigs…

        • Wil Genovese

          The wrongs cops are being shot. Vigilante justice usually gets it wrong.

        • fatty

          The military is here to take care of that little problem. When the military has arrested and taken all your guns. You know who is next? That’s right the Commies and they load you up and shoot you and there is no trial. They have to do this to get rid of all the diabetics and people who are fucked up from drinking sodas and eating toxic shit all these years. You will not be treated. The Commies will decide to just shoot anyone over 40 and be done with it. These mass shootings will begin in maybe 4 to 5 months. You people are going to get ready to go to war with the federal government They let them create the federal reserve which has robbed us of 100 trillion. You see your money goes into the pockets of the bankers.

        • fatty

          The government causes the problem when they make stupid seat belt laws and buckle up buckle up like they are concerned. Then they make them perform sobriety checkpoints and seat belt checkpoints. They know they can have a checkpoint for 4 hours and they know they can pull in $10,000 in revenue.

        • steve

          I bet it would feel nice to pump lead into a scum bag judge. Please rise the honorable Scum Bag Cocksucker has arrived. The black robe bastard.

        • leviguy1947

          You see it happening EVERYWHERE? How are you able to see so many violations of civil rights? You are my hero. (And just another hysterical psychologically lost person looking for meaning in her life by lying).

        • bob bot

          Cops hold down the fort until the Jews decide to kill us all.

        • Joe Bassett

          When SHTF I am going to kill a ton of them. Checkpoints are the ideal place.

      • suebrowcounty

        like the French cartoonists and journalists who were murdered in France?

        • Jack

          What the hell are you talking about? Has nothing to do with this article.

      • Joakim

        Was kinda hoping you would say revolution 😛

      • Robocop

        All these corrupt officials need to be lined up the way the French rounded up its corrupt rulers and a huge sharp blade needs to be dropped on each of their necks.

        • Jack


      • Jbkorn02

        That type of punishment doesn’t work in the US. You have to take away their money. That will solve it all. In the future people will think twice about what they are doing if they know if caught they are poor.

      • steve

        double 0 buck shot does wonders. When they set up checkpoints by September. Come up through the woods and WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!. Like it or not this country is going to erupt into a revolution and the front line will be the ole chin strap cowboy hat tilted downward at the front. This battle will not be fought between the citizens and the Commies. No it will be fought between the citizens and the military and the old chin strap tilted forward boys. The tail light touchers. So what will happen is the Jewish Commies are having their meetings and they tell the military what to do and the military softens up the country and take the guns and then they kill the police and send the military to other parts. So all the cops will be eliminated after they do the dirty work and then the Commies roll in just like what they did in Russia. So cops can think they are doing shit, but a lot of them are going to die and soon. I would say by the end of the year 5,000 cops will be killed if they are the ones used to take the guns. So the country descends into Communism and cops think they are cool and then they got to go, because Commies will not have another force around.

      • bob bot

        The government knows you are sick n tired of this shit, but it will be you going under the guillotine. You would be pissed they loaded up your ass and walk you towards the guillotine and Hillary, Bill, Cheney, an Rumsfeld were operating the damn thing.

    • Sean Michael

      There was no mention that this man was convicted how can he be guilty. This is the problem anymore just because hes law enforcement means he did it what if I decide to say you did this I have zero proof but by your logic your guilty and no different than him. You people sicken me. Remember this country is innocent until proven guilty you must have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Can’t just give the chair to someone because a reporter made a good story.

      • Fields82

        Civilian are labeled as guilty prior to any trial all of the time. Why is it ok to slander a civilians name with out being presecuted yet you can for a cop that is obviously in the wrong and was fired to distance him from the courts. Weird sounds like something a non guilty person would have to go through?

        • Ray Rittenhouse

          Labeled by the Media NOT the Courts…They ACCUSED by Law..Like will the ACCUSED PLEASE STAND???

    • Todd Anderson

      you are so right,but ya cant be hard on the good ones that work in law.

    • IbringTeatotheParty
    • James Cullumber

      I got one… A public exile… They are forever branded as government workers with a mark that say they work for this company.

    • James

      Police Unions have to much power — stop the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARDS AND LICENSE TO KILL

    • Ryan Wolff

      Brought to its knees? Poor choice of words, considering the subject of this article and video.

  • DanMcD

    May Patricia Doninger’s next pelvic examination be conducted with sandpaper gloves

    • waxx

      That have previously been in contact with herpes

      • ultrabob

        And with no female witness…..

  • Paul
  • DanMcD

    The forced recanting is subornation of perjury – a criminal offense. Why is the judge not behind bars?

    • snickerbutt

      Forced sexual assault is a criminal offense too :

      • peck2

        Not if you are part of the “system”.

    • Tobias

      The titel of the video already says judge fired, and yet you’re asking that?

  • Sherri Bryan

    Why can’t the justice department get involved to have these people arrested. What are citizen supposed to do when authorities abuse and assault, kidnap and falsely detain or imprison. This is happening far to much and there is no one to protect us from those under oath to serve and protect.

    • agio

      Why can’t the foxes do a better job of guarding the henhouse?

      • Priscilla Fleming

        Because they’re to busy killing the hens.

    • Some Dude

      This is what our 2nd amendment is for.

    • cbliz

      We have to protect ourselves. The ones who retaliat first will suffer the most consequences but when people start to back them, that’s when shit changes.

  • Dan

    Look at the bright side. At least they didn’t tase the kid for interfering with the arrest.

    • Luke Cloud

      Yes, I’m glad the child wasn’t murdered for attempting to interfere with the officer arresting her mother. I wouldn’t have been surprised though, if they had killed the child.

  • Pissed off

    These pieces of shit need to be hunted and put down like the fucking animals they are.



      • peck2

        Not exactly, exactly. When hunting 4-legged creatures, it is best to ensure a clean shot so that the animal does not suffer. With these filth, knee-capping and a gut shot will produce deserved suffering.

  • agio

    I suppose it’s worth pointing out that since this incident (in 2011) both the sexual abusing bailiff and the sexual-abuse enabling judge have been fired, and the good taxpayers of the state of Nevada have ponied up at least $200,000 in a settlement with the victim. No word, of course, on any of these sick abusive psychos facing actual criminal charges.

    • Bonnie51462

      I don’t care if they’ve been fired or not these asshats should be placed into JAIL…one for putting this mother and child through this and the damn judge turning her back on this, when the sexual abuse is brought up it should have STOPPED right then and there…that jackass officer should be allowed to have his day in court and then immediately thrown to the wolves…what a fuc*ing animal…

      • Luke Cloud

        Yes, Firing is expected, but what they did was criminal, and criminal charges should be pursued.

        • bigbird2071

          Firing is the best that can be expected in this effed up system. At least they didn’t get a pay raise and promotion this time…lol

    • waxx

      Naturally, no jail time.

    • JKC

      They need jail. Lawsuits are payed by the tax payers. Lock these assholes up for life.

      • agio

        I certainly don’t disagree with what you are saying.

  • Carlos Salvador Salazar

    im always bashing our squandering of the internet, but little by little the whole world will be exposed by this powerful too land this shit human race will have no choice but stand erect and act justly.

  • David L Grabill

    the judge and all these marshalls need terminated

    • sovreigncitizen


      • drgoodgrass

        Its gonna get worse so lets not fight with each other because when it comes down to it its us, the poor and middle class against them the rich, ruling class, but the bible says that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against dark powers and principalitys in spiritual highplaces that the rulers of this world worship and are lead by thats the real enemy!!!

  • trizzybob

    why was these people not prosecuted in federal court.

  • SirTerrance Murphy

    Its a personal matter they say but yet the whole world will know it it was just a citizen .

  • Tommy

    Jag vill fan slå dem i ansiktet och aldrig sluta!!! *Xcuse me for the swedish*

  • treystyles

    Fuck the police and fuck the system!!! they all need to be removed from office and put in the worst jail on earth, with the most insane inmates

    • james

      haha fuck the police and the system?? ya fuck them until you get robbed or your car stolen, or maybe your friend or relative murdered…yeah fuck the law..

    • Jack

      Thats easy, just lock them up with eachother… they will institute their own style of disorder.

  • Priscilla Fleming

    As a child I was taught that the justice system was there to protect but now I have strong fear of the system. I’ve never broke the law, not even a speeding ticket but whenever I’m out my heart skips a beat when I see the police.

    In this case the one that should be harshly punished is the judge(along with the POS cop) she had the power to stop this immediately but didn’t. I wonder how many innocent people she allowed to be abused in her court?

  • Observer

    Funny, I recall posting this a year ago and was quite upset. Yet. Here I am a year later and I have done nothing to help this woman, still quite upset. Gods only know what they taught or done to her daughter during this process… 🙁

  • God bless America…. Patricia Donninger, shame on you to allow any woman to be treated like this on your watch…….

    • Luke Cloud

      Woman? How about allowing any human to be treated like this?

  • your mom

    this judge is absolutely terrible. The fact that this lady is being completely ignored and manipulated is a great example of how our justice system is completely fucked up. these ass holes get to go home and eat dinner with their families and go to their normal lives after they’ve treated a person this way. They probably think nothing of this crap after their day is over. Total disregard for another human is unacceptable when you are in positions of power. Its really unacceptable all around. What if she was scared because of something that happened to her previously? Does it really matter? Treat people how you would want to be treated. Horrible people should like this should be subjected to everything they’ve done to others. Ship them all off to the scariest most violent places in the world and then let them be themselves there.

    • gianna


  • The only possible solution begins with not electing lawyers- who are in cahoots with cops and courts for their living.

  • Jennie

    sexually assaulted and arrested.. God Bless America

  • Ashley

    This is absolutely disgusting!! How could that judge just ignore her pleas?! Seems to me this was a regular occurrence!! I’m literally sick to my stomach thank god she stood up for herself. Who knows how many other woman it’s happened to!

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    This species is fucked……………….. they all need thrown out on their asses.. and dealt with very fucking accordingly. P.O.S. marshal and judge.. plus that retard bailiff. DISGUSTING!

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    I don’t use bitch normally …………………………..but that SICK judge.. it fits. Braindead coward.. all of them .

  • d’Artagnon Palmer

    Fired? are you fucking joking, That motherfucker should go to jail himself for a few months. So should all the ones involved in this case. Fucking disgusting ass people. Whats more sick is some people defend these type of people , ignorant shits thinking they’re justified because of their titles.. Sickening.

  • Jack

    Our government is out of fucking control, local, state and federal… time for a reset. Undo the common law justice system and build a new system… no reason to be using a system hundreds of years old…

  • Brent S. Arrowitz

    time to fight back people

  • Wil

    This does not change my mind in which the way i think about courts and police. Because i support officers and the court systems…assuming they all follow the law of the land. This story here however needs to be blasted in the media and the appropriate actions taken against the officer, judge and everyone else criminally involved. However do not slander the great men and women officers who protect me and my family each day…common sense.

    • David Cuenca

      You know what happens when you ass u me. You are blind. Remember power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,,Wil

  • Tom

    The war on drugs IS THE MOST IDIOTIC bunch of garbage WE THE PEOPLE have ever hoisted upon ourselves. JUST SAY NO TO THE WAR ON DRUGS! Get rid of it and you get rid of all the stupidity that comes with it. No more pigs saying, “I think I smell something”, no more drug dogs alerting on cars, no more searches no more cops touching people or needing to stick their finger up butts. We should all carry tasers and zap the cops from time to time (it’s harmless – right?) to remind them who pays their salary. End the war of drugs and disarm the department. We can sell the weapons at a city auction (only towns people can bid on the weapons since they own them). Take away the departments bullet proof vests. Make the cops think before they start running their pie holes. They can actually put their lives on the line for once. The cops can have have bicycles. If they need to respond to an emergency they can ride on the firetruck.

    I’m saving everyone a lot of money and you don’t have to worry about your daughters and grand daugters getting their purses dumped out. If cops harrass our children, the cops should be tried and if found guilty executed. That kind of abuse on children and adults is traumatizing. We don’t need people living in fear. If you fear cops, you are not living like the founding fathers wanted you to. If you are fearing your governments, you are not living like the founding fathers wanted you to. If your cops are no different than redcoats …

  • Donna Croce

    He’ll get back his job with back pay, nice vacation.

  • nick

    It’s such bullshit that police and judges almost never face jail time in matters like this they usually just get suspended or fired and I for one am tired of it we need to teach them they are not above the law and should be held in higher standards because they are supposed to protect the people and their rights!!!!!!

  • Ashlynn

    I hope that cunt Doninger someday feels the sheer and absolute terror of exactly what it feels like to be in the situation she not only allowed this woman to be in and undergo but her small daughter too. There is NOTHING more terrifying than being made to bow before a police officer because you have NO CHOICE. Because they are the law, and they can do and say anything they want to ruin your life, and it is their word against yours. This is especially apalling to me because she is a fellow woman. I would be hard-pressed not to spit on that bitch if I ever met her face-to-face.

  • Charles Boyette

    He should be charged with kidnapping as well as a sexual assault on her. Even the judge should be charged with aiding with the kidnapping she knows that he can not arrest her.

  • ralph

    anything with a gun and badge now days is a joke. they thake the ones that dont pass the mental exam for real they put the power hungry ones in that will break the law to opress then once they do what they want and the ends are met they are the threat then they kill them. Well we have that to look forward to dudes with I.Q.s of 70 or 80 ware blue and i can prove it just look up how they put 25 to 35 points on there score and these fuck thard think they are smart. any one who is a cop si a threat to this hurt and dumbed down U.S of a. If they call u to give to a po-LICE fund say and what do i get out of it,are u going to fire the scume on your force and arest the a-hole in charge if so u can have some of my money if not f-off u cheap little whores. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE.dont even get me started on judges.for a start if u are apointed u must be a baby raper and killer for real freemasons thats what it is all about they all need to go. THE WORLD WOULD BE GOOD.

  • Luke Cloud

    I like how they claim the video won’t be commented on because it is a personnel affair. I’m sorry, if you are a public / government agency, then nothing is private. You serve the people, and without transparency, we can only end up will corruption, which is rife.

  • Shanon

    Yea not sure if all states are the same but here in Ohio male officers are not allowed to search a female suspect and have to wait for a female officer to show up on seen to do it men can do a simple pat down for weapons but not a search and thats why i wish all cops should have body cams when on duty that way it covers them and keeps them honest


      Real rules should be a lawyer should have to be present as well, since who knows what any cop will do these days. Searching someone’s bits is just an excuse to plant evidence.

  • Jessica Davis

    The video isn’t playing for me

  • steven

    The system…..what is that???……..These people…who are part of “the system”…….are nothing but dirty self serving fuckin scumbags!……Society, Democracy…blah blahh blahhh…….This is just a label which means…a few powerful psychopaths…..who maintain their position by employing many subservient narcisstic sociopathic psychopaths to enslave, control, enforce and abuse the people…..This video is just the tip of the iceberg…poor woman…

    • gianna


  • Chuck Fasst

    Listen to the big fat Oinker … “We can do this the hard way.”
    Get rid of that dead weight.

  • cyndy

    That Bitch judge has no heart & neededbto be fired as well! That poor baby had to see her mommy being unjustly arrested. They all should be fired!!! This is criminal!!!

  • darrenlobo

    People often miss the obvious way to end this. Stop paying taxes! If we refuse to support them we don’t have to fight them. It makes no sense to talk about resisting the govt with guns while being so willing to fund it.

    • Jack

      Agreed, but its hard to not pay taxes when most people’s employers take the taxes out automatically. I have said the same as you many times, but realistically the only way to do it is to vote with your feet and move abroad. Then not only are you not funding it, but your also hurting the American economy by not contributing to it.

      • darrenlobo

        True, enough Jack. My point is to take the first step, free your mind. When we get more people realizing that the don’t morally owe taxes we’ll be one step closer to abolishing the vile practice.

        • Jack

          I wouldn’t mind paying taxes, but instead of using it for our war machine and incarceration it would be better spent on education and healthcare.

          • darrenlobo

            I think you mean that you wouldn’t mind paying for education & health care. I too believe in paying my bills but they are debts voluntarily agreed to. Taxes are forced on us. Forcing people to part with their money is by definition theft. Understand this & free your mind of the chain that keeps you enslaved.

  • American

    The judge and these officers need to rot in hell!!! Sickos!!!

  • Keepingitreal518

    Every government employee that was in that courtroom and participated or sat by and did nothing should be prosecuted for aiding the scumbag that abused that woman.

    • Jack

      Agreed that is the major problem… as Edward Snowden said “it was just a little evil here and there, but overtime all the “little evils” piled up, and I was worried that a big evil might come along but it might not seem big anymore because of all the previous little evils.” The bureaucrats who stand by and say and do nothing are at fault, to protect the public from the ones breaking the law and doing evil upon us all. If you can’t speak up or help stop it, you are just as much at fault as the ones actually doing it.

  • Marco

    This is why we hate the system and people don’t trust courts or the police!

  • Marco



    Child Kidnapping, Sexual assault and False arrest why are these public servants not in Jail? #StopIt #BadCops #Badcourts

  • james

    haha the bitch deserved it…she shouldve just went along with it and sucked some dick…but noooooo..bitch had an attitude…this is why I really want to work in Law Enforcement…so I can fondle and rape bitches as i please

  • Jack

    Instead of killing cops, drag a few prosecutors and crooked judges out of their houses and cut their fucking heads off!

  • Kelly A

    only one way to deal with people like this and it isn’t pretty. but we have no choice. we need to step it up a bit until they get the picture we’re not taking this s**t anymore. period. you can make your job very very much more dangerous or you can shut your face and serve us, servants. you are nothing but servants. recognize or pay the price…

  • Dan Mortensen

    What a low life scumbag. Heartless and cold to terrorize a woman like that. I hope Karma comes back to bite him in the ass.

  • Boheim11

    There is no such thing as a “peace officer” in today’s world. On a global scale they have been converted to “Law Enforcement” officers which are nothing less then “code enforcers” for the banks. You are in great danger if a law enforcement officer is involved in any aspect of your personal life. At witnessed here the judge did nothing because she too is an agent for the banks. Everything has a monetary outcome (fines, levies and loss of property and freedom) and in some cases loss of life. Most police departments are “for profit” agencies that are incorporated. We the People must demand that this system be abolished and replaced with public peace officers. If anyone were to simply look at the fines and levies put in place for the slew of crimes written to entrap us, they would wake up to this thievery. This judge and useless person called the “Marshall” need to be locked away for many years. Empty the prisons with victimless so-called criminals, i.e., the dude with a roach of cannabis in his ashtray, or self destructive wino to make room for the masses of corrupt LEOs and judges.

  • ben dover

    I will donate bullets to whom needs one

  • Tommy L. Scott

    Dogs, Scumbags

  • Carlo Martell


  • concerned squirrel

    does anyone consider that under separation of powers ie legislative executive and judicial the executive has no power to act as if they are presenting law as determination? Unless of course you waive your rights in favor of their opinion they can only present opinion of law, if they do not inform the court of this fact they have committed an act against the letter of the law. Every last person who has not questioned this has acquiesced to unlawful interpretation of law. fortunately there is no statue of limitations on fraudulent conduct or misfeasance so at any time anyone may question the verdicts of “family court” at any later date. as to this in this very sad case the only defense of the officer is that their is no charges against him brought at that time; his oath of office however precludes and refuses his defense as admittable and also puts the person in charge of the officer, the sheriff, under like charges for not adequately training his officer. The “master judge”, likely a pro tiem (a practicing attorney or the like) appointed by a judicial magistrate unlawfully bridging the judicial separation of power to ACT as a judge in the executive realm hoping it will go unnoticed as it usually does; this appointed “false official” could not rule on this and at her discretion she chose to ignore it hoping it would go away as it usually does, because she was equally culpable under law to this rape there is no hold faultless in this charade, she would have been rightly judged in a court of law as an accomplice to these allegations dis barred and likely sent to serve sentence with the other officers of the “court”. Please folks this happens every day learn your positions under law for your selves do not depend on this system for justice unless you can demand it and know your standing under law, I applaud this brave woman for persuading justice. all of us that are offended by this should study this and never tolerate it again as law but see it for the crimes that it represents.

  • Se all

    When Authority is granted
    Some abuse it some simply don’t give a fuck
    The judge easily could send the marshal to take a hike nd wile she waited for a female marshal she could advice the toddler about always standing up for what an individual beliefs it’s right and,maintain order nd peace at all time instead of listening to traumatizing pleads ,confusing shit from adults that act worse than infants

  • concerned squirrel

    does anyone consider that under separation of powers ie legislative executive and judicial the executive has no power to act as if they are presenting law as determination? Unless of course you waive your rights in favor of their opinion they can only present opinion of law, if they do not inform the court of this fact they have committed an act against the letter of the law. Every last person who has not questioned this has acquiesced to unlawful interpretation of law. fortunately there is no statue of limitations on fraudulent conduct or misfeasance so at any time anyone may question the verdicts of “family court” at any later date. as to this in this very sad case the only defense of the officer is that their is no charges against him brought at that time; his oath of office however precludes and refuses his defense as admittable and also puts the person in charge of the officer, the sheriff, under like charges for not adequately training his officer. The “master judge”, likely a pro tiem (a practicing attorney or the like) appointed by a judicial magistrate unlawfully bridging the judicial separation of power to ACT as a judge in the executive realm hoping it will go unnoticed as it usually does; this appointed “false official” could not rule on this and at her discretion she chose to ignore it hoping it would go away as it usually does, because she was equally culpable under law to this rape there is no hold faultless in this charade, she would have been rightly judged in a court of law as an accomplice to these allegations dis barred and likely sent to serve sentence with the other officers of the “court”. Please folks this happens every day learn your positions under law for your selves do not depend on this system for justice unless you can demand it and know your standing under law, I applaud this brave woman for persuading justice. all of us that are offended by this should study this and never tolerate it again as law but see it for the crimes that it represents.

  • Love Saint

    Insanity!!! Smh

  • Marjorie Tantingco

    THIS is one of the main reasons why cops should definitely wear a camera while in duty. That’s fucked up. I hope that cop gets a whole pounding up his ass in prison. The system is fucked.

  • Kymberly Jackson


  • concerned squirrel

    she is not a judge she was appointed to act like one for your viewing pleasure and you are right the law is very specific on this type of gender preference too many times rape can be called and validated by the prisoner they should all be in prison all of the phony court officials including the secretary of state for allowing this to go on in his jurisdiction, the executive branch of government and all the petite officials in between in both branches of government that have been elected to preform constitutionally in your/her behalf and all of the people the elected officials have hired to preform these jobs unlawfully such as sheriffs Marshals whatever you may call them.. impeach the bastards you have elected that allow this to go on in your name that is a totally lawful approach they can never be bonded again do this a few times watch your laws be honored again and this sort of shit dry up and blow away no more abuse tolerated.

  • dollarbill

    Child support System is sexist an beyond broken!

  • 1rao10

    The system is broken….the callousness towards individuals civil liberties has reached a point where the ordinary person is literally placed in extreme danger at the hands of an out of control system that protects and self regulates itself w/ little or no accountability; “every man/woman” for themselves is going to be the motto if this keeps up. and we’re heading there extremely fast if not already there. The police state could not exist…if the judiciary were not allowing it to..its that simple

  • Tina

    Wow what a stupid bitch judge!!!!
    Justice isnt always fair & it
    Shouldn’t be up to one person (judge) too bad there isn’t someone to supervise the judges. Yes I know about jury& laws too

  • Mia

    I could have sworn that violating your oath to the US was considered treason and they never changed the punishment for treason, which is death by hanging!

  • Mike Sherdog

    This whole video looks like the last season of The Walking Dead. It is obvious he wanted to see what was under the girls clothes. Must be so boring looking at that fat fker and old bitch all day so he saw this pretty young girl and decided he would accuse her of carrying drugs which would give him the police authority to do whatever the hell he wanted. Cops like this aren’t enforcers of our laws. They are criminals abusing power. Judges like this are worse. Everybody in a uniform in that courtroom should have their career end up like this feral hog’s life, career fking over. They are trash. Glad the girl is suing the crap out of everybody there. Hope she wins her case.

    • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

      100% absofuckinglutely agree

  • Robert

    Does anyone know the outcome? Ok they were fired whipdedo… were criminal charges ever brought against them?

  • Unity Consciousness Love

    Revolution on the 5th if November! This will be one to remember. Let’s take back our planet <3

  • teknodogg

    F that Marshall and Judge!!!!!!!!! and that cop

  • collmc

    This is disgraceful. I’m glad they were fired. That said, I hope you are sharing the good things you capture while “filming cops” along with the bad.

  • Nate

    The only thing this video proves is that there is a need for transparency within the system. The system itself is not wrong or broken, however the people within it sometimes can be. The only way to keep things like this from happening again is to have things like the video and audio from these events kept and easily accessible to all parties involved, and we now live in a time when all that is completely possible. People might lie, even those in authority, but cameras dont…

  • Ericka

    This isnt true by any stretch! LOL…….

  • conservativesaremorons

    The judge and both pigs deserve to be executed in public. Then their dead bodies dragged up and down the street. They deserve death for what they did

  • Larry Dean Moore

    “we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way”

  • Guest

    Check it out at 3:33, the cop in the background is demonstration baton assault techniques to onlookers.

  • Aylden

    It seems like all cops are beginning to be bad. Most of them are a bunch of assholes. Here’s a quote for everyone in America Empires inevitably fall, and when they do, history judges them for the legacies they leave behind.

  • F

    Didn’t change the way I think of them at all.

  • Murphy

    This is just evil.. We… Are getting tired.. Of all of it… This is too much power for any one person… For a man or woman LAW person, cause they enforce nothing except their own will, so I never refer to them as law enforcement anymore, to so nonchalantly ruin a child’s life, along with a mothers life so easily, with little or no oversight at all… People WILL start fighting back. And you see this Judge, this make believe character, this person playing dress up, what do you mean I call this person “your honor” how about NO. How about I call purple heart recipients, Bronze Star Recipients or Medal of Honor Recipients Your honor, not some funny looking person in a costume that.. She is obviously corrupt, so imagine how many suffered at her hands, cause she was in a bad mood, or had an argument… This is too much power for anyone… These things, all of em, from arrests, to court proceedings need to be done all differently. What do you mean ONE person can dictate the ENTIRE OUTCOME of another person?? Ludacris here,

  • ERIK


  • bdj1

    There are your cops/judges or let’s call them what they really are Domestic Terrorists….these police and judges are domestic terrorists.

  • The People

    good cops are scared retaliation not only to them but to their families.that’s why they don’t step forward and tell the truth. It’s like the Mafia. That b**** of a judge needs to be raped. that officer needs one between the eyes. that’s the way I see it. No justice for the meek. No mercy for the wicked.!

  • really

    This is appalling. Law Abiding Citizen way of action sounds about right. Basically someone needs to clean house. The same person basically follows the next. Most corrupt system there is.

  • Jane Doe

    My mom and I were victims of this too. We got into an accident on winter roads and her head slammed into the steering wheel. This incident lead to a blood clot, seizures and eventual brain surgery. They thought her confused behavior was because of drinking. They had her take the breathalyzer test something like seven times after they took her to the station.

    Before they took her they put her in one police car and I was in the other. Nothing happened to me but they did it to mom…they tried to pull the same bullshit too. Even tried to place me in child services to get her to comply too. Tried to get our dog put down. I remember screaming and crying for them not to take her. They promised they wouldn’t take her. He did. While he drove her to the station and fondled her and called her a whore. The fucker still works there and all the cops love him. That night the cops took me the dude took me to his friend’s family’s house for the night! He could have given me to anyone!

    The day I met him was the day our lives were changed forever. And not for the better. We had to start from nothing. To lose your trust in authority at age seven is difficult.

    We had to move because he told everyone she was a slut…and shell was a teacher in a small town…so. It’s chased us for years.

    As an adult, at the age of 28, I feel nauseous with fear whenever a patrol car drives by — even when, as always, I have done nothing wrong. The threat is very real to me. I’d rather die.

  • Louie

    Look at the way she’s dressed. She was asking to be molested by law enforcement in front of a judge. – he said sarcastically



  • Katie

    The judge should be ashamed of herself. How dare she ignore the words this woman was saying. Women like her are the reason women are not treated equally in this country. It’s bad enough that man sexually assaulted her. It was even bad enough that he called her a liar and arrested her because he didn’t want to loose his job. But for the judge, a fellow woman, to sit there and let this woman’s cries for justice go unheard ( IN A COURT ROOM!) is too much for me to handle. I am outraged.

  • suebrowcounty

    The judge and the officer need to be arrested and charged accordingly. This makes all cops including the good ones look bad. We don’t condemn a whole race of people because some commit heinous crimes. I don’t think the entire police forces across the nation should be condemned for the acts of a few.

  • superglide8

    see ya give someone a badge and a gun and they think they can do what they want …this guy is a piece of cow dung and should be raped in jail by the biggest fattest ugliest smelliest toothless ooozing sores bad breath prisoner in there over and over again then stuff his mouth with the prisoners dirty underwear that he had an accident in and have it all on video for this woman and her child who had to suffer to see when the child gets old enough to view such things ….and the judge should be gang raped by a gang of aids infested herpes toating syphillis oozing crab carrying crack heads ….not all who are in the law profession is like this and i hate it for the good ones who get stereotyped as being the same as these was ad i dont want to step on anyones toes for what im saying but ya got to agree this guy and the judge both and the fat baliff as well was so evil for such an act …..

  • Gil

    First of all, a male officer should NEVER be permitted to perform a search of a female alone. Any physical contact between an officer and ANY person in court should only be done in an area where cameras are present. And, since when does a person get arrested for “making false allegations” before they are arraigned on that charge? I hope this woman gets every penny of the $200,000!

  • edoyle7

    Cops and judge fired. This story is years lod.

  • Mehdi Patel

    we are in a generational conflict..the pot arrests exist the probation industry exists to shake down those with no political power and provide for salries of white privillege..judges know their jobs depend on police arrest quotas so its youth and minorities being arrested….walmarts killed off main street…the hollowing out of america menas no living wage salaries so we have this jim crow system…wealth transference from the youth to the generation in power…

  • TROY

    love how the video is removed from youtube for copyright infringement WHAT THE FUCK EVER YOU LOWLIFE MOTHER FUCKERS!

  • Christopher Lee Morris

    Be light and harness the power that is hidden from us. we will overcome the dark. Tyranny is always stomped out. We the people!

  • Northern Lights

    Really, not so many years ago, 9 out of 10 police officers were doing their job, and yet now there are barely any. There are places where the police are free to exercise their power however much they want without any fear of punishment. This world is disintegrating and more and more people are getting away with abusing their power. Only 1 out of every 10 crimes made by people considered to be ‘part of the government’ are being reported. In some countries, the government has grown so corrupt that police officers can terrorize the people they are supposed to be protecting. In some places, speaking out against crimes commited by the government could get you arrested. Every government starts out meaning well, but some give far too much power to their police, who later grow more and more corrupt because nobody is there to stop them. Who will police the police?

  • John_erox

    Fuck the police. They’re not here to serve and protect but to lie and cheat and con the American citizen…

  • rat

    video brought down for copyright infringement

  • Vili ‘misthema’ Lehtinen

    “”Sexual Assault in Family
    The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due
    to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

    Please, someone has this….. This needs to be spread around if this is the message I receive!!!

  • Alvaro

    Link doesn’t work!

  • Guest
  • Chris Utley Liccardi
  • Lente Scura
  • billy middleton

    old story, the marshall was convicted of multiple rapes and sex offences after over 20 women came forward and told state police, most of them described his junk down below in great detail.

    dna evidence was saved from several victims which got him a good long sentence.

  • Fahim

    How would that bloody judge like to be raped or sexually abused whilst a bystander played the hear no evil see no evil card? It’s disgusting how fucked up this system is. I hope that one day it happens to her or her child providing she has one and then perhaps she’ll understand. And in regards to police, the amount of brutalities they inflict upon us is absolutely unbelievable. I personally think they deserve to be shot or killed or what not cause at the end of the day, each and every one of them are defending eachother rather than standing up for what’s right.

    • John Seychel

      what ever happened to Adam 12?

  • Alex Ehr

    Damn….the video has been terminated. Better for my moods sake i guess. Yet, still…i wonder why…

  • Angel C. Whaley

    This judge should be disciplined if not fired and this officer should definitely be fired..
    I hope she sues the shit out of the court system and gets alot of compusation for her daughter having to witness this.
    Children have vass memory. ..especially to traumatizing events.
    Is a shame, and im sure happens more than we know.

  • Yup

    Wasn’t Hitler exonerated of ever doing anything..? Back in 2012.. by our government..

  • Nathan Johnson

    It’s simple. Put cameras everywhere, even in search rooms. This is bullshit.

  • kıro potkin

    all cops are bastards.

  • Tommy L. Scott

    Dogs, should be shot

  • Tommy L. Scott

    How can a female Judge stand by and let this happen to another woman in her Court Room. She should be hanged.

  • Geraldine Duran

    This is sick!!! Ass Hole cops get away with so much…….what happened to ” Serve & Protect”?

  • dreburch

    My question is how does a Marshall have all of the authority inside of a courtroom? The judge should be held accountable.

  • Mirage Davies

    The cops are out of control in the USA it’s making me consider not moving there at all

  • Jimbob
  • Jimbob

    A good cop would shoot to kill any psycho cop they see intending to murder citizens.

  • Toxxo

    Seriously – it seems like America is dangerously close to im/exploding. It would seem that there is an enormous absence of empathy. I always thought law enforcement was there to protect and serve, not force it’s ideals down others throats. The little people – the poor, the unprivilidged seem to have been pushed around for so so long – people can only take so much and soon they will not push back but fight back. What a dreadful state of affairs 🙁

  • James


  • Guest

    Is it too much to ask that we know WHERE this happened?


      Clark County Nevada – it’s in the video

  • Yalesha DeSofia

    WHERE? WHERE did this happen? Clarke County WHAT STATE?


      Video said – Nevada.

  • Jason O

    This is why the framers gave the People the 2nd Amendment.

  • Deltarose

    That other officer that helped and the dam judge should both be terminated also!

  • Deltarose

    Obama strong arms ploice-

  • Bryan Custard

    The system is corrupt, but to compare it to Nazis Germany and other atrocities is blatant hyperbole and baiting, thus the rest of your whole little ditty is ignored

  • Antonio Benjamin

    In what World would an Overweight Male Cop conduct any Search of a Woman not in Police Custody?

    Then they want to cover for them!

  • Gail L Ross, M.S.

    They keep getting away with it and people still blame the victims. These monsters must be stopped…stop consenting, start helping… I screamed for help as cops were body slamming me over an alleged shoplifting charge..a bag of nuts…now that is considered criminal I was screaming for help as they were hurting me…did anyone question the officers put on a badge and think they are all powerful and not accountable for anything. I wish I had the video! In another incident five years ago, I was made to stand nearly naked in the street hands tied behind back when someone else in the house was being arrested after they percussion bombed the house and rushed in at 3 AM over a stolen credit card that was given to him to use to pay him back for a debt owed to him… that was actually a set up of the man by a detectives son. I learned the true meaning of calling police pigs!

  • Mark Brown

    both of those assholes AND the judge need to go to prison

  • Ntyspngbob

    This was a great article until it got to the point of condemning the whole system for the behavior of 3. This type of behavior, blaming the whole without regard for the people who are honest and just in holding their positions with honor and integrity only adds to fuel the mob like mentality giving permission to the extremist to carry out other atrocities against hard working members of this society. Like the police officers shot in NY after those other protest not too long ago. Why couldn’t the end of this article offer ideas towards a solution? Don’t the author of this article have a responsibility to their readers to do no harm? Maybe not, but maybe as an individual he may want to look at the power of his words to negatively impact others.

  • Zachary Uchytil

    There are good cops. lazy cops and bad cops. I have an Instructor who is an ex-cop who by far is the best person to talk to about the police. He agrees that there are bad cops, but there are a few. There are many cops who follow the rules, who protect citizens, who are kind and nice. How to make police trusted again: Get the town council to make monthly meetings with the police chiefs and Sargent, to talk and work out problems. Stop telling your kids to hate the police. Join the justice system. The problem can be fix better inside than from the outside. San Jose, CA one of the best and respect police departments in California. LA Police has monthly meetings with the citizens. Can we also think that applying to the police has at least a 90% failure rate.

  • bootah

    The system is Garbage…. Here they have a “Drug dealer doing 10 to life but they let sumone out on a PTA who has raped little kids wtf has this world come to I would rather have drugs on the street then having tp worry about the kids cuz they let some GOOF out all I got say is FUCK THE SYSTEM they haven’t done good by us yet so they prob never will

  • Dharma666

    Another BOMB needs to be put in place I can see. Lets just wait for it.

  • Ramesh Basnet

    Not at all same but mostly the arm officers showing up their real attutude who are they.if the polite person on duty also the situation saw lonely and his behave turning to sinful that’s their weapon arrogant .

  • HelenL1

    And is the judge still on the bench???? She needs to be removed and all of her cases need to be reexamined.

  • AZ BOB

    You are missing the point, Your Politicians who you “ELECTED” to office , do not, will not and say can not (lie) in allowing this.

  • Caroline

    Horrible, cowardly cops are worst than terrorist. We’re searching for terrorist is the wrong places. They are living among us and clothed in Blue Uniforms. Could they be KKK in disguise.

  • Woodstuck

    You crooked judges and cops think you are forgiven??? You fools. We are what we do – Now imagine what is in store for you personally after you have continued to let these things happen to my brothers and sisters.

  • Kat Hoth

    The police/courts/prison system is the American Terror. We don’t need to worry about what is going on overseas, and get our own house in order.

  • Super bitch

    This is only one of the thousands of f up cases you have in your country , thanks God that we are in a far better place! I pity your people,

  • Mike Williams

    We are headed for not a military coup, but rather, a Police coup. We have, maybe, 5 years left before this happens.

  • Brock Lee

    This so called judge is a POS,,,

  • nondescript

    committing a crime on an officer carries a greater penalty then committing a crime on a citizen. When an officer commits a crime on a citizen there is usually no ( or greatly reduced) penalty for the officer. It’s no wonder they feel more entitled then the rest of us.

  • Robert Harbord Hamond

    Disgusting, just like John Harbord Hamond asking me to write to him to say he did not abuse me as a child before he would release my inheritance. Then PC Christopher Gay obstructing my access to justice the day before we were issuing proceedings.

  • Hec Roc

    Fire the Judge too for turning her back on her. The worst part about it is that the judge was a Woman!

  • Kim Serrahn

    Time to weed the garden and use what ever method is best to make sure weeds like that never grow again.

  • Matt Gassler


  • punisher

    who ever was involved if that was my family member wouldn’t make it home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then I would go after there family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • punisher

    wall twp n.j cop in 93? 94? pulls over a woman and puts her in his car drives to a secluded area/woods and handcuffs her to a tree!! and rapes her!! he got 6 years!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vik

    Not everyone in the justice system is bad. Its employees like these, judge included, that gives the system a bad rap. We never hear of the good our justice system has done but everyone always points out the bad. These employees though, I hope they lose their power of positions. They did some wrong doing and they know it. Shame on them.

    • Valocean J Byrd

      You know, we hear things like this from people like you a lot, yet the evidence is right in your face. In this case not just 1 officer but 2 of them and a judge!

  • Judd Zimmermann

    And the judge turned her back (against a fellow woman), probably not the 1st time she’s heard that!!?? I’m surprised they didn’t pepper spray the child and shoot the teddy bear. And that other marshall arresting on made up charges, and still the judge does nothing.

  • swedelady13

    This video is showing bits and pieces, not the whole thing. I would have to see the whole thing first before having an opinion. Why is she being checked for drugs in the first place?

  • T.j. Learnihan

    Police Brutality and Abuse is no Longer the Exception, It is the Rule – It Is NOT A RACE ISSUE, BUT AN ABUSE & BRUTALITY ISSUE!!! COPS ARE JUST CRIMINALS IN A UNIFORM!!! NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER, TRUST A POLICE OFFICER!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!! POLICE OFFICERS ARE CRIMINALS-BULLIES-LIARS-THIEVES-RAPISTS-MURDERERS-THUGS!!! Police Unions & Judges “On The Take” Are As Much To Blame As LEO’s!!! The Police Will Lie, Cheat, Deceive, Steal, Rape, Abuse, Harass, Entrap and otherwise do everything in their power , Legal Or NOT to make your life a living hell “I don’t remember the last time a cop ever helped me out of anything!” If you don’t have a device with video capabilities, GET ONE TODAY!!!! VIDEO EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO AND SAY-TO YOU, TO YOUR FRIENDS, TO YOUR FAMILY, IN THE GENERAL POPULATION & PUBLIC!!!! THEY CAN’T HELP BUT DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES !!!! They will incriminate themselves just like they regularly attempt to get you to do!!!! Police Are Trained and Encouraged To Exhibit Severe Control & Dominance At All Times!!!! They have NO TRAINING in Mental Health or Physical or Mental Disabilities Interaction!!! They are trained and taught to Abuse, Dominate, Threaten, and Scare You!!! NEVER GIVE A POLICE OFFICER ANY INFORMATION – DONT ANSWER QUESTIONS-MAKE THEM PROVE EVERYTHING!!!! EVEN IF THREATENED WITH ARREST OR ARRESTED. THEY WILL USE EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE AGAINST YOU!!!!! If They Threaten You or Your Family or Friends, Shoot Them & Shoot To Kill,…..They Would!!!!!!!!

  • Redvers

    Judge is a menace as well. Remove her from the bench!!!

  • maggy

    This makes me sick , they abuse there authority by thinking they can rape women they are as sick as those rapists they lock up , it just goes to show you get vivle people even in high athourity .

  • ‘Mikee Edwards

    Glad the POS pig and the POS judge were eventually fired for this..Now charge them and put them both in prison!!!!

  • Annette Williams

    Now you know the pure evil menance the Native Americans went through……..but it aint in your history books…….It’s in their blood..

  • LawrenceNeal

    How do you arrest someone for false allegations? Fired, but not charged?

  • Patricia Perkins

    What is this world coming to OMG really obsurd and against all civil rights bastard

  • John_erox

    This sickens and disgusts me. It makes my blood boil and I want to rip some heads off of these abusers. Good that she won a petty settlement but that won’t undo the damage they did to that girls baby. She’ll never trust another cop as long as she lives and she’ll probably develop issues related to it. arghhh….

  • Jimmy Petrick

    The cops and judge shoukd be taken out back and shot

  • Kurt Polston

    Wow, first off I have terrible grammar so I can care less about all you trolls on here with no lives who only strive for obvious attention which your online personalities crave but your real life personalities no doubt are beyond lacking! Pissing me off that a serious matter such as this story loses its importance due to trolls who are no better than the officials in question here…. with that said my heart goes out to this lady and her family affected by this innocent, as well as any and everyone negatively affected by our corrupt government

  • Leon Bonta

    mr fox you sir are a rapist pos

  • Leon Bonta

    that judge is a pos too

  • Difdi

    If she had somehow managed to kill her rapist in the act, she’d likely have been charged with first degree murder on the spot, and very likely convicted.

    The rule of law is dead.

  • Richard Rowland

    fuck this corporation body politic. let it crash and burn

  • Liliana Rawks

    What about the judge???? She needs to have her butt fired. What despicable behaviour.

  • LeVerta Tehillah-Yael Davis

    why aren’t the those officers and judge terminated for this abuse?

  • Jbkorn02

    As long as she fights hard enough she can sue and be set for life. For her child too

  • Donnie Nickerson

    Judges and cops are the biggest crimminal organization in the country

  • Scotty Monte

    I just saw the video…….What a JOKE!! 20 years ago this would not of been an issue and it wasn’t an issue. I remember in the Chicago south subs there were young children with Lemonade stands all over town and no one bother them for a permit and no one died from drinking their Lemonade. So, much for America …..Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!!

  • Bob Manke

    manke v iowa… the state of Iowa murdered my daughter, per jury trial, with the same LSD grade crap they tricked Me, her dad into that got me into a fatality traffic wreck (two entirely sepparate deaths in different places)… Iowa v manke… how long, Lord? how long? you can read my prayer… it’s right there conveniently in Revelation. I am not seeing a ten year depression at all. Heaven is real. forget the dumbass cartoons, the jokes, the asides, the doubts or the wrath… we need righteousness and don’t be embarrassed to say it for yourselves. it does Not come out of the barrel of a gun, that’s the Law that does that. your guns won’t save you. Psalm 20: 7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. their costumes, their guns, their power… it fails in time, but not what I’m talking about.

  • Joe

    This fuck should be in jail

  • Cadence Wallace

    At this point you have to fear the cops more than gang members. I’d have a better chance of surviving an encounter with the Hell’s Angels(no offense guys but some of your folks can get pretty violent) than an encounter with a cop. Yikes!

  • Ron Parsons

    They believe “Justice means Just Us”. I’m glad she was awarded the $200,000. But even that is not enough for what was done to her. The Judge, Marshal, and fat pig of a deputy need all to have a little prison time. Then the healing can really begin.

  • Deanna Tarrow Kloostra

    This has been going on for years, only now technology has brought it to the forefront. Police have a way of keeping other police officers form talking. In order to become a police officer you have to commit a Felony. This way if you nark on your fellow coworker, they have a crime you committed and will nark on you. Good ole boy system right there. Internal affairs know of police officer raping women before taking them to jail and it gets swept under the table. Check out what a bush bond is.

  • Timothy Brown

    I will lead the fight until i get taken out, this video is the clearest proof of judicial justice not being upheld and due to the fact i went to college(accredited) for Criminal Justice and i am actually a Human Being this story is not gonna fly. You GOVT guys or ladies have a problem ” send someone to see me”

  • stranger danger

    The judge is almost as worse as the cops. She knows the laws and could have stopped the officer. What if the officer started raping the victim right in front of the judge? Would she turn her back?

  • willard

    Look this is what you voted into power when you elected your chief of police , mayor , sheriff and judge district attorney and who ever else in in the court house of your small or large county and this is why you need to revolve the seats that one occupy’s and every time not just once in a great while .Get out and run or vote for the change needed . ps and do not vote relative’s back in or it will be the same as before .

  • Thomas W Clark

    Buy a gun. Find out where they live. End of story.

  • tater43
  • fatty

    When they do this shit to your mother wife sister or girlfriend. Find where these people live and go to their residence and let them know how displeased you are the fact they did this shit. You can see the judge did nothing. When they get you in their little gulag system you are fucked.

  • Derrick Taylor

    They b get away with it because the people are not putting their feet down. People have the power.

  • Derrick Taylor

    Police are the real gangsters, and have been for some time.

  • jaw444

    The hearing manager (“judge”) in the case did such a disservice to the child who she is charged with protecting. She should have asked on the record questions, allowing the alleged victim to tell her story, instead of refusing to look at her and allowing her to be arrested without any legal basis. The message she sent to the child was very chilling. The child was detained from her mother. There have to be serious legal findings to justify detention, it’s a lesser of evils. No one was looking out for the child there–including the mother, i’m afraid. I can’t judge what she did, i am guessing she just couldn’t believe no one would listen to her and thought she was in the right place to report that a crime was done against her, but she was being given a chance to get her child out of there and she turned it down, resulting in serious victimization of her child. In saying this, i’m assuming that because all of this was on video (court video) that the mother could have gone to court and police authorities and filed a formal complaint after leaving that terrible situation. I am sorry this happened to both she and her child—making allegations against a police officer isn’t illegal or a reason to detain a two year old.

  • dom.uncl

    I don’t know what I’d do if some cop started assaulting me, probably get myself shot…

  • kodster

    Their ultimate goal? It was the 3-yo daughter they wanted, to put into human trafficking, foster care, and eventually adopted out by the state.

  • fatty

    Imagine what happens when these same cops under martial law when everything falls apart and you have to deal with these cops and they know nothing is going to happen. The worst ones are the muscled up ones with the shaved heads. They are 6’4″ 280 and they think someone should just respect them and when they don’t they get rough with them. It will get real bad under martial law.

  • fatty

    Don’t worry she got a couple million dollars. If there any men in the world I don’t know, but if a cop did that shit to my wife. I’d wait a couple years and do a wait and sit and reach out and touch that mother fucker

  • steve

    I know when this country descends into total chaos by September. I am going to be killing some pigs. The best way is the ole turn around and walk back to the ole car trick. center of the back jack.

  • Chuck

    These officers and court officials all belong in prison for life. SUE THE DOG SHIT OUT OF THESE FUCKING PIGS

  • JohannIvan

    The Judges and Prosecutors are part of the system. There is a triad: Judge, Prosecutor, and Police. They are One. Until such time as a separate entity – whose only mission will be to hold the police, judges, and prosecutors accountable – is created, nothing will change. It is time to create a separate “Justice” system who will ONLY deal with agents of the government. Such a system will NOT deal with anyone except agents of the government. Let’s see how they like it.

  • Adam Mcculler

    I want Patricia Doninger to be a tourist attraction!! If I see her on the street,I will remind her what she did as loud as I can.Time to go into hiding bitch!

  • Yup Nash-Shannon

    How about we euthanize the cops and judge in public, without a trial?

    I’m thinking that mob justice is on its way.

  • krampus

    Here is while this article writing style is bullshit. This is an old story. The headline reads like this is just the newest instance of abuse. Instead it should have a headline along the line of “State settles after allegations of sexual assault and police misconduct against a mother in the presence of her child. Now when I say allegations I don’t mean “oh, that’s just some shit she said, we don’t know if its true or not”. No we totally know at least half that shit happens but in the course of a civil suit , settled or not, they are still allegations.

    now why do I give even two shits about this. It’s because I support the cause of reigning in police abuse. Every time you throw up an old news story as if it’s something that just happened there is a perceived loss in credibility. When however it is presented in the form of UPDATE! then we established that time frame is relevant and this is just the continuation of a longstanding case.

  • b

    The X judge and ex-cop both sound like freemasons. It’s definitely a possibility. Freemasons are everywhe-hiding in plain sight

  • Arrest the judge too

  • David Bergeron

    She should have won $1M and it should have come from the personal assets the cops and judge, not from taxpayers.

  • Sparky

    FAEN is my only Word translate = FUCK

  • William Lou Jenkins


  • christine

    Horrific though this may sound, it is way past time for corrupt, vicious and lying officers of the court face their accusers and are punished. Not give three months off with pay, but actually incarcerated for their not only illegal actions, but their belief that they can get away with anything. They need to not only financially suffer, but physically, also.

  • End

    At THIS point, seems that in USA, the COPS are more dangerous then the CRIMINALS.

  • dufas_duck

    First of all, we do not have a ‘justice system’…, we have a ‘legal’ system.

    A justice system seeks the truth no matter where it lies or who it points to and applies the consiquinces of that truth in a just and fair way to where ever that justice belongs,

    A legal system can be manipulated towards predefined ends by the practitioners of the system. A legal system can protect the guilty and convict the innocent. Greed, revenge, ego, and politics are the engines that run a legal system. Those that work within a legal system are protected by varying degrees of immunity so as to keep them relitivally safe from the very system that they manipulate.

    There recently have been over 240 convicted felons exonerated and released from prison. They were innocent but convicted anyway. The majority of the convictions were accomplished by police and DAs liying, committing purgery on many levels, withholding exculpitory evidence, planting physical evidence, torture, forced confessions, and various other methods of manipulating the system. Yet, very few of those working the system recieved and punishment, some were even elevated in rank or position. Laws and justice does not apply to them, they are above the law, above justice.

  • Michael Allen Cody

    I would relish the opportunity to shove a red hot poker up that fucking cunt judges ass.

  • This how UK going be now Europe isn’t governing them

  • Rob W

    Only total dissolution will cure this evil system. Who will be our Robespierre?