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“That’s my Momma! Don’t take my Momma!” her 3-yr-old daughter can be heard screaming as they handcuff her  after sexually abusing her.

CLARK COUNTY — A mother and her three-yr-old daughter showed up to court for a non-criminal minor proceeding.

It was a visit that they would never forget.

During the proceeding, Officer Ron Fox unexpectedly commanded the mother, Monica Catreas, 28, to enter a private room with him in order to submit to a random “drug search.”

It turns out that Officer Fox made up the excuse of a drug search in order to get Monica alone and begin sexually abusing her, fondling her breasts, and violating her body against her will, according to reports.

As he forced her shirt to be lifted so that she could be more exposed, Monica cried and begged the Hearing Master Judge to intervene and stop the officer.

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Hearing Master Judge Patricia Doninger, instead of intervening, literally turns her back as if to pretend not to see or hear what happened to Monica.

It’s almost as if sexually assaulting women was a routine occurrence, and Master Doninger knew it was going on, given the nonchalant manner in which this abuse was performed.

Monica can be heard crying and saying that Officer Fox sexually groped her and abused her.

At that point, Officer Fox can be heard saying “you’re under arrest.” Monica replies in tears, “For what?”

Officer Fox responds, “For making false allegations.”

Monica continued to plead with the Master Judge, saying she didn’t want to be arrested.

The Judge eerily turned her back on Monica again, and began playing with Monica’s 3-yr-old daughter as if nothing was happening.

To blatantly act like nothing was happening suggests that the Judge knew that Monica was being sexually abused and had previously agreed with the officer to cover it up for him.

It is almost as if this was a routine occurrence for the judge and the officer. One wonders how many other women may have gone through this same process and weren’t able to speak out.

The situation then turns even more nightmarish.

As Monica is crying and begging not to be arrested, an obese officer waddles over to her in the dimly lit courtroom and threatens “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”


The officer did not say what he meant by “the hard way,” but presumably it meant using physical force to abuse the woman even more.

Monica was given the choice: either recant your allegations against the officer, or be locked in a cage.

Not wanting to be handcuffed and locked in a cage, Monica says “Ok ok, it was all lies, all lies, please don’t arrest me, it was all lies.”

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At that point the Officers briefly decide not to arrest her, as she gave in to the coerced recanting.

But once she gets free, she re-asserts the truth about what happened, making one final attempt to get the judge’s attention.

Again, the judge ominously ignores her cries.

The officer then places Monica in handcuffs as tears stream down her face.

“That’s my momma!” her three-year-old daughter can be saying.

“Don’t take my momma!”

The officers then separated the mother from her child, locked the mother up after sexually assaulting her, and gave the child to a government “child service.”

Other government employees then had Monica’s daughter all to themselves for several hours.

After two months, Monica was finally free and able to press charges against the government officials.

Judge Doninger and other employees of the Court were investigated for a cover-up of sexual abuse.

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Officer Fox denied the sexual abuse, but was fired.

About a year later, Monica filed a federal lawsuit against both officers and against the Judge, as well as the State of Nevada.

“The wrongful conduct of defendant Fox was intentional and evilly motivated, and the wrongful conduct of defendants Kenyon and Doninger involved reckless, callous and deliberate indifference to plaintiff’s federally protected rights,” states the complaint.

What happened to Monica brought national attention to the court, and other employees and judges are under investigation for misconduct.

Eventually Monica won a $200,000 settlement. As the Review Journal reported:

A state panel has settled two civil rights lawsuits with a Las Vegas woman who alleged a Clark County Family Court marshal groped her in August 2011.

The Board of Examiners on Tuesday approved a $200,000 payment to Monica Contreras as a global settlement of both a federal and separate state lawsuit filed against the court.

Contreras alleged she was pressured to recant her statements, which she did not do.

Patricia Doninger, the “judge,” was also fired. The Las Vegas Tribune reported as follows:

Patricia-Doninger-129x150Patricia Doninger is no longer employed by Clark County Courts after an alleged investigation into the August 11 incident in her court, during which she turned her back on a disgusting situation to play with the victim’s underage daughter. Doninger heartlessly ignored the young mother’s plea for help while two Clark County Court Marshalls tortured, groped and viciously attacked the Hispanic woman that was in court for a routine divorce case.

Televisions, public schooling, mainstream State-run media, and cinematic programming has convinced most Americans that courts and police are to be thought of as “justice.”

Individuals who dress in black robes and command Americans to be locked in cages are called “Judge” and “Your Honor.”

Police officer patrols outside US Supreme Court in Washington after Justice O'Connor announced her ...

The reality of the situation is that State-monopolized police forces and courts are concentrations of power, and like all concentrations of power, they attract the lowest and most hideous elements of society.

It is for this same reason that nearly 2,000 Pentagon employees were caught purchasing or viewing child pornography, while State-controlled mainstream media is silent on the matter.

europeans-using-new-techFuture generations may look back on us and perceive us as worse than we perceive the brainwashed Puritans who burned witches, or as worse than the millions of “good democratic” German citizens who went along with mass extermination.

The video you are about to see, will shake you to the core. You will see the political class for what they really are. All euphemisms such as “officer” and “master” and “president” will be swept away from your consciousness and the reality of the situation will be laid bare: political authority is simply a collection of sociopathic individuals dressed in costumes, initiating violence on the rest of us.


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