Thousands of Bikers to Protest Police After Waco Police Massacre


Over ten thousand bikers have been invited to protest the Waco Police Department tomorrow.

The number of protesters is expected to grow in the next 24 hrs.

The protest is in response to a recent incident during which police are said to have gunned down nine bikers.

If you pay attention only to State-controlled corporatist old-fashioned media outlets, you probably are convinced that bikers were the violent ones.

Nothing could be further from the truth: police, in fact, were the ones gunning down bikers.

The massacre happened after an annual biker meeting was taking place at a restaurant. The meeting was part of a national political platform and association for bikers. Every year they come together to donate to charities, for camaraderie, to ride together, and to discuss trends in the motorcycle world.

At some point during the meeting, a few individuals became involved in a dispute and eventually a scuffle broke out.

Rather than de-escalating the situation, there were dozens of SWAT officers outside in the parking lot.

The officers opened fire on the crowd of bikers outside the restaurant, killing nine of them, according to reports, even though many of the bikers were just trying to stop the fight.

Other mainstream media sources say the bikers “shot themselves,” putting out a steady stream of propaganda to make the cops look innocent.

To make matters worse, police have been trying to make the bikers out to be violent thugs and gang members.

While bikers have a common hobby and tend to look rough, they are far from typical violent gang members.

The bikers intend to protest “the actions of the Waco PD and Judges concerning the Assembly and meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17.”

The facebook event says:

First Amendment & Redress Rally at the Courthouse in Waco. Protesting the actions of the Waco PD and Judges concerning the Assembly and meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant On May 17 by the COC&I, US Defenders, and Independent Riders.

THE SONS OF LIBERTY RIDERS RC and Texas Biker Radio want everyone to Saddle Up we’re going to WACO June 7.

The Waco PD and other agencies involved has slandered every Biker in the state of Texas as gang members and criminals repeatedly. They’ve slander our charity work as if its a front for gangs. Say that to the people in need!

Independent Riders and Clubs For the DFW Area we will assemble at the Six Flags Mall Parking Lot adjacent to American Motorcycle on Division and 360. Assembly starts at 9:30 am and KSU at 11:00 am

For reasons we will explain this will be a “silent protest”. Make sure to bring signs.

Suggested signs “we are not criminals”- I’m not a gang member” – “free the innocent” – “we have the right to peaceably assemble” – “patches are freedom of expression” – “leather is not a weapon” – “we want answers” – “Don’t snipe me bro”- Be Creative

If the sign is attached to a stick make sure it is not too long or pointed. Don’t want to be accused of having a weapon.

Be friendly leave attitudes at home. If you rile easily stay at home..

Media Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

We are requesting media embed with us for the ride down. In Waco we will have a press conference.

Watch the video below to get the full explanation of why police were illegally shooting the bikers:

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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • Doug McGinn

    Wish i could be there, just cant afford to travel any distance right now.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      most of us can’t. we in the u.s. don’t manufacture anything but debt. and misery……oh and Mexicans of course

  • Dale Shipley

    You people are blind and stupid if you think going there unarmed is the right thing to do. The police have beat down every protest in this country, unless they were ARMED THE SAME AS POLICE. If you match the weapons police have, they will leave you alone, because they are cowards.

  • Blaine Brumbaugh

    Love and Support !!! Cant make it from Seattle . Be Safe Bro’s…….

  • Kenneth Johnson

    I am sure someone will livestream this event, and I could wait till the event starts and then go searching for one, but kind of hope someone will share a link if they have one ahead of time. Thanks.

  • Oz

    Ride Safe, Ride Free brothers and sisters of the wind!

  • Anon22385

    I’m going to be there but I have to ride in the cage… 🙁 My radiator on my bike is not behaving…

    • Chris Wilson

      plumbing solder can plug a hole temporarily 🙂

      • Anon22385

        It’s been patched quite a few times before…. i think it’s time for a new one. It survives short rides, but not a 2 hour ride in 95+ weather.

        I made it though! Good turnout, i’d estimate 400+ bikes; looked like descent media presence too!

        • Chris Wilson

          good to hear! im in hawaii and i dont have a “bike” anymore… i have my 50cc moped now, doesnt rumble like my intruder used to 🙁

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I bet it gets better mileage though….lol

  • Latasha Simpson

    We wanted to stop a fight so we shot them. What sense does that make?! They literally play jury, judge and executioner!

  • Ed Bland

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    • Shane Michaels

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    • Janes Chiarelli

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  • philly

    Look out for the undercover cops riding with you. , wo will try to start trouble. Look out for their odd club patches and color of the day gear which should stand apart from solid riders

  • Ben Dover

    GO GET ‘EM BOYS !!!
    Didn’t read the article, but hope the headline is right at least.

  • Danny Lamb

    I hope the bikers unite and shove the blue line up the pigs buttholios.

  • philip85

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  • philip85

    dears 77dollors in one hours with filmingcops —- Find More

  • asonindigo

    What a load of crap, bikers sell guns and drugs and use these fake charity runs as a cover. People need to grow up and stop romanticizing these bums. And if they protest i hope they leave there guns home, Loser’s.

    • Michael Matthews

      Your uneducated and quite honest part of what’s wrong with the world! Fucktard!!

    • Kenneth Lo

      F U

    • John F.R. Campbell

      are you kidding , thats like saying all cops are bad, so because all cops wear the same uniform we should judge them all the same …… you cant paint everyone with the same brush . give your head a shake .

    • Billie Jane Floyd Noey

      And you know this how,have you ridden with them, have you seen this first hand?

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        he saw it on cnn or fox so it must be true…lol

        • Billie Jane Floyd Noey

          You notice he didn’t reply, just so happens I live in Waco and 4 of those men are from my home town & I know they were not bad guy. If they had killed someone their bond wouldn’t have been set that high & isn’t it funny that the Judge told them if they wouldn’t sue he would set bnd but if they were going to sue they could just set in jail. If I had of been one of then I’d set there till hell froze over with the best lawyer I could find. Now if you are not keeping up with this, A Waco detective has been picked for the foreman. Is it smelling yet???

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            the same kind of shitty smell that came they did to the davidians in 93!! an internationally televised mass execution where not one single person was convicted! or even charged for that matter. well, except for the few survivors, THEY were charged! this country has fallen so far, it’s beyond saving I think

          • Billie Jane Floyd Noey

            That was mass murder of a lot of small children. We moved here because of the Va is one of the better ones for my husban. We have our house on the market and we are moving back to East Tx. Now that they have a large new VA Clinic. This is the most unfriendly town I have ever lived in and can’t wait to get out of t.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            unfortunately, at least as far as cops goes. it’s spreading across the country. I live in a VERY small town in Washington state, way less then 5000 people, and they have the usual automatic weapons, a tank type thing with wheels. and of course there’s not a single reason for it

          • Billie Jane Floyd Noey

            I has became a very scary world in the last 7 years!

          • asonindigo

            I never feed the trolls but also didn’t know people wrote all this crap about me. Thank you. I’m 🙂 honored fucktards now go back to banging your sisters because I’m done here waste of my time.

    • Cadence Wallace

      Because all bikers are the same?
      That’s like saying all White people or Black people ect are racists.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      thank you officer

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      people like you are little better then a traitor!!

      • asonindigo

        Eat a dick

        • Justin Martin

          Well, when you act is if selling guns is a crime, when we have the 2nd Amendment you kind of do look like a traitor especially if you support the unconstitutional laws on the books.

  • Davi Trusty

    The bikers are such upstanding and tolerant loving individuals. I’m sure they were trading recipies and favored poems when the dirty pigs disrupted their gathering.

    • Kenneth Lo

      First its ok to kill bikers , next more Christian compounds, higher funding to isis with our american but dated hummers. You must believe gmo food is good for you and drink the tap water the goverment says its ok. Blind faith and heads in the sand. Blind fai
      th in fox news and brainwashed wondering who is singing on American Idol.

      • Davi Trusty

        Idiot ramblings of a typical right wing nut who is so embarrassed at what the GOP has become you label yourself “independent” but you have YET to have anything resembling an independent thought outside of what Alex Jones tells you. Your type just bore the hell out of me with your psuedo intellectual horse shit and more than expected drivel of a response. Drink that look aid jackass and keep an eye out for them dank thugs (new way your kind can say nigger) and towel heads! Draw me a picture if the prophet and then shove it sideways

        • zonmoy

          davi reread who your replying too, not a right wing nut.

          • Davi Trusty

            I write that he’s an embarrassed GOP member who denies what he really is because his party is an embracing stupidity

          • Anon22385

            Such lazy commenting and thinking, Davi. You paint with a very, very broad brush.

            First the “all bikers are violent gang members” implication in your first post of this subthread… I was at the rally yesterday. I didn’t hear a SINGLE declaration of violence. What I did hear was dinner plans and photography tips and discussions of upgrading the bikes for better gas mileage.

            Second, labeling anyone who disagrees with your point of view as a “right wing nut” instead of having an intelligent conversation to convince them that they’re wrong you simply hurl personal attacks? Using your broad brush to paint “your kind”… How is that productive?
            One point I will agree with you on is the leadership of the GOP’s embarrassing behavior, though I don’t presume to label all of my intellectually disagreeing peers as a Republican.

          • Davi Trusty

            You’ve proven my point I have no “intellectual peers” among the right wing.
            I will never seek to find common ground with conservatives or the right wing.. You and you’re type are a bane to the world over.
            Those bikers and police are a threat to civilized society

          • Anon22385

            Proven your point? How so? Again with the broad brush. “You and you’re(sic) type”? Please tell me, what is my type? Am I so easily classified by one post on a message board you’ve read? Out of curiosity how would you describe yourself if you think conservatives and the “right wing” are the bane to the world?
            I don’t think common ground has to be found on every issue, people can simply disagree. But to demonize someone and outright dismiss them because of a few of their views is IMO immature. Do you refuse to talk to people who don’t share your favorite color?
            And I disagree with your assertion that all of the bikers there are dangerous criminals, simply based on their association in an MC. A threat? To whom exactly?

          • Davi Trusty

            Yes. You have proven my point. ANONYMOYS. I am your superior in all the ways that count. You are a sheep who can’t even post as yourself yet think it’s acceptable to blather to someone who clearly won’t fall for your verbal dogshit. ALL of your party’s social views, economic views and international policies are bad for all life on this earth not just Americans. Those bikers like those cops create victims everywhere they go and yet you defend them. Thanks for proving my point better than I could

          • Anon22385

            All of my party’s social and economic views? I’m not sure we’ve established in which party I hold a membership yet. Again with a broad brush without being specific: you say ALL of them. Care two name one or two and specifically why they are bad for all life on this earth?

            I agree with one of your points, well half, that cops are dangerous and create victims everywhere they go.
            And again: how would you describe yourself politically? To which party do you subscribe for your viewpoints?

          • Davi Trusty

            You are a coward who is beneath me and not worthy of my enlightened views. Pearls before swine and whatnot. Stay anonymous and irrelevant as an apologist for wicked selfish people

          • Anon22385

            Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        fox news is no better or worse then cnn, nbc, abc, cbs, pbs, msnbc, etc. any “news” on tv is the same bullshit, scripted lies

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      funny thing is, it was the dirty pigs that were shooting people, not the bikers. and i’m not even a biker, or Harley fan. I can’t stand either one. but I am/we are sick of these Rambo wanna be cops killing people. and isn’t it convenient they had the SECOND MASSACRE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS AT WACO. oh wait, all those kids, and the rest of the peaceful church going people all deserved to be gunned down, and/or burned to death, right?….jackass

  • Dana

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  • brook2008

    whats sad judges bow down to cops and district justices are in cahoots with them and most are devilcrats there not for us they are against us old biker marine still standing tall god be with you all.

  • Dawn

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  • reverend galerivs

    change name of march in “All for 9”
    because it should be in memory toward our 9 dead brothers

  • Lisa

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