Tishomingo Police Say Public Needs To Be “Retrained” In Facebook Post


Tishomingo Police Department in Oklahoma have published a Facebook post claiming that the public need to be “restrained’ in a aggressive outburst from the Tishomingo department.

The post was deleted shortly after it was posted on their official Facebook Fan Page however you can read the full post below

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 22.27.05

The original post complete with comments can be viewed here : http://archive.is/Hl5Dh

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  • Mustafa Curtess

    Yeah! But cops are also rapists, murderers, wife- beaters, thieves, liars, drug dealers, and corrupt. You got so much power and authority that nobody can fix your image and reputation except yourselves – and we aren’t seeing any of that.

  • Wynn Ray

    so the “relatively low pay” is bs, alot make six figures with overtime/holiday pay, for a job that does NOT make the top ten most hazardous jobs. If you don’t like it, go home, take off the uniform, and find another job.

  • Mike

    Respect must be earned. When cops start treating people like people and not the enemy then just maybe they will start to earn some of that respect they crave, otherwise, learn to be hated!!!

  • Diana Marx

    Tishomingo Police -Try applying the above to your cops-They are trained to handle public not the other way around. Try Policing out the Bad Cops instead of keeping them and allowing horrible behavior. Worry about your “home” before you try to tell others what to do.

  • Laundry Lady

    Yes. When police officers start outing their own when they break the law, then we will trust them to treat us with respect. Until then, no…our family does not trust the police even though we have officers within our own extended family. We have had arguments with those members about how they treat others in their line of work, and why they don’t out dirty cops. The excuse? We have to cover our back. The dirty cop we out may be the one responding when we call for backup.

    My response? Then you have no backup. Because a dirty cop is worse than no backup at all. And the public is not going to respect you until you respect your own profession enough to weed out the dirty cops.