Trial Begins for Lincoln County Deputy Facing 22 Charges, Including Child Sex Abuse

Elliott said the three girls listed as victims have a connection. He said one girl’s brother is the boyfriend of another girl listed as a victim. He said the third girl’s boyfriend had been investigated by Hatch for the boyfriend’s possible role in a plot to bomb a police station.

Risler, in his opening statements, detailed what witnesses would say about the sexual assaults by Hatch against the three girls. He said the victims may not be perfect but that this is why he picked these victims.

The earliest of Hatch’s alleged assaults occurred in September 1999.

Risler said Hatch’s darker side would come out soon after starting a relationship with the girls.

The sexual assaults occurred in his cruiser, his home, and once in a cubicle at the sheriff’s office. One victim was 6-years-old when the assaults began, the prosecutor said.

When that girl got older, he would provide her alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana in exchange for sex. Hatch used the marijuana as leverage to get sex, Risler said. One time, Hatch pulled over a motorist and confiscated two ounces of weed and gave that to the girl, according to the prosecutor.

Justice William Stokes is presiding over the trial. The 14 jurors and alternates are evenly divided between men and women.

Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett came into the courtroom briefly before the defense attorney asked for a break and spoke to the sheriff who then left the courtroom. Justice Stokes had earlier said any potential witnesses are not allowed in the courtroom until they have testified or been excused from testifying.

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