Are The Tulsa Police Scared Of A Camera?

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One would led to believe that it is suspicious if not illegal for someone to have a camera and capture images and video in Tulsa, Oklahoma unless of course you are a member of the Tulsa Police Department. Tulsa resident and citizen journalist Kyle Hogan’s encounter with members of his local Police Department would lead one to believe this, after they accused him of many things including stalking them for the purpose of establishing firing positions to having mental health issues.

This all happened on Monday June 5, 2017, near the TPD’s Mingo Valley Division, located at 10122 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74128 on the sidewalk, not that would matter a police station is a public place and cops are public employees. Sgt Robert Rohloff, approaches Mr. Hogan not in any way one could describe as courteous nor professional, he simply rolls up, rolls out and then waddled over and began his ridiculous tirade and that was followed up with his subordinate Darryl Ross closing distance and behaving as if he was on the block looking for a fight. This behavior is quite odd and concerning, and I am sure many mental health professionals would be concerned that these individuals are employed in a position of authority, and armed.

On a side note Robert Rohloff is a “ Storm Chaser” for FOX 23 and also has been featured as the spokesperson for the Tulsa Police on several occasions, seems odd for a man who fears cameras, that he would seek the attention and stand in front of them, must be he is only scared of citizens with cameras and not the alphabet news outlets.

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  • whitecat31

    Somebody should contact FOX23 and ask them why they still use a cop who does not care about the law on their news cast. They should stop using Robert Rohloff. He knows what he is doing is illegal.

    • JayAre420

      Come on now, this is fox we’re talking about. As with all news and media, owned by assholes who love the police state.

      • Virginiatgabbard

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      • Pattydfoster

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      • Bettyrbufford

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  • John Keefe

    For you social justice warriors who think harassing police officers is a good thing then next time someone breaks into your home to steal your stuff just go to the local drug dealer and ask for his help. I’m sure you think you’re doing some noble thing but you’re not you’re expressing severe ignorance and stupidity. Again if you don’t want police officers keeping the community safe then you can move to Afghanistan or Syria and see how your quality of life is.

    • ConradH

      Typical uneducated, inexperienced, surface level conservative response there bud. My advice to anyone…It’s only people like this douchebag above that “need” the police. Involving the cops in any matter should only happen if you’re life is truly in danger and there’s no other options. And if you are a dog owner…call the cops only in a situation where you’re willing to sacrifice the life of your pet…that’s just basic. They don’t give a damn about whoever “breaks into your house” so that’s irrelevant. They are only concerned with extorting you and everyone their sworn to protect through the aggressive enforcement of laws that criminalize victimless acts. Ch-Ching! It’s all about money. Don’t let em anywhere near you and your’s unless absolutely necessary.

      • John Keefe

        Society is surely fallen over the past forty some years

        • Stefan

          No argument there. But I doubt you blame corrupt rich people.

          • John Keefe

            I’m not for sure why you would assume that, there is a saying about assuming.

            No social economic class is innocent of corruption. Corruption is human nature and we can all be guilty of that if we’re not introspective.

      • Shari

        Simply because something is Constitutionally legal doesn’t mean it is morally or ethically advantageous, merited or suitable.

        • Gordo2772

          It still isn’t against the law and the pigs are here to enforce laws.

    • Justin Williams

      Soo the Supreme Court has ruled that it is within a person 1st Amendment rights to film the cops, because cops are Public officials and if they are doing their job we the public can film them. Also its good to keep the record straight since most of the cops are filming and recording you too… but that doesn’t mean anything right?? Oh also if a cop trys to take your phone or make you delete said video its considered a violation of the 1st amendment and the 4th.. but hey its only the Supreme Court the highest court in the land, its sad when you have to personally keep up with your own rights as laws are added and deleted, and most cops don’t even know the most recent changes…

      • John Keefe

        Look, cops are only human. If you harass the cops don’t complain if they don’t come to your rescue when you’re in trouble. The Supreme Court has made outrageous decisions over the years. It doesn’t take the Supreme Court to realize this guy was just harassing the cops because he was a jerk. Some people are okay with that and some people try to hide behind the Constitution as a way to get away for being a jerk. If you don’t see that I can’t help you.

        • Stefan

          Filming the police shouldn’t be classified as “harassment”. Especially with so many instances of police doing the wrong thing. Do you want the bad cops to get away with their crimes? How do you propose we keep tabs on the police if we don’t “harass”, i.e. watch them??

        • Gordo2772

          PIgs are here for two reasons and two reasons only. Social control and revenue generation. You think they’re here to protect you? What a crock of shit. Just remember, when the shit hits the fan, the pigs are only minutes away.

    • Shari

      I agree. How would they feel if the police began “stalking” and filming their home?

      • Gordo2772

        This is in a public area filming pigs while on duty. What you suggest is not that.

    • Stefan

      You’re setting up a comparison of Afghanistan and Syria as if to say “sure we’re bad but there are much worse places”. How about we just focus on weeding out the bad police we know exist instead of giving them a free pass? That’s a *real* large part of why we have body cams now. Now we can stick the right people in jail.

    • Gordo2772

      What I saw in the video was the OPPOSITE of what you stated. If anyone was being harassed, it was the videographer engaged in a constitutionally protected activity and was not doing ANYTHING illegal. The pigs had ZERO reason to interfere. You fucking dumbass copsuckers are the sheeple that they need, that’s for sure.

  • Michon Goerdt

    If someone was seen recording outside my place of employment 3 times, I would file a police report and probably get a protective order as well. Especially if one of my co-workers were attacked recently!!!

    • Gordo2772

      There’s no expectation of privacy in PUBLIC.

      • Michon Goerdt

        Yes there is. I don’t feel like anyone has the right to record me constantly just because I’m not in the privacy of my home. Plus a police report can be useful documentation for later use if something does happen.

        • Gordo2772

          NO. THERE IS NOT. Just because you may disagree with the fact that no one has any expectation of privacy in public doesn’t trump the law that’s on the books. If you don’t like it, organize and change the law.

        • Gordo2772

          You’re wrong. The LAW states there is no expectation of privacy in public. I see you’re having a difficult time grasping this fact. I feel sorry for people like you. Plus, you make society dumber as a whole. Read a book

  • Leonard DeToma

    Why does this snowflake keep taking pictures? Looking to start trouble of some sort? They should have beat his ass for cursing at them like that.

    • Nick Sinclair

      Sorta what I thought as well! Notice also, for whatever it is worth, that one of the officers is black, and was polite, under trying circumstances.

      • Gordo2772

        Trying circumstances? What in the actual fuck are you talking about? The act of taking pictures or video from a public sidewalk is a LEGAL activity. Pigs are hired to enforce the laws that are on the books. This isn’t Nazi Germany. American citizens don’t need to explain themselves to anyone about their LEGAL activities.

        • Nick Sinclair

          You are either rather lacking in reading skills or else you’re just plain biased vs police. If “trying circumstances” is beyond your comprehensive level there is little hope for pointing out the underlying problems.

          • Gordo2772

            Fuck the police. You’re goddamn right I’m biased you fucking bootlicker

  • Little Ricky

    In this day and age of Fat ass coward cops… Little pig little pig Smile for the camera… Not by the hair on my double chin…..

  • Sean Kannard

    Oklahoma Video Surveillance Laws
    Oklahoma video surveillance laws depend largely upon its Security of Communications Act. While the act doesn’t explicitly mention the usage of video surveillance equipment, the law regulates and sets penalties for interception of “oral communications” that are procured through “any electronic, mechanical or other device.” Video surveillance equipment constitutes such a device whenever it has an audio track or allows lipreading of its subjects.
    In public places such as in retail shops and on street corners, video surveillance is legal and commonplace. However, in locations such as private residences or wherever there’s a reasonable expectation of privacy, video surveillance by a third party is prohibited by federal law. On the state level, 38 out of 50 states (including Oklahoma) allow video surveillance if at least one party consents to the recording. However, video footage recorded for “the purpose of committing any criminal act” is prohibited. For example, if you videotaped someone engaged in an embarrassing activity for the purpose of extortion, the recording would be in violation of Oklahoma law. The perpetrator of such an act or similar violations shall be punished by a fine of not less than $5,000, imprisonment up to five years or both.
    Since no-one know his intentions at the time of the incident.