“Twist Her Wrist Until She Shuts Up!” — Horrifying Video Shows Cops Torturing Small Woman in Jail


Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project

Albuquerque, NM — Video of an incident at the Metropolitan Detention Center from September last year has been described as “troubling” by Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson, but a more honest assessment would deem what happened to inmate Susie Chavez akin to torture.

“Put her in a wrist lock,” Sgt. Eric Allen coldly and evenly tells guards as Chavez lies sobbing on the jail floor, “and twist her wrist until she shuts up and stops crying.”

Common sense ordinarily dictates inflicting yet more painful tactics against someone writhing in pain would only serve to amplify their cries — but this is jail, and police logic doesn’t tend to follow common sense.

So the guards proceed to follow their superior’s orders — and, as expected, the petite Chavez screams at the excruciating pain now surging through her wrist. Allen, however, seems nonplussed — though equally determined to continue finding cruel and painful methods to force the inmate into silence.

“You’re going to break my fucking wrist, bitch,” Chavez yells in agony.

For the duration of the 45-minute video obtained by the Albuquerque Journal under the Inspection of Public Records Act, Chavez endures a series of control methods, including mace to her eyes, under the supervision of the apparently callous Allen and his eagerly compliant guards — one, a female.

Video chillingly comes from Allen’s perspective, thanks to his body-worn camera — giving the torturous events the quality of a nightmarish horror film — particularly when he briefly parts from the others to retrieve something from his office, and can be heard whistling.

Sgt. Allen, the Journal explains, is under investigation and has been on leave since July, according to county and union officials. Alarmingly, as vice president of the jail officers’ union and frontline supervisor at the jail, he has trained other officers in the use of force.

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