Two Cops Arrested After Savagely Beating a 50-yo Man On Video


Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project

Two state troopers from Massachusetts and New Hampshire have finally been arrested after they brutally and needlessly beat a surrendering 50-year-old man following a car chase in May.

As news crews filmed from helicopters hovering above, Richard Simone exited his truck, kneeled, and lay prone on his stomach on the asphalt — but several officers rushed the man and initiated a savage attack in what appeared to be retaliation for having led them on an hour-long pursuit through the two states.

Now, as New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster announced Tuesday, Joseph Flynn of the Massachusetts State Police and Andrew Monaco of the New Hampshire State Police have been arrested and charged with several counts of simple assault for excessive use of force.

Flynn was charged with two counts of simple assault, while Monaco received three simple assault charges. But, as Foster’s office advised, the Washington Post paraphrased, “because the two troopers were on-duty law enforcement officers during the incident, their charges could see an enhanced penalty.”

On May 11, police in Holden, Massachusetts, attempted to stop Simone’s pickup truck when they discovered an advisory from another department that the man had outstanding warrants for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny, and failure to stop for law enforcement, according to the State Police.

When Simone failed to pull over, Holden Police were joined in their pursuit by Massachusetts state troopers. As Simone crossed into Hudson in neighboring New Hampshire, that state’s police and local forces also joined the pursuit. As The Free Thought Project previously described:

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