Two Cops from Same Dept, in 2 Days, Arrested for Rape — 1 Victim was a Child

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El Paso, TX — “Isolated incident,” “a few bad apples” —  these are just some of the terms used to downplay occurrences of police misconduct. “This officer is not representative of all police,” we are told when a serial rapist cop is exposed. However, when looking at actual numbers, these incidents appear to be anything but isolated. Two recent police officer arrests last week in El Paso, Texas — both for sexual assault — back this point up quite powerfully.

Last Friday morning, a four-year veteran with the El Paso Police Department was arrested on sexual assault charges. According to the charges, while officer Brian Michael Lujan was out protecting and serving the citizens of El Paso, he was also raping them.

According to officials, Lujan’s charges and subsequent arrest stem from the rape of three separate victims who were all attacked by Lujan while he was on-duty.

According to KVIA:

The investigation stemmed from a complaint alleging criminal conduct that was filed with EPPD’s Internal Affairs Division..


Officials said two separate investigations were conducted: a Criminal Investigation by the Special Investigations Unit, and an administrative investigation by the Internal Affairs Division.

During the criminal investigation, the Department requested the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(F.B.I.).

The multi-agency investigations took five months to complete and shortly after 8 a.m. on Friday, police moved in to arrest their fellow officer. Lujan is currently being held on a $325,000 bond.

On top of the charge for sexual assault, Lujan was also charged with two counts of Invasive Visual Recording. The details regarding the charges have been kept from the public. However, police are asking anyone with information regarding these cases to call the El Paso Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division at (915) 212-0157.

While Lujan’s case sounds terrible by itself, his arrest is the second one within just a few days from the El Paso Police Department.

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