Two women claim in court they were sexually assaulted by a predatory cop

Izzy Kapnick | Courthouse News Service

PALM BEACH SHORES, Fla. (CN) – Two women claim in court they were sexually assaulted by a predatory cop who managed to maintain a quarter-century career in South Florida law enforcement despite his “deplorable history of abuse of women.”

In a pair of lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County circuit court, the anonymous plaintiffs claim they were the latest in a long line of victims assaulted, harassed and humiliated by veteran police officer Charles Hoeffer.

Before the alleged attacks on the plaintiffs, Hoeffer had kept his job as a policeman in Florida even after being accused of rape and repeat domestic violence in 1990s, including one incident in  which he allegedly assaulted his wife, “shattering her nose with a boot,” the lawsuits say.

One of the plaintiffs, who is described in the complaint as a legally blind woman, claims Hoeffer ingratiated himself to her in 2013 while working as a police officer for the small town of Palm Beach Shores on Singer Island, an idyllic coastal community lined with luxury homes and beachfront resorts.

In March 2014, she claims, Hoeffer starting making lewd comments when he visited the plaintiff to return an item that she had reported lost. He returned a few hours later and invited himself into her home in uniform, at which point he “pushed his police issued firearm into [her] body, pulled out his penis” and demanded oral sex from her, the lawsuit says.

“The more [the plaintiff] resisted Hoeffer’s sexual attempts, the more aggressive he became,” the lawsuit alleges. “Hoeffer grabbed [her] by the legs, rubbed her left leg against his department issued firearm, as a show of force and intimidation, and vaginally penetrated [her].”

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