‘Unjust and Unacceptable’- Salt Lake Mayor, Police Chief React as Outrage Builds Over Nurse’s Arrest

SALT LAKE CITY — Outrage is building over video of a Salt Lake police detective dragging a nurse to his squad car after she refused to allow a blood draw from an unconscious patient without seeing a warrant.

The video was shared publicly Thursday as the nurse in the video, Alex Wubbels, called for better training of police officers so that “harassment,” as she calls it, of hospital doctors and nurses can be prevented.

Wubbels is a charge nurse, or a liaison between patients and doctors and hospital managers, at University Hospital’s Burn Unit. She was later released, and no charges were ever filed against her.

After Wubbels’ story spread nationally in a matter of hours, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski called the arrest “unjust” and “unacceptable” during a news conference Friday. The mayor said she learned of the July 26 incident when she saw the video Thursday.

Biskupski called Wubbels this morning, she said, and apologized for “what she went through for simply doing her job.”

“No medical professional in Salt Lake City should be hindered from performing their duties, and certainly not be fearful of the police officers they come into contact and work in partnership (with) often to save the lives of others,” she said.

Standing at the mayor’s side, Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown said the department took immediate action after the incident, including updating its policies regarding blood draws, meeting with representatives from the hospital and University of Utah law enforcement, and apologizing for what occurred.

Brown also confirmed that the Salt Lake police detective in the video, Jeff Payne, has been suspended from the blood draw program but has not been placed on leave.

“His access to situations like this will be limited,” the chief said. “He’s on a modified duty with limited responsibilities and duties.”

The department’s investigation of the arrest includes a review of all officers involved, he said.

Brown conceded he was “alarmed” by what he saw in the officer’s video, saying he hopes the department can “learn from mistakes.”

“I am sad at the rift this has caused between law enforcement and the nurses we work so closely with,” he said.

Gov. Gary Herbert also weighed in on the incident Friday morning, saying on Twitter that “the footage of Alex Wubbels’ arrest is disturbing. We trust that the @slcpd will quickly respond and rectify the situation.”

Biskupski announced that while an internal investigation is ongoing regarding Wubbels’ arrest, the city’s civilian review board will conduct its own inquiry into Payne’s actions.

Additionally, the mayor emphasized, “I have reiterated to Chief Brown that I expect the highest level of professionalism from him and his team,” including instructing the chief to review all department policies and trainings meant to ensure respect between officers and the people they encounter.

Source: https://www.ksl.com

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  • dilbert

    This cop should be in jail with substantial bail.
    His supervisor should be also, with double the bail.
    False arrest, kidnapping abuse of power etc..

    • Kiki J.

      I absolutely agree with you!

    • We Hobson

      Assault and battery while armed..

    • Secured party creditor

      agreed, this was false arrest assault, impersonating a law enforcement official because once you abuse your limited police authority that is stepping out of the oath of office duty to uphold support and defend the constitution which means the original organic constitution which is and shall remain the supreme law of the land, he no longer represents the state therefore he is not an officer of the law but merely an actor in costume pretending to have authority which he does NOT HAVE… thats kidnapping assault attempted murder, false arrest, conspiracy to obstruct due process and every offense is conspiracy and violates the rico act of 66, this man and every officer present should be in prison now,,, stripped of all pensions and uniform and never to hold the office or any office ever again…

    • Jessica Archer

      This cop should be arrested and sued along with The City of Salt Lake for even hiring, Cops are out of control in this country…

  • Kiki J.

    CNN just said he’s on full admin leave but this article says he’s been suspended from the blood draw unit. Which one is it? The Lt. that came and spoke with Ms. Wubbels in the car should also be placed on leave for clearly breaking a federal law by saying he doesn’t need a warrant and her policy is preventing him from doing his job and that’s breaking HIS law. The laws aren’t his but my opinion that he’s an asshole is mines!!

    • Christine Alling

      Call them and e-mail them. I did – 3x yesterday and one of the dispatchers told me that they’re getting flooded with calls. I’d like to know the answer. The Lt. that ordered the arrest was James Tracy. I read that he’s also been suspended, but, now, I don’t know what to think after reading this. Either way, I’m going to continue to call them and demand follow up. I don’t even live there – I don’t care. This cannot be normalized. There’s no “I feared for my life” bullshit to be had here. If I were a nurse in SLC and a cop came in with a bullet wound, I don’t know what I would do. I am not as kind and forgiving as this wonderful nurse. As people who all might be a patient some day, it’s nice to know that nurses will stand up for patients with such courage.

    • Nick Nitro

      Lt. James Tracy was his supervisor..

  • michael92064

    The watch commander continued to lie after the fact. The will be swept under the rug unless the Nurse keeps it in the media.

    • Andrew Mutz

      unless we keep it in the media.

  • Steve Miness

    No use suspending him or anybody else , they will continue to get paid regardless ….. there are no consequences when these situations arises …. You will get lip service from the top brass how deplorable it was and should not have have happened , things will change after policy review blah blah blah and nothing will …..

  • Lou Michaud

    Not enough fire him! All i can hope for is one day his LIFe hinge on her skills ….Karma dude.

    • Dalgast

      She is a professional, she will always do her best and save his worthless life, he on the other hand is nothing but a power hungry arrogant asshole

  • Nick Nitro

    The police continually seem to think its okay to infringe upon our rights. TYRANTS ARE NOT WELCOME IN ANY STATE IN THE USA”!! As long as the law enforcement community continues to build walls between themselves and the actual existing communities around them there will never be an end to this madness. That blue lives matter Police flag is a barrier, a wall between the people and the police. There’s only one great flag in this country that can unite us and that’s the American flag.

    • police state

      It’s not just the police, It’s the DA,S and the Judges that let them keep doing what they are doing. We need more upstanding Constitutional judges, and DA’S, that’s the only way this will stop.

      • Secured party creditor

        we the people need to hang the judges and prosecutors who choose to derogate from oath of office duty to uphold, support and defend the constitution which means the organic constitution and our natural rights must come first… if they fail to act in good faith as our trustees that is incompetence and TREASON, the penalty for TREASON IS DEATH BY PUBLIC HANGING OR DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD. It is TIME WE THE PEOPLE INSIST NO MORE LETTING THESE TYRANTS GET AWAY WITH IT, THE LAW AND ANYTIME IT SAYS THE LAW IT MEANS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, SAYS THEY MUST ACT IN OUR FAVOR AT ALL TIMES, NO DEBTORS PRISONS, NO STATE LEGISLATED RULES POLICIES WHICH ARE WHAT STATUTES ARE FOR EMPLOYEES OF CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENT ONLY, CREATED TO KEEP THEM IN LINE, NOT WE THE PEOPLE, WE ARE MEANT TO GOVERN THEM NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.. … time to stop this insanity and make them realize we are awake and were not gonna take these unlawful abuses of power and authority anymore, make them an example we the people are sick of being abused and trespassed upon my tyrants, we shall overcome and this tyranny shall end very soon people mark my words God and The Universe is on our side.. we shall overcome amen namaste

      • onewayfarer

        The problem is that DA’s and judges are politicians, not public servants, so they only care about their conviction rates, not justice. We need to keep telling the truth about our jurisprudence system and stop passing on the lie that it’s about justice and not keeping the status quo and making money; the truth shall surely make us free.

  • Russell Davis

    The police officer and his supervisor purposefully violated the law and illegally arrested this consummate professional. They should both be charged with conspiracy for the attempt to violate the patient’s rights. For illegal arrest , kidnapping and assault. And let them plead down to kidnapping and receive a life term. Sounds fair to me. And those security gaurds. They let the illegal acts go unchallenged.

  • Joe Neckbone

    Well I guess she now sees what Black people have been saying all along.

    • Cyndi Simpson

      Amen. I wish folks would be making all these good calls to PDs when an unarmed citizen of color is abused, harrassed, injured and killed.

      • fisherman

        I do. A life is a life, I don’t see skin color. Cops have been violating constitutional rights for many years. This is NOT a black or white issue, this is a blue and everyone else issue. We must all look deep into ourselves and find what we need to do to stop this. Voting for politicians who want to make ALL judgeships, with the exception being SCOTUS, elected positions with term limits. No more judgeships for life at a state or county or federal level. Term limits on the Senate and Congress would be nice too but 1 battle at a time first we work on the crooked cops around the country.

  • justus1

    this guy should have called his superiors before assaulting the nurse. this is BS, he should be fired and sued.

  • Dalgast

    Just not enough, this bull crap about him being on limited duty, you’ll just wait til the heat blows over and that A hole will be right back at it. Get a clue Fire his arrogant ass and insure he never works in Law enforcement again. I still hope your city gets sued for as much as the law allows, you equate learning with pain, and loosing a few million out of your coffers will be painful. Better still take it out of the police retirement fund, and make sure every cop knows that this moron is why they won’t be getting theirs. Maybe then the next time one of your Gestapo gets out of hand, one of the others will take him down instead. It wasn’t just the detective, there was a high ranking officer that tried to talk her into breaking the law. Looks like the whole dam department needs a spanking.

    • Cyndi Simpson

      You know he’s been doing this shit for YEARS and getting away with it – which means all other cops in the PD. There are only two kinds of cops: BAD ones and SILENT ones – and they are both bad.

  • AffinityNetNews

    Now, Trump has given the police, military grade weapons, and has granted no warrant searches of D.C., which when you read the fine print extends far beyond D.C., this is how a tyrannical corporate-police-state is fomented one-small-step at a time. Imagine if you will, that fascist pig cop with military grade weapons ..! WE, all need to be very outraged about this. This could have been anyone of us. I’m all for protecting ‘good’ police who adhere to the ‘Constitution’ but, sadly more, and more do not. WE are already deep into a tyrannical totalitarian police-state in ‘Rothschild Gulag Amerika’.

    • 1776Constitution

      Police Departments have been getting military grade weapons long before Trump thought about being President. After Homeland Security was formed as an agency (under Bush), PDs got grants to get weapons and gear at low to no cost to the department. Some departments are really tricked out and have been for quite some time.

      • Cyndi Simpson

        Yes – and Obama ended that practice in 2015. That’s the issue with Trump now. He’s throwing out Obama’s limits on the police obtaining military equipment. Because he’s a narcissistic incompetent man-baby who wants to destroy any and everything Obama did – even if it made sense.

        • Lance Dwinell

          we all need to beware of the fact trump only cares about the rich and big corps making best possible profits and could careless about everyone else. the rich run this country, we let them. they feed us lies so they can do what they want. they keep us hating and fighting each other so we can’t stop them. police state, already is one. has been for long time.

        • fisherman

          What fantasy world are you living in and what the hell are you smoking, can we all get some of that stuff so that we will see a distorted reality as well.?

    • fisherman

      Those military weapons were set into motion more than 5 years ago. Gee, lets try to remember who was in the White House then, oh ya, Barack Dumbo Obummer. Get your facts straight you idiot.

  • We Hobson

    They need to take these hyped up cops off either some or all of their meds including, but not limited to, steroids, testosterone, cyallis (sp) and viagra; and make them sit through college courses that teach human to human and police to human interactions.

  • Terry Moody

    But the dirt bag will keep his job to go out and do it again.

  • police state

    why is he still employed? he should be in jail waiting trial in 18 months. without pay.

  • TheTrustedOne

    Not good enough, he should be in jail, period, anything less shows that the force, the city and the state are entirely corrupt.


    This arrogant cop had no qualms about man handling this nurse … this guy is a domestic abuser at home too … ask his wife.

  • Andrew Holmbeck

    Better trained? You mean trained at all…simply ignorant of the law.

  • Paul Paunovich

    This was like the golden times of German Gestapo…..arrest people just out of a whim and with no reason….even worse, arrest someone who is just doing her job and follow the rules and policies of her employer…..?

  • Duke Cavindish

    The mayor should not be the one pleading forgiveness, the bully bastard cop should have a public ass beating and i DO mean ASS BEATING. Fuckin slime!

  • Cyndi Simpson

    In other words – no punishment for the cop. He committed several crimes – false arrest, assault, harrassment.
    NOT GOOD ENOUGH, Salt Lake City.
    And – how come the MAYOR just learned about this now? She should be furious about that! A cop roughs up a citizen for no reason, makes a false arrest with no warrant and no probable cause – and she just learns about it NOW by watching a video online like everyone else? If I were mayor, heads would roll over that – this wasn’t seen as something important enough to let the higher-ups know? Gosh, when I am in charge of something – I HATE SURPRISES.
    And, it implies someone is hiding something. There has been some discussion that a high speed chase was involved in this incident and that the cop wanted the patient’s blood tested, hoping for some indication of drugs. All completely illegal.
    What the heck is going on in that Police Department?

  • old409

    This Cop and his Supervisor should be fired and barred from ever carrying a badge and gun as long as they live. BUT ,,,, the other Cops and their Union will protect this POS to the bitter end. And ,,,, you try to tell me their are good Cops ? If there really were good Cops, guys like this one wouldn’t be on the job for long.

  • Eddie Lasola Jr.

    Why was drawing blood so important to these assholes? I suspect they wanted to pass the blame (collision and death of the person fleeing) to the innocent truck driver (by tainting his blood) who simply happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time…

  • Michelle Walker

    Abuse of authority under the Color of Law is punishable by incarceration.

  • Lee Onion George

    I think this goes far beyond just one officer’s actions. This mentality goes to the core of the department.

    The Chief should resign for one, he is ultimately responsible for all actions of his department and two he should have seen this officers thought process long ago. This is not only the beat officer but his supervisor actions, so we as the public do not know how far up the chain of command this behavior goes.

    For one this is for sure, it did not start up overnight. This type of lace of respect for our rights burns to the core of not only the force but also the full dynamic of of everyone within the state law enforcement.

  • AffinityNetNews

    This continues because, the Amerikan sheep are so damn brain-dead, mind-controlled, and apathetic and the criminal elitist power structure knows we will do or say little. It should be mandatory in every classroom in ‘Gulag Amerika’, to read: ‘1984’, and ‘Brave New World’. But of course, this will never happen. It would wake too many of the sheep up. We are being mind-controlled by a ‘False Left-Right Control-Grid’, BOTH sides owned and controlled by the very same Global Ruling Elite pogrom. The slave-masters must keep us all in-fighting in order to oppress us all regardless of race, or color. I worked for CBS Nightly News, and I can assure you all that we are being lied to about everything BOTH left, and right. 6 massive corporations own over 90%, of our media, including Hollywood, all major publishing companies that print our text books, and history books. They don’t tell you what you what you need to know, they tell you what they want you to know.

  • Jennifer Anzalone

    Clone wars is here. Police are only there to get evidence. remember that. Very heavy stuff going on the planet right now. Glad to see the nurse stand her ground.

  • Eugene Salerno

    Training what training 6 months and one day at a pistol range!! I had three years of rifle club in middle school. So I had more firearms training by the end of six grade. Two years at devry tech just to fix computers and other electronics

  • fisherman

    I just read an interview with a former SLCPD officer who said that the reason this has happened and will continue to happen is because the department has a 5 arrest per day policy. I said, at the beginning, that the fish rots from the head down. It’s good to be vindicated and proven correct. Most police departments around the country are rotten from the head down. There should be no surprises when this sort of behavior rears it’s ugly head, it’s just a paycheck to these corrupt, dirty thugs.