Victim of vandalism, cops then attempted to murder me

I live in the town of Clinton Tennessee.

I own some rental properties in my neighborhood, and was evicting someone, so they went to one of my other properties and started vandalizing it. One of these vandals a male age 20 had been in trouble with the police before for petty crimes the other had just turned 18 and was a young female. She was doing doughnuts in the yard at the property in her car. When the police arrived the to officers witnessed the people vandalizing my property. The female started crying to the police officer and telling him she had never been in trouble before and pleading for his sympathy. The two officers then came and told me that they would not file a report they would not press charges on her for vandalizing my property, and that I needed to drop the whole thing walkaway and absorbed the damages. I insisted that something be done to correct the damage to my property the officers then became threatening and verbally abusive. I went to the police station and filed a report with the supervisor who threatened me with bodily harm and false arrest for filing a report.
Six months went by one of the officers shows up at my house at 8:15 AM when I came to the door and greeted me reaching for his weapon and screaming at the top of his lungs “do you have a problem with me” I replied yes I do you are now felon you have just committed aggravated assault get off my property I’m calling the police. I proceeded to call the Police Department and his supervisor who had previously threatened me came to my home and refused to file a report what this officer had done. There was no reason for him to come to my home there was no reason for him to come here and threaten me. So I went to the chief of police where I was told that if I wanted police protection my town I would sit down shut up and mind my own business.

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  • Joe

    Go to the State Police for assistance. They tend to have more credibility and not so inclined to participate in a cover-up

  • Jeramie Walton

    DUDE….SELL AND FLEE THE AREA(STATECOUNTRY)the next move for them is to set you up with drugs probably or they will kill you….seriously these pigs are gearing up to start a war

  • albitzian

    Was gonna say the same thing, state police. And start recording your future encounters with the local thugs.

  • altmartion

    so you just let them walk all over you, assault you and all these other major offenses? why? why would you bow down? stand up! if this happened to a member of my family, I would have investigations going. hope it all works out. any updates?

    • Guest

      When you stand up in this town they overload you with attacks. Trust me I was kicking and screaming and fighting more than ever. But when you do that, they find your weakness. Being a single mother, I all of a sudden had a battle with CPS and FOC that I honestly thought I would end up in prison over. It was the craziest shit you could imagine. I hardly believed it was real most days. I had to finally back down and put my son first over my headstrong personality. It wasn’t easy. But He’ll be 18 someday.. And they’ll have nothing to make me stand down. It would really be nice if things change around here before that day.

  • Damien

    Report them to the STATE POLICE, RECORD ALL FUTURE DEALINGS with the PIGS.
    Hire a lawyer & Sue.
    Send your story to the news channels & papers
    Get witnesses to sign a complaint with you against the thugs.


    Rig some booby traps for these fuckers or kill them yourself.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    You have video evidence, give it to the news media and let them run with it. Someone will come knocking on your door, offering help.

  • hmmm so maybe it’s time to set up a website for reporting police abuses… in a similar vein to http://www.ipaidabribe.com/

    • Aaron Sewell

      Policemisconduct.net is a good one. Hundreds of reported incidences and follow up information.

  • Cliff

    206 – LT CARL BAILEY email: cbailey@clintontn.net

    215 – SGT JASON STOKES email: jstokes@clintontn.net


    Still at the Clinton Police Department. Couldn’t find an Officer Lawson though. And it looks like Officer Bailey got a promotion, isn’t that nice.

  • senorita30

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  • kimokimm43

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  • kimokimm43

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