WATCH: Victim Receives Nationwide Support After Admitting He Killed a Cop Who Raped Him as a Child




“In the end, I slit his throat,” said Clark, after describing how the Officer raped him, exploited other children, and tortured animals. His confession was met with widespread support and empathy.

NEWTON, NJ — A deeply moving video has gone viral online after a man confessed to stabbing a police officer to death.

On the surface, the stabbing death seemed horrifying to those who heard it.

But once more details were brought to light, many citizens are hailing this man as a hero.

Those in the courtroom itself erupted in cheers of adulation and applause when Clark Fredericks described the circumstances that led him to stab the officer to death.

Officer Pegg had brutally raped Clark when Clark was just a young boy, unable to defend himself, according to the confession.


From the ages of 8 to 12, the officer raped Clark multiple times.

The officer told Clark that if word ever got out about the rape, that he would kill Clark.

The officer then went so far as to torture animals in order to send a warning to Clark, promising that if Clark ever told anybody about how the Officer raped him then he would receive the same fate as the tortured animal carcasses.

The officer also showed Clark sexually explicit photos of young children that he had taken.

“In the end, I slit his throat,” Clark confessed, pleading guilty to a charge of murder.

Emotional silence fell over the courtroom as he went into details about the rape and abuse.

Investigators later searched the computers that Officer Pegg left behind after his death, and indeed they found child pornography saved onto the Officer’s computers, confirming what Clark had said.

Now that he’s confessed to killing the man who raped him and terrorized him as a child, Clark may still receive a sentence and end up locked behind bars, being guarded by other officers for years to come.

But many feel that he should be released, saying that what he did was noble and courageous.

What do you think about this case? Is what Clark did right or wrong?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think (warning: content may be disturbing to some audiences).

This first one is the version edited by local media, the one beneath it is the full unedited confession:

Unedited, uncensored version:

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  • Morgan Morris

    What this man did was 100% legal. It’s called the defense of others. He stopped a man from raping more children and possibly killing some of them. We know crime escalates when the criminal get’s away with it. He did the job this officers co workers wouldn’t. He got a violent rapist of CHILDREN off the streets. He IS a hero.

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    • B-Bob Lince

      I agree he is a hero. However, for defense of others, the Cop would basically have to be in the act of raping a child for it to be a valid defense. The danger has to be “iniment.”

      However, he may get the minimum sentence or even time served.

    • commenter87

      No, it isn’t. It’s called vigilantism. If someone is trying to kill you right then and there, then yes you have the right to kill them in self-defense, but going out and killing him for past crimes is not. I don’t mind that he killed this guy, I still think he deserved it, though.

      • darncat

        What you call a vigilante, all with sense call the defense of our communities. He should get a medal. If this is vigilantism, the EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US NEEDS TO BE A VIGILANTE. Get a clue, dude bro.

      • Tigger

        The rapist was a murderer… because when you take a child and molest and rape them.. psychologically and emotionally torture them… you not only steal their childhood and innocence… you kill the person they would have been… and your left with trauma in the worst ways, for decades if not your whole life…he killed many children, just there was no official burial… National hero.. set him free

      • Look, we may all agree w/what the guy did and many would probably have done the same thing if the shoe was on our own foot. But it’s still vigilantism. Pure and simple. and THAT(vigilantism) is anti-rule of law. If one wants that, then move to some failed state somewhere where they don’t have rule of law and you can have it. I’m pretty sure you’ll change your mind w/the quickness if you do. We have rule of law for a reason. Keep your mob mentality.

        • Brian Garnier

          In general cops are NOT held accountable for their actions. More often than not their brother cops (and prosecutors, judges, etc) circle the wagons, stand up for the criminal cop and vilify the victim. So fuck your “rule of law”.

          • De Logik

            like the 68 yr old that was run over by the NYC cop when she made a turn while on a cellphone, they twisted it and actually stated that the 68 yr old was at fault since he accepted the risk that goes with (legally) crossing the street….

      • Dominic Blais

        the law does not punish traitor nazi pigs anyway so that’s the only way

      • James Michael

        You are retarded…He was threatened with murder and was still under that threat…That makes his act defense of himself…ALWAYS lawful….

        • commenter87

          No, it isn’t. Just look at past cases and you’ll see people that went out and avenged crimes/threats have been prosecuted, if you’re under threat you call the cops or get a restraining order, going out and killing him because he may or may not do something to you in the future is never lawful.The threats must be imminent.

        • BetsyGraceRay

          LEGALLY, it wouldn’t hold up as defense in court. Of course it is defense, and of course the rapist cop deserved it but that doesn’t matter to a judge. I don’t think anyone is defending the cop. They are speaking in actual legal terms, not in terms of street justice. I hope the man does not spend time in prison. It sounds like he did what needed to be done. But justice isn’t always served according to law, as we all know. in legal terms, the act would have to be happening at the time of the murder for “defense” to work in court. The cop deserved to be punished, up to and including death. The man who did it, did what he needed to do. But does the court recognize that? Not likely, unfortunately.

      • commented87

        I’m not saying what he did was immoral, if the guy had killed other kids then he definitely deserved it, but I can say it is CERTAINLY, absolutely not legal.

      • Chris

        Rape is a worse crime than murder in and of itself. Murder victims don’t have to live with the memory of being murdered.

      • Hugh Jazzole’

        He caused kids to kill them selves.STOp defending a boy rapist.

    • Dustin Stephenson

      I disagree. I think the cop deserved it, but it’s not a defense thing. DEFINITELY not legal. You can’t defend someone from something that hasn’t happened. If it was in the middle of a molestation, then that’s different. Still murder, but a jury would very likely let the guy off. Yes, he probably did prevent others. That won’t hold up in trial though, there’s no proof of what hasn’t happened. Plus how long it had been, so you can’t say he did it in the heat of the moment…He’ll probably get a light sentence.

      • James Michael

        Bullcrap he was defending himself there was a threat of murder if he ever told…That makes it defense at ANY time….

      • Rod

        Not true. Jury nullification may have saved him but he pleaded guilty without a jury.

        • Da_Boss

          Well he only got 5 yers so he will be out in a few.

  • duane mccrary

    Turn this poor soul loose……he’s been punished enough.

    • Patrick H.

      We need to have other children come foward.

    • sean macduibhsith

      enough was enough, justifiable manslaughter….

    • He certainly deserves a lenient sentence.

  • Penn_Patriot

    Give both men a medal of honor! They took a monster off the streets and ended the suffering of so many children. The judge should be hung from a tree if he puts those men in jail.

  • Patrick H.

    I feel this is a case of Belated Self defense. Not an open murder. Given his assailent was on officer it may have been swept under the rug. No jail sentence should be entertained.

    • Dennis

      He killed a guy. Plain and simple. He wasn’t being attacked at the time of the murder. He didn’t act in self defense. He killed a man in cold blood out of hate. He’s not a her, he’s a murderer. Did the cop deserve it, yeah I think so. But it wasn’t in this guys right to take his life. No one has that right. He should be put in prison for committing a crime. He had his revenge and now he has to pay the price for it. Other people have killed for better reasons and still been put in jail. This should be no different. No one deserves to die.

      • Jena

        Know what this man in jail deserves a medal of honor by the rapist cops family and an apology from the police dept and a big ass fat check to go along with an apology from the police dept one who is suppose to protect actually was a child fkn rapist should of fed his ass to the wild animals to eat on child predators deserve the worst horrible deaths

      • Meghan Hall

        Some people do

      • Ivan

        Lol what? How does that man not deserve to die? He was a scumbag that raped children and tortured animals. Any person committing such acts are lower then a beast and deserves no less then what he got.

      • Obviously you or one of your family members have never been abused like this. Sone how do you know what he deserves?

      • Blake Lee

        Uh, yeah, some people deserve to die and Dennis Pegg was one of them. I think Clark had every right to kill the monster and I only wish he had done it sooner. It certainly wasn’t a cold bloodied murder, no it was a murder of boiling blood. Dennis Pegg created his own murderer and he got exactly what he deserved!

      • JohannIvan

        As citizens we, when serving on a jury, have the right & ability to judge both the Facts and the Law. IE: Citizens can look at the evidence, the circumstances and… as jurors.. see that Justice is done. The Letter of the Law and Justice are not one and the same.

        • B-Bob Lince

          Yes, jury nullification.

          However, he plead out

      • Art Hawley

        Dennis, everyone deserves to die, because everyone does. The truth is the rapist pedophile cop didn’t deserve to live. The system kills people all the time. The system made it impossible for this cop to be stopped. Now they will punish this man as an example to all of us, that they are in control. That they are the only arbiters of justice, even when they fail miserably at it..

        • Randy Scott Cushnie

          art the guy killed him and should pay his debt this cop deserved to be caught and throwen int jail to rot with the criminals he had put away then hed have been able too feel the pain of being raped i was victimized as a child still bugged by it but i never would wish death too the person who did that too me i got her locked up and she was sexually assulted so much she committed suicide in jail now thats the same justice that cop deserved dennis i completely agree with you and art it will be the peoples decision the jury more often than not decides the outcome of the person

          • James Michael

            The man defended a threat of murder if he ever told …You are stupid that is a current and ongoing threat….You are not God and the man defended his own life….

      • Tom Meadows


      • Mike

        You are right, this POS cop did not deserve to die, that was way too easy for him. He should have been sentenced and chained up beneath a port-o-potty, where everyday people would shit and piss on him. If this cop had any dignity he would have killed himself.

      • Daniel Ros

        Ur such a POS go jump off a building somewhere and do this world a favor.

      • Moses Kyle

        No one has that right except the government, I guess. Slave mentality

      • Dharma666

        You are the reason why the world is the way it is. Please do us all a favour and just go kill yourself. You are the definition of stupidity Dennis. Plain and Simple.

        • david

          that’s an extremely harsh statement for someone who just spoke his mind. You’re the reason the world it is, telling people to go kill themselves for an opinion.

          • James Michael

            The opinion of a psychopath that values the life of a child reaper? They have no value….

      • DennisWillCoverTheCharges

        “He killed a man in cold blood out of hate”. Yea, he hated get RAPED, you MOTHERFUCKER.

        He also prevented it from happening to another child, since your sacred legal system WONT DO JACK SHIT AGAINST A FUCKING PEDOPHILE COP.

        “Nobody deserves to die”. Yea? THEN YOU PAY TO KEEP ALL OF THE PEDOPHILES IN PRISON. They can’t be trusted in any sane society. I say EXECUTE THEM ALL. But since you value their lives so much, YOU PAY THEIR WAY MOTHERFUCKER. YOU FUCKING PAY!

        I say we lobby for a new law for INSTANT EXECUTION OF PEDOPHILES. The only exception will be when a good Samaritan like Dennis (someone who makes our society a better place to live in by PROTECTING FUCKING PEDOPHILES FROM JUSTICE)… when a good Samaritan like Dennis PAYS money out of HIS MOTHERFUCKING POCKET to house them and pays all of their bills until the day they die. And if they ever escape or get out on a loophole, DENNIS can face any punishment along side them since HE WAS THE ONE WHO VOUCHED FOR THEM.

        If DENNIS and people like him feel “No one deserves to die” than HE can do something he’s never done in his miserable life – TAKE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS DECISION to “save” them from justice.

        So to sum things up, DENNIS is willing to PAY to support a dangerous, “rabid dog” of a human being forever and DENNIS is willing to put HIS VERY OWN SWEET ASS on the line when one in his neighborhood gets out and rapes someone again.


        But YOU ARE. Right Dennis? I’m sure you are…

        I’m sure you’re willing to back up your insane bleeding heart bullshit with YOUR money and YOUR ass for a change…

      • James Michael

        He was threatened with murder if he EVER told that is a current and ongoing threat moron….Are Americans really this stupid?
        Good thing you nor the sworn servants are God huh?

        • De Logik

          Nah man every country has their idiots, sadly they have a higher breeding rate here : /

      • De Logik

        alot of people deserve to die, get yourself out of fairy land and into reality…. by your reasoning Hitler should have been left alone since “No one deserves to die”. God can sort it out later, but here this is the world of humans not angels.

  • D Laurier Beaulieu

    Free him. And pin a medal on him.

  • ravensrun65

    As an adult survivor, my heart breaks for this man. He has suffered, and will continue to suffer, for the rest of his life. He did what most survivors only wish they could. He did what most future victims of Pegg would wish to do. Thank this man, free him from the physical jail system. He will forever be in his own personal prison, don’t punish him further with a conviction.

    • Khai Fox

      i can’t speak much more about it, but this cop is only the first. we have people who are going to make this a growing trend. all of them will pay. you have not suffered alone and your screams were heard. our hearts broke. and we came here to help even though it literally killed us over and over again. please have hope.

  • Asaky

    I don’t think you people understand how self defence works, self defence only applies During the act. Not before, not after.
    Any action that is not going to the authorities after or before the act is just vigilantism. Now should this guy get the full punishment of murder? I don’t think so. But he shouldn’t get off scot free for vigilantism. We have a system of law for a reason, and yes it is flawed but that doesn’t mean you can choose to be judge, jury and executioner.

    • Khai Fox

      you’re an idiot. it’s not flawed. it’s designed to fail us. had he not slit the pig’s throat, nothing would ever happen to him. and while you’re waiting for your precious system to give him paid administrative leave, this cunt was going to brutally rape more children. how many children have to get raped before you decide to intervene? is the law so sacred to you that you’re willing to sacrifice their innocence? how dare you. you deserve to have your own throat slit for uttering such profanity in public, let alone in your own mind. what venomous and disgusting thoughts. that you can even bear to hold them in your mind without rotting completely from pure evil is beyond me. seek help immediately for this massive insanity you have.

      • Jena

        If this judge gives this man any more jail time he should be hung by his balls fuck the police and the judicial system they are mass murders the fkn police murder more innocent people than criminals do now a days its a crying fkn shame this country has come to allowing this bs to happen

      • Asaky

        You know what, if he atleast tried to go through the system, and the system failed him. I could completely sympathise with his actions. I would not be calling for his release but I would be asking for a much more lenient sentencing. Because at the very least he tried to go through the proper channels.

        But he didn’t, he didn’t even try, he didn’t even attempt to try. He got boozed and drugged up and decided to bypass the system completely.

        So while you may be right that the system is designed to fail, but doesn’t excuse not atleast trying to find proper justice before turning to options outside the law.

        • How do you know he didn’t try ? as a parent of a child who was threatened into silence during horrendous abuse at the hands of a family member. I can honestly say that I have nothing but respect for the man because he did what I could not. and to answer your question we did seek proper justice. you wanna know what that was? 5 years probation even after confessing with his record expunged if he met all requirements. Some justice system.

          • Asaky

            Because it was never even brought up in the trial. That kind of information is important and wouldn’t have been omitted had it actually happened.

          • Do you know how much is not brought up at trial how much is excluded or forbidden?

          • Blake Lee

            There wasn’t a trial. He took a plea. Part of the information that had that lead to the plea was another victim came forward and said he had tried to go through the legal system but was told the statute of limitations was up. The other victim was referred to only as John Doe in court proceedings.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Proper Justice is the full Freddy Krueger Treatment, a slow roast though.

            American courts have been compromised by pedophiles. Many “important” people are pedophiles who have protections as they rape dozens of children. Andrew Cuomo was connected to just such a serial child rapist who was allowed to rape dozens if not hundreds of boys.

            Justice is too important to trust to any corrupt police, judges and courts.

        • Asaky how do you know what he tried. Where you there?

        • Blake Lee

          Other victims of Dennis Pegg did try to go through the legal system and they were told the statute of limitations was up and the cops refused to even make a report. Clark T. Fredericks is a hero!

        • Tom Meadows


        • JoeCushing

          Why does every single person have to try to go through the system to figure out that it is not designed to bring justice — especially when it is a person in the system who is the perpetrator? Why can’t he just observe other people trying the system and logically come to the conclusion that the system does not work for him or the other victims down the road?

        • Daniel Ros

          I loath brain washed fools like u. I watched as my best friend was thrown in prison for a lie with two witnesses me being one. STFU with ur pathetic world is rosy bullshit. U shit here and judge real justice by saying he should have begged some shitty lawers and a stacked fake justice system? Ur just a coward.

      • Asaky

        Are you seriously threatening to cut my throat and calling me evil because I believe that the law should atleast be attempted? Really? What the fuck is wrong with you?

        • Blake Lee

          I would say you lean more to the side of evil!

    • Tim Wochomurka

      Then why can cops be judge, jury, and executioner?

      • Cody Alexander Rowland

        Cops are not Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

        • Yes they are Cody grow up

          • Cody Alexander Rowland

            Wow. Way to go on the attack there.

            Please tell me why my statement makes me young and need to “Grow up”

          • Cody Alexander Rowland

            Wonttakno. You have a personal experience that is clouding your judgement.

            So please go dig yourself out of your self pitty hole.

          • Because your nacent views reveal more than an actual picture could. Please put down the speak and spell and go play outside the adults are talking

          • Cody Alexander Rowland

            I’ll assume by “Nacent” you meant ‘nascent’ and I’ll assume you don’t know how old I am because of the picture I’m using from when I was a child.

            And you are only attacking people on this view. So I’m gonna say again…. Try not to be so rude. I know, it’s a hard thing to do on the internet.

          • I am assuming that you meant pity instead of pitty as the latter is not a recognized word in the English language. This is just another example of your inherent need to mature before speaking.

          • Cody Alexander Rowland

            Says the one who also cannot spell. Please, you are entertaining me. Please go on. Was one of your children raped by a DICtionary too.

            I’m sure that’s why you are so read up on those DICtionaries. lol

            Please for the love of god. Try to insult a troll on the internet. =)

          • Really. You cant spell a simple word like pity and you have the audacity to comment on mine? As far as making light of child rape im sure the moderators of this site will be more than interested.

          • Cody Alexander Rowland

            As far as I’m concerned. I’m just having fun raping you in these comments right now. Please yell at me some more. =)

        • Tom Meadows


    • Blake Lee

      Society and even those who work in the legal system don’t agree with you. Society believes some crimes are so heinous and the people who commit them so evil they deserve to die. Gary Plauche and Ellie Nessler both killed the men who molested their children while the molesters were in custody. They both purchased guns and premeditated walking up to the molester and shooting them in the head. They both carried out these plans literally in front of law enforcement. Gary served no prison time at all and Ellie only served 3 years. Not even those in the legal system can find it in their hearts to punish people who kill child molesters. Yes, they have to go through the motions, but the judges and prosecutors do everything they can to let the killers go with the lightest sentence possible. Everyone, other than a few warped people like you, understand some people just deserve to be killed and would never find Clark Fredericks guilty. Jury nullification would happen so fast if a case like this ever went to trial. It doesn’t even have to be a child molester either. This past year a court found a man not guilty of murder after he shot and killed a drunk driver who ran over and killed his two little boys. The father watched his sons die after being crushed by the drunk drivers car, he walked into his house, got his gun and came back out and shot the drunk driver in the head. The jury said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him and the prosecution didn’t really put much effort into actually trying to get the man convicted. There actually used to be legal “He deserved killing” statues but I think they were formally done away with in the 1980’s. However, informally they obviously still stand in the United States and always will.

      • Asaky

        So what you’re saying is take the law into your own hands. Because that totally is not a slippery slope not to mention a very dark road to set society down.
        Because what justifies murder in this case? Because you feel that person deserves to die? Because they wronged you? What happens if a crazy person thinks you wronged them and it’s justifiable to kill you simple because you follow a different religion, or you’re a street preacher and the vigilante thinks you deserve to die.

        Fuck it let’s all become vigilantes screw the law, I don’t like your comment, it wrongs me, where do you live?


          You are a despicable coward and apologist. A real man knows what is right and wrong. God bless those who will do the things that must be done when others like you are cowards.

          • Asaky

            Why because I believe the law should be followed and that not anyone with a convenient excuse can commit murder? I have been threatened on this thread, now in your imaginary world I could kill those that threaten me because for all I know they want to harm me. Does that mean I am allowed to take the law into my own hands and kill them? In your world yes, seeing as the other guy didn’t tell me where he lives will you?

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Typical – comparing an “internet threat” to a child rapist cop’s victim finally executing his rapist and the rapist of dozens of other children. One whom his fellow “officers” protected for decades.

          • Mori

            with the Man Dead and unable to defend himself we will never Know if he commited the crime now will we? he silenced the man so by killing him and we only have half the story.

          • Daniel Ros

            He had kiddy porn u fucking idiot. That’s reason enough.

          • kwkurtz44

            If you are a Christian, this is a no brainier..Thous shall not kill, no exceptions. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Love they enemy.

          • kwkurtz44

            I can understand the man killing this evil person, I don’t think the way he went about it was correct, but, that will be up to the courts to decide, when they have ALL the information. But, my no means, would Christ approve of vigilante justice.

        • Daniel Ros

          U little pathetic cowardly POS! U protect child rapists. How sick ur polluted squirmy mind is.

    • Tom Meadows

      I hardly think YOU are in a position to judge

    • JoeCushing

      If it is a repeated event, it could be construed as during. I see what you are saying though. If he had followed the guy around and waited for him to rape someone, that would have satisfied your standards. He certainly couldn’t have gone to the cops. There is no reason to think they would have done anything and they could have made his life hell for reporting it.

  • Bigedub101

    Y he n court again. He saved many future children.

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  • NormaRSmith

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  • Brad Weatherall

    Morgan Morris – your a fool what this man did was 100% ILLEGAL – learn your law, how pathetic can you be? Its understandable but its not legal you monkey hahahahaha.

    You’ve said “He stopped a man from raping more children” – your probably 100% correct there
    But how you call this legal is beyond me.

    • Well Brad if it was your child I would like to see you stay on your soapbox.

    • JoeCushing

      Yeah, it is illegal. To make it legal, all he would have had to do is follow the guy around and wait for him to rape someone else, then kill him while he was doing it. Sounds great. I don’t have a problem with what he did. I have no trust in the system taking out cops.

    • Daniel Ros

      U little brain washed fool. There are more important things the the injustice system. There is real justice. U must be a pedo too. Sicko.

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    WHY HASN’T THIS STORY BEEN ON EVERY FRONT PAGE IN THE NATION?? I read 20 news sites a day and this is the first time I am seeing this story.

    There is an epidemic of pedophiles and rapists in American police uniforms. There has been a story circulating since the Columbine shootings that the two teen killers had been tortured and sodomized by the local police and that their rage lead them to the shooting spree, with the police hiding all references to their victimization by fellow cops in the reports.

    That pedophile pig didn’t suffer nearly enough. Should have burned him alive slowly

    • the16thpresident

      I know Clark personally, and i agree, this should have much more coverage. But the pos cops family tried covering it up.


        I seem to remember the case being covered as a former “Boy Scout Leader” was killed by his childhood pedophilia victim – no mention of the dead child rapist being a retired cop. Cops are wonderful heroes whom must never be shown as the vile filth they are. Bonds of blue.

  • RobertBHauser

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  • Rick Lopez

    But what if he’s just a sociopath, or lying, or looking for fame? We don’t know the cop did these things. They are proven and thus this is why we have a Justice System and not mob rule.

    • JohannIvan

      Um.. did you read the article? Did you not see where the officer’s computer was searched and found to contain child pornography?

      • Dustin Albright

        Not to mention the multiple allegations made from other victims who came forward.

    • Daniel Ros

      They found pictures of naked kids u idiot

      • the16thpresident

        And, his family tried hiding them. They should be charged as well

    • the16thpresident

      I know Clark personally, believe me or not, but they found hard evidence as well as confessions from others who were molested. That enough for you pal?

  • Susanjmanthey

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  • Graceeff

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  • ViSuvius

    1 word. HERO

  • David Fischer

    I just don’t think we have the right to judge this man or his actions, in relation to this animal he killed. Maybe he needed a hunting license but he would never have been granted one. So give him a small fine and set him free, unless you feel he threatens society.

  • Ray Dowling

    I guess in the end only Gay child molesting Cops can get away with murder. Fuck that dead pig . This guy is a hero.

  • DerpDerpDerp

    If that’s why he killed the man, not only should he not be jailed, but the town or county needs to be held accountable. From what I understand, there were plenty of accusations.

    I guess if the state wont police its own ranks, others have to do it. And those people shouldn’t be punished for it. The state could have prevented this by simply taking those accusations seriously and took the guy off the streets.

  • budhappy

    Cops kill people for no reason and nothing happens. He should be set free as an example to all the other fricken stupid ass cops to watch what they do, cause the Reaper will come and pay a very short visit…

  • Jkb

    Jury nullification anyone?

  • mark

    they should give this man a medal

  • troy

    set him free. beat the DA half way to death for pursuing the charges

  • Stop Statism

    Given what was discovered about this cop being a predator and pervert, this man should get a suspended sentence or at the very worst probation. His mistake was to kill a pedophile in the criminal apologist state of New Jersey. If he ends up in prison, God forbid, from what I have been told, the inmates are supportive of those who have murdered or assaulted a pedophile or rapist.

  • charles000

    He did humanity a favor. If I were on the jury of this case, I’d acquit him of all charges . . . in a heartbeat.

  • Tiffany Sharon

    Shoot give that dude a medal and let him go!!!

  • Mark Norby

    A lot of people hail him as a hero. What if he had killed a Dr that performed abortions? He would have saved innumerable children’s lives. Would he still be a hero? I agree that the cop doesn’t deserve to live. He was on his way to being a serial killer(torturing animals, etc) as well as a pedophile. I don’t blame him for wanting this guy dead, but we are a nation of laws.

    • Daniel Ros

      So easy to sit in ur arm chair and say that bullshit laws equal real justice is pathetic. Ur a pathetic sick excuse for a human.

    • bhwsr

      A nation of laws, you are right Mark. We have one set of laws for the rich, another set of laws for the poor.

  • The Glider

    If I’m on that jury? “NOT GUILTY!”

  • Susan Searle

    I would say this man is a victim who fought back. I would say the horror of what he went through undoubtedly scarred him and created a breaking point. The deviant rapist kiddy fucker – he made this weakness, this breaking point by his own actions. The scum killed himself with a weapon he himself made broken.

  • Joel Richardson


  • Timaradis

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  • John

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. A civilized society has laws, and whomever breaks those laws deserves to be punished, no matter whether someone is a rapist or a murderer. A horrible crime should not be viewed in a positive light in comparison to another horrible crime. Although this murder appeals to humanity’s strange sense of justified revenge, murder is murder, plain and simple. Officer Pegg did deserve to rot in prison, but due to Mr. Clark’s heinous actions, he now unfortunately also deserves to rot in prison.

    A person who rapes children is no better than an animal.
    A person who kills out of revenge is no better than an animal.

    It’s very simple: don’t rape and don’t murder, and you won’t deserve to go to prison.

    • Daniel Ros

      Where do u idiots come from? FUCK U!!!! FUCKING POS!!!! Fuck ur undeserved belief in a money based injustice system. Ur a fucking brain washed tool and the reason so much of this shit goes on. Go FUCK URSELF!!!!! Fucking coward POS!!!! I gotta read ur sick twisted words? FUCK U!!!!!

      • John

        Well stated, Danny, and excellent use of caps and exclamation points. Your coherent argument in support of murder has convinced to accept the piece of shit that I am. Please forgive me, Danny, until now I was naive enough to believe that a civilized criminal justice system, although imperfect and frustrating at times, was a good idea in theory. I was a fool to believe that I could take my emotional feelings out of the equation when examining this case, and judge it based on the evidence and the letter of the law. I totally agree with you, Danny, this case should have been handled the same way the Taliban, ISIS, the Klan, and other respected groups would have handled it.
        Danny, I agree with you, Mr.Clark deserves a medal, a parade, and free blowjobs for life. Mr. Clark deserves all these things for taking the law into his own hands and brutally murdering another human being. Huzzah, Mr. Clark, huzzah!
        Anyway, I gotta go to work now. I love you, Danny. See you in church.

        • Daniel Ros
        • Daniel Ros

          God and country need ur ignorance to kill more little babies in the world. Go blow up those evil rag heads cause God told u to!

          • the16thpresident

            Your comment speaks well of you.

        • Daniel Ros
        • Daniel Ros

          Ur belief in the system is hardly justified. Obey little man unless it’s done to u. Then ur little rules go out the window.

        • Daniel Ros

          My best friend was kick out of the military and thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit that I was a witness to. He didn’t touch that lying bitch. He had two witnesses me and his new GF and he STILL ended up in jail. U live an idealized fraud for a life. Ur ignorance is what perpetuates corruption in the system. Ur probably a republican or democrat or should I just say Republicrat. Go vote pull the wool over ur eyes and pretend the world is how Disney and Mommy taught u. Sad.

          • John

            I admire your dedication to this comment section, and I agree that a lot of women make false rape accusations, but how can we know that Mr. Clark didn’t also make up a false rape accusation? I agree that the world is a horrible place in realty, but I like to focus on how the world should be, instead of how it is. I guess Disney taught me that one.
            Also, if you didn’t figure it out yet, I was being sarcastic during my last comment. I’m a complete atheist. God doesn’t exist, and only a fool would believe that he does. But humanity doesn’t need god in order to act like decent human beings to one another. Despite the fact that the bible is a complete work of fiction, a few of the ideals mentioned in it are ok ways for one to live their life, for example turning the other cheek and following the Golden Rule.
            The truth is, this world is doomed anyway and you and I will be long dead by the time any meaningful changes can be made to the system by which America governs itself, or to the system by which the world works. What I’m trying to say is, there is no point in you trying to be some zealot revolutionary that thinks he can change minds by posting Banksy quotes on some podunk website, just like there is no point in me believing in laws or voting for a Republican or Democrat politician. Nothing that any of us do in this generation will have any meaningful effect in making the world a better place, so we might as well just do whatever we want to do.
            I think we should just agree to disagree, for nothing that the two of us can say will convince the other that they are wrong.
            Finally, didn’t your mother or drill sergeant ever teach you that you can disagree with someone in real life and on the internet without have to resort to name-calling or personal attacks? People can have animus, and not be enemies.
            Now go back to packing your bug-out bag while listening to some soothing Alex Jones.

    • Jo Brown

      You are so wrong on many counts. For starters, saying “no better than an animal” is suggesting that animals are bad or no good. Animals are valuable! Unlike this scumbag cop, they have a useful function on this earth. They gather nectar and pollen and make honey for us, they chew grass and make milk for us, etc. We also love our pets. So stop the silly comparisons to animals. Compare bad people to monsters instead.
      Secondly, a civilised society may have laws, but to follow laws to the letter will not always lead to justice. There will always be situations that law-writers did not anticipate. There must always be room for mercy and compassion. In this case of a cop raping a young boy, and getting away with it for so long, it is understandable that the victim sought to get justice for himself. It’s not like the justice system can be relied upon to provide justice against a police officer. The justice system’s track record on this is quite clear: cops get a free pass, and their victims don’t matter. If the justice system could be relied upon to do its work properly and, instead of being lenient on cops who misbehave, it held them to a higher standard of conduct (the lead by example principle), then there wouldn’t be a need for people to get justice on their own.

    • James Michael

      Wrong the man threatened to murder him if he EVER told….That is a current and viable threat NOW and creates defense….You lose….The man did nothing wrong…and You can take your treasonous felon society and shove it….

  • Daniel Ros

    Look at how many sick pedos are on this page begging like little school girls for a justice system that has NO FUCKING sense of justice!!!! Cowards and Pedos all of u who have a problem with this brave man who deserves a metal.

  • baruchzed

    Rapist and killer cops should be held accountable by “the system” however more often than not the system protects them no matter what they’ve done. At this point since justice is so often denied by the courts, it is to be expected that there is a breaking point at which people take justice into their own hands. This cop deserved what he got, and a lot of other cops out there are also not held accountable and will meet a similar fate, and they will have brought it upon themselves. If you want these cops to be brought to justice in the courts rather than in the street, you, as a citizen, must demand more accountability in your community. Otherwise street justice is all that’s left. I’m sure there are cops who are not rapists or murderers, but they are complicit as long as they keep silent, thin blue line or no. Bottom line, if we do not hold cops accountable within the system then more of them will die outside of the system.

  • david

    honest question here, is there any law that justifies killing criminals? Let’s say that I see Osama Bin ladin walking down the street. Can I simply shoot him even if he isn’t doing anything to me?

  • Victoriacruffin

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  • Alley (T_Alj5)

    What he did is wrong if to consider what he did for himself. He caused more trouble for himself without considering if he kills noone cares what have been happened to himself before. He just acted illegaly. In real he was very logical. It is very legal to for example act bad with other people in jobs etc. for things others are not quilty and this man should be considered as in required situation because people who should do what they must didn’t do it. But should the child rapist get free as clean? :O And yeah he did the favor to the world! 🙂

  • Johan

    If this case makes murder legit, I am hereby allowed to kill Benjamin Netanyahu for his zionist holocaust of hundreds of human beings in Gaza, that must be fair. Murder of human beings is never an option, only if they take part in the decission them selves having a deadly decease or the like.

  • maurae1

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  • Dereka Heath

    This is a strong subject. I am survivor of child rape. I’m am now 34 years old and til this day I am still having nightmares and wake up some days hurting, in pain, and angry about it. This man, is still with my mom til this day. It is an unbeatable pain to know your mom ain’t shit along with this piece of shit that took you innoscents away at such a young age. That she chooses a man over her own child. I will do whatever I can to protect my child. But I cannot take care of her, FROM BEHIND BARS. I know the pain this man is going through… But the paedofiles death. Still can’t take away this pain. I pray for this man. Wrong for wrong only causes more problems. As for this paedo, you reap what you sow. I pray he can forgive this man and forgive himself. And go on with his life and get better.

  • Jack L Eich

    he should get a medal for killing a pedaphile terrorist who ruined so many lives

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

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  • David

    funny how that is… George Zimmerman does it with a racist agenda and a firearm and gets off scott free… too bad the cop wasn’t an unarmed black teen half his size.

  • Jtrace

    I say not guilty. it is OK morally to put that monster down. use jury nullification to make it legal

  • D Laurier Beaulieu

    It was either that or wait silently untill his tormentor decided to just kill him anyway.

  • Michael Bkb

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    Mich-Boat Thinking Aloud


    Children seeking help against drunkenness and quarrels at Christmas – Did Magic Mushrooms Send Santa & His Reindeer ‘Flying’?/ Most Precious Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom – Govt Lied About Lead in Water, Knowingly Poisoning Countless Children – He Killed a Cop Who Raped Him as a Child –


  • James Michael

    The threat to kill him if the word ever got out makes his act defense…..Would refuse any charges for cause….and tell them to pound sand…with their charges….

  • Chris

    God, do you some of your have your own sense of justice? For fucks sake for being “land of the free” there sure are a lot of people who rely on other’s to tell them what their morals and values should be.

  • Sargent Pepper

    what he did is incredibly brave. he just saved other children from being raped. he should be commended. no jail.

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    Contact Gov,Christie He has to pardon Clark Fredericks,,

  • Danny Martin

    Just the fact that you are all in disagreement over what will happen to him as the case boils down to our LAWS when it is so clear that he did what we all know should have been done speaks volumes on how twisted and defunct our justice system has become.
    There is no justice in America. The courts will never right themselves. The good men, the stand up guys you used to know had your back when shit got real will continue to be locked up for taking the correct actions that the police, judges and whoever is pulling their puppet strings refuse to take.
    If there happens to be anyone from this defunct system reading this please note that I personally am about to get 15 years on a gun charge that came about as the police in Flagstaff Arizona refused to take a report of stolen motorcycle’s from my home during a burglary. When a good samaritan neighbor found one of the motorcycles and quickly picked me up to recover it the F-*#ING POLICE JACKED US UP WITH A BOGUS STOP AND ARRESTED THE MAN ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!
    Fuck the police, Fuck the system and Fuck ANYONE who gets in the way of that man’s own justice. Bunch of pussy ass bitches anyway.

  • jim

    Give the guy a badge, duck it, make him chief. Man needs to do more good work instead of being locked up.

  • Rod

    I almost did the same thing when in my twenties. I was in a bar with friends after work when I noticed the bartender was real familiar. Though it had been many years, after talking , I think he realised who I was too because of the conversation topics. I came back with my gun but he had fled not even returning for his check the next week.

  • Bob McDonald

    All cops who rape children should have their throats cut ,they are gutless scum nothing more or less .Every dumbed down fool who support Police Should see How instances of injustice ,and in particular rape of children has grown, it is a disgrace so the sooner they get cut the better ,good riddens to them ,and it would set a precedent for other gutless coward Police thinking of doing the same to defenceless children . Great Work ,Great Site !

  • bob long

    Where’s the proof on the cop raping kids? Or is the story of some guy who just killed someone good enough to make your opinion stick? If someone could point me to the back story on this, I’d appreciate it.

  • Philly boi Spencer

    More cops should be killed. Honestly they are pigs.

  • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

    I think that if cops (or anyone in positions of authority), think that they can get away with rapes etc.., then something needs to happen. I would not call this man a hero (that word is used too freely in today’s society), but I would not condemn him for what he did. I would say that in his mind, he felt justified.

  • †Col.Duncan†

    its called jury nullification people LEARN IT!!!

  • dick gosinya

    The fact he killed a POS cop means he should get a lifetime pension and health benefits.

  • dick gosinya

    Waiting for the degenerates in the FOP to condemn this hero of the sheeple. i’m sure they’ll try to start up a gofundme account for Pegg’s widow or boyfriend or whatever he left behind.

  • Nikki Curiale-Garrison

    I too was molested by a Santa Ana police officer when I was 8 for about 3 months (during summer). I did not tell anyone until I was 17 and pregnant but by the time it reached to courts, the statute of limitations (10 years) was up and so nothing happened. The police officer was suspended at a permanent status of Sergeant with no other punishment. I know he molested other kids in the neighborhood and his own kids as well. Police officers who do this kind of thing should be publically castrated and jailed for life.

  • Bigedub101

    They need to be giving this guy an reward, medal, a Key to the City, parade, and a cape. Its OK to murder unarmed men in cold blood for allegedly being defiant but killing a proven Child Rapist Cop is wrong?

  • Harry Dalton

    I feel bad for the guy but it was premeditated murder and as others said, legally ,past abuse is not a defense.He may have had a better chance had he stabbed him after he saw him with the other boy and claimed he snapped like temporary insanity but he sat and planned what he was going to do and then drove over to his house with plenty of time to consider his actions.

  • kaynash

    I really wish we would just stop incarcerating people who are no threat to the community….America is known world wide for having the most rules, regulations, laws and punishments – and the highest incarceration rate by far – of any country. And yet call ourselves the land of the free. It’s become a complete embarrassment.

  • Unbelievable

    Just how many of you homo’s, pedophiles and closet freaks got molested or raped as a child? Cops molesting you, priest molesting you, teachers and college professors molesting you. It’s a free for all in the white community lol

  • Alberto

    This brave man took matters into his own hands when this law enforcement officer committed the hanuse crime. We know not to trust the legal system it far leans on the favor of the officer in most cases the officer won’t see prison. This brave man got rid of the pedophile rapist who raped him as a child fuck that piece of shit in the end he got what he deserved.