Video: California Deputy Apologizes Blames Satan for Stealing and Selling Weed


A California deputy facing up to five years in prison for selling drugs he stole from drug raids, recorded a video apology in which he blames Satan for his own decisions.

“I made that decision based on Satan playing games with me, and making me feel like I was prideful and unable to go to family members for help,” Logan August said sitting next to his wife in the video apology.

According to court documents, while working for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, August stole marijuana seized in ten raids in 2014, giving the pot to a confidential informant to sell.

Deputy August gave the informant 25 pounds of marijuana, receiving a $15,000 cut of the sales.

Between June 2014 and October 2014, August colluded with a former deputy, Derrick Penny and his informant, as well as former Bakersfield police detective Patrick Marawho was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing marijuana from a locked evidence storage facility and then selling the drugs.

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Source: Counter Current News

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  • itstherecit

    this dirty cop is just crying because he was caught … he must have been caught when his informant was busted and ratted him out and the rest of the dirty cops couldn’t cover it up, or he was the designated patsy because of an indiscretion against the corrupt cop culture… the “blue wall of silence” is never ignored, nor the willingness to belong in the “corrupt cop culture”…those who are unable to toe the blue line will either be fired, set up, or resign because they don’t fit in

  • Mike

    Cops that break the law deserve triple the sentence!!! Lock him up for 15 years, just like you do to regular citizens!!!!

  • Monroe Frazier

    Cops are dirty.

  • Michael Hunt

    Well, as long as he has a good excuse I don’t see any reason to hold him accountable. Personally, Satan has made me do a LOT of stuff I don’t think I should be held responsible for. And don’t even get me STARTED on what Bigfoot has coerced me into doing. That hairy dude is a BAD influence!

    Edit- My bad. It was SANTA that made me do some bad shit. Damned AutoCorrect! Satan has been cool…so far. But I’m keepin’ my eye on you Beelzebub. Don’t try anything funny, man.

  • Justin Kashtock

    He apologizes to his fellow police officers, but not to the people he busted for the weed in the first place. His apology is “I’m sorry for sullying the badge” instead of “I’m sorry for ruining the lives of people who were doing the exact same thing as I was, but because I was an Officer, I realised that it was not the evil crime that I was sending people to jail for and thought I could get away with it. I apologise for being a hypocrite douche and I will now advocate for decriminalisation, if not outright legalisation. I further hope that all those I sent to jail for marijuana have retroactive mistrials declared and go free, because decent people can also be pot smokers.”