Video Catches Security Officer Beat Disabled Student in Wheelchair

OAKLAND — An officer working at Oakland High School has been convicted of felony assault for beating a disabled student.

The student was in a wheelchair last year when Officer Mitchell forced him out of the wheelchair, punched him four times while he was handcuffed, kicked his body, and then threw his own wheel chair on top of him

Judge Stuart Hing may sentence him to as much as four years in prison, or as little as some probation.

Officer Mitchell was acquitted of an additional assault count as well as two counts of corporal injury on a child.

The child was a victim of cerebral palsy and suffers pain to this day because of the assault.

Officer Mitchell said he believed his life was in danger as the child became “verbally combative.”

He added that he believed the child in the wheel chair may have been “reaching for a knife.”

The child, however, says he never did anything threatening. No “knife” was ever found.

The school district plans to increase the level of training for its officers in light of the incident.

Watch the video below:

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  • AuntySocial

    If this were my child, this cop would not have made it to trial.

    • Thomas Meadows

      You and i as well

    • Guy Daley

      Do you know how often I read about a parents avenging themselves on cops that were thugs? Never. So stop pretending that you would be the first.

      • Justsomeguy151

        Go fuck yourself, POS fagot.

        • Difdi

          You first, hypocrite.

          • Justsomeguy151

            YOU are the hypocrite, butthurt little fagot.

          • Difdi

            There’s this fascinating thing about human psychology. When humans are angry and fumbling for an insult to hurl back, the first thing they tend to think of and use tends to be either what they are most ashamed of being or most afraid of becoming.

            So, are you ashamed of being a faggot, or afraid of becoming one?

          • Justsomeguy151

            Translation: “I didn’t expect to be called out for my fagottry, so I’ll just act like he doesn’t know that I’m a fagot”. Sorry, its still blatantly obvious that you are a hypocritical butthurt little fagot.

      • tonymengela

        Oh it happens all the time media wont cover that stuff because people would really start standing up… so go drown yourself

      • Tom Lowe

        What, like they’re going to call the newspaper to report that they put a hit out on some now-dead cop? Give us a break, Einstein.

  • Kim Serrahn

    My child and Oakland would be finding new cops and the school district would be paying through the nose. I’m spreading this far and wide so people can see .

  • twitch56

    a disabled child in a wheelchair and this cop is in fear of his life? He needs to go to jail and should never have been a police officer in the first place.

  • raythemixer

    This is why I hate the culture of police… they are self-reinforcing thugs.

  • Randall Goguen


  • Real Justice

    How disgusting……..Why is this criminal cowardly thug still breathing?

  • Brendan Jones


  • Ben Dover

    CAN YOU PLEASE differentiate in these stories whether it is “Security” or a “cop” doing these things?
    I’m always finding these illegitimate news sites a *little confusing.

    • socialdiscard

      Seems to say in video, and article titles…security…school security.

      • Ray186

        Oh… So he’s not a cop…….

    • Tom Lowe

      Where I live there are cops in every school. But they are called “School Resource Officers” or SROs. That is why you are confused–you are unfamiliar with their often-confusing cop jargon and terminology, ‘job titles’ and so forth. ‘Security’ is a more generic term that generally encompasses a wider variety of employees, such as a dispatcher.

      As far as you are concerned, for your working knowledge, you can assume that any school security officer is also a bona fide cop.

  • Ian C

    Just fucking kill this criminal cop. He deserves nothing less than a bullet to the head. KILL HIM!!!

  • Debbie Stinnett

    Unbelievable! Shouldn’t have happened

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    yup, it’s the usual. “he was reaching for a knife, I was in fear for my life” dismiss all but the smallest charge. then give him a slap on the wrist, and told “NO NO”.. then the school is going to “give their officers more training. so how much “training” does it take to not beat a kid, ANY KID. especially in a wheel chair!!! nothing to see hear. we’ve investigated ourselves and we’ve found that we did nothing wrong. NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE OR I’LL FUCKING ARREST YOU TO GRANNY!!!…….OUT OF CONTROL

  • Mammie

    Can’t we just have an underground movement to “fix” folks who do this to the disabled, children and adults? It’s open season on the weak and defenseless…inhumane is an understatement!

  • Cecil Andrew Brown III

    Did anyone else noticed the kid was kickin his legs the whole time? Stood up b4 tht? And was on his belly using his knees n elbows to push up while they were on his back? Seems like the media doesn’t hav a keen sense of eye or judgement..And it say school security on the uniforms, Kid was smiling jokin around prolly makin a fool of himself n friedns, I mean fuck the cops for real, Fuck the system Fuck the Government.. Its all good to me, Cherppp Cherppp

    • Maureen

      Oh, well that changes everything then. This was a child with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair that STILL had some possible movement ability. Sheesh…. acquittal requirement there! The sad part is…some “real bright” atty might come up with that in court. I hope the judge gives him time too.

  • Victor Rivera


  • Marcel Desrosiers

    One thing the child is in a wheelchair and get beat put I seen a officer here in a similar situation and was shoot put the man in the wheelchair and he left behinf a wife and 4 young kids so how this kids end up in the wheelchair was it a gang thing or was he born like that .Put they were ruff and they realy kick him no use for that and some we didn’t see

    • Tom Lowe

      The article clearly states that the child has cerebral palsy which is a disabling genetic disease that has nothing to do with any ‘gang thing’. You are as ignorant as they come, trying in vain to somehow pin the blame for this on the kid. And so after all of that, I certainly have to dismiss your story about some cop getting shot by someone in a wheelchair. Get lost, you are not fit to post in here.

    • Tom Lowe

      The article clearly states that the child has cerebral palsy which is a disabling genetic disease that has nothing to do with any ‘gang thing’. You are trying in vain to somehow pin the blame for this on the kid. And so after all of that, I certainly have to dismiss your story about some cop getting shot by someone in a wheelchair.

    • Tom Lowe

      The article clearly states that the child has cerebral palsy which is a disabling genetic disease that has nothing to do with any ‘gang thing’. You are as ignorant as they come, trying in vain to somehow pin the blame for this on the kid. And so after all of that, I certainly have to dismiss your story about some cop getting shot by someone in a wheelchair. Get lost, you are not fit to post in here.

  • Maureen

    Wow….we have a lot of cowards posing as officers! Feared for his life by a boy with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair! Hmmmmm….yeah, it should be interesting who believes that one!!!

  • jhg

    This is typical cop behavior, which happens every single day. The only reason one becomes a cop or security officer, is so that they can hurt, or kill any person or animal, that they want to, and never get into a bit of trouble for doing so.

  • Dorseysdodson

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    • Noname

      Ok shut the fuck up

      • Guy Daley

        I believe that if enough people flag the comment, it will disappear.

  • NiteGoat

    Why are the other two kids just standing there watching their friend being beaten? I would have beat the shit out of those pigs.

    • Guy Daley

      Why? You don’t touch any “authority” figure, otherwise you languish in prison. That’s why.

      • NiteGoat

        Fuck that shit. I don’t care what title a person holds. If they are beating someone who is defenseless, I will come to that persons defense.

        People like you who are too scared to stand up for your rights and the rights of others, are just as guilty as those who abuse their power and positions of authority.

        • Guy Daley

          Like I said, you’re a liar. I have NEVER, EVER seen in ANY video, in the media ANYWHERE where a person came to the aid of someone else, against the police. EVER. Did I say EVER? That means NEVER. So you would be the first one. Make sure someone gets it on video before you go in because if you don’t have any video evidence, you will go to prison the rest of your life. Your word against a cops and they win EVERY SINGLE time unless there is video evidence.

          I’m not too scared jackass, I’m not willing to go to prison and forfeit all my savings. I will take the video though and help them with their defense when the cops lie about everything that occurred.

          • tonymengela

            really I have seen quite a few,,, youtube is full of them you fucktard

          • Guy Daley

            I’ve seen attacks plenty of them, but the tards in this thread are claiming that they would take revenge for their children. Never happens.

          • tonymengela

            you sure? how can you prove that statement? because media does not report it like that? if that is your reasoning,,, then you obviously just believe what the news tells you and have no critical thinking of your own. then you are trying to put very tight parameters to try and fudge your comment to be correct….. Sorry but you could not be more wrong

          • Guy Daley

            For you to tell me that I don’t have any critical thinking of my own without YOU knowing what critical thinking is, makes you a tard.

            Parents pretending that they are going to retaliate are simply boastful sheep. Its the ONLY way they will feel better about the situation is to lie about what they would do. I didn’t set the parameters moron. One of the most important elements of critical thinking is paying attention to what was said and who said it.

          • tonymengela

            blah blah blah,, quickly move from the subject quick as you can,,,Ohh wait you did

          • Guy Daley

            blah, blah, blah, continue to pretend you’re not a Royal idiot.

          • tonymengela

            see what is mean.

          • tonymengela

            Now just believe what they tell you… its ok, everyone else thats trendy does that same thing

          • NiteGoat

            I guess you didn’t look hard enough.


            And you are just as guilty if you don;t try to stop the cops from beating a defenseless innocent person. Especially someone who is disabled. You’re a little bitch who would just stand there holding a cellphone instead of putting it down and getting your hands dirty for justice.

          • Guy Daley

            You didn’t disprove anything liar. Reread my comment, wait too lazy? I said, once again, NEVER have I ever seen any parent take revenge on the cops for a beatdown. That means it would have to be premeditated. Try looking that word up. It means, that they plan AFTER THE FACT, that means AFTER the BEATDOWN occurred for REVENGE and RETALIATION. I know, tough concepts for the braindead to understand but other people will understand even if you don’t. You’re a liar.

          • NiteGoat

            Wow. You’re a special kind of dumb, aren’t you?

            I’m your comment to which I replied, you said you have never seen a “PERSON come to the aid of someone else, against the police”

            BTW – the word premeditated means before, not after. A premeditated act is one defined as having a measure of forethought. Forethought meaning before, such as the prefix ‘pre’.

          • Guy Daley

            I guess you’re on my level then. Go to the top of this thread and my first comment addresses people that say, “if they did such and such to my child, blah, blah, blah”.

            Jerkoff, that’s exactly what it would be, is “premeditated”. First, the beatdown happens to their children and naturally they aren’t going to be present, otherwise the children would probably not be facing the beatdown to begin with. Then they would have to figure out out to exact revenge, which means “premeditated”.

            In the above video with the wheelchair recipient – Where is the parents? See, not present, so if they want to do something about it, it would have to be revenge and premeditated.

            Surrpise, you’re not as smart as you think you are. In fact, so stupid, people have to explain very minor situations to you in great detail.

          • NiteGoat

            Were you born this stupid, or did you have to work on it? Please pardon my ending a sentence with a preposition; but I want to make sure that you understand what saying.

            As I have already stated, your comment to which I replied mentions nothing of patents. So for you to say that I’m too lazy to read and did not respond correctly is a false statement.

            Now, let’s address your definition of premeditated. You said, and I quote “it means they plan AFTER THE FACT…”

            Now go change your diaper.

          • Guy Daley

            Because you can’t follow a thread, its not my problem. Its your diaper, you’re smelling not mine.

          • NiteGoat

            Whatever you say, pal. Have a nice day and drive safely!

    • Ray186

      The first thing I thought was what kind of friends are those.

  • Budhag Rizzo

    This “feared for my life” deal has just become an excuse for police and security people to go ballistic! I don’t doubt that officers do face life-threatening situations, but not all situations are life-threatening. A handicapped boy in a wheel chair is far from life-threatening. This guy just got mad that the boy got belligerent and decided to take his anger out on him. Now as a back-peddle, he uses the “feared for my life” ploy. But, who knows? It might work. Law Enforcement has been getting away with a lot of messed up stuff in court for a while now.

  • Guy Daley

    Lying comes as natural in law enforcement as it does to Obama.

  • Otis Green


  • Hasanda

    He ‘feared for his life’ when the child became verbally combative?? Seriously?? wOw…. smdh…

  • Difdi

    So being ‘verbally combative’ justifies felony assault & battery these days?

    I was a kid, we were taught that being combative involved physical
    violence. We were taught to use our words instead. If a child uses his
    words to disagree with a police officer, that does NOT justify violence
    in return!

  • tonymengela

    needs more training,,,, YOU FUCKTARDS they are trained to do what they do because you asked for it,,, time for people to band together and start holding these police and their bosses to the fire…its only going to get worse

  • Larry Hardee

    Looked like 2 cowards on this kid did he get charged to

  • Quentin Graves

    It’s school security. Their retarded. Hope they go to jail

  • Timaradis

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  • Jasmine Faith Albright

    i hate police that lowers there own volice among otheres i have cp like this child what if a cop goes and does it again to another child again now what

  • maurae1


  • Don Unruh

    Personal retribution is the only answer. You’ll never get justice from a judicial system that is corrupt from the uniformed cop who violates your rights, the prosecutor (lawyer with a badge) who protects his own, to the supposed impartial judge (paid by the state, of course) who rubber stamps the charges and convictions.

  • john

    it seems that has become the new self denence for the police force, i fear for my life, hahah why dont they just come out and say they were scared.