Video: Cop Torturing Restrained Woman With Mace Until She Falls Unconscious

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project

Dayton, OH — “I thought I might die,” said Amber Swink of her harrowing experience being pepper-sprayed while in a seven-point restraint chair in the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, on November 15, 2015.

Video footage of the torturous incident shows Swink so tightly restrained in the chair, she is hardly able to move her head; but that didn’t stop Sgt. Judith L. Sealey from entering the isolation cell and unleashing pepper-spray in the 25-year-old’s face — at near point-blank range — for seemingly no reason but sadistic pleasure.

Swink acknowledged to the Washington Post she had, indeed, been drinking heavily at home that evening when police arrested her, and was still somewhat intoxicated when cameras recorded what happened. But she doesn’t understand what brought on the senseless attack.

“It felt like somebody just crushed up fresh peppers and made me use them as face cream,” Swink told the Post. “It took my breath away. You’re fighting for air. I remember my mouth was filling with a thick slobber, like foaming up — and that was also blocking my airway.”

As the Post described, “In the four-minute clip captured by a camera in the isolation cell, Swink can be seen struggling and coughing; she appears to pass out after her face is covered with a bright orange substance.”

Officers had already coated her face with the thick, orange substance once — and despite being a bit drunk, Swink recalls the jailers laughing outside the sterile isolation cell immediately before Sgt. Sealey’s inexplicable act.

In fact, it takes quite some time for officers to even attend to Swink — and when someone finally enters the cell to douse her eyes with a cruelly sparing amount of water, the air is so thick with pepper spray, he’s forced to vacate the room more than once.

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  • Patrick H.

    Doesnt water make it worse? It actualy adds to the torture. Only fatty stuff like milk or salad dressing helps move the capsaicin away. Thats why they serve Ranch dressing with Hot wings.

  • Michael Moore

    Pure unadulterated animals who if it was the 1930’s, would’ve gone to Germany and joined the Gestapo where they would have fitted right in.

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    • BEN66

      U talk BULLSHIT because u simply don´t know better mister Michael Moore.

      • Helen Damnation ?™

        And you’re an ignorant fuck, Ben66. Where does such hate come from? Do you have a soul?

  • Chris

    “Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses”. Sadly, it’s the 30 percent that are in uniform, not the inmates themselves.

  • Nita

    Wow, how horrid. How small are their penises that they were provoked by a woman tightly restrained? Just because she spit on one earlier in her drunken state. Grow up you supposed men, cops abuse their positions all the damn time and it needs to stop now!!! She must have been so verbally frightening to them that they felt they had no choice but to paint her orange, shame on them for lashing out like children!

  • Tammy Bettiga