Video Shows Cop Kicking Man in the Head as He Was Surrendering

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Allentown, PA — Police dashcam footage of a Pennsylvania officer kicking a robbery suspect in the head during an arrest last year has been released as part of a criminal case being taken against the cop and the city of Allentown.

Hector Medina-Pena, 33, filed the lawsuit alleging that police officer Joseph Iannetta used excessive force during his arrest on May 30, 2015.

The suit also claims the incident was part of a wider pattern of police violence over the past decade that has not been appropriately addressed by the city of Allentown, according to The Morning Call.

 Medina-Pena was hospitalized for three days after the incident, according to his lawsuit, and Iannetta received no disciplinary action.The arrest caught on Iannetta’s dashcam was included as evidence in the case. The footage shows police pulling over the vehicle, shouting at the suspects to get out of the SUV with their hands up while an officer points a gun at them.

Passenger Medina-Pena gets out of the vehicle first and appears to comply with the police orders. Two other suspects get out of the SUV and lay flat on the ground with their hands stretched out.

The video shows Medina-Pena on his knees with his hands stretched out in front of him when officer Iannetta rushes out of his own vehicle and kicks him in the head.

Another cop then holds Medina-Pena down as Iannetta drags another suspect out of the vehicle, bringing him to the ground. Seven police officers are seen in the video responding to the incident.

Medina-Pena was fleeing the scene of a robbery at a strip club with his co-suspects at the time of the arrest. Staff at the club alerted police and said that a man who appeared to have a gun in his waistband threatened to kill the cashier, who handed over $1,594 during the raid, according to the police report.

Medina-Pena pleaded guilty to the robbery and was sentenced in June to 10 years in prison.

In his lawsuit, Medina-Pena claims that Iannetta was investigated in over a dozen cases for alleged abuse between 2006 and 2016. It also says the officer, who has worked with Allentown Police Department for more than 14 years, was a defendant in a 2013 federal civil rights lawsuit that was settled by the city in September for $350,000.

Allentown Police Chief Keith Morris issued a statement in response to the suit, saying that Medina-Pena repeatedly refused to comply with Iannetta’s commands during the arrest and had “repeatedly” reached towards his waistband.

Watch the video below:

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  • Mike

    What a fucking prick! That bald cop needs to have his ass kicked, hopefully someone kills him soon!

    • David Bethel

      I agree!!!. Fuck those no good pricks!!!.

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    Evil MFers…

  • ACC

    Idiot cop wants to show-off in front of his colleagues. They could have been tourists who couldn’t fully understand every word… but now the injustice is overflowing to the general US population, eyes are being opened.

  • Angry Wrarrl

    Wait a min, lets give this cop the benefit of doubt here…. That cop that kicked the guy in the head likely has a tiny little baby dick. And his wife, if she hasn’t already left him, likely cheats on the regular, do to his inefficiency to please her. Thus, this cuckold little bitch must compensate by taking out his anger on unsuspecting, clearly non English speaking and non violent people submitting to him… How else do you expect an officer of the law that swore to uphold the constitution and protect and serve, with cuckold penis envy to act? JEEEZ…

    • Sean Moore

      You sound stupid

  • Paul Val

    This cop was in danger, so long as the suspect was not on the ground, he was looking around, and he was possibly armed, he reached multiple times. Cop did what he had to do to control the suspect and attempt to clear the car. Cop is ok here. He repeatedly asked this guy to get flat and he wouldn’t, his accomplices immediately complied, in addition he reached multiple times, and kept looking up at the officers while not complying. I advocate for police accountability all the time, but in this instance I don’t see an issue considering it was an armed robbery, and he would not comply.

    • Dave

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were born stupid.

    • brettmx

      That guy is lucky he wasn’t shot. He kept reaching at his waist and towards his “man purse”. Like you said he wasn’t following any instructions and looking at where the officer was. In this instance the use of force was appropriate.

  • Billy

    I hope they win a million in the lawsuit against these Nazi’s.

  • mistieballer

    Damn did he break his neck? Some cops adrenaline gets way to pumped up to control his actions in situations like this! Its amazing. You would think it could be controlled like other officers control theirs. He should of backed off and let other cops handle it no questions asked. I thought cops were trained to control their actions and not to use Force like this?

  • wingr47

    When white, fat, out of shape cops shave their heads they suddenly believe they are Vin Diesel or The Rock. These thugs are administering PUNISHMENT. That’s the courts job.

  • Kaha

    so… uh did these guys really rob the club they were at? if so, i dont give a fck how they treat these scum ass mofucking pricks. u do the crime, u aint worth shit because you decided to break the law. Don’t give sympathy to assholes with guns terrorizing innocent people. And i mean that last part for both the criminals and the police.

  • Cesar Sanchez