Video Shows Cops Publicly Execute Unarmed Teen Boy as He Lies on the Ground

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Fresno, CA — Disturbing body cam footage was made public this week showing Fresno police execute unarmed Dylan Noble. The only thing this 19-year-old boy did wrong was get stopped by cops who have been trained to kill.

The video shows cops shoot Noble for the sole reason of not being able to see both of his hands.

Dylan Noble, according to those who knew him, loved everyone, wanted to make people laugh, and thoroughly enjoyed life — until Fresno Police abruptly ended everything in an as-yet unexplained shooting on June 25.

“We lost a very unique and beautiful soul,” a friend posted following Dylan’s untimely death at the hands of police, according to the Daily Beast. “He was never a man who believed in a day without laughter … He made everyone feel like family … He’s made his mark on this earth by always making people filled with laughter and joy.”

According to police, officers had been summoned to the area on reports of a man carrying a rifle, possibly driving a pickup truck. Dylan — who by all accounts appeared to have been caught in the wrong place at the worst possible time — had been driving his ‘jacked up’ pickup, doing donuts in a dusty field in the same area.

Police spotted Dylan’s truck and attempted to pull him over, though the young man drove several blocks to a Chevron station — something his friends surmised he did either initially unaware of the cops behind him, or to find an ideal location to provide identification since the elevation of his truck would have made a traffic stop on the street an awkward affair.

Shortly after pulling over, Dylan became yet another needless victim of police violence.

Fresno Police Deputy Pat Farmer attempted to justify the shooting to reporters in a press conference Saturday evening.

“The subject was told to show his hands,” Farmer stated, distancing police from the shooting death in typical fashion by refusing to use his name in discussing the incident. “The solo occupant of the pickup truck would show the officers one hand at a time and kept one hand hidden during the contact.

“The subject made a statement that he hated his life and made affirmative movement to the small of his back at which time he was shot several times by officers at the scene.”

While the body cameras confirm that Dylan Noble did not show both of his hands, the immediate escalation to deadly force was entirely unwarranted. At no time did Dylan present a weapon, point anything in the direction of the officers, or make any sudden movements to justify being filled with bullet holes.

Even after the teen was down on the ground, the officer fired two more times. Dylan Noble did not die because he was a criminal — he died because cops’ lives, the public is led to believe, are worth far more than the commoner.

Even if Noble was in a low spot in his life, he did not seek out the police. They stopped him. Police were supposedly looking for a man carrying a rifle, and it was their mistake that led to Noble’s death.

Below is a graphic example of how deadly a police officer’s fear can be.

This is why governments are banning the public from access to these videos.



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  • Excalibur

    Pistol comes out while the cop is DRIVING?? Guess he isn’t Qick Draw McGraw….

  • So What

    A gun drawn shows automatic intent… All cops involved belong on the end of a rope

    • Right_in_ur_face

      gun comes out because this police officer was sent to a problem. they draw their guns to protect THEIR RIGHT TO GO HOME AFTER THEIR SHIFT..IT’S A JOB!

      • So What

        Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… It’s a bootlicker… Phuck their job you dumb phuck nygger monkey cop ball licker you

        • John

          So everybody on here is going to say that he deserved what he got two firearms and one shotgun the reason why he was reaching for a shirt is because he got shot in the abdomen and what happens when you get shot if the reaction of your hands and then they shot him with a shotgun which is over the limits of power that you needed you could have used a fucking rubber bullet in it would have knocked him the fuck out or a bean bag there was no justice in any of that bullshit anybody have anything to say about it come talk to me but if that was somebody else it would be on the fucking news immediately I wonder why is not on my news but I had to find out through YouTube fucking disgrace #all lives matter

          • devin

            Yes exactly… When a cop arrests you rather he has his gun out or not you follow his every command..especially if he has his gun on you…. My condolence go out to this kid.. But I admit.. He was being a total jack ass…. He should have shown the cops who already thought he had a gun that he was no threat… I plan to be a cop in the future myself.. Now that I see how much people seem to hate those who protect and serve. I won’t hesitate to fire on someone who is not following orders and seems to be a possible threat to me or innocent civilians.. Dont hate cops for doing their job.. Until you’ve been in a mans shoes.. You dont know the battles they’ve been in

          • I will hate all cops for murdering people and bullying minorities. Fuck cops. I hope they all get cancer.

          • Serrephim

            There’s no way you will pass the psychological profile tests and background checks when they read your internet postings, Devin.

          • So What

            That’s because everyone who backs the blue justifies them murdering everyone they are suppose to be protecting. Because a cops life is worth more than the one they’re murdering.. They could have used bean bags and/or rubber bullets.. They chose a deadly approach without even knowing if they had the right person. But we got super freaking idiots willing to justify it. Idiots like (Right_in_ur_face) and (John Jumper).

      • Michael Jenkins

        They murder anyone that they think might be a threat and you b justify it cause they want to go home? You a a fucking idiot.

  • Hello

    Fucking stupid cops. Toss these idiots into general population of California’s worst prison and forget about them. They’ll soon be doing favors for guys who are actually tough and don’t need guns to get their point across.

    Note that one cop is apparently thinking about getting a dog to tackle the kid, which is pretty extreme and outrageous in itself, but at least it’s consistent with the usual stupid police protocols. But all of them ended up with guns and rifles drawn.

    How many guns were pointed at this kid? How many cops pulled the trigger? I can imagine exactly what this kid was thinking. “WTF do these stupid cops want — I can’t believe they’re pointing guns at me for doing donuts in my truck. I’m just gonna fuck with these assholes for a minute and only show one hand.”

    He may have been naive to think this strategy would end safely, something to laugh about with friends tomorrow, but he was just a kid.

    Put these vicious murderers into the state’s scariest prison yard. Leave them there.

    • Jake J.

      You shouldn’t fuck with people that have guns pointed at you.

      • Duly noted. But cops shouldn’t be trigger happy morons running trying to play hero. Fuck cops. This kid was murdered. End of story.

  • Duke Godwin

    Are you retarded? He repeatedly reached behind his back and kept advancing on the officer while doing so. Then after being fucking shot and told to stop fucking reaching into his shirt he did it again- TWICE.

    100% justified use of force and I’m glad they did him once with the buckshot just to be sure

    • Right_in_ur_face


    • Ihatecops

      Why do you think they carry tasers, so they can use non lethal force. This cocksucker cop had his gun drawn while driving. Don’t tell me he wasn’t just itching to use it. Cops suck and they’ll get what they deserve when the time comes.

      • Devin

        If cops get what the deserve so will you friend… Good luck being shot robbed or worse without cops to protect your ass… People like you who hate cops are what makes cops so scetchy and prepared to pull that trigger… Cheers 🙂

        • Stan Ubeki

          No one suggested getting rid of cops. It is widely understood that police departments will not hire people with high IQ’s. The expense of training them is often wasted because they tend to move on fairly soon. I tend to stay away from psychopaths myself. Although there are very few of them serving, they get the most press and set the public example.

        • You’re sick. Hoping the worst for others is like drinking poison assuming they’ll die first. Go to hell. But the good place in hell, I wouldn’t want you to suffer or anything.

    • Michael Jenkins

      I am going to find out who you are and am going to plaster your post everywhere. Everyone that knows you your family friends employers are going to see who you are.

      • Duke Godwin

        Nobody cares

    • Devin

      I hate to sound cruel.. But I want nothing more than to be a police officer and protect and serve when I turn 21.. Maybe cops do make mistakes.. But when it comes down too it.. This man had a cop arrest him with a gun on him.. He should have obeyed the officers every command… Getting shot truly was his fault for not doing as he was told.. Cops get shot at plenty. And they dont take chances with people not obeying them.. You should have your hands in the air to show you are no threat… Most of you who say you hate cops are idiots.. Just like people cops can be good or bad… And I’m sure you would miss them if we did not have them… Most cops are heroes.. And some of you punks need to realize what life would be like with them 😉

      • Suck several tailpipes. You get off on this kinda shit huh? Fuck you.

    • 1blueadept2

      fucking scared for their life cops. It was obvious that this was death by cop and the cops were too stupid to realize it. You justify it all you want. If our cops are that kind of pussies, I now realize why so many of them didn’t join the military.

    • Fuck you and these cops. They murdered a kid. They couldn’t wait to shoot someone that day.

    • Serrephim

      Do you think after being gut-shot you might clutch at your wounds with your hands, Duke? Or are you the delusional macho sort who thinks that with two GSWs to your abdomen, you’d be tough enough, and with-it enough, to respond to people screaming at you they way you are “supposed to”?

  • Jason Oramas

    Did you hear what he said right before they shot him?? YOU GONA TAKE MY LIFE??

  • Jake J.

    Yeah, he shoulda got on the ground. Don’t know why he didn’t.

    • No, he shouldn’t have been murdered. Stop blaming the victim.


  • Chris Oster

    We know why this didn’t “spread like wildfire” because it wasn’t white officers on a black suspect.

    This is gut retching. Again, another situation where a suspect could’ve been dropped by a taser. You still have to ask.. why the hell didn’t he obey the instructions?!? Like it or not, he would most likely be alive today if he had.

  • Use your ears

    Let’s all ignore the fact he said “I hate my fucking life”. Suicide by cop. He wanted to die. Hence why he was reaching constantly. Not because he had been shot, but because he wanted to be shot again. Tune into 4:06 and turn the volume up.