Video Shows Dad Had ‘Hands Up’ When Police Murdered 6-yo Jeremy Mardis: Lawyer



Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Marksville, LA — More information is coming to light about the two Marksville City Marshals who ruthlessly shot to death a 6-year-old boy as he was buckled into the front seat of a vehicle.

Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, Jr. were arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Jeremy Mardis and second-degree attempted murder of the father, Chris Few.

18 bullets were fired into the vehicle, with five striking Jeremy in the head and torso.

During the announcement, Louisiana State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said, “It is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen, and I’ll leave it at that,” referring to the unreleased body cam footage.

A likely reason that Edmonson decided to “leave it at that,” has been revealed today by the attorney for Chris Few, the father of Mardis.

Few’s attorney, Mark Jeansonne said Monday, that the body camera video shows the father of this 6-year-old autistic boy who was shot to death in his car, had his hands in the air and did not pose a threat.

“This was not a threatening situation for the police,” said Jeansonne after watching the likely gruesome body cam footage.

Every day, new details emerge about the tragedy that paint a horrific picture of these Marksville cops.

On Saturday, the Free Thought Project reported on the brutal and criminal history of officers Stafford and Greenhouse.

The duo has been accused of everything from rape to beating handcuffed suspects, yet they were allowed to continue being cops.

A source close to the case told the Free Thought Project that the reason Greenhouse has escaped liability for so many of his previous incidents is because his dad is the DA.

We have been able to confirm that Norris Greenhouse Jr.’s father is, indeed, Norris Greenhouse, Civil Assistant District Attorney for Avoyelles Parish, where Marksville is located.

The fault for the death of Jeremy Mardis does not end with Greenhouse and Stafford.

Everyone who’s been complicit in allowing these maniacs to keep their badges is culpable of aiding and abetting murderers.

Watch the video below:

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  • samoanpunch .

    Look how quiet all the cop suckers are in the comments all of a sudden… They all jumped to defend the cops and now that the facts are out, silence.

    • Jodie

      these two don’t represent all cops. In fact these are city marshals.
      Looks like they are guilty of murder
      but that are not all the same…This is a whole nother case.
      you know its police officers that arrested them ,right?
      So get off your hate wagon…

      • samoanpunch .

        Yea.. it’s rare because you people keep promoting it as rare when it reality it’s not. Numbers don’t lie. Police victimize million every year through both illegal and legal crimes. To think that only .01% of their use of deadly force is unjustified is asinine. No human institution has such a pristine record as those charged with investigating themselves. Especially when we already know we’re spending tens of billion on police brutality claims which only make up of less then 5% of all claims that make it court and those are only 10% of all claims. I could go on and on with evidence showing how your “rarity” claims simply do not hold any water in reality.

        • Jodie

          I Disagree with you no matter how much you try to change my mind.
          “numbers dont lie” what numbers? the numbers where someone some idiot pretended to have guns or try to use his car as a weapon ,what?

          • Randy Bobandy

            Jodie’s night life…..

          • boogimn3
          • Go look at the numbers yourself on KilledByPolice. Look at the individual stories instead of just making things up.

          • Jodie

            Killed by police that was justified.
            I know there probably some bad cops. But not all are bad.

          • gary hates corruption

            I’m so sick of hearing that excuse. the so called “good cops” are even more wrong. more to blame for these things because they not only KNOW this crap goes on, but they routinely lie, fabricate “evidence”. file false reports, and lie in court on the rare instances when they are actually charged to protect these rabid criminals

          • dxsmopuim

            Only 99.99999999999% – so you’re right. Not ALL pigs are bad.

          • Jodie

            Pig ? are you talking about yourself?

          • samoanpunch .

            Okay… so make up your mind. Are you too emotionally attached to your opinions to educate yourself or do you actually want to know if your opinions have any basis in reality? Are you the typical lazy American looking for a quick answer you can rebuttal with insults or do you have an inkling of pride in your knowledge base?

            The facts and figures are out there at your finger tips if you want to know the truth. Which apparently you do not, that’s your prerogative but you shouldn’t be surprised then when your unfounded opinions are challenged with real life facts and figures. Yes, I choose my words carefully and the figures I already stated are accurate as existing data will allow. The truth isn’t always pleasant. Whether or not you’re mature enough to seek it out is up to you but regardless of what society tells you, willful ignorance is not something to be proud of.

          • dxsmopuim

            Pigs in America are not dying fast enough. End of debate.

        • Whitepigs rape babyboys

          Lololololol your race is retarded stop taking the vaccine

      • Larry Capponi

        jodie you are a dumb ass sheeple if those idiots had turned off their body cams … the father would have had a gun found at his feet …………now go and lick some badges and leave us alone

        • Jodie

          You mad? lol. I just said I think these 2 are guilty ,you idiot. Where do you get al this shit “if they turned off cameras”
          I said these 2 are bad but NOT all cops are like this.
          Now go lick a criminal.

          • mike peine

            there are NO good cops if they don’t police themselves . there are NO good poLICE unions if they don’t police themselves . YOU need to spend more of your time searching YouTube etc… & less time making ignorant comments inciting people .

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            So not all cops are bad propaganda again. Let me see, six, seven pigs shove a broom up a “suspects” ass in the station house of the NYPD. It is just a few bad apples right? In the station, the culture of the pigs thought it was cool and funny to shove a broom up a “suspects” ass. They all are rotten because the few bad apples have spoiled the barrel. I really hope you never see the bad cop side of reality, I really do.

      • Anthony Quatroni

        The fact of the matter is that you cop apologists, family members, lovers, authority worshipers, “law-abiding” people, etc., think that it’s just a “few bad apples,” when it’s really the whole tree that’s rotten, with a few fresh ones hanging on for dear life. If there are so many “good cops,” then how come you never hear of the “good” ones stopping the “bad” ones? In the EXTREME case whereupon you DO hear of a cop that speaks out about his fellow officers being arrogant, committing crimes, etc., the officer invariably is either fired, attacked in some way, or made to look like he or she is the bad one. You clowns are so indoctrinated to believe that cops are all “good,” that you totally ignore the truth and the facts and blindly support anything and everything they do, even if it’s a crime or an extreme travesty of justice. The bottom line is that cops need to make criminals out of as many civilians as possible to further their pathetic careers, the system is set up that way, it’s mainly for profit, and it’s really disgusting to read about this crap each and every day somewhere else in America. Until we have total accountability, you cop apologist morons stop doing what you do, and the funding for lawsuits and civil suits comes from the department and officers, rather than the taxpayers, which completely insulates them from any accountability, it’s just going to continue.

        • Jodie

          Not even going to read all your propaganda.

          • gary hates corruption

            that’s because you know it’s all true. like with all bullies, eventually the public is going to reach a point where enough is enough. when that happens ALL cops will be viewed as the enemy the cops openly say we the people are. but you people are so arrogant you actually think you’ll get away with it forever…..better look at a history book and find out what happens when the citizens have been pushed as far as they are going to be

      • dxsmopuim

        The pigs arrested the other pigs only because they were FORCED to do so. Given a choice, they would have destroyed the video and these pigs would be back on the beat TODAY. These pigs, just like ALL pigs have been committing crimes since they day they put on the badge. Every pig knows about every other pigs constant and relentless criminal behavior and does nothing. If they do anything at all, it’s to join in on the criminal activities of other pigs. Every pig in every department, in every city, in every county, in every state is a worthless scum sucking maggot and I pray every day that I wake up to the news of a million dead pigs from coast to coast.

        • Jodie

          buzz off. Jerk. I have no time for criminals.

      • Whitepigs rape babyboys

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    • Paul Connelly

      Again I point out if this was Cocksucking you would be all over it. How’s MUM

  • natechrist

    it’s not even enough to just go after the “police” in this situation. It’s time to kick out the DA, chief of police, county sheriff, judges, jailers, county attorneys, mayors, you name it. If this is happening in your community, you need to realize that it’s not just a “few bad cops”. Its a corrupt system that allows people like this to thrive and you need to be prepared to bring the whole thing to its knees. Kick every official you can find out of office until it gets better. Don’t let the powerful stay powerful if you have violent criminals earning your taxes.

    If you are waiting for police to sort out corruption in their own departments and corruption amongst your leadership, you will be waiting for an awfully long time.

    TL;DR – You don’t try to save any of the smaller turds when the toilet is full of shit. Time to flush.

  • Scott McConnell

    fact is

  • Louisiana Police Brutality

  • old409

    As bad as this is,and it is bad,,,,these asshole cops will get off’ See the video of the Hummelstown PA. cop executing a tasered man laying on the ground with his hands in view. The system is rigged in favor of these killer cops.

    • gary hates corruption

      on the YouTube channel “rp4409” there was one where it was a true street execution. a guy was running AWAY. the cop shot him in the back, he fell on the sidewalk on his back. the cop walked up, and at point blank put another round in him. killing him. no “investigation” no charges. he didn’t even get fired.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    GOOD ! They have to be convicted for the sake of that innocent child.

  • Raymond LEcuyer

    Wow , I thought cops shot only blacks ???
    I don’t see this everywhere on T.V. and I don’t see rioting.

    • People aren’t rioting because they were charged with murder, you stupid cunt. That’s what happens when you kill a *white* child and are not a *white* cop.

  • Cliff

    99% of the people online aren’t making this about police brutality. It’s a couple of black guys with guns that shot an innocent white man and his son. Just look at any Yahoo comment section on this story. It’s disgustingly hilarious how the ignorant masses come every time there’s an incident like this. Black girl gets thrown from her desk and across the classroom by a white cop, she deserved it. Black cops shoot white guy, hang ’em high. They always turn police brutality into a race thing, when in fact it is just a police thing.

  • Whitepigs rape babyboys

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