Violent Arrest Causes Stir at Auburn Homeless Shelter

Oct 07 2016

The violent arrest of a homeless man outside the Right Hand Auburn homeless shelter on Richardson Drive upset several bystanders who witnessed the incident, some of whom say Placer County Sheriff’s deputies used excessive force. The sheriff’s office disputed these accusations on Friday.

An eyewitness’ video of the incident was leaked to the Auburn Journal on Friday. It shows the suspect, later identified by deputies and witnesses as 46-year-old James Prinz, being tased and struck with a baton while lying on the ground with his hands raised.

The video begins with audible voices of bystanders saying “don’t do it,” “let ‘em take you, James,” and “it’s OK James, it’s all right,” before anyone is visible. At one point a sharp percussive noise is audible, followed by the voice of a male and female bystander yelling “hey, that’s not necessary!” The camera then pans right to reveal four deputies standing around Prinz lying on his back, rolling back and forth in a semi-fetal position, yelling, as one of the four officers keeps a taser pointed at him. Deputies and witnesses later confirmed this taser was being discharged.

In the video, as one of the four deputies keeps his taser pointed at Prinz, the other three at first back up with batons raised, then close in and start yelling at Prinz to roll over on his stomach. Prinz, lying on his back with both hands raised and empty, palms open, looks from one deputy to the other. A man off camera yells “get your camera out,” and a woman’s voice replies, “it’s on.” One deputy steps closer and swings the baton down on Prinz’s legs, at which point Prinz convulses and rolls onto his side, yelling repeatedly, rolling onto his back again with his legs somewhat folded, knees bent and feet on the ground.

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