Viral Video: Cop Flips Out for Being Filmed as He Breaks the Law, Parks in Handicap Spot to Get McDonalds


WEBSTER, MA — Video footage of a cop openly breaking the law and yelling at a citizen has gone viral this week, demonstrating the reality of government-privilege.

The brief video was uploaded online on Monday and shows a Webster police officer leaving McDonalds with bags full of fattening junk food.

A citizen was nearby and happened to notice that the officer was illegally parked in a handicapped spot, possibly preventing people with real disabilities from parking.

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As the officer gets in his vehicle with all the food, the citizen calmly asks why he’s unlawfully parked in a handicap spot?

The officer can be seen getting noticeably angry, and responds that he can do whatever he wants.

“So you get to park wherever you want?” the citizen asks.

To which the officer snaps: “That’s right!”

The law-breaking cop then pulls his notepad out, as if to suggest that the citizen was about to be cited or investigated, and asks “Do you know who I am?”

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The citizen remains confident and collected throughout the encounter, though it begins to get tense as the officer becomes angry and shuffles closer to him.

Watch the video below to see how cops think they’re above the law and can do whatever they want:

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  • Andre Reichenbacher

    Where did he go so fast when you refused to give him your name? What happened next? That’s what I’d like to know.

    • Guest

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      • Andre Reichenbacher

        Fuck off, spam.

        • Klokinator

          I wonder if anybody ever clicks this bullshit. It can’t be very effective, can it? Maybe people are really that stupid.

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    • I’mScaredToCallTheCops

      Probably hours of harassment followed with a few kicks and punches by the officer.. maybe a taser or two as well.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Where, when and how? Need to supply more information so we could call and respond. Thanks.

    • Bruce Wizayne

      quit stealing my name =p

      • Bruce Wayne

        I’m Batman but, you can call me Bob.

        • Andre Reichenbacher

          Unless he’s written by Frank Miller, than you can call him Crazy Steve. (Thanks Linkara!)

          • Harvey Two-Face Dent

            I AM A MAN!!! Linkara is awesome. 😉

        • Bruce Wizayne

          no i’m batman D= get out of my cave how dare you use my car lol

  • Dave

    Like to know what happened next. This punk ass cop didn’t look like he was gonna be shown up by this guy.

    • guest

      well thing is the guy wouldn’t give him his name so the butt head went to the rear of his car to get his license tag number, or that is what it looked like. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when that guy showed his superior the video cause hes got it on tape! That cop knew that… but I bet anything he didn’t think the guy was filming. LOL LOL

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    more proof, as if it was needed, to prove that cops think they are god. and this “good cop, or bad cop” is bs anyway. one is the same as the other.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    this is a relatively minor offense, compared to the crimes they usually commit. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t enjoy feeling this way about cops, or our political “leaders”. I would much rather be able to trust them, to be able to have people worthy of respect, but the plain truth is….I don’t. even the alleged “good cops”, are not trust worthy, nor respectable. because every time the “bad cops” commit crimes against the innocent, the “good cops” are right there lying to protect them, the same as the rest of them. sorry cops, as long as you think you are above the law, or lie to protect your guilty “brothers and sisters”, then you will get no trust, nor respect from the public.

    • Drakenfly

      In Colorado the fine is $300 up to $1500 with the car being towed and then the real fines begin to mount as you have to pay to get it out of a impound yard only AFTER you go to court.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        yup, and those fees for the impound yard can rack up quickly. after only 3 days, the fees will easily be in excess of 300$

      • chasinwakes

        so what happened to “Citizens arrest/citation” == lead by Example?? or least don’t be a dick??

    • Dutch Van Alstin

      Gary….I have been looking for a couple of years now how to articulate my position on police officers and your position is exactly how I feel. Thank you for coming up with the words that I knew were inside me somewhere but just didn’t make it out for my fingers or my mouth.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        no problem. I think that’s how the majority of the truly law abiding citizens feel. it’s sad that it’s come to this. it’s even sadder, that it’s only going to get worse. every time they beat, or kill someone, and get away with it, they become more arrogant, and brazen about it. and they become more and more aggressive, and violent. they’ve been given a license to kill, and not only do they KNOW it, but it feeds the evil that has taken over their hearts. I pity their wives, and kids. some will be their permanent victims, others will choose to be just like them. and since in many police depts. being a cop is a “family business”, that means that they will become better at abusing their authority, and covering it up more successfully. god only knows what the future will have in store for us, or for the kids now

        • Rusty

          They kill 3 people a day across the country and I am sure even more pets. Understand that is what is reported so some may not be reported to the agency (governmental) that provides that statistic or qualify under the guidelines of the agency … like sodomy is not classified as Rape by the FBI .. only forced penal vaginal sex is considered rape then you take the statistic that a woman/girl is “raped” every 6 seconds in the US and other sexual assaults are not in that statistics nor are any males …

      • chasinwakes

        Yes sir- eeeeeeh.
        I read this once some where a while back>> I will begin to trust cops — when– the good cops start turning over the bad ones?

      • chasinwakes

        this says it all

    • Rusty

      Minor, but it is a fine example of a pervasive attitude of “I can do whatever I want … I am special and exempt from the laws I am enforcing” But as someone who is disabled, I can assure you handicap spots are often violated by those who should not be using them or crowding (partial parked in) rendering them unusable. Often when other parking is available ???

  • Clive

    My wife used to work in a convenience store and called one the local SWAT officers for doing this. His reply was “ooooooh, whatcha gonna do about it, write me a ticket” as he walked off laughing. When he came back to the counter still laughing he asked “still upset about the parking job?” Her reply, “no, but you just made me lose a lot of respect for cops.” He stopped laughing.

    • Andre Reichenbacher

      And I’ll bet that scumbag found several ways to harass her after that, now that he knew she wasn’t just going to kiss his ass and let him do whatever he wanted. Sad.

      • Clive

        No, it was worse. They stopped responding to calls from the store in a timely manner to the point that the corporation had to complain on their behalf.

  • ThatSonyGuy

    took his plate, ran him through their system, gets a couple of his buddies to pull him over later and beats the shit out of the kid. that is 99% what happened next.

  • Webster resident

    You guys are too funny. That McDonald’s isn’t far from me. The handicap spots were moved a while back and this isn’t a new just happened video seeing Webster still has a ton of snow and there’s no snow in this video.

    • Aaron Nolen

      I was wondering that – it has to have a posted sign to be a handicap spot, not just a wheelchair outline in the spot. Regardless, the cop could have handled it better by explaining that to the guy and pointing to the new spots. But, he didn’t like having his authority challenged.

  • Webster resident

    The cop also states “why are you hassling me” not angerly but bothered as anyone would in this situation and let alone being filmed.

    • WarrenHart

      Fuck him. He’s a public employee and sho8uld be more respectful. They think they’re above social norms and the law.

  • Webster resident

    But no people only want to hate so this innocent cop who was out getting lunch for people is now seen as an evil racist white suprematist out to devour children’s souls in the name of Satan..fucking people….

    • WarrenHart

      He was an asshole.

    • mrdeal

      you are without a doubt a cop or married to one…. you wouldn’t question this because i promise you if a civilian parked in that spot the cop would have wrote you a 250 ticket!!!! now webster resident stop ball sucking your police dept its ugly

  • Webster resident

    Where was he going so fast? He was probably going to beat the nearest black male, then call his nazi friends to come and hate some more then shoot some kids in the name of the desolate one…

    • WarrenHart

      He should have been more respectful to the citizen and nothing would have been said.

  • Webster resident

    FYI the parking spot was painted over, as the handicap spots were relocated, and there is no state required sign posted. Also, the food was ordered to provide for prisoners/

    • Really

      He still said he can park wherever he wants and do whatever he wants, sounds like a self entitled prick to me.

    • Dilligaf0124

      I do not believe this post. The things you claim to be factual were the officer would have pointed it out. My guess is either you are a cop or married to one.

      • guest

        Well Barney Fife was going to feed the prisoners… yea right that was for the office I bet

      • guest

        In our state the employees are forbidden to go through drive through of any restaurant. They are not even allowed to park in the parking lot of fast food.

    • chasinwakes

      Dont give a fuck– remember this? ignorance of the law– in NO excuse– IE– its been there ( the Hadi-cap) — the cop just DGAF? they think their above the law– not to sound ??? like im a hater– just == all laws are for all HUMANS?

  • Scott Weiser

    Nothing pisses me off more then to see someone whose not handicapped parked in a handicapped parking space. I’ve called on plenty on of civilian ass holes parked in them before. Funny thing is most parking lots in stores and restaurants are contracted by private towing companies, in other words if yo call the cops they get a ticket but if you tell management they call their towing company and cars get get towed now does it mean it would have worked out that way probably not but I have seen it before. I used to work as a paramedic for a large municipality that has casinos, believe me casino management doesn’t care park in handicapped parking and they’ll tow it even if your sitting in it. Where I worked anyway. I am handicapped if I have to park other then handicapped parking I get pissed.

    • guest

      rightfully so. We were getting back into our car ( I am handicap) and some man approached us and said to my husband as we were getting in our car “Just what is your handicap?” My (6’2″ 250 pounds) husband stepped back out of the car and said “What?” They guy repeated himself. My husband then said “I don’t think that is any of your business is it? For your information its my wife’s placard and she has……” The guy had turned and was hightailing it into the store. We later found out that it is unlawful for someone to ask you that.

      • Andre Reichenbacher

        Good for your hubby standing up to that scumbag like that. And I’m about his size, too.

  • Camille Sweeney

    There was a police car parked in a fire lane in front of a store. I parked my car behind hers (left running while hubby was in there). I got money out of the atm. When I got back in my car the police woman was walking back to her car. She waved me down and told me I couldn’t park there. I told her I thought it was fine for a second since she did. Long story but she decided not to cite me.

    • guest

      good one

    • chasinwakes

      Luv that one– great job

  • independent driver

    I was with a friend of the family . He’s 75 years old . We were getting lunch at a restraint in Salem nh. And a cop pulls up out front in a no parking zone. My friend 75 year old says to the cop hey you can’t park there what gives you the right. My friend says if I parked there I’d get a ticket in a heart beat. The cop angrily turns to him and says I can park anywhere I want anywhere this gives me the right as he points to his badge! So evidently when they stick a police badge on you it gives you more rights than a normal citizen and you can do whatever you want at any time ! That’s what’s wrong with our police they think they are above the law . Do as they say not as they do ! Because they can get and way with it and you can’t !!

  • bugpartsoup

    This driver is a douche bag, I hope he gets his ass handed to him in court. The officer was a gentleman throughout.

  • Michele YellowRobe


  • Wesley Sandel

    You don’t want to confront this guy, just take a picture of his car with the handicapped sign prominent in the photo, take a picture of the license plate and car number and then ask him his name and badge number on the camera. Don’t respond to anything he says to you. Copy the photos and video to a CD and send it with a letter explaining the infraction to the police chief, members of the city council and the mayor. Nothing works quite as well as documentation.

  • Jason Bourne

    Just dealt with a dick cop who said I was sticking into a handicap spot which I wasn’t. I took photos and pointed out that the car behind me was not only blocking a driveway, but sticking into my spot. He told me that doesn’t matter. I’ll see him in court.