[WATCH] Brooklyn Rabbi ‘Traumatized’ After Vermont Cops Forced Him to the Ground at Gunpoint and Handcuffed his Family

A New York City rabbi was traumatized when he was pulled over on a remote Vermont interstate for suspected speeding, ordered at gunpoint to lie on the ground, then handcuffed along with his wife and another son.

Yehuda Fink, the son of Rabbi Berl Fink, said Monday that his parents and teenage brother and sister thought they were targets of a terrorist attack during the late-night August 8 stop.

‘We’re talking about normal people. What in the world are you doing to them? It’s out of hand. This shouldn’t have happened in any state in the United States of America,’ Yehuda, 29, said.

Rabbi Berl Fink, of Brooklyn, was cited for attempting to elude police after traveling more than four miles before pulling over.

Berl Fink said he didn’t know he was being pulled over but once he did, tried to find a safe spot to do so, his son said.

After the car pulled over, police dashboard video shows, the trooper shouted from his cruiser for driver Rabbi Berl Fink to get out and walk backward with his hands up.

Vermont State Trooper Justin, who was holding a gun, ordered him to lie on the ground.

Thompson decided to initiate a ‘high-risk motor vehicle stop’ because he was in a rural area late at night with no immediate backup nearby, the vehicle had failed to stop, the occupants’ actions were suspicious and the vehicle had been speeding, according to the investigation said.

In such a stop, officers are trained to order the driver and passengers out of the vehicle and to have their guns drawn.

During the stop, another of the Rabbi’s son, Rabbi Eli Fink tried to get out of the vehicle, but Thompson ordered him to stay inside.

Once backup police arrived, Eli Fink was ordered out of the vehicle and was told to walk backward but failed to do so and walked to a guardrail.

He was pushed against the car and was handcuffed.

Two other passengers, the Rabbi’s wife, Sarah Fink, and another child, also were handcuffed.

Sarah Fink told the New York Post the ordeal was ‘traumatizing.’

‘I tell you, there was brutality,’ she said. ‘He was pointing guns.’

A police investigation reviewed by the State Police Advisory Commission made up of Vermont residents found that Trooper Justin Thompson acted according to his training and police policy and that there was no evidence of bias.
The commissioner and the panel released a statement about the results of the investigation Friday.

‘Although we now know that this was not a dangerous situation, Trooper Thompson could not have known that during the time the vehicle failed to stop as he followed it for several miles on the interstates or at the time of the stop.

‘When assessed in their totality, Trooper Thompson’s observations reasonably led him to believe that he should conduct a high-risk stop to ensure a safe outcome,’ the statement said.

‘There was no evidence from the investigation to suggest his actions were based on any type of bias or profiling.’
Thompson had clocked the vehicle behind him going 83 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 91 in Thetford, according to the investigation.

The investigation found it was so dark the trooper couldn’t see details of the vehicle’s occupants before trying to pull it over.

Thompson pulled over and put on his lights. Once the vehicle passed he tried to pull it over with his lights and siren, but the driver failed to stop, driving 60-65 mph for 4.5 miles.

Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the ordeal was ‘so clearly unnecessary’ and still affecting the family.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4942346/Son-Rabbi-family-traumatized-Vermont-traffic-stop.html#ixzz4uqWfGSHx

This Rabbi and his family were traumatised over a traffic stop

This Rabbi and his family were traumatised over a traffic stop

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, 4 October 2017

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  • a_b704

    Hmmm, why didn’t he pull over?

    • Ben

      Said was looking for a safe place to pull over…

      • a_b704

        That would be to the right – you know, in the breakdown lane. Article says he was on the interstate.

        • Egor Rostashvili

          In any case, cops did everything by the book

          • a_b704

            Yep. Pull over them the blue lights come on. Roll down the windows, turn off the car, turn the inside lights on, and if you have guns on you, like all sensible people, keep your hands on the wheel. That would solve 99.9% of these problems. And of course, do not carry drugs in your car, do not try to pull sovereign citizen or Moorish Nation BS, have a license, have insurance, and register your car.

        • xiromisho

          not every Interstate has a spot to pull over right away. Additionally depending on how far away the cop was when he started, on a long interstate you can be unsure if the officer is coming after you or not.

          I’d also like to point out that for the distance of 4 miles, approximated, the “pursuit” was no more than 3 and a half to 4 minutes, at that speed.

          • a_b704

            Blue lights come on, pull over. A middle aged man would know this.

            Anyway, if you search ‘Interstate 91 Thetford pictures’, you will see this is a typical interstate, the breakdown lane is even wider than the traffic lane, due to rumble strips.

  • Egor Rostashvili

    Cops did absolutely right thing. It dose not matter if they are khasidim or blacks or latinos. You are speeding? You will be trited just like this. But, simple for ev=rybody who complains for cops behavior, rabay and his son folowed cops orders and no resling or fighting was nessesary, unlike most blacks resist orders. I solute cops on this

    • Aram S. Katz

      So much illiteracy in this post, so little intelligence.

      • Wendy Colby

        How about more intelligence than you posting in a language not your own so others can read it….assimilating I believe it’s called. Something many peoples don’t even bother to try.

        • Aram S. Katz

          A: I can type in five languages. Which one do you want me to use?
          B: I don’t even live in the States. I live overseas.
          C: My wife is a foreign national who types better than this and has had no former English teaching.

          • Egor Rostashvili

            BS, you know only English, may be some Yidish and few words of Polish. But, definitely have BIG mouth.

          • Wendy Colby

            What has that to do with anything at all? Kudos you have an educated wife and 3/4 of the people in Europe can speak 3-5 languages so big whoop. Most educated intelligent people do not need to prop their self-esteem by putting down others.

          • Aram S. Katz

            I’m not in Europe, lady. I’m in Asia. Leave the bubble of the US and then talk to me.

          • Jay Dee

            You Asian douche bag you. 🙂

      • Egor Rostashvili

        Mr.Pots, if you judge people by “illiterscy” then you mayt be a schmok. Law is a law and it has nothing to do with my illiteracy. Most antisemites speack perfect english. Judge for yourself if you are inough inteligent, most blacks do not follow cops orders and engage in somekind fight with them, what creates an isciou. But Raby folowed cops orders and this was a dill that i was trying to indicate to semy inteligents and schmoks like you, that did not created a concequenses like most blacks clame. Gei kaken

        • Aram S. Katz

          And at a point in time, interracial marriage was illegal, slavery was legal, women could be arrested for attempting to vote, and no Asian person could move to the US, starting with the Chinese Exclusion Act, then expanding under the Asia Act. But the law is the law. I love fascists who say that, then good Americans like Henry David Thoreau state that civil disobedience is necessary to break unjust laws. Let’s not forget John Scopes who broke TN law about teaching evolution, Linda Brown who break segregation, Rosa Parks who refused to move from her seat as ordered by a cop, and Harriet Tubman who broke the Fugitive Slave Law with the underground railroad.

          Your posts are illogical, idiotic, and moronic, as well as extremely poorly written in every way.

          • Jay Dee

            Yes, America is a hodge podge of contradictions. Wasn’t it Whitman who said—and I paraphrase: If I contradict myself, I contradict myself. I am large. I think in multitudes. What’s your point exactly besides that some Americans can’t write well?

    • Silverstream

      If you have any shred of intelligence, when you see a bumbling old overweight Rabbi come out of the car, the cop should have de-escalated. Part of the reason they are given a gun is that they should have the intelligence to wield it appropriately. This guy needs to be put on probation, get training and if this is standard protocol, it needs to be changed.

  • Wendy Colby

    If he was afraid he could’ve waited the 3 or 4 minutes it took back up to get there . As soon as he saw who he was dealing with the walking backwards and screaming shit should’ve been over. They do it to little old ladies and kids too like we live in effin Iraq. I don’t care if it’s training they need to quit it.Also, we the public ARE TRAINED to look for a safe place to pull over2( lighted areas etc) Why does that mean nothing?

    • Egor Rostashvili

      2 weeks ago in Bulgaria 2 man dresed in khasidik close shot 4 cops and disappired.

  • John

    He was going over 80 on the highway when the speed limit was 65.. he also went for over 4 miles with the blue lights on behind him and as you can tell by the video it was dark there is no way this man could not see that and if he couldn’t see that then he shouldn’t have been driving the police officer thought he wasn’t trying to elude therefore This man no matter what his religion is ahould be punished and the cop used the correct for as he did not know what this man was trying to do