[WATCH] Cop Who Killed 6-Year-Old Boy Allowed to Take Caribbean Vacation Before Trial

Marksville, LA — A high-profile former police officer who has been charged with the murder of an innocent child, is currently out on a $1 million bail and is awaiting trial, was allowed to leave the continental U.S. to enjoy a vacation at St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Norris Greenhouse Jr. is the second of two officers charged in the murder of 6-yr-old Jeremy Mardis. The first officer, Derrick Stafford, was found guilty in March of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter in Mardis’ November 2015 murder.

The shots were intended for Mardis’ father, whose ongoing dispute with Greenhouse, culminated in the two officers firing multiple rounds into the SUV driven by Christopher Few (Mardis’ father).

Captured on police dash and body cameras, the grisly incident stunned the nation (SHOWING Derrick) Stafford and a second officer, Norris Greenhouse, shooting irresponsibly into the vehicle driven by Christopher Few following a brief pursuit — even though the father raised his arms in compliance with the cops’ orders.
In the video, the two officers appeared to immediately know they had crossed the line when approaching the vehicle they believed was only occupied by Few, they noticed Mardis’ dead body in the back seat. There were two other officers on the scene who did not fire their weapons and were therefore not charged.

Stranger still, Greenhouse was not even an Avoyelles Parish police officer at the time of the killing. He reportedly had been fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old, a fact which will surely be presented as evidence in court.

Concerns have now been raised by Avoyelles Today the officer may attempt to flee justice. After all, it would be much easier for him to do so while in the Caribbean than if he were contained to the continental U.S.

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