WATCH: Fatal Shooting by Off-Duty Chicago Cop Sparks Calls for Justice

Family calls for justice after an off-duty Chicago police officers fatally shoots an unarmed man.


Marlon Horton was unarmed when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with an off-duty Chicago police officer last year. And a recently released video recording of the incident has reignited the family’s call for justice, according to Fox Chicago News television.

The recording was released in the aftermath of two other high-profile deaths of unarmed black men in encounters with police: Eric Garner on New York City’s Staten Island and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Both deaths sparked angry demonstrations across the nation, including days of police squaring off with protesters in Ferguson.

Unlike in the deaths of Garner and Brown, officers involved in Horton’s case are not white. Still, Fox News says more than 600 people have commented on the video, which gave Horton’s girlfriend the first look at “what she called the devastating last minutes of” Horton’s life, the report says.

“My stomach started churning, I looked at it and then I was like no, it’s kinda like surreal,” Rhonda Day, who lived with Horton, told Fox Chicago News.

The incident occurred Sat., Sept. 7, 2013, outside a Chicago Housing Authority housing project on the city’s near West Side, the report says. Horton had arrived there early to meet Day, who had spent the night at her mother’s apartment, Fox Chicago News reports.

Because Horton’s cellphone battery had died, he was unable to call Day to let her know he was outside. And two guards, including an off-duty Chicago cop, would not let him enter the building, Fox News writes. A confrontation ensued, shots were fired and Horton ended up dead.

“Had they asked why you over here, who you looking for, and he would have said me and she’s upstairs and if you not letting me in could you go up there. No, they could have just done the whole thing different in my opinion,” Day said, according to the television channel.

The family, which has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the officer who shot Horton, is awaiting the findings of an investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority, the TV channel reports. Last year after the shooting, a police spokesman said the officer had fired in fear for his life, the report says.

“It’s hard to see him in a situation where he didn’t have to die,” Horton’s brother, Gerard, told the news station. “I feel like they just murdered him.”


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  • TTMartin

    Long after a weapon was drawn the guy kept coming at him. He finally closed to a distance armed or not he was a threat. There are many unjustified Police shootings, this video doesn’t depict one.

    • crazytrain2

      There is no other way to see this. There is no law, rule, or anything that says you have to fight someone that wants to fight you. He continued to advance on armed men after his intentions of violence were abundantly clear. Because the man with the gun was a cop is the only reason this has gotten any coverage at all. Otherwise, it is one black man shooting another, and there are several hundred of those in that city already this year. Can’t recall any protest over those shootings, which were illegal btw, this was an armed citizen protecting himself from someone too stupid not to advance on an armed person.

      • Henry Tahere

        Hello, who initiated violence 1st? Him or the off duty cop? was it a 1v1 or 2v1? didn’t the off duty cop only pull out his weapon after being knocked on his ass? after trying to do a leg takedown on the soon to be dead guy?. Anyone would feel upset if assaulted & then had a weapon pulled on them, wouldn’t you? I am only asking these questions so I can understand your point of view? Would it be reasonable to assume he was asking them to put away their weapons & fight like men?, but instead they fought like cops because they feared for their lives after attacking an unarmed person of color. Is killing someone really a solution? or is it a cowards way of using deadly force to prove themselves superior? Why didn’t they call the cops to deal with this situation instead of taking the law into their own hands? If he had a gun & used it on the cop & security guard would you still have the same opinion? or would that not be considered self defence as well?, Would you obey an unlawful request? from another civilian? or police? or accept being assaulted? would common sense prevail if guns were not involved? I am sorry for all the questions but I require more information before I assume my own opinion of why he had to die? as I already know how. He was ignorant of the fact that his life truly didn’t matter at all. Who would you chose to be Honestly? The man holding the Gun, or the man without the gun? A real MAN would use his mouth as a GUN & his words as AMMO, a COWARD would kill him & use excuses to justify it & their friends would agree with them.

        • crazytrain2

          I am not answering that barrage of questions point by point, but I will say this: he could have walked away and called the police as well(his phone was dead, but there are other phones out there), but he chose to continue to want to fight. No one, and I mean no one should have to fight simply because the other person wants violence. So a gun was displayed that clearly says “stay back or I will use this” and this Darwin Award winner continues to go after the guy with the gun showing he is violent and crazy. I am not going to risk that person getting my gun from me and risk them using on me, so if I have a gun draw and the person persists, I am going to be the guy using the gun and not the one getting shot.

          And the “assaulting a person of color” comment-all three involved were black, and I did not see what actually started the fight, but this guy kept going after a man with a gun. The security guy is working there and the cop lived there or was working-that guy did not have a key nor did he live there. He was trying to get in to see his gf, but they don’t have to let him in, call anyone to let him in-for fucks sake, he was an adult, not a helpless child. “No, we are not letting you in!” And he wants to argue and fight them for that.

          And finally, no he did not need to die. But he made that decision. He could have walked away. The cop and the security guard did not pursue him and were backing away from him and he kept going after armed men. His dumbass got his own self shot.

          • Henry Tahere

            So a coward with a gun has the right to kill an unarmed man even though they assaulted him 1st hmmm so he pulled out the gun when he got his ass beat which is probably why he’s a cop right? Even after shooting the guy in the chest they never offered him any medical assistance & let him bleed to death, he should of shot him in the head & dealt with it there & then but nah let him die from a gut wound rolling around on the ground bleeding out. Oh wait he left the scene after shooting the dude hmmm he was gone for a while??? Still no medical aid when he returned, so it’s murder not self defence. You sir should be a cop with your mentality & I will continue with my Law Degree.

          • crazytrain2

            Ok. They were having a heated discussion when this guy went after the security guard with the dreads. The cop kicks the guy in the leg and the fight escalates. They pull guns, guy continues to advance, gets shot.

            Being able to hear what was being said would be a big help here, but I am betting this guy was aggressive from the start. They should have just gone inside and locked him out, and he should have just left-but he wanted to fight, even after firearms were displayed.

            And good luck with the law degree. You sound like a very intelligent and caring individual. I am sure you will just breeze through law school with few problems.

          • Henry Tahere

            Thanks for the replies, I wasn’t trying to start an argument or rather it wasn’t my intention to do so & I apologise for some of the insensitive remarks I made. I was angry & was just trying to understand why an unarmed person had his life taken & it could be justified with the term Self-Defence?. I also agree they should have locked him out & issued a trespass on him. I do not think all parties acted with a clear head which led to such a disastrous outcome but this happened outside the building not inside which made it a public incident not private. I would definitely have agreed in the use of force if they were still inside the building & were ejecting him from it & he tried to resist. Most cases of cops shooting & killing people are because they were carrying & displaying a weapon of some kind, a knife, scissors or even an iPhone, but it’s clear this guy had none. It turned from fisticuffs to deadly force in a matter of minutes & no medical aid was offered immediately after the shooting. I believe in Self-Defence as a 1st resort not as a last resort but only if my life was truly at risk, not because some guy hit me with his fist.