WATCH: Majorca Cop Karate Kicks Handcuffed Suspect in The Head TWICE as Fellow Police Officers Stand by and Watch

21 MAY 2015

This is the jaw-dropping moment a police officer karate kicks a suspected drink driver TWICE around the head.

The act of violence was viewed by his fellow cops, who just stood by watching.

In the video, the 41-year-old officer kicks the suspect with his left foot and then his right while the victim is handcuffed to a chair at the police station in Majorca.

And colleagues of the officer failed to intervene – with one accused of moving a camera after realising the attack has been filmed on CCTV.

The disturbing footage emerged on Wednesday after the officer, who has not been named, admitted to carrying out the attack.

The officer now faces four years behind bars if convicted on charges of torture and wounding.

He told at a court in Palma on Tuesday that he had “lost his nerves” after the suspect “threatened to slice up his daughter”.

He also insisted he knew he was being filmed and apologised to his victim.

He said: “It wasn’t the right behaviour. It wasn’t the sort of behaviour a policeman should display.”

The police officer accused of moving the camera said he knocked it by accident as he got his extendable baton out.

The attack took place in September 2011 after the assault victim had been arrested upon failing a breath test in the wake of a road accident.

The suspect has denied insulting or threatening any police officers.

He also claimed that he had been hit several times while at the police station.

The police officer’s three colleagues are each facing one-year jail sentences if found guilty when the case resumes on May 27.

Local paper Diario de Mallorca reported the defendant was still working as a police officer employed by Palma Town Hall.


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