WATCH: Man Violently Arrested Outside a McDonalds in Melbourne

12th Feb 2017

Melbourne, Australia – VIDEO of a Victorian police officer apparently punching a man during an arrest has been posted – and hastily removed – from social media.

The video was taken by an onlooker outside a McDonalds store in Melbourne’s west and shows four officers involved in a violent confrontation with a man.

The short clip shows the man approaching a black Mercedes, where three officers are standing.

The man says to one officer, “what are you doing?”

The question apparently sparked the confrontation.

“I’m doing a roadside inspection,” one officer yells.

“I told you, are you going to obstruct me from doing my job?”

The three are then seen trying to forcibly restrain the man, with one repeatedly pushing him.

The man is then forced onto the bonnet of his car by the trio.

The man then becomes agitated, trying to escape arrest.

He is then forced off the bonnet of the car.

When a fourth officer leaps onto the man’s back in a bid to restrain him, one of the other officers in then shown to throw a punch at him.

He is then thrown to the ground by the other three, where one officer can be heard saying to him, “you’re resisting arrest”.

It is believed the man tried to kick one of the officers before the onlooker began to video the confrontation.

Others watching the scuffle can be heard hurling expletives at the officers as the scuffle unfolds.

The arrested man eventually had to be subdued with capsicum spray.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said both the driver and another man were charged following the incident.

“A 22-year-old Altona man was charged with affray and assaulting police and a 19-year-old Altona man was charged with assaulting and resisting police,” she told the Herald-Sun.

Both have been bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on June 20.


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