[WATCH] Newly Released Video Raises Questions About Man Who Was Shot by CHP Officer

The video records Shadwell after the shooting reporting over the radio that he has been involved in a “combat shooting” and that the suspect is “1144,” or likely dead. The recording shows Shadwell subsequently stringing police tape along the roadway as he awaits assistance in the remote area, and waving a passing car away from the scene. But it does not show him approaching the body or providing medical assistance.

Other officers arrive on the scene about 19 minutes later, and begin performing CPR efforts 23 minutes after the shooting, according to the video. Those efforts continue for about 12 minutes.

The videos were recorded by the mobile vehicle audio recording system in Shadwell’s CHP patrol car, and include a nearly four-minute recording of Shadwell’s initial contact with Shaham and a nearly two-hour recording of the follow-up contact during which Shadwell shoots Shaham.

The CHP initially declined to release the videos to The Bee, but later agreed to provide redacted versions that blur out the image of Shaham’s body lying next to his car after he is shot, as well as his face. The agency also provided access to the video to Haddad, whose lawsuit is pending in federal court in Sacramento.

For the full story visit: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article175741376.html

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  • Rod

    What the hell??? They dont have FOIA?? No blurred pics!!

  • crazytrain2

    If there was video, I was unable to see it. A knife is a deadly threat, but if you have a car between you and the subject, you can try to use less lethal force. If the subject runs around the car, which he could do very quickly, then use deadly force.