[WATCH] Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Sentenced To 27 Months In Prison For Use of Excessive Force

PITTSBURGH – A former Pittsburgh police sergeant will spend 27 months in prison for a fight with a fan outside Heinz Field two years ago.

Sgt. Stephen Matakovich was in court Wednesday for sentencing. A jury had previously found him guilty of violating the subject’s civil rights by use of excessive force.

Matakovich must also pay restitution.

The victim’s mother took the stand during the hearing and asked for Matakovich to be sent to prison.

“It’s hard watching your son being beaten like that. We teach our children to respect police officers then this happens and I think it’s just a blemish on the Pittsburgh police, on all police,” Sherry Despres said.

Matakovich asked for leniency saying he wanted to be present for his two daughters.

Matakovich’s defense attorneys had argued against imprisonment, saying he had led an “honorable and lawful life.”

But the pre-sentence report detailed a pattern of questionable arrests involving Matakovich over several years, and states that he “never used the lowest amount of force available.”

In 56 cases of arrests involving some resistance, 20 involved Matakovich using closed fist strikes to the head and face, and of those, 17 resulted in injuries to the subject such as a “broken nose, broken jaw, or being knocked unconscious.”

There were 34 complaints filed against him at the Office of Municipal Investigations. Eleven being complaints by citizens alleging use of excessive force. The substantiated claims involved allegations of excessive force, false arrest and failing to report the use of a Taser.

Source: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/11/15/stephen-matakovich-sentenced-excessive-force/amp/

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  • Matelot1

    At least his daughters got to see what a thug their old man is.

  • Richard Blaine

    Hopefully you get put in Genpop Copphag! Now you are going to see a whole new meaning to what as asshole is for! You are going to find out the you don’t have the guts or balls that you think that badge gives you in the outside world because inside nothing is the outside! You are going to get phucked up and you are going to deserve it! PUNK!

    • magormissabib

      Why do americans think rape / sodomy is a just punishment. You are worse than the cop.

      • Richard Blaine

        Maybe you like to be raped and sodomized. It is a just punishment and it crushes the persons psyche! They get what they deserve!

        • magormissabib

          Youre sick in the head. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  • Paul Val

    he is a CRIMINAL a predator, a man who disgraced the badge, gave ALL cops a black eye and used his position to terrorize the public he was supposed to protect,he deserves to ROT, it’s the ONLY way these thug cowards with badges will learn, they need to forfeit his pension while they are at it

  • Nick Nitro

    Keep hiring dirt-bag losers

  • N9NJA

    All cops are bastards.

  • Russell Smith

    Wow, 2 whole years.

  • Francis Meloski

    Not all cops are bad, it is not an easy job and can turn anyone into lashing out in anger.

    • Jhink

      When they shave their head bald, you already have the first indication the cop is a thug. When they put on their black gloves after the suspect is cuffed, you know they are getting ready for a major beat down. So easy to spot a thug cop.

  • Reuben James Hunt

    He needed to be sent to jail as an example to other crooked cops, I still feel he got off light.

  • Paul Booth

    Let’s hope he gets what he deserves in the pen!