[WATCH] Cops Execute 80-yr-old Man in his Own Bed During Botched Raid

(2/12/14) LOS ANGELES — Eugene Mallory was an 80-yr-old retired engineer who was respected and loved by his community.

He often helped his neighbors and struck up conversations to offer them the wisdom of his life experiences.

All of that came to an end early one morning as numerous officers bashed in his front door and raided his home.

Moments later, Eugene was found riddled with bullet wounds, in his bed.

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This kind 80-yr-old man posed no threat to officers whatsoever, but was executed because cops thought they smelled “meth” coming from the house.

They performed a no-knock raid after “meth” was smelled outside.

Making matters worse, police reports then claimed that they told Eugene to “drop a gun” before killing him.

But the recording of the incident reveals that that was a lie, according to reports.

Eugene actually did not charge officers with a weapon at all. He was shot and killed as he lied in his own bed, according to reports.

After opening fire on Eugene, a cop can then be heard saying “drop the gun” as if he knew he would need to cover himself in court, reports say.

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Eugene leaves behind his wife and family, who believe he was unjustifiably murdered.

This is what America has become — a kind old man dying in a pool of blood in his own bed.

Individuals who decide to become cops produce little of value for society.

Any valuable services that they provide — such as investigating crimes after the fact, or directing traffic during accidents — are incidental to the true purpose for which their institution exists, and can be provided by independent organizations.

The institution of  contemporary policing exists solely to protect political rulers, whether by generating forced tribute (i.e. tickets for victimless “crimes”), invading people’s homes, shooting them and seizing their property, or by suppressing rebellion with threats and iniatory violence.

Eugene joins countless other victims of the police state, with no-knock raids now increasing to 4000% since the 1980s, and with over 5,000 Americans killed by cops since 9/11.

Watch the video below (Warning Graphic)

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  • altmartion

    why is there no link or a source provided to the local story? I just can’t believe the info that gets left out of these articles. the only info in these articles points only at cops shooting. I seriously am beginning to think some of these stories are just that. stories that are just made up to promote anger and aggression. but I must say, it works. the people who already are in the mindset believe what is written and some actually use it for facts.

    • satanizer

      I found links including cbs news covering the story by simply typing the magic words EUGENE and MALLORY into this shit called google. thearticles here are unprofessionally written, but for fucks sake, do the research yourself instead of sitting there wondering where your link is.

      • altmartion

        I did do that. it wasn’t my point. hey give info that is not true in some of these. and many people would rather argue according to what the story implicates rather than research. people like me who actually do research and have facts and proof are belittled and called idiots and morons because they believe some of the garbage. when someone threatens the life of another person, cop or not, because the story is full of lies, that’s a problem. some day, a real true tough guy sycho

        • Anonymous

          Altmartion has a point. Good Journalism includes sources. Most of the people here probably don’t take Mainstream Media seriously? Why? Because sometimes their “sources” have turned out to be actors or completely fabricated entirely. What is true for Faux News is also true for this Website, and other independent journalists. Just because I know government and police are a destructive force to humanity doesn’t mean I believe every negative story I hear about them.

          • altmartion

            thanks. yes, I am not saying they actions are right, or wrong. I am just saying that I have seen some serious threats based on some outright lies written. i do know of investigations going because of these threats. i just hope they don’t ever materialize. rarely see an author, and for a reason i am sure.

          • satanizer

            I’m just saying: this site isn’t good journalism. its propaganda news. it may be true, but don’t look to them for providing resources. and because I say its propaganda doesn’t mean I disagree with the point of view. but for example, I couldn’t sent a flagwaving foxnews loving copsupporter here to prove my point that there are tons of shitbag cops. they’d look at it, see it as the propaganda they already think has swayed me to this view,andleave. no change of thought. the articles are written in a biased and hateful manner, not to mention shit grammar and spelling. it wins no hearts.

          • altmartion

            I agree with you. honestly when I found this place it was a mistake. I was pulled in by an article that at first I believed. luckily I am the type to check things out. then I noticed they are mostly all written with the same intent. I am not a cop hater, I am not a cop lover either. there ARE good cops. but some folks don’t want to believe it, and to each their own. I don’t hold it against anyone. I think I stick around here because I feel the need to correct wrong info. I don’t know why either, it’s just me, I guess. mostly I don’t like it when people give “facts” when they are made up and not facts at all. and it makes me upset when people hold on to these articles for factual info and argue to the end. then they call me idiotic and fucking moron when I state actual facts. I mean it is what it is, I just want them to see what the article really is.

          • artrbndi

            ya, sure, there are good cops. 5000+ people have been killed by cops in the US since 9/11, i think they are out numbered. and that’s what people are talking about and what needs changed–now

          • altmartion

            that is a lot of deaths, but considering there are about 3/4 of a million officers those odds aren’t bad. not what you wanted to hear, I know. when a cop runs into a burning building to save children, adults and even cats, are they still considered corrupt? of those 5000 deaths what was the most common cause? I see the number all over the place but haven’t seen a breakdown. I will keep searching.

          • A few heroic deeds versus murder and constant constitutional violations.

          • Carlo Benniti

            I searched the term “Eugene Mallory”, first hit is a Washington Post (shall we consider that a media outlet?) and IT HAD THREE SENTENCES AND OF COURSE A YOUTUBE LINK. THE WASHINGTON POST. And, if you could, please state what the inaccuracies were in this present piece of reporting. Maybe it should be like the WP article, maybe?

          • altmartion

            it was a general statement. details are left out. usually ones that may sway someone to see a smidgen of justification. exaggerated story lines and facts. not just a little either. and just made up details. these examples don’t apply to the other side. I understand the reason why they do it, I just don’t understand the reason so many people read into it. I research for just this reason. I like to show facts. not to justify either view, just so people have them.

    • Hunter Muckel

      It’s a primary source story. No citation should be needed. They could have perhaps interviewed a few more people, but as the video stated, the police refused to participate. They might have interviewed neighbors or other friends and such… but you really can’t get harder info than a primary source interview…

  • Justin Keane

    i recently had 2 officers break into my home and pull me out by my hair, then started beating me, and handcuffed me, under no suspicion, without warrant, and without crime, then 2 more officers joined in the beating, while i was cuffed and on the ground on my back porch. when i ask why i they broke in, and started beating me, an officers said “i’ll slit your throat if you dont shut the fuck up” and many other threats were made to me, such as they would “split my head open”. this was 4 am and 12 degrees outside and i was in nothing but my underwear and house shoes. i am a 160 pound type 1 insulin dependant diabetic. i was put in a police van for nearly an hour. then an officer said i was going to be charged with resisting arrest and assault on an officer. i was never told what i was under arrest for, i did not resist, nor assault anyone. i was never read my rights, and never was given an opportunity to make a phone call. after finally being brought to the police substation, i was put in a holding cell for several hours, without any medical attention, while bleeding and bruised with dislocated shoulders and several other injuries all over my body. later i was taken to a downtown precinct where i told the officers there i was a diabetic and needed my insulin shot. the nurse on staff took my glucose level, and it was critical, it didn’t even read a number, just read “hi” and was blinking red. it can only take a matter of moments for a diabetic to go into shock and die, or a coma and never wake up again, or suffer severe neurological damages. again i received no medical attention and was put into a cell for several more hours while i drifted in and out of consciousness feeling severely ill, and badly beaten. the charges had already been dropped against me, and still i sat in a cell while i bled. i dont know where to go or who to ask for help, i contacted my city and state officials, and their responses where uncaring and uninformative. they offered no help or information that could help me in any way. i have contacted several law firms that say they cant help with a case like this. what do i do where do i turn to, who will help me? i have 2 witnesses to all this and photographic evidence, of all my injuries, please help me. [email protected]

    • altmartion

      file a report with a da. get copies and distribute. what were they looking for?

    • Tom Birmingham

      Sounds liek you need an attorney. Contact the ACLU… say hello to a nice pay day in a few years. I suggest (if you file) that you may have to move to get out of the circle of influence these police have while your case moves forward. They won’t be fired due to the unions but the city will be forced to pay you out. BTW: get political (if you can, appearances are important) and start lobbying for a change in police HR policies. Average cop hired scored a 64% on their tests and the cut off score for hiring is a 68%…core of the story is your average cop is a D student. I have a low opinion of the unintelligent and certainly don’t feel they should have any authority what so ever as things like what happened to you will be the result.

      • herb

        contact the aclu…. hahahaha unless your a memebr of acertail groups illegals, racial minorities, glbt, or terrorist captured on foreign soil who now wants Costitutional rights…. good lick with the anti-american commie liberaral union!!!! i have tried them many times myself for numerous corrupt police abuses…. waste of time every instance…… go to a law library and start reading… look at different motions and see if they may fit your siituation and then file a $^&*ton of motions make it so you absorb tons of time and resources such that your not worth the hassle of hassling anymore!!!

        • Andrew Gordon

          “good lick”, sir I don’t think the ACLU is what you think it is. Have fun in teabagistan.

          • Robert Stevens

            the only bags around here are your boyfriends and they are resting on your chin liberace

          • TurkeyMonkeyJamboree

            Nice comeback i never thought of that one Nice! I like it even though you all have many good n bad points I think some arguments on the web are dumb and this is one of those, though be entertaining, you’ll like this one though I am sure you’ll use it

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            thank God that there is finally someone checking in here with an intelligent, well thought out, solidly reasoned viewpoint… I was beginning to despair…

          • Chris Bacher

            I was waiting for the sexual insecurity comment. Please collect your prize.

          • altmartion

            do you have another suggestion for him?

          • Adam Brian

            The tea party and the ACLU actually hate each other.

          • Jackhammer

            Tea Party are the tax payers. The working class. Not the slugs you’re thinking of. The one’s who believe in the ACLU. You know? Democrat, low-information voters?

          • Grayson Thacker

            The Tea Partiers are “the tax payers”? Isn’t the whole allusion of their name supposed to be in reference to their desire NOT to pay taxes?
            Regardless, folks in the Tea Party are some of the most ignorant in the nation. Those fools followed Palin and Beck around for more than half a decade, praising them in their footsteps.
            Sure, a lot, maybe even most, of Democrats these days are stupid hippies overly obsessed with political correctness, but pointing out what’s wrong with the Democrat party does nothing to excuse the stupid that’s so rampant amongst the religious right.
            The only reason anyone would take issue with the ACLU is if you have an issue with freedom. A lot of folks like to talk as though they support freedom, but they just support some freedoms. If you’re truly for freedom, you’re for freedom across the board. That means pro-guns rights, pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, anti-drug prohibition, anti-affirmative action, anti-mandatory helmet laws, and so forth. Deep down inside, everyone KNOWS freedom when they see it, but a lot of us like to pretend like freedom is only freedom when it suits our agenda.

          • popularopine

            Your Evidently a Libertarian ? If you think we should have the complete rights to do just whatever we want ? I do agree with most of your stance, but that means you have to pass laws to do drugs on the street, have sex on the street in front of kids, etc . So the forefathers ideas of decency and a set of laws that protects all and not just a certain group or special interest. Some is always trying to pervert the laws into what they wish, and not just the Common good. So the argument for Complete Freedom , is NOT Freedom for others . That does not want their kids exposed in front of their house , or schools to the ones that would take away their rights to decency and common sense of behaviour . We can make noise about OUR rights, but when they infringe on others, it is NOT a right.

          • Grayson Thacker

            I’m not a Libertarian, I’m not a member of any political party, as they’re all flawed.
            Nothing I said implied anything about “pass[ing] laws to do drugs on the street, hav[ing] sex on the street in front of kids, etc”, and you’re too stupid to debate if you think otherwise.

            If a crime is victimless, it’s not a crime. You’re specifically looking for actions that result in victimization, and I’m sure you know better than to suggest that that’s what I’m advocating.
            As far as the Tea Party wanting smaller government, that’s a complete load. If they wanted smaller government they would all support drug legalization, and they wouldn’t be trying to pass laws to ban gay marriage. Tea Partiers just want small government when it’s convenient for them. When it comes to things they don’t like, they want as big a government as possible to stop it.

          • popularopine

            I think your NOT qualified for much of anything . Your type of Freedom is not free , nor is it fair. Just examine your own BASHING, of a law abiding group of people, that just happens to have an opinion on something. There is Plenty of People to find fault with, and you are VERY political in thought !

          • Grayson Thacker

            Yes, freedom of speech, moron. I can insult whomever I wish. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.
            And if you want to be taken seriously, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

          • Zach von Behren

            Seems to me the Tea Party are the ones using up most of our tax resources. Mostly from the Southern/GOP states who rely on Federal money to stay afloat, getting Social Security or some type of State/Federal assistance money because they are too fat/dumb/lazy to live the way they want everyone else to live.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            gee guys, I think this whole discussion is getting way the Hell off the initial issue, is it ok to murder an old man in his sleep and call it enforcing the law?

          • Because of the ACLU I was able to be baptised by Southern Baptists in East Tennessee, in a public park on a creek. Before the ACLU sued the red state of TN it was against the law for Christians to baptise in public parks. Can you even imagine?

        • Joseph Von Zipper

          Didnt you know herb,we White People are a racial minority have been now for about 2yrs.Have a clue.

          • Adam Brian

            Why is it that white people say this when it’s no where near true. Pretty easy to see white people are still the majority in America.

          • Joseph Von Zipper

            Adam,as a year or two ago,Asians,South Americans and blacks and every other race in America rose above the White population…So WE are the minority.That means people college educations,jobs,grants and such are out there for the MINORITY…

          • altmartion

            you forgot motivation and respect. that’s just plain gone

          • Helena_Handbasket

            Dumbass.. We are not a minonrity. We no longer represent over 50% of the population, true. All of us the other races combined no longer add up to a smaller segment of the population of our one race. This does not make us a minority. We are still the largest single racial group.

          • Adam Brian

            Tom Owens well duh. Lol Joseph Bon Nazi. Could you produce one governmental document that proves that. You have the internet so you should know saying whites are a minority in contemporary America is shamefully dumb.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            humanity is the only majority that matters, we should have realized that by now.

          • Jackhammer

            Yeah, blacks make up a paltry 12.6%.

          • Tom Owens

            Being a white male growing up in Southern California I was a minority. I think it depends on where you are at in the country.

          • tom

            good, white people suck

          • My Own Business

            Tom YOU ARE STUPID!

          • altmartion

            ataboy!!!! way ta get at’m.

          • Joseph Von Zipper

            Yea but if it happened to a nigger all hell would break loose.Ya wanna know why,well they cry like little babies and uncle al comes to the rescue to add fuel to the fire.

          • elise

            wow you people sicken me. the only way humanity will survive is if we learn to work together and coexist. i can’t wait until all the old racists die off and the younger generations can finally live together in peace. minorities don’t ruin neighborhoods. drugs, violence, racism, and corrupt police ruin neighborhoods. i am a young white female born and raised in baltimore city. i know what destroys neighborhoods.

          • Grayson Thacker

            Drugs don’t ruin neighborhoods, stupid ruins neighborhoods.

          • CH

            And as evidenced by the educational performance of American students vs. those in other industrialized nations, America is a completely ruined neighborhood. We’re too blinded by our Ray Bans, Pepsi commercials, and jacked up pickup trucks to see just how stupid we really are.

          • Alan Blake

            Grayson you are the man!

          • TheFlashingScotsman

            Yes, liberalism. The worst kind of racism.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            all the racists died? did blacks stop having illegitimate kids?

          • CH

            it takes a special kind of racist to try to make a point by referring to black people as ‘niggers’. Ignorance is bliss, right Joseph?

          • Jackhammer

            You must be the boyfriend mentioned earlier.

          • Daniel Brock

            If white people suck, why the hell do the rest of you keep moving to our part of town and destroying it? White people tend to build wealth while minorities tend to be leaches.

          • Grayson Thacker

            I can see how you’d manage to convince yourself that’s true when it comes to black folks and Latinos, but how’s your theory hold up when it comes to Asians? A simple glance at statistics shows they perform better in a number of areas than white folks, and are better behaved as well.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I don’t think most of us have a problem with Asians. they’re polite, they learn to speak English, they study hard, and they work hard. none of those things apply to most blacks.

          • Grayson Thacker

            Daniel Brock said, and I quote, “White people tend to build wealth while minorities tend to be leaches”.
            Asians are a minority in the nation, and they’re on average more successful and hardworking than white folks.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            Yup, ain’t that the truth! I mean in the South, all those white people working so damn hard in the fields amassing their fortunes while the darkies just partied and sang songs and screwed a lot…

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            at least none that get credit for it when black high schoolers, college kids and the like are gunned down ‘for officers safety’… and their ONLY crime was encounter cowardly cops…

          • Donald Johnson

            how many blacks do you actually know? none, you only parrot what you see and hear on Faux, and that is the extent of your knowledge of Black people. sadly misinformed racist and typically republiKlan to make unsubstantiated statements. you are whats wrong with america,.. unwashed and unlearned. that = stupid. you ignorance exemplifies the tea and republiKlan party. that also – stupid, flat earther.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            first of all dumb ass, I DO know black people. secondly, 9 out of 10 are exactly what I said. secondly you bunch of morons still want to put the kkk on republicans, when in fact most of the klan is made up of demoRATS. and just fyi, I don’t watch fox, or cnn or any other msm “news”. I was smart enough to see through their/your bullshit. and btw, it was a demoRAT that started the clan you stupid fvcking porch monkey!!

          • Donald Johnson

            you dont KNOWany black people. if you did they would have sent you onward already. this is 2015,. the klan may have been started by democrats, but today they would be considered RepubliKlans. as far as ignorance goes, it is clear to see by your vocabulary, and venonous words you couldnt possibly be an educated person. if you were you would know what youre talking about, and clearly you dont. just a sad piece of inbred trash, looking for a forum to spout hate from. a shit stain on the dirty underwear of the united states. well,. at least you know how to read,. i guess thats something,….

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            really? I’ll bet I can describe you perfectly. you are a middle aged white man. you probably drive a Lexus, or infinity. or one of those huge suv’s pathetically over compensating for a little dick. you probably make about 150,000 a year, and have 2.3 kids. they are probably fat because you and your skanky wife won’t say no to them. and btw moron. the Klan is so 50 years ago. the only thing they do these days is spew their Hitler bullshit, and have one of their silly parades. you are truly pathetic. oh I almost forgot. you either would like to adopt an African kid, or already have. it sad that dipshits like you won’t adopt an American black, but you go to Africa to appease your white slavery guilt. you are truly a sad, pathetic excuse

          • Alhazred

            They make better blind sheeple too, just look at china.

          • Grayson Thacker

            That has nothing to do with race. Don’t tell me to “look at China” when you don’t even understand what we’re looking at. I’ll bet you don’t know jack about the Chinese and their history.
            Besides, there’s a lot more to Asians than just China, you ignorant sap.

          • STFU

            once go white
            there’s a trailer in sight

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            whites may be trailer trash, but were still a step up, blacks don’t even have a trailer. they spent all their money on 20’s for their impala

          • sailormoon

            All these comments are terrible pointing at eachother when we should stick together against all of this, if we stereotype eachother were just sitting ducks for people who are power crazy good and bad isnt a race its a soul n poison

          • Tom Owens

            ALL people suck

          • TurkeyMonkeyJamboree

            Yes, finally a comment of true value!

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            so we should all be cool with being executed in bed for sleeping more than some cop was comfortable with?

          • STFU

            Since your mom moved into the trailer-park there is no more chrome on any of the trailer hitches and you get a brand new uncle every night.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            I like suckers. it is the biters that hurt…

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            longer than 2 years

        • altmartion

          where does he file the motions? is it different for different motions?

        • Grayson Thacker

          The ACLU defends the civil liberties of ALL Americans, not just minorities. If you have an issue with the ACLU, it’s probably because you don’t like them defending minorities and only care about your own civil liberties.

          • earl

            He said it right. The ACLU does not give a care about white men. Can you name one case in which they defended a white male?

          • Grayson Thacker

            God, you’re stupid. Most of the folks the ACLU defends have been white.
            The ACLU even joined up with the NRA to sue the government over the whole NSA spying ordeal.
            Do some goddamned research before running your mouth.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            well the NRA must pony up more cash than I had when I needed their help. Just saying…

          • Michael Blake

            um no they do not give a shit about whites. please name some cases that whites have a discrimination case you will find none. i know because i tried too i worked at a burger joint own by Koreans and they are racist i was the only white person there. and got laid off but everyone else got to keep there job.

          • Eve

            the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri filed a federal
            lawsuit against the City of Cape Girardeau on behalf of the
            Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan https://www.aclu.org/news/aclu-em-defends-kkks-right-free-speech

          • Rush Limbaugh (filed a friend-of-the-court brief in his defense to protect his privacy).

          • Helena_Handbasket

            What the hell are you talking about? Can you supply some evidence that they don’t help white people? Anyone with google can give you a list of times they’ve defended white men, including the Klan.

          • Chaiyz

            Earl, you’re an idiot. Larry Flint was defended by the ACLU. You however, remain an idiot.

          • Michael Blake

            he had money dumb ass

          • Eve

            Larry Ball. Mr. Ball, a 77-year-old Navy Veteran and father of four, was
            cited on Thursday and Saturday of last week for distributing religious
            pamphlets outside of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. The pamphlets, designed by
            Mr. Ball, share what he describes as his life and marriage being saved
            when he became a Christian four decades ago.https://www.aclu.org/news/aclu-defends-christian-who-distributed-religious-pamphlets-outside-arena

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            WRONG!!! I as a white guy have been openly discriminated against, with witnesses, and NOBODY WILL SUE ON BEHALF OF A WHITE GUY FOR DISCRIMINATION!!!! PERIOD

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            wrong again. I wasn’t “insulted” I was kicked out of a restaurant because she “didn’t like the look on my white face” so what kind of excuse do you have for them now??

          • Grayson Thacker

            If you could prove that that happened you could at the very least get the waitress fired. But unless the store had a policy discriminating against white folks (or any specific demographic, for that matter), there’s no one to sue.
            And I’m not trying to “excuse” discrimination, I’m simply saying that most of it is protected by the First Amendment, as it should be.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            man, you just reminded me of how many people are in jail because they thought it would be obvious that the law would just naturally be written in keeping with their own definitions and expectations of ‘plain and simple’…. but it was not.
            Intentionally insulting someone, especially on something as inflammatory as racial bias, would be ‘inciting to combat’ – and while effectively free to do it, you would also be free to sit in jail for it.

          • Tom Lowe

            You are flat wrong. If the waitress discriminated against the man, the restaurant is guilty because she represents the restaurant. You really don’t know much at all about this subject.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            I would just go back with a digital recorder and ask her to repeat her reasons for denying me service. Then i would enjoy the look on HER face when I tell her I am recording (as it would be a public place there would be no expectation of privacy so I would not tell her I was recording).

          • Chaiyz

            From the way you write, I’m pretty sure it was what came out of your mouth that got you kicked out. Using the word, THEM is very telling in your statement.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            oh gee what a surprise, a grammar Nazi, the sure sign of a troll. go back under the bridge. and btw, I didn’t say a word to anyone in that restaurant

          • None

            Or someone who values the English language and can determine from your butchery of it that you don’t read that much, hence are less worthy of being heard – that’s right, I said it. But whatever makes you feel like a real man I guess…

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            is it hard for you to be so stupid? cause you make it look easy

          • Tom Lowe

            What a totally stupid comment that adds nothing here and is undoubtedly quite wrong in the factual sense as well.

          • alykatma

            Sounds like Gary Williams is an A**hole with a bad attitude. Come one and admit you had an attitude and were kicked out for that reason.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            sounds like you are a little punk, typical of a cvnt that wouldn’t say shit to me in person. typical of a moronic, brain dead, self loathing, white liberal who wants all your hood rat friends to believe that white people are all bad. funny since it’s the spear chuckers who commit most violent crime…..fvcking douche

          • Tom Lowe

            Where do you come up with that? You are trying to see things that are not there. I don’t see any attitude there, I see a very clear cut case of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, and YOU are the a-hole with the bad attitude, making claims without facts.

          • CHOWELL610


          • Chris Bacher

            I am a “White Guy” who fired a black woman. She tried to sue for discrimination. She wound up getting rejected by those who started out helping her when they got the facts.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            Um, hello… is anybody in there? MY civil liberties ARE THE SAME FUCKING CIVIL LIBERTIES AS EVERYONE ELSE… and considering I came out of jail while on a 3.5 year old failure to appear traffic ticket warrant, minus a spleen, after eight days in emergency surgery recovery, and no lawyer would touch my case… I think I have room to talk, how about you?

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            you are full of shit!!! the aclu was a Zionist invention!! the state of israhell, and their “groups” are terrorists, AND A DANGER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! jews are THE MOST RACIST GROUP IN THE WORLD!!! look at what they do to Palestinians, and any non-jew. now you can deny this all you want. just ask the surviving navy, and marines of the attack on the uss liberty what they think of mossad, israhell, and the Zionist jews!! they are our enemy, not our friends!! they always try to say the jews are the “gods chosen people”, in reality the jews are SATANS CHOSEN PEOPLE. OPEN YOUR FVCKING EYES!!!

          • Grayson Thacker

            You’re an idiot, and your reading comprehension is atrocious.
            I never once said anything about Israelis, and I’m extremely critical of Israel, not that it’s at all relevant to this discussion…

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            when speaking of the aclu israhell IS relevant. it’s a mossad front

          • Grayson Thacker

            You are truly an idiot.
            The ACLU has even defended the Ku Klux Klan’s right to freedom of speech. The ACLU is as consistent and non-selective in determining which cases to defend as is humanly possible.

          • Michael Blake

            different case numb nuts we a talking about single person not a group.

          • Eve

            It might surprise some critics that the ACLU defends the free speech and free exercise rights of, well, Christians.
            For example, in 2001, the group interceded with a school
            district in Michigan that had deleted a high school senior’s yearbook
            entry because she included a Bible verse. In 2002, the ACLU filed a
            brief on behalf of a pastor associated with Operation Rescue who was
            prevented from participating in a parade because his pro-life poster
            showed a photograph of an aborted baby. And last September, the
            organization joined a lawsuit on behalf of a New Jersey second-grader
            who was not allowed to sing “Awesome God” in a school talent show.http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2006/may/22.64.html

          • Chris Bacher

            Seems a turn in conversation occurred.

          • Grayson Thacker

            Care to elaborate on that comment?

          • J. Fischer

            I think Gary Williams should be on the ‘ignore’ list. He’s obviously a bigot with no interest in honest discussion.

          • OK, that’s it! We’re raising your rent!
            -The Jews

          • Josh Martin

            Gary Williams, you are a Dumbass, you really need to google Skokie, IL and the nazi march there. Guess who sued on the nazis behalf? The ACLU. Fuck off moron.

          • Michael Blake

            you fuck off moron that is totally different case. they had money too sue.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            eat me

          • Tom Lowe

            ACLU does not do jack for anyone and never did. It is the biggest hollow BS organization imaginable.

        • you are a stupid fuck. My dad was a white long haired red neck and the ACLU defended him for free.

          • Morgan Morris

            These “people” expect the ACLU to bend over backward for white people like everyone else does. They don’t want to hear about the times the ACLU helped cis christian white men because that would mean their wrong. In the long run being right is all they care about even if reality and facts don’t agree with them. The ACLU is a group of LAWYERS. They do not work for free. Every once in a while they find a case they are willing to take on pro bono. Since THEIR case wasn’t one of them they never do it and only care about the “others” a.k.a. black people. There is no changing their minds simply because they do not want their minds changed. It’s all cognitive dissonance.

        • Jimbob

          fuk off

        • Fifth_Horseman

          Herb, STFU! Your illiteracy is laughingly embarrassing. Of course, your conservatism (cancer) is all too obvious, because you support cuts to education, as demonstrated by the lack there of in your response. You should follow your own advice, go to a library, ANY library, and start with easy to understand books, such as Dr. Seuss. Those are the books Sarah Palin and other republican nimrods cite as inspirational.

      • CHOWELL610


      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        aclu is useless unless you can generate LOTS of publicity, headlines, and it’s a class action suit. The ACLU may as well not exist as far as doing anything for most individuals or they would be a lot busier than they are.

    • altmartion

      you may get more responses here if you make this a separate story. I think it is under the “take action” tab. here it is blending and if people are not interested in the headline the won’t open it so they won’t see your post. just a suggestion.

    • anonajude

      find your local and contact them. They should offer you representation.
      Good luck and press on with this. You have been severely violated.

    • Krista Nguyen

      You need to contact Marc beginin. Contact me @ [email protected]. He is a very well known lawyer and a beast at law.

    • lawguy

      Go to a big city and start checking out the law firms. Usually state bar associations have lists of various attorneys who specialize. There are in all probably several who specialized in police misconduct in your state. If not go next state over. If you win the firm takes a per centage of the money you win. If you don’t win, the firm gets nothing.

    • Dawn

      Amazing how the comments on your post degenerated into stupid racial bickering… We’re so easily distracted by bullshit like that. And because we’re soooo busy bickering over stupid shit, we do nothing that actually matters. So people, like you, suffer, they’re tortured, and they have no where to turn.
      I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I’ve also had very negative experiences with “officers”, that not even my high priced lawyer could stop. Though, it wasn’t as severe as what you faced.

      I’m sorry for what you suffered, and I’m even sorrier for that there is so few who could help… Because they’re too busy bickering about nothing.

    • usc1801

      Call your local, state, and national offices of the ACLU. Contact the FBI and the Justice Department. Contact your state’s BAR association. Contact civil liberty professors at any law school in your state. There are lawyers that would jump at the chance to put these pigs away or at least see this city lose millions.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      first what you NEED to do is, HIRE AN ATTORNEY FROM A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AREA! that’s why they say “they can’t help, with a case like that” because the lawyers are PART OF THE SYSTEM. a word of caution though, BEFORE your attorney files any kind of action, you need to move to a different area!! if you don’t, when they come after you it will be MUCH, MUCH WORSE!! the entire system is corrupt! the town I live in, there was a restaurant that I used to drink coffee at, every morning they sat at their reserved table. lawyers, d.a., and judge, deciding peoples fates!!! lawyers are scum, never forget that. especially when hiring one

    • CHOWELL610


    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      start reading the law library of your state. download a ‘letter of demand’ created by someone else and use it as a template for your own. Send the letter of demand with specified real damages and punitive damages (that is the one that will make you a millionaire) – learn the rules of court, download, read and use torts by others to compose the torts for your own filing, then sue the dipshits for everything you can get (in your case I would not demand less than ten million in punitive damages, pain and suffering) – collect every bit of documentation you can (the rule of thumb is that there is no such thing as too much evidence) – in short, since all attorneys in a county tend to go to the same country clubs – SUE THE BASTARDS YOURSELF IN PRO PER! After all, that is ONE of your Constitutional rights.
      I am not a licensed attorney, and what I share is from MY understanding of what I have read of black letter law and what I share is my opinions only protected under the Freedom of Speech an Expression protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights thereof.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      I just posted an outline of how to initiate a pro per lawsuit and somehow it disappeared… funny, that… but read up on it, being hour own attorney is your right, and the Constitution never said that it is only your right when it’s a penal violation or after you get to court…

    • texasguy

      has there been any progress on this horrific experience blackdeth.metal?

    • RandomPasserBy

      I don’t ever recommend violence, but I’d be totally accepting of your decision if it was to exact revenge. You know… like the kind of revenge the movie The Crow was about.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      the first thing I would say is move out of the area, if you are able. I know many of us simply do not have the money to pick up and move, but if you can….do. then get an attorney at least from out of the area. out of state would be better. unfortunately there is little, if anything you can do legally. and really, it doesn’t matter where you go because cops have become psychopathic serial criminals everywhere and no one is safe from them. from the youngest kid, to the oldest senior. they are using the Hitler/Stalin playbook and NOTHING is out of bounds for them. there is NO line they won’t cross. no law they won’t break…..mans, or god’s. other then that I don’t know what to tell you. but when hiring an attorney, do your homework on them, since many, if not most lawyers are just as evil as the cops, and they will screw you in a heartbeat! good luck

    • Robert Maybeth

      why dont you say the city name and shame alway!

    • Teresa George-Sargent

      keep trying and asking people, I will pray for you that someone can help…..

    • Monica Wagar

      You need to find a law firm outside of your county preferably the next state over that will handle the law suit for you. Go online and Google class action lawsuits against that particular dept. This will help you find an attorney. Also go to the internal affairs dept. For that particular precinct and file a complaint against each officer involved ed and the department as a whole. Also go to the media with your story and your pictures.

    • SteveQuaid

      There is no more justice in this system. Please look up the Northwest Front for another solution.

  • Pete Moss

    Where Can We Find Names & Addresses of Jurors?

    • altmartion

      would it be public records? if so, I would start at the court house for names. if they don’t provide addresses it may also be in realty database for the county. I bet you can get some suggestions for when you question them. I have a couple. would you do that?

  • Ron Label

    I have one question and one question only.

    If this 80year old innocent man was shot in his bed, why are there 9 to 10 bullet holes in the wall leading “away” from the bed? This stinks in my opinion…it stinks really bad.
    There is more then meets the eye in this story….that’s for sure.

    • altmartion

      where did you find this info. I have been looking but not really found any like you just gave. most of what I find are from sites similar to this. I would like to read more. thanks

      • Ron Label

        dunno if this works but here is a link to the pic. From where I stand the info in the article are not lining up with the picture taken. The blood stain (probably a head shot) is at least 5-6ft away from the bullet holes in the wall.

        • altmartion

          I don’t see a link.

      • Charlie D Evans Jr.

        Bullet holes in the wall because most cops just shoot wildly (most anyone does) when their adrenalin is high. It is hard to control reflexes with high adrenalin levels. Not as easy as controlled target shooting. This is actually taught in CWP safty classes.

        • altmartion

          I agree with the adrenalin theory, but they are trained for such a situation. not that they all learned it. I haven’t had a chance to read the link that ron label provided yet so I really don’t know where the “leading wall” is.

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    That is what they are taught to avoid being charged with a crime.”Drop the weapon”or “stop resisting”..Me I am gonna shot to kill.At least one will go out with me.I believe we need to have a Vigilante group formed in every state other than the State Militia’s.Start doing what Mexico is doing right now.That kinda dropped off the news and the radar I would imagine because if Americans started forming their own Vigilante Groups there would be a major war against the police and the American Citizens.Bring this on United States Wide!!!!

    • Eva Amore

      More war? Really?

      • This would be the kind of war we need as the people.

        The wars we should be against are the ones funded by central banks. But when it comes to our life, liberty, and property, we need to start pushing back and pushing hard.

    • get over yourself

      the problem is in violence. it breeds more violence. and when your motivation is hate and intolerance, you become no better than hitler. out to cull the populations of the people that YOU see as worthless. you are no better than the crooked cops.

      • wantonsoup

        …so when the cops are beating you, you’re just going to tell them that violence never solved anything eh?

        I would join a revolution, even if it means war. The American government has gone way too far and I don’t think that we can talk our way out of this anymore.

    • Grayson Thacker

      Amen, brother. The only thing these fools respect is force. That’s why John Joe Gray is still a freeman.

  • Mills Buchard

    Welcome to the police state.
    The greatest damage done by the 9-11 attacks has turned out to be cops who believe they are some sort of super hero, above the law thinking beings when most are jut plain criminals that idiot judges protect from justice.

    • altmartion

      I am glad you said most. lets see how everyone else reacts.

  • Adam Brian

    People really need to stop asking for an investigation. Cops and government investigating themselves will never yield


  • Eva Amore

    I had two cops barge into my home and, call me homophobic slurs. It was absolutely horrible. I just sat there crying and, I couldn’t do anything.

  • Jackhammer

    Catch them in the front yard prepping their stack? Have neighbors? Cross fire… ? They really want to start a war? They lose. Send them home in body bags to their wives and children? It’s all coming to a neighborhood near you. I really don’t know if they can rehabilitate themselves, or their profession at this point.

  • Andy Teal

    The rant about the nature of police somewhat undermines the important message of the article. Tribute, really? Police are a vital part of any society and they’re not all bad – we just need to make sure to weed out the ones, like these, that are. This site performs a valuable service, and people of every political view can agree these people are dangerous. Let’s stick to that.

  • brittance

    An off duty officer decided to attack me in front of a bar one night because he said the previous night I embarrassed him infront of his family at a restaurant I worked at because I refused to seat him by his ex to make sure he didn’t make a scene. We went to court and he plead guilty to battery and was permanently taken off of the force could never be a police officer again but was only given two years probation. This man brutally attacked me and told me nobody would care if he shot me in the head and left me for dead on main street. The city attorney also told me that if he didn’t take the plea he might of walked. Wtf America

    • altmartion

      unfortunately, cop or not, the laws are already made. the judge has to (or is supposed to) stay within the written laws. if they didn’t you could do 30 years running a stop light. there has to be limitations. I do think they need to all be revised though.

    • SteveQuaid

      We no longer live in the real America. There is a movement called the Northwest Front that advocates a better solution than hoping things will change. Please visit their website and I’m sorry for the wrong done you. It’s become a common horror story

  • Sky Black

    You know what would be great.. if you dated your stories…
    NONE of the stories you guys post have a date of publication at the very least, they sometimes have a date of when the incident happened but why don’t you post a date of publication???
    DATE the stories you publish please. it can’t be that hard… I remember when this happened but please just put a date on your stories it makes it less likely to be shared by good sources if it has no date of publication or reference to when it happened.

    • I hate it when news sites don’t date their posts.

      As a clue, you can look for the first comment if the comments have dates.

  • Roy Linford Adams

    When you bust into a man’s home without notice, cop or not he has EVERY RIGHT to defend his home. You are a criminal and no amount of papers you filed before hand makes that OK. Weather he was in his bed, standing or charging, he was protecting his home from a HOME INVASION. There is no excuse to justify blame on the true VICTIM in any way. There is no justification for this man’s murder.

  • ande

    Meth doesn’t even have a fucking smell… and if meth was being made it should be easy to get a search warrant with all the retarded laws today

    • altmartion

      you obviously have never been around meth. I saw somewhere that they had a warrant. hopefully I can find it.

    • Grayson Thacker

      Methamphetamine labs sure as hell have a smell.
      Though obviously these cops don’t know what that smell is…

  • its not what it seems to be

    A. This is just sickening and b. The justin guy below my comment i hope justice is served and those cops get what they deserve. Idc what color your skin is, NOBODY deserves what happened to you.

  • Derek Birch
  • Son of the Bat

    This is the shit wrong with the world!

  • Dawn Runyon

    @ All Responders: My husband has endured 3 assaults while having seizures in the care of the jail & courts. He has also had @ least 15 civil & constitutional violations. I have reached out to all who would listen and the answers were that we always qualified for their help but there were not enough attorneys and so no one was available to take our case. It is now such an everyday occurance amongst the jails and prisons that corruption and abuse/neglect are the norm as those committing these injustice also realize that these organizations are overwhelmed and so their accountability will never be sought after, and so they continue to commit even murder and still are working because it is swept under the carpet. Is that was human lives have become to the voters. We have rights people and until we band together and take back control, we will continue to endure these injustices, even when men and women are completely innocent of the charges brought against them.These things can no longer be allowed to happen. Our forefathers wrote the Constitution & Bill of Rights just for this, and those who are to protect and serve and have ethics are continuing to do their jobs to profit and benefit, full of pride and greed. Is there no one willing to fight for their rights, or to help others who are poor or disabled to fight to bring about change? I am appalled to say that I am an American ” Land of the free & home of the brave”, where are those people.

    • SteveQuaid

      God help us. Please consider looking up the Northwest Front. This is where we can get our own land.

  • Lena Guidotti

    Protect & serve, not anymore. I was recently stopped in a small town in the earlier morning hours traveling home with a friend. I am chronically ill also with 30+ diagnoses in a few short years & a confirmed undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I was told I was stopped for “going to slow at 25MPH, in a 30MPH zone on a extreme curve with a yellow suggested speed limit of 20MPH.Not to mention unless you are on a highway in PA going to slow on any other roads is not illegal. I was told to step out of the car. Keep in mind I was driving a bright yellow Dodge Charger Hemi in a college town on a halloween week, yet I am way beyond “college age years”. When I got out I was told I had to perform a breathalyzer, later I found out they must request you do so not imply you have to. I was told I only passed because I “did not blow hard enough”. I explained to the officer I am chronically ill & recently was hospitalized & they found my lungs do not work right only deflating 20-30% causing me to only be able to obtain sips of air, & again I was told to repeat the test again I heard the same complaint on why I past. Next I was told to walk heel to toe, & I explained I have 7 conditions in my feet one being neurological causing me not to be able to feel my feet so if I tried to do so I would fall as my reflexes are now diminished. At that point I was handcuffed & when I asked is this necessary for going “to slow” I was then told are you questioning my authority, are you resisting, do I have to bring you back in front of the camera? & the state trooper yanked up as hard as he can on the handcuffs, knowing I had foot & balance issues I was then drug backwards in front of the dash camera & only then 20-25 minutes in to the stop the trooper said oh by the way you crossed the yellow line, next I was face planted with excessive force hard enough to damage the car. I was read no DL-26 laws as after a case in PA Whiter v. Commonwealth we no longer have Miranda rights on D.U.I. charges in PA. Then I was driven around over two hours yet I was stopped 16 miles from the hospital where upon arriving the officer made a refusal decision for me as I never got to say yes or no to a blood work request. I have over 30 conditions most since 2009, & according to PA law even if you are on prescribed medications you are still D.U.I. so being I have epilepsy I would not have “legally” passed anyhow due to my seizure medications. Now the officer charged me with resisting arrested & 6 other charges after kicking my s#$. I am now facing 18 months lose of license, 3 days in jail, & $3000 in fines. I was denied a continuance as I was charged & a hearing date set in 7 weeks, despite the holidays Christmas New yrs Presidents Day Martin Luther King day all when offices were closed, having 10 Dr.’s appt days & hospital tests & not obtaining council yet due to not being able to work at this time as all but 5 days in 1yr I was homebound extremely ill now I have hearing next week with no council which I thought you had the right to that but I can’t afford a last minute attorney with my medicinal issues, not to mention I have only ever had 3 points on my drivers license in over 20yrs & that was in 96. Next victim up me.

    • SteveQuaid

      Oh my god. I’m so sorry for you. Why are cops such animals

  • Bob Cosco
  • albitzian

    Curious, supposedly the dude pointed a gun at the officers? Is that not accurate? I’m not arguing the point that he needed to be shot, I’m just curious.

  • Roger Traviss

    “He was shot as a “lied” in his own bed”?

    “Lied”? What was he doing in his own bed, telling untruths?

    Geeze people, go back to school and learn to spell.

    He was shot as he L A Y in his own bed!

  • Jim

    THEY should be charged with CAPITAL MURDER of the old man.

    • SteveQuaid

      They’ll get away with it because good men have lost control of the country. The bad men are never going to give it back. Please look up the Northwest Front for a solution to this problem

  • Eric McCann
  • CHOWELL610

    Cheyenne Wyoming is a corrupt state implementing complete TYRANNY! The State Government consists of a super Elitist Social Class of which only members are protected under any laws. Wyoming is the PERFECT state for criminals, not law abiding citizens. Local citizens who are NOT members will get absolutely NO protections from criminals or crimes. They have no rights of any kind. If they try to report crimes THE VICTIM will be treated hostile and treated like a criminal. Victims don’t stand any chance of being vindicated. Wy. Cops are not simply POLICE, they are judge, jury and executioner, meting out their own personal justice based on PERSONAL presumptions, bias, prejudices. and discrimination. They don’t need evidence so they destroy, or lose it. Evidence would only conflict with their own personal assumptions anyway. They do it legally according to local Attorneys! If you think you will get help from any of the city, state or Federal Government Officials……………NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!
    13-CV-221-F Federal Lawsuit filed and wrongfully dismissed by their own to protect their own. Out of this suit I was informed Wyoming is EXEMPT FROM U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and they are not obligated to enforce ANY state laws either! Why exactly should taxpayers pay for this police agency?
    08-24291….13CV221-F…Juan Carlos Mesa (Barria) 13-26092….SC09-0000101
    A0285448774…………Lin 9907450842
    Belaire Ave. Cheyenne, Wyoming
    HABITUAL THIEF preys on disabled persons or other hardworking citizens.
    AIDED BY CRIMINAL WIFE, Wife’s family members, Friends, employer, Church, AND LOCAL COPS!
    Juan is a proud arrogant Chile Native, but U.S. Residential thief NOW!
    Juan Married into an American family of murdering, child raping, thieving, drug dealers, Burglars, robbers, and much more. Eleanor Stice, Birgenheier, Bush, Mesa, Barria. Some may remember the murder of her Daughter-in-Law, Lynn Bush. Eleanor was involved. Or Maybe the raping of her granddaughters by her son, Glendol Bush, Of which Eleanor claims were acts of CONSENUAL
    genuine love! Or the drug dealing-violence of her son John Paul Birgenheier. Maybe her insatiable greed for money and luxury which motivates her to rob anyone by any means. Along comes a utterly ignorant uneducated Chilean who quickly graduated their criminal schooling into accomplished Violent Thug-Thief. He tries to justify his crimes by claiming alcoholism. His Christian family in Chile should be so very proud of his accomplished thievery of disabled persons, violent beatings, menacing all hidden behind a false demeanor of harmless innocence’s. Eleanor reported Juan to the cops for attempting to stab her to death. That’s how harmless he is! This family deserves only the finest of luxury and nothing less. Someone has to pay for it since they CAN’T!
    Juan makes $18.00 hr at Lowes, has (4) rental incomes, stolen rental deposits, his wife’s SSI benefits, and this isn’t enough to pay for the luxurious lifestyle he feels is OWED to all of them! He seems to think America owes him for the terrible life of poverty he was forced to live in Chile!
    Mormon Church has no duty to report any confessions he or family may utter between crime sprees, while looking for absolution of crimes before God. Church has a duty to protect this criminal-wife since they are members. What would God say about this and what is printed in their very own Bible about thieves? That isn’t important to the church today I guess. Crime or sin no longer matters today! ALL is forgiven and ALL will be absolved! What does your Bible say about idolatry? MONEY IS THIS FAMILYS GOD, not the one in heaven! I know exactly what the Standard Bible and God has written about these kind of people! That won’t change just because humans deny it!
    LOWE’S DISTRIBUTIION WAREHOUSE, Chey., Wy. They not only ignored their own policy about crimes-criminals, they ignored the warnings given to them about this employee thief! Obviously Lowe’s supports and employs lying thieving Residential Immigrants instead of considering any unemployed U.S. Citizens who may need work. Lowe’s REWARDS criminals today. They don’t even bother to investigate their own employee’s. they would know this employee is a pathological liar with a 2nd grade education which also violates policy as well! What are the purposes of POLICIES? NONE! Criminal thieving Employee’s are exactly what this Company deserves by their own choosing! What will you do when Americans stop supporting your company?
    Obama, Holder, D.O.J., I.C.E., Wy State Reps, Governor Matt Mead, Wy Atty General now WY Federal Judge, Executive Board of Immigration Review-Board of Revocation Hearings (Juan Osuma), Activists, Wy Militia, InfoWars, PoliceAbuse.com, Media, Constitutional Law endorsers, All refused, denied any help. NONE will enforce criminal or Immigration LAWS! None will Investigate Wyoming Corruption! None will tell the story so victims can get any justice! Lummis Office says :”They don’t meddle in Police Business.” Really? Then who investigates POLICE Corruption? No one! Because too many Officials would be found GUILTY! Corrupt Cops are left to regulate themselves. Just like SEXUAL PREDATORS regulate themselves. WORKS FOR THEM!
    Wy Lawyers won’t dare rock the boat on these matters so there is NO Legal Representation meaning no Judicial Access! Total Partnership in absolute Corruption!
    Wy Governor Matt Mead, Wy Atty, General, City Council, Chief of Police, every Cop in Cheyenne, should all be thoroughly investigated and brought up on Federal charges! None should ever be working as Cops or in power positions, all should be PERMANENTLY BARRED! Everyone of them deserve to rot behind bars with Juan!
    PUBLIC-American Citizens: should criminals be REWARDED and FACE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR CRIMES? Should CRIMINALS be ENTITLED to keep FRUITS of their crimes, ESPECIALLY on the monies of the hardworking? Should crimes be fully investigated? Should LAWS be ENFORCED? Should COPS who VIOLATE THE LAWS, HARBOR CRIMINALS be investigated themselves and prosecuted? Should COPS be untouchable without ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY to any people, especially victims?
    Juan’s only ties to this country lies in everything he has stolen from American Citizens. This man should be STRIPPED of any ownership, DISGRACED by exposing his crimes, and DEPORTED! Send him back where he came so they can see the truth about him! No? Then CUT OFF his HANDS! If a Dr finds human limbs eaten by cancer, what would they do to the OFFENDING LIMB? CUT IT OFF! I still have plenty of evidence to prove this man’s guilt which hasn’t been destroyed by COPS!
    1990 Murder…….(Lynette Bush).escaped prosecution
    2004-2008 Petty Larceny from Tenants rentals at will…………………..no crime
    2004-present……serious violence on persons…………..no crime
    2004-present Drunk Driving………………………………….no crime
    2004-2012 Stolen Mail
    2004 Conspiracy to commit murder…. never investigated……….no crime
    2007 Suspicious Death……..never investigated……….no crime
    2008 Forged Stolen Checks…..08-24291 $6,234.33……………no crime
    2008 Insurance fraud….reported….no crime
    2009 Threats of violence on victim…..no crime
    2009 Attempted Larceny-Fraud….(SC20099-0000101)
    2013 Knife fight with illegal Mexican (possibly robbery of Mex.) no crime
    2013 Grand Larceny-Burglary….$7,850.00………..no crime
    2014 Federal Lawsuit filed against them…..wrongly dismissed by Wy Federal Courts! 13CV221-F
    Too many crimes to list them fully!

  • stacell lopez

    Lemme guess….not a damn thing happened to them?

  • margova

    This mess needs to stop. Cops have gone way overboard for way too long. They’ve lost their way.. and making a world for themselves, their children and grandchildren that they will one day regret. Besides the Karma thing. When cops get a dose of what they deliver.. they only have themselves to blame. Stinking pigs.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    I like having all those guys in uniform with badges… that way I know who and where the dangerous felons are…

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    violating your rights because of your race is a different matter entirely… when it comes to your rights to equality under the law, and you are discriminated against, that is a violation of your civil liberties… and trying to deflect on the basis of freedom of speech is both spurious and many times false, such as laws against ‘inciting riot’ or yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater… and racial harassment is NOT freedom of speech.

    • I would agree with your advice to record her, if it were legal. A restaurant is NOT public property. On private property, or over the phone, you must inform people that you’re recording, or you can be charged with violation of privacy. Some states handle it differently. If you aren’t sure of the law in your state, assume you can only record on public property and even then, only openly. As for everyone else’s assumptions, even if the ACLU decided to take the case, they could take well over the statute of limitations to get their asses in gear. They only care about people who are important enough to be on the news or if it’s in any other way worth their while. Advice to sue pro se is terrible advice. Many judges are of the opinion that people should not have access to the courts unless they are attorney’s and will often make extremely punitive judgments against pro se applicants simply for the perceived offense of filing pro se. Justin, my advice is to go ahead and contact the ACLU. They may actually be interested in making trouble for police department. It just might get news attention. But you can’t count on them, so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Tell your story on legal sites and search for lawyers in your area. I can’t believe there are no attorney’s that wouldn’t take a case like this pro bono, especially considering the potential for publicity.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        and likewise I would agree totally with your position of private property so long as it is a residence, living room or such, and NOT a business with a business license to do business WITH THE PUBLIC. I am hoping you can see the distinction.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        previous reply was my misreading I think, still, a public place of business is NOT protected by ‘privacy laws’… and if there is no ‘invasion of privacy’ or ‘violation of legally protected communication’ (i.e. doctor/patient, man/wife, lawyer/client etc.) then no notice of recording is needed, from my opinions based on black letter law from the law librarys.

  • david

    Disgusting pigs, I hope the cop who shot him suffers a slow painful death.

  • The Glider

    They’re barbarians.

  • Anne Boleyn

    In NZ they would be prosecuted by the Race Relations Authority, and they have higher powers than the police. They can ruin your life, lose you your job, effect maximum publicity and engender outraged letters to the editor. We don’t tolerate hate crimes here or discrimination of any kind. There is a limit to free speech. We believe in treating others as you wish to be treated

    • This Race Relations Authority also sticks up for and protects White who are the victims of racial discrimination? I have a real hard time believing that.

      • Anne Boleyn

        We are very overly politically correct here, No-one would dare do this sort of thing openly in a public place or in front of the wrong people. Racist jokes may be told privately with close friends, but nowhere else. It is rare for people to make those kind of comments now anyway, we are all integrated here and are now a multi cultural community. One of our TV hosts was sacked for making racist and sexist comments which caused an uproar with the public, and their advertisers canceled their contracts.

        • Chris Bacher

          I’m guessing Rupert Murdoch & Fox News are not on the air in NZ?

          • Anne Boleyn

            True, but we run on politically correct nonsense here.

    • Synthia

      Rot in hell, bitch. Just die the most horrifying, slow, painful, torturous death that could possibly be concieved by the human mind. I fucking hate you, you piece of shit!

      • Jim

        Looks like this page could use a moderator.WHat’s that all about Synthia? You out of your meds?

  • Ian C

    All officers and the judge involved should be publicly executed by firing squad at high noon in front of city hall for all to see. We need to hold police accountable and execute in an eye for an eye fashion.

  • stoner

    split your head open justin ???? sounds like a cop i know

  • Chris Chronic Geary

    1230am was followed by LAPD patrol car with all lights off got to house lights went on became a traffic stop on the driveway. wtf?

    • SteveQuaid

      We are being hunted. We need our own country. Go to Northwest Front dot org and fight for a new homeland

  • James

    If you smell dope ! You then have a bases for a Warrant ! Then knock on the door and serve it !

  • Teresa George-Sargent

    well, after reading a few stupid comments and arguing, Im just sorry Justin doesn’t get any good advice from everyone, just a bunch of bull shit.

  • Allison Shaw

    How is it that so many posters in this thread got so far off topic? An innocent, elderly civilian was killed in his bead, riddled with bullets by the police who broke in his home because they claimed they smelled meth, and have since acted as if they did nothing wrong. Why are the citizens not up in arms demanding the resignation or firing or these officers as well as the chief of police? Americans have become the biggest wusses on the planet. Oh, we love to talk a good game about standing up for our rights and defending our freedom, but when it comes down to it, we don’t even make it to the damned ball park let alone to the plate.
    Why? because we’re too busy hurling insults based on race, gender, socio-economic status, or politics at each other, and coming across as a bunch of self-centered, self-righteous fools who don’t really give a damn about anyone else or about anything but shooting off our mouths. That same First Amendment that gives us all the right to freedom of speech also implies a responsibility to use said right wisely, responsibly, and for the public good, not personal gratification. Most of y’all have said not a damn thing about helping this family or expressed much outrage at the misconduct of the police in this case. And most of y’all aren’t going to, either, because it doesn’t affect YOU personally so why should you care, right? Except next time it could very well be you and then nobody is going to give a tinker’s damn about the injustice you’ve suffered, either.

    • SteveQuaid

      There is no more justice. Please search online for The Northwest Front and see how there could be justice again

  • Adam Mcculler

    Multible officers resign and go into hiding,as if that makes them safe.You are targeted for temination,along with your entire line.your poor decisions will cost you greatly…

  • When they say pending an investigation, that means they need time to fabricate evidence against you. They did it to me and it took them 479 days to come up with fabricated and evidence that violates rules of court.

  • Desert Fox 420

    This is why I hate cops. Google Const. N.Parker of the NRP. Not sure how he has a job after four convictions!

  • Rowlan smokeS

    You want my answer its all about: Money, Money, Money, Money, Quota, Money, More money, Tickets, Money, Money, fuck cops, More money, Tickets, Money, and finally, they do it for more…MONEY!

  • Siva Kumaran

    form a group, arm yourself and go about abushing cops and killing em…

  • Raven Rayne Winter

    Actually you are wrong. You can file a charge of discrimination and sue. Does not mean it will work, but it can be done. Mostly works if you are not white or not from this country though. Please educate yourself. Thank you and have a wonder life. 🙂

  • JamesMcGill

    Reading the comments, a lot of people expressing outrage, but nobody says what they are going to *do about it.*
    What are you, personally, going to do about it? I’m going to sit here comfortably and read the comments, and do nothing about it. At least I’m honest. You?

  • Stephen Bellinger

    “These increasingly frequent raids … are needlessly subjecting nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians to the terror of having their homes invaded while they’re sleeping, usually by teams of heavily armed paramilitary units dressed not as police officers but as soldiers,” – These SWAT team drug raids are going more wrong than right.

  • Tom Lowe

    He said he had been discriminated against, not insulted. You don’t know a damn thing.

  • Bill

    PIG Cops are some dirty, murdering, lying, thieving, brutal Animals. This is the reason so so many people HATE PIGS.

  • uKatamitt

    worse for who?

  • Tellit Likeitis

    Don’t get mad, get even, and use the media to spread the word.