Cop Beat and Tortured Child for Over a Decade — Shackles, Whipping, Starvation

Update (6/3/15): Girl Who Was Beaten and Abused by Cop for 12 Years Breaks Her Silence

BERTHOUD, CO — A girl who was seen being beaten by a police officer on a hidden video has broken her silence.

Officer Jeremy Yachik was seen in the video beating the girl after she tried to eat carrots.

She was not allowed to take them from the refrigerator, but she did anyway because she needed something to eat.

The girl was his own daughter. She had been living in an abusive environment for years.

Imagine how bad it must have been, considering this beating occurred merely because she tried to eat some vegetables.

“He got mad at me for eating carrots. Like the video, that’s what the video is over. Me getting hit and punched over carrots. Like, what kind of person does that?” Savannah Yachik told Fox31 Denver in an interview.

At one point the video shows Officer Yachik kicking his little daughter in what appears to be her ribcage.

These beatings would occur routinely, along with emotional and psychological and verbal abuse.

They continued to happen over the course of 12 years, according to reports.

“He had threatened to kill me on more than one occasion,” Savannah said.

“I would go to school with black eyes. But I would have to tell my teachers, ‘Oh, I was playing with my little brother and he hit me in the eye.'”

When the video surfaced online, citizens were outraged, but Officer Yachik never actually went to jail.

Because of his blue-privilege, he was only given “supervised probation” for a three years.

On one occasion, Officer Yachik actually put his hands around little Savannah’s neck and began strangling her. She describes it as one of the worst ways in which her father and now-former police officer abused her.

Since escaping the abusive environment, Savanahh has begun healing.

She now intends to work on behalf of child abuse victims.

She hasn’t spoken to Yachik, her father, in over a year.

As for him, he is still out on the streets in Colorado working for a new employer.

The beatings and torture of the girl included: handcuffing her and slamming her head into walls; shackling her in a dark room for hours and starving her; burning her digestive system; whipping her with ropes; strangling her until she blacked out.

The video below was taken on the day that Officer Yachik punched and kicked the girl for eating carrots. Officer Yachik’s fiance stated that both herself and the girl were beaten for several years.

When Officer Yachik’s fiance sent footage of the abuse to the chief of police (Yachik’s boss), she received no response back from the chief.

But Yachik called her soon thereafter and said “Nice try…trying to get me fired…it’s not going to work,” according to the affidavit.

The fiance continued sending the footage to local media outlets. Yachik was eventually taken into custody by other cops — he was released after paying $1,500 bail.

Related: domestic violence is two to four times more common in police families than in families in the entire general population.

Here is footage of the officer beating the child (warning: disturbing content)

Watch the interview with Savannah now that she has escaped:

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  • Chris Baker

    Coward and pig. Typical, sadly.

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    Hmmm…. no mention of what police department… no link to the news source reporting the story. If I weren’t able to quickly find the link, I would have been very disappointed with y’all. Even after I found the link, posted below, I would ask you to please be more vigilant in citing your sources. I think the concept for your site is important, but if you just post uncorroborated crap, you end up stinking as bad as the Facebook page dedicated to “Christians for Michele Bachmann.”

    • FilmingCops

      The link is there.

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      Uncorroborated crap? Try the,,,,, FYI It happened in Berthoud, Colorado. Maybe you should Google it next time before shooting off your mouth and showing your ignorance.

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      So is it corroborated?

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      CFMB is satire- poor comparison if you are criticizing journalism and culpability.

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    The stupid bitch behind the bench should be fired!

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    I hope they are being provided with some sort of protection from him while he’s out on bail.

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      Probably has the dept. looking for them now. You know how it works, judge lets him out for a weeks pay and he gets to get rid of the witness’

  • jimbo jones

    Do you think the system and cops make sure all their I’s are dotted and T’s crossed before they decide to beat the shit out of someone? Do you think The Rothschild Zionists play by the rules? Do you think they care about sources?

  • pig killer

    u know what to do its not hard u find and kill any police officer u can find job fucking done. then u can start with the politicians and hang them by there necks

    • Anonymous

      That makes us the same as them. We need to find a better way, or else what replaces the police could be worse.

  • ashley8983

    Um the mother did not peotect her child they werent even married. That wasnt even his child. The mother is a pieve of shit

    • I C Stupid People

      I think the mother turned him in, no? At least that’s how the article made it sound.

    • Thomas Smith

      The mother turned him in. He found out about her attempt and promised to kill and rape them both if they tried it again. I wouldn’t call a mother doing everything she could to protect her child a piece of shit. I would call you a relative of the officer the way you condemn the victim.

  • Layla Riverside

    the mother blames him , but if a guy hurt my daughter like that he would not wake up again ever

    • Kim Serrahn

      I know lots of ways and places.

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  • John Regalado

    They got taught the law … hmmmm that makes you wonder most of these people out there aren’t doing there job for love of community … They want the pay check and benefits that come along with it .. Sad but true … just because there white they feel they can bully and pick on those races whom ever they don’t like … This is not stupidity it’s a fact . It’s not hiding behind the race card or using one .. Most color’s go along with them because they already know who’s in charge , B.S. MAYBE TO SOME , But true to others . Learn the law before you enforce it and not just what suits you …

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  • Frank

    If he does this to his own imagine what he does to people he encounters on the street

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    I wonder what his full name is?

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    This happens because nobody gives a shit. We post an angry comment, we call for the death of the cop, we yell injustice, we share it on facebook, just to realize no body cares. But if i post a picture of a party, beer, concert, music video i get 100 likes and shares. I got zero likes, zero, shares, zero comments. Thats why this happens no body cares.

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  • Jen

    It would be more accurate description if it was, “his child” not a child.

  • Chuck Kick

    The video has been removed. I wonder why?

  • CarrieAnne Johnson

    The video says it’s no longer there – likely the powers that be at YouTube don’t want us to know what’s going on. A more detailed report on the story is available here: Notice, CPS was notified and did NOTHING, and the cop’s boss did NOTHING – why? Because they are in on the pedophilia abuse network. People, we need to stop trusting any authority figures for authorities sake and work on our own to solve crime. For realz…

  • Jay Pletz

    “video does not exist”

    gee, what a fucking shock. i wonder who got that taken down?

  • Phucked n larimer

    It was in Berthoud, Colorado and what I have read so far in this artical says a lot more than the local media released here. “Nothing to see here, now move along folks” is all we got in the news paper. The cops, the courts and probation in this area are out of control for control around here and I for one have fuk’n had it!!!

  • Jim

    SO a cop can nearly KILL his fiancé and step daughter and fellow COPS wont arrest him.? BUT be a normal citizen, yell at your wife, and you get arrested and sent to jail I guess.

  • Damien

    Someone PLEASE kill this Fuck stick!

    Hunt him down & strip the flesh from his body, dip him in rubbing alcohol for hours & then tie him up behind a truck & drag him down the road til dead!

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    I don’t think I’d want to be using his internet provider company!!!

  • Sam

    What people don’t understand is this is not isolated. In most areas where I am from this is the norm. It’s just not talked about. It’s like taking a page out of my childhood. One time both my parents were kicking the crap out of me. I did call the cops and talk to teachers….nothing was done. I know one girl called about her dad and they sent her to a mental ward because they literally thought she was making stuff up and was delusional. Another girl I know slept in her fathers bed until she was 18 while her mother slept in the other room. This is in middle class neighborhoods mind you with upstanding conservative types. Our society is sick.

  • Keith Mattia

    Why is everyone saying the mother the newscaster staes it was his girlfriend/fiancee who turned the video over to the chief who did nothing but inform the piece of shit what she had done he te threatened her for trying to get him fired.

  • Jane Fair

    The most important thing that makes us great is our faith in Jesus Christ and the good positive civic action that Christianity inspires even in the face of hardship and persecution don’t ever forget that. It breaks my heart to see the Church back these monsters and the Bible speaks out against this in so many places.

    One of the things that made us greater than 3rd world countries was that we didn’t have or tolerate as much courruption. This is what made us great for a time.
    But with the almost total removal of our faith in Jesus Christ we don’t care that the removal of investigative reporting and exposees, corruption has come back with a force.
    As a U.S. citizen we are privileged to have so many rights and non violent ways of accomplishing positive change in our society. Alternative media is good to a point, but if we the people don’t act in a positive honorable way on the information provided , if we give up after the first time we are burned or beaten, then we are going to continue in our downward slide.