[WATCH] Video Shows On-Duty Miami Gardens Cop Taking Woman Into Hotel

“It’s kind of sad,” he explains at the counter. “She’s just a baby … she’s Haitian, so she doesn’t speak English. Her parents brought her here so she could have an education … She comes here with her husband. He beats the s*** out of her. We’re trying to find him, but she can’t go back to the house.”

The problem with his story is that there was no reported domestic violence incident that night and, according to her attorneys and a close friend, she isn’t married.

“Sgt. Romaguera’s justification for holding our client against her will at the Stadium Hotel that evening is completely devoid of any factual basis,” Ortiz said. “She was never the victim of a vicious domestic violence incident who had nowhere to seek refuge. This was a deliberate act designed to prey on a young woman.”

Romaguera had another story, telling the clerk, “I would rather pay whatever because I have four daughters.”

The sergeant also claimed that the State Attorney’s Office would reimburse him and that social services would check up on her — something her attorneys say never happened. The State Attorney’s Office wouldn’t comment on the open case.

After watching the video for the first time, a close friend of the woman, Jensen Mondesir, said he found it disturbing.

“When he’s walking up to the hotel, he’s holding her hand,” Mondesir said. “They’re very close. It’s not police conduct at all, any of these things that he is doing.”

It was Mondesir who found the woman at the hotel and filed an Internal Affairs complaint against Romaguera. He said the woman had never been married and was not a victim of domestic abuse.

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