I Will F**k You Up! You N****r! – Police Smash Black Citizen’s Face Into Car Over “Loud Music”: Report

Monica Pais | Courthouse News Service

(CN) – A black Miami Beach man claims in court that he was racially profiled, beat up and falsely arrested by three police officials all because he accidentally turned up the volume of his car radio after being asked to turn it down.

As recounted in a complaint filed in Miami-Dade County on Oct. 13, Bernard Williams was driving “in a normal and safe fashion” in heavy traffic in Miami Beach on May 26, 2013, when was approached by three police officers — defendants Leon Azicri, James Nolan and Charles Weiss — who ordered him to turn down his radio.

“Williams lowered the volume, but in the process of reaching for the volume control, he accidentally hit it so that the volume was actually turned up for a brief moment before he could lower it,” the complaint says.

Williams says that even though he had done nothing wrong Officer Azicri became aggravated, and told him “put the fucking car in park, you are going to jail.”

He alleges that after he parked his vehicle and as he was undoing his seatbelt, Officer Weiss grabbed his neck, “yanked him out of the car, spun him around, and, without provocation, smashed his face into the roof of his vehicle, causing him to lose a dental cap.”

The police officers continued the assault on Williams by punching and kicking his torso, and slamming him to the ground, the complaint says.

Williams says that even though he begged the officers to stop and screamed in pain, they ignored his pleadings and told him “your black ass is faking nigger.”

Williams says that after he was handcuffed and placed in a transport van, he told the police officers he had a surgically repaired shoulder, but the officers ignored his pleas and continued to punch him about the face and shoulders.

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  • tariq

    I’m sure now those scumbag pigs wished they would followed their instincts and just murdered him and claimed that he reached for their guns causing them to become afraid for their lives.

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  • fuck you

    hey retards, wheres the evidence this happened. you are not a news source, post of link of the article you found and manipulated into this anti police hate mongering. fuck you, and eat shit

  • So What NIGGERR

    We all know the niggerr is lying