Witness Accounts Clash With Police Report in Shooting of 2 St. Bernard Dogs

A Red Bluff Police officer shot two St. Bernard dogs Sunday morning that he said were acting viciously and aggressively.

But at least one person in the neighborhood where the shooting happened disputes police accounts of the incident, noting the dogs weren’t acting aggressively in the minutes leading up to their shooting.

“That whole entire report they wrote, that press release, I read it and I was in shock. It was all make-believe,” said Amy Ball, who lives just doors from where the shooting occurred.

Initially, the officer killed one of the dogs and the second was taken to a veterinarian. But the second dog has since died, Ball said.

The shooting prompted an outcry on social media, where several questioned the actions of the officer and called them excessive.

Police and the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the shooting. Red Bluff Police. Lt. Matt Hensen said death threats have been made against the officer, who’s not yet been identified.

According to a news release, the officer was called around 9:30 a.m. to a Nelson Drive neighborhood after receiving reports of the dogs chasing the girl. According to police, As the officer approached the dogs, they aggressively barked and came toward him.

Ball, though, said she first saw the dogs in front yard after another pair of dogs began barking at them. They weren’t barking or chasing anyone, she said.

“They didn’t seem interested in anything really,” she said. “They were just kind of out free, exploring.”
According to police, as the officer approached the dogs, they aggressively barked and came toward him.

The officer used pepper-spray on the dogs, which turned away from him and ran down a street. The officer followed the dogs in his patrol car to the front yard of a residence.

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