[WATCH] Woman Brutally Beaten at Traffic Stop by Sheriff and then Charged with “Assault”




Simona Tibu was beaten within an inch of her life after a routine traffic stop.

This Camrose dentist says that the assault occurred after she was driving home from work, and was pulled over by an Alberta sheriff for speeding.

She has now launched a formal plea to see charges filed against the officer.

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Tibu represented herself in a Wetaskwin court hearing on January 30, presenting her case to a judge regarding the August 3 assault.

What she revealed was disturbing.

She states that the violence began before she had even exited the car. The officer violently hit the driver’s side window of the vehicle. She said that if he continued to hit her window so violently, she would not roll it down, as she felt she was in danger.

The officer became unhinged by her demands. “He became violent,” Tibu said.

She began recording the incident on her cell phone.

That’s when he ordered her out of the vehicle, and began punching her in the groin, breasts and backside.

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Tibu screamed, hoping someone would help her, but that just made the officer “even more aggressive.”

She says that is when he smashed her head onto the pavement, soaking her in blood.

Two weeks later, the sheriff filed charges against Tibu for assault and resisting arrest.

The judge in this case said that Tibu has reasonable grounds to file charges but, higher officials will have to “determine if the case moves forward,” or “if there will be charges, if they’ll be dismissed or stayed,” an Alberta Justice spokeswoman Michelle Davio, said.

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  • Norman Baitz

    Sounds like an American cop got a job in Canada.

    • anastasiya gutnik

      “I have big medical records, lots of pictures and three witnesses that came forward to help me, therefore I am confident I will get justice,” Tibu said.

      how naive!

      • James Michael

        Like Kelly Thomas Dad….

    • yourattitudestinks

      Sounds like its a corrupt human that you find in many countries, no matter where they are from. keep talking little boy.

      • zaiger

        And they all just so happen to be cops.

      • Norman Baitz

        Awe, you got a guilty conscious lil piggy?

      • Greg Skomaroske

        You sound like a scum bag pig!

  • Daniel Hunt

    This will keep getting worse and worse until NO ONE will stop or obey a cop…and perhaps open fire out of fear

  • Guest

    Honestly with all this brutality going on with no consequence, I think its time for local citizens to mob up on these guys who commit these atrocities and beat them to near death. We need to stand up to this crap. The citizens in the restaurant who forced the cop who murdered Kelley Thomas out should have sent a stronger message.

    • Patrick Farrell

      Yeah they should have beat him to death.Karma

  • anastasiya gutnik

    “I have big medical records, lots of pictures and three witnesses that came forward to help me, therefore I am confident I will get justice,” Tibu said.

    she’s pretty naive.

  • Patrick Farrell

    Lets just start killing cops, lawyers and judges.They are all MERE Article IV corporate franchise court, revenue collection agents working for the JEW owned, JEW run Federal Reserve, collecting whole life insurance premiums called taxes and interest payments for the wealthy fucking JEWS and the Crown of England.Kill them all.

    • rayb_baby

      F**k you, you hate-mongering, anti-semitic a**hole. Your comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand and you are just looking for an excuse to get your vile hatred on.
      F**k you F**k you F**k you!

      • Kenneth Paul

        uh actually minus the jew labels he has it right. a true statement stands regardless if YOU believe it. has the veil of hatred for anti semitism destroyed you perception of actions in the real world?

  • Frank Castle

    Please make public the full name of the police officer who done this along with what unit he belongs to and rest assured this officer will be recieving the exact same or more than what he gace you!

  • zaiger

    Crooked cops probably deleted the dash-cam footage.

  • glynbo

    I always wanted to visit the U.S.A. when I got the chance,beatiful scenery,people,and a good way of life.Lately the more I hear about things like this (which is all the time) I have decided not to ever come there,The cops are just brutal thugs with a license to kill on a whim and at will. Things are bad in my country (U.K.) but it seems out of control in the U.S.

  • GAJ

    Are you downloading these videos before they are removed from Facebook?