Woman Calls 911 for Help, Cop Comes and Pushes Her Head Down Into His Lap, Violently Sexually Assaults Her: Lawsuit


CLEVELAND — Officer Paul Jones is facing charges of gross sexual imposition.

The incident began when an innocent woman called Cleveland police for help.

The woman had been a victim of the crime and thought that she could rely on the police for safety and protection.

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She never expected that a cop would show up and sexually assault her in response to her cry for help.

When Officer Jones arrived at the woman’s apartment, he began making sexually explicit comments, according to reports.

At one point Officer Jones exposed his body to the woman even though she did not consent, according to reports.

Then, taking things even further, Officer Jones got a hold of the woman’s head and began pushing her head down toward his lap as she tried to get away from him, the lawsuit states.

What the officer did to the woman after forcing her head down was not specified in detail in the lawsuit — only that the woman was then violently sexually assaulted.

Officer Jones then told the woman that she had better not tell anyone what happened.

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Officer Jones pleaded guilty to charges of criminal trespass, dereliction of duty and assault in a plea deal that would land him only a 90-day suspended jail sentence, while the woman was paid $5k.

The woman stated that the city knew that Officer Jones has a history of misconduct but let him work anyway without taking corrective action.

Watch the video below:

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