Woman Forced to Expose Her Body and Remove Tampon as 5 Cops Watch: Lawsuit

CHICAGO — A woman is filing a lawsuit after being deeply humiliated when a group of male police officers forced her to strip on the road, joking about her body as they forced her to remove her bloody tampon.

It began when the woman and her two male friends were startled to see an unmarked car driving toward them on the wrong side of the street, according to Courthouse News.


With her bloody tampon exposed, the officer began finger probing her vagina -- the other 5 officers looked on and joked about her body.

With her bloody tampon exposed, the officer began finger probing her vagina — the other 5 officers looked on and joked about her body.

Officers emerged from the car and decided to perform a “search.”

They detained the woman and her friends and took them to a nearby alley where they could not be seen by residents in the community.

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At that point another cop, officer Wherfel, came to the scene and ordered the woman to remove her pants, while surrounded by five other  officers — all males.

According to reports, the woman begged the officers to keep her pants on.

She explained that she had a tampon inside of her because she was menstruating.

“Are you really forcing me to strip in front of these men?” asked the woman.

“Yes,” said officer Wherfel, while snapping on latex gloves.

That’s when officer Wherfel ordered the woman to take out her tampon.

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Humiliated and crying, the woman was forced to pull out her blood-stained tampon in front of everybody and leave it on the ground, exposing herself to the group of men.

Officer Wherfel got close to the woman and began finger “probing” the woman’s vagina.

As Wherfel did this, the other five officers began making jokes about the woman’s body, adding to her humiliation.

No drugs or other illegal contraband were found on the woman, according to the lawsuit. The woman, however, reports that officer Wherfel planted a sack of heroin on her in order to falsely arrest her after the humiliation.

The woman is now suing for unlawful search and seizure, false arrest, conspiracy to violate civil rights, failure to intervene, and emotional distress and battery, according to the Courthouse News report.

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  • Spinne

    American cops, the enemies within.

    • Edyn Idlefire

      true that, my friend. be well.

    • David Markham

      If that happened to my daughter I would find the criminal and he (they)

      would be on disability for life if he survived my wrath.

  • LynnLover

    This happens way too often. The police can do what ever they want. And to justify it they plant drugs on you so you look like the bad guy and to say, see what we found on her? Its bullshit!

  • Dane

    Anyone still not think we don’t live in a police state?

  • Tamra Louviere

    I wouldn’t have done it…they would have had to take me to jail. Freakin’ pigs!

    • ponytail

      what did the 2 male friends do? u fucking pigs r gonna fuck with the wrong person (me) one day and u r gonna die

    • Na_na99

      Then they just would have shot you and said that you were fighting them.

  • Starrie Robinson

    wow those men are sick

  • WakeUpAmerica!

    *** For those still wondering WHY.***http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/09/27/press-tv-tragedy-of-us-police-training-by-israeli-companies/

  • James

    Get down to your County, and city government meetings YOU the Citizen tell them HOW you want things handled and if not vote them out fire the police take charge Americans !

  • barb

    she could sue for rape

    • hexxuss

      She SHOULD sue for rape, and sexual assault on top of it.

    • jonny pace

      how is that rape ?? lol ur dumb

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        penetration of any type is rape

      • ih8pigz

        Wow… Who’s dumb? ANY AND ALL PENETRATION IS RAPE!

        • Madkap

          Uh, yeah, basically any and all unwanted sexual penetration is rape.

          • sandy

            I would tell them, “arrest me or kill me. But, I will not do a strip search on the side of any road!”

      • Keith Mattia

        He probed her vagina meanwhile 5 others watched. rape doesnt have to be in the for of a penis only! lets see it done to you and see if you feel “RAPED”

  • salenthia

    This happed in Texas also. A woman cop made a victim take her tampon out I believe. So sick. And of course the New Mexico cops take the cake. Giving two men in separate incidents enemas, etc, at the hospital looking for drugs. No drugs were found and there are pending lawsuits. And the hospital had the nerve to send the bill to the poor victim!!! For a colonoscopy from what I was told. This is out of control.

  • moneyluv


  • Janine Wilson

    Thugs in uniform!!

  • Whaledreamers Crew

    police rape

  • Joseph Anthony Kruse

    They “planted” heron on her? I don’t know about that one. I was all about getting pissed off at the cops for pulling some nasty shit like that, until I saw “planted” heron. Just as much as there’s dirty cops out there’s dirty shizty people trying to get away with it……

    • Kevin

      I was thinking the same thing. Cops don’t just have a baggie of heroin to “plant” on someone on the street, if it was an unmarked car it was most likely a narcotics unit that had the woman and her 2 friends under surveillance, but who knows the true story? The news reports a story completely one sided going against the cops and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon saying fuck the police without knowing the whole/true story. Have a mind for your own people, think for yourselves, don’t believe everything the internet tells you.

      • nick

        yes a narcotics unit wouldnt just have drugs on them, the traffic division is more than likely to have access to heroin, Even if she did have it on her still fucked up and why couldnt they cuff her and have a woman search her at the station, fucked up either way

      • oldwoman

        “Cops don’t just have a baggie of heroin to “plant” on someone on the street”

        Horse puckey. Where do you think the old saying comes from–cops have the best drugs? We don’t know if they were her drugs or not, but whether she’s a drug addict, a dealer, whatever–what they did was RAPE and accomplice to it–and they should be in prison.

    • nomadnewyork

      Even if she was carrying, they were wrong.

    • Na_na99

      Cops did it in Atlanta, after they shot the 90-something year old woman in her own home after receiving information that she was a drug dealer.. They said that she was selling marijuana. One of the cops just felt that he couldn’t lie about that and his conscience wasn’t good with it, so he told the truth. And we’ve all seen the video of the SF cop who was ‘afraid’ of the guy in his custody, but other people’s phone video showed the guy face down, handcuffed, and not fighting when he was shot in the back. Cops do what they want and blame us, even when we do what they ask us to.

    • http://www.realultimatepower.com/ Chucky Arla

      Unless they recorded this event in detail, I don’t see how she should be considered guilty. This is one claim against another. I see no reason to believe men who prance about in costumes over a woman who doesn’t.

  • Melissa

    Easiest way to prove the drugs weren’t hers, get a blood test done proving NO DRUGS! This is an absolutely insane abuse of power!

    • geebs

      Or they could fingerprint the bag.

  • Dawn

    There’s no way I would have complied. Ever. I guess I would have been shot dead.

  • 9sapphire

    She did not have to obey. These cops are beyond their authority when they do such things. What the heck is wrong with our cops these days and our nation? I am willing to bet these cops are involved with porn, and maybe drugs, as well. I wish i could slap them and kick them off planet earth. Cops are here as OUR AGENTS, WE are the principals and they work for us. They have forgotten that. These are bad cops. And I recognize not all cops are bad. But sadly, I do believe the majority is. May God give him his due when the times comes. Cops like these are evil SOB’s.

    • pissed off american

      if one does not “obey” an unlawful order by a pig, it’s called obstructing justice…now pigs got probable cause…sapphire, shut your stupid mouth about not obeying…it’s called non-compliance…slaves obey bitch…

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        while it might be ‘called obstructing justice’ … it isn’t actually obstructing justice

  • tj826

    ‘We don’t need more editorials, talking points, opinions, etc., on What The Score Is. Any Substitute for Action is Suspect! It’s Time To Saddle Up! and Make Revolution Like Our Founding Fathers Advised’

  • Judy Kirkham-Beville

    I hope these pigs are on someones menu, they don’t deserve to be on the same planet as human beings.

  • miked9746

    Oh wait…. where are the the comments about how Obama ordered these men to do all of this??!! Must not have seen this story yet…. just give it time!!

  • Christien Bender

    Again not at all surprised by this story. This is BS and each and every day I read the same stories over and over again. Nothing ever happens to the police and it continues. I am not a violent person but I don’t see any other way the law enforcement and Government of this country will stop the aggression and tyranny !!!! I don’t care if they legitimately found a pound of heroin inside her this was wrong and the officer who performed the “search” (I use that term loosely should be charged with sexual assault and fired. The officers who watched should all also be fired at minimum and charged with obstruction or something for not reporting their pervert brother in arms. For the record I don’t know the full case but on the surface I believe that the drugs were planted as well.

    • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

      this was a gang rape . every officer present should be charged with rape, kidnapping, abuse of authority, providing false report …

  • Vioylet

    Just one time i really wish that i could have been there. I would have gone bat shit fucking crazy on those fucking dick-less, scum bag, pieces of SHIT. My heart and Anger go out to this woman. This WILL stop. I fucking refuse to be treated like a play thing to these unjust pansy monkeys.

  • ramseh

    No matter if she had drugs on her or not no MALE pig can search especially not strip search a woman. Thats sexual assult. Only women can touch women no matter what its about. She should sue for rape forsure.

    • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

      also, no search in public …

  • Janice

    Absolutely disgusting! Shoot first, do whatever first..justify later..oh, I should say LIE later to Justify actions!

  • Ashleigh

    Fake. Strip searches aren’t done in public and the only person who can enter a body cavity is a doctor. This lady is stupid if she did it anyways.

    • http://www.realultimatepower.com/ Chucky Arla

      Surrounded my armed men whose organization is permitted to execute people who “resist”. Sounds like self-preservation to obey.

  • Juan Nightstand

    Protecting and serving.

  • Teena Swaze

    They have made enemies with us all its time to retaliate

  • Keith Mattia

    Every single oneof those f-n pigs should be handcuffed and have a tampon shoved up their pig asses not just once but every day for the rest of their scum sucking lives!

  • Emm Jane

    I’m in Britain. Just want to say, your law enforement is too scary ..!!! Terryfying in fact. These men need prison time. SImple as that. Poor woman.