Woman Shot in the Head, Executed by Cop Because She “Might Be Smoking Marijuana”

ashely with her son

Ashley with her son

WELD COUNTY — A family is mourning the horrific death of their daughter.

A cop forced their daughter, Ashley, down to the ground, pressed a 9mm handgun against the side of her head, and shot her to death, according to reports.

She was executed at point-blank range, as the bullet ripped through her brain tissue.

Ashley leaves behind her three young children and her parents.

It began when Ashley was at a party with Officer Thomas Fallis. At the time, Ashley had been married to Officer Fallis.

At some point during the party, Ashley told Officer Fallis that she was “going outside to have a smoke” with her female friends.

officer fallis

Officer Fallis being interviewed the day after murdering his wife, trying to convince the interviewer that Ashley “committed suicide.”

For reasons unknown, Officer Fallis suspected that Ashley was actually going outside to smoke marijuana, not a cigarette.

Officer Fallis took offense to this and became wildly enraged, accusing Ashley of smoking marijuana, according to reports.

Officer Fallis then began screaming at other females at the party.

The party guests were deeply shaken by Officer Fallis’s rage and began leaving the party and heading home, not wanting to be around him.

Officer Fallis continued his vitriol against Ashley — by this time they were the only ones left in the house.

ashely wedding

Ashley will be forever missed by her three children, her parents, and her community.

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

Officer Fallis pulled out his 9mm handgun and “held the gun to the right side of Ashley’s head and pulled the trigger,” according to the indictment.

He then immediately tried to cover up the murder by making it look like Ashley had “committed suicide.”

He “lowered Ashley to the floor, began holding her head, and called 911 to report that Ashley shot her self in the head,” the indictment states.

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Ashley Fallis was pronounced dead a few hours later.

For some time, it was believed that Ashley did in fact commit suicide, and Officer Fallis almost got away with it.

But recent facts have come to light indicating that a fellow officer assigned to investigating Officer Fallis left out key details in his reports.

For instance, an eyewitness overheard Officer Fallis admitting to shooting Ashley, but this eyewitness testimony was excluded from the investigation.

“This new information includes allegations from witness accounts that we were previously unaware of,” Rick Brandt, a police chief, said in an interview with ABC News 7.

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“Specifically, the allegations say that the officer omitted material statements from witnesses and that he changed at least one statement of a key witness in the case to support the conclusion of suicide,” he continued.

Ashley’s family has also come out and specifically reported Officer Michael Yates for covering up the murder by purposely omitting key evidence from the investigation documents.

The chain of events, then, appears to have been brought about as follows: Officer Fallis murdered Ashley in cold-blood; he then tried to cover up the murder by claiming that Ashley shot herself; then he found additional help from Officer Yates, who suppressed critical evidence from the investigation.

Now, a grand jury has finally indicted Officer Fallis for the murder of Ashley, dashing his pathetic attempts to cover it up.

No details are forthcoming as to whether and to what extent Officer Yates will be charged.

Officer Fallis was brought in Tuesday morning and is being held at a county correction center in Bloomington, Indiana.

Ashley is deeply missed by her community.

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She was very popular due to her ongoing health activism after her son Blake was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.

Her three children — Madelynn, Jolie, and Blake — will now grow up without their mother, all because Officer Fallis thought that his badge gave him the right to kill her over “marijuana” and get away with it.

Many surmise that Officer Fallis will get a light sentence, given the pattern of special privileges and “paid leaves” often granted to officers who commit unspeakable horrors.

More information about his exact sentencing will be provided as details surrounding the prosecution are made available.

Watch video now:

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  • Eric West

    fucking pig!

    • Matthew Evans

      What other kind are there?

      • John Allen Logan Lawson

        That’s no better than the monsters you claim them to be.

        • Pharaoh

          Hi piggy

  • Wade Dewell

    pigs are above the law and america is a facist country whom all politicans and judges are bought and paid for by corporations and zionist israel. peaceful protest doesnt do shit and it never has. the people need to arm themselves and fight back with a revolution if you want to see positive change

    • Naomi

      I agree 100%!! It’s kill or be killed at this point!!!

    • JorgeSoros

      If cops are above the law, then why did Officer Fallis get indicted for murder? Oh I’m sorry, did you miss that little detail? This guy isn’t getting away with murder.

      • Keaghan Noch

        Pretty fucking obvious he’s getting actual penalties because he did this OFF DUTY and TO HIS OWN FUCKING WIFE. If he was on duty and this had been any other person at that party, he would most certainly have gotten away with it. How was this not clear?

        • JorgeSoros

          Doesn’t matter if he is off duty or not. Still a cop and by the logic of the people on this site, he gets the same preferential treatment whether or not he is wearing his badge. My point was that while there are bad cops who do horrible things, their are also good cops, DAs, lawyers, etc who prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. However, I also believe that there is a lot of misinformation spread about police brutality in order to advance the leftist communist agenda (breakdown society to rebuild society).

          In this case, I do not believe that if he was in uniform and killed someone who was a stranger to him he would get away. We do have a justice system that despite it’s flaws, can work as we are judged by a jury of our peers. But… nobody on this site will believe anything I say. Most people here would rather burn the system down for complete anarchy than to try for justice in a civil society.

          • useless eater

            No one believes what you say because it doesn’t make sense. On duty cops ARE more likely to get away with breaking the laws they’re supposed to be enforcing. A big reason for that is their union. It will fight tooth and nail to protect its members. And they couldn’t care less that they may be protecting a murderer. But they don’t have that sort of institutional protection when they’re off duty.

          • Nannette Carley

            You sound like a cop taking up for your buddies – in fact, I’m just going to assert – you are a cop covering up for your buddies – nobody wants to hear your insane cop psychobabble – shut the fuck up pig! “Fullest Extent of the law” your a pud – justice will be done when we get rid of puds like you!

          • Bruce Christopherson

            You are a dumb CUNT. Any of you psycho pussys who talk all this nonsense would call a cop in a second if you were in danger. Bad cops are the minority but stupid asswipes like you seem to be in the majority. Go fall down and bleed out dipshit

          • Shari Peterson

            Oh shut the fuck up Bruce. Most of us have learned that it’s not worth getting shot or having your family pet shot or even getting raped by calling 911 and having some low IQ chump with a gun show up sporting a hard on.

          • Bruce Christopherson

            You are as stupid as most of these cop hating imbeciles on this thread. Most cops are not dirty. Most cops aren’t looking to hurt anyone they don’t have to. All these comments to the contrary are from a bunch of stupid fucks that don’t know shit. I can and have protected myself and others in the past because it’s not physically possible for cops to be where you need them in time for most things. Worst of luck to you dumb pieces of shit. P.S. May Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin burn in hell they deserve to be dead and may you join them soon you stupid fuck.

          • Jim Naumann

            Bruce just shows the real hate the police have for the public in general…
            He spews hated with every sentence standing up for a group that has proven to be unworthy of trust any longer.

          • Randall Williams

            all you sodimites are dirty, lying child killers , child molesters, rapist and murders . there are no good cops . you all are lower than life , you piece of shit .

          • TheRedness268

            Badge and precinct number please

          • AS1124

            LMFAO…..ROLFLMAO…..HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…thankyou for the laugh!!!!!

          • n10dkf

            Keep licking those pig boots, Bruce.

          • AS1124

            yea….. I agree with everyone else: You should LEAVE this conversation. You have added NOTHING of importance, only insulting people… bye bye

          • Shari Peterson

            If you are in danger IT’S TOO LATE TO WAIT 20 MINUTES FOR A COP TO SHOW UP TOO.

            It’s always the dumb ones who support cops. LOL

          • RiverMikeRat

            Actually, the only time I’ve ever called a cop was when there was an accident with serious injuries.

          • n10dkf

            Bruce, you can stuff your statist religion up your stinking, diseased asshole, you worthless fucking pile of shit. Google Warren v. District of Columbia and read it, you stupid brainwashed CUNT! It’s dumbed down, fucking punks like you, suffering from Stockholm syndrome, that have fucked up America. Why don’t you die already, you gluttonous fucking cocksucker!

          • AS1124

            yea…. and I think you better go too as well… youre ridiculous.

          • AS1124

            please stop using sexist language.Its offensive… Its an insult to cunts and pussies which I think should be revered.If you want, use dick head. Im fine with that. Thankyou.

          • Shari Peterson

            It’s always funny when they use words like “civil” society, as if it’s civil to take someone’s possessions in “civil asset forfeiture” or is civil to shoot and kill puppies and kids and anyone else. It’s ridiculous to arrest a man who points a banana at you but ding dongs like Jorge will always defend them for doing it. Someone should be able to POINT A PIECE OF FRUIT AT ANYONE THEY WISH.

            It is a mad man who defends that crap

          • http://politicsplus.org/Rixar13 Rixar13 McGinnis

            I agree with Nannette, Jorge Soros needs to STFU… No /s tag

          • Eddie Prewitt

            Justice? Civil? You use these words like you understand them, somehow i doubt you actually do….

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            oh I love this. “there are good cops out there”. ya, like the good cops who protect them with their silence, or falsify reports, plant “evidence”, or maybe the ones who come and join in the beating of someone even though the person has done nothing to them, or anyone else. I get so sick of hearing about these “good cops” who protect these gang bangers with badges

          • Teri

            Amen brother! You said it all!

          • Shari Peterson

            Christopher Dorner was a good cop. He ratted out a bad cop and ALL the cops came together to burn him up in a cabin after making up a tale about him killing some cops (gotta have a proper justification). You can look at him and you know what he’s capable of and it’s not harming someone innocent.

            The dumb always stick together.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            yes, that I agree with. and the reason I agree is because I know someone close to me who was a cop in the seventies, and early eighties. he saw some pig beating up a 12 yr. old kid for riding his dirt bike in a field that he had permission to ride in. the pig had him hand cuffed, and pulling his hands up so far that they touched the back of his head. long story short, his fellow “officers” turned on him, and he was arrested more times than I can count. all charges were bullshit, and always dismissed after we posted bail. in one case, he was arrested four times for the same ticket, which we had paid 3 times! my sister grew up absolutely petrified of cops. cops of today are absolute SCUM. and any one of them who protect these guilty, psychotic other fu#kers are just as bad as them…..no, worse! when I was growing up, even when I was a little kid, it used to piss me off when the hippies called them pigs, but these days, there is no other word for them, even if there are a few exceptions

          • Brittany

            The kid should’ve roosted a boulder right into the pig’s face. BRRAAPP! That would have been just.

          • AS1124

            EXACTLY. I usually bring that poor guy Dorner up…. its so sad. And nobody did a real investigation.. not even Truth Dig, or Democracy Now. Its too deep a rabbit hole.

          • AS1124

            when people who defend cops have enough personal interaction they will finally STFU and get it. Theres no point arguing with people who defend the status quo.

          • Teri

            I think that most people understand what you’re saying, however, we see it with our own eyes. I’ve actually lived it. The cop who assaulted me never was punished. And I’m not ashamed to admit that when some kid tried to kill him about a year later, I was cheering.

          • AS1124

            ty. exactly my point I make to people still asleep.

          • Matt Matt

            He almost got away with it thanks to his fellow officer excluding important details from the investigation. There is plenty of times when officers do and have got away with murder and this time was nearly another.

          • n10dkf

            The pig has not been convicted yet. The corrupt judicial system will let the filthy, murdering pig, walk free.

          • John Dillinger

            no there are no good cops, so shut the hell you pig

          • billy khalil

            JorgeSoros is an idiot, most cops are bad and they do get away with shit like this every day…but you and anyone else who thinks there are no good cops are idiots too. My aunts a Detroit cop and shes a good person, she doesn’t pull her gun out unless she has to, doesn’t arrest people for weed even before it was legal, and actually feels bad when she has to take someone to jail. Saying there are no good cops is so delusional, I’ve been to jail several times, I’ve been in the system, there are a few good ones. But Jorge, we don’t want to burn the system down, we just want to hold these people accountable for their actions.

          • Mr. George

            Cop right

          • Shari Peterson

            I am so not a leftist commie; in fact I a far right libertarian. Name calling does nothing to find common ground.

            We need cops to be treated just like anyone else. That does not happen. In fact there is an oath to remain loyal to the blue brotherhood over all else. You seriously going to deny that?

            Does the name Christopher Dorner sound familiar? It should. He was a cop who testified against a fellow cop in court and wow ended up burned up in a cabin here in California. Why don’t good cops stay good? Because they want to stay alive.

            It’s a rotten barrel Jorge. And putting a good apple in a barrel of rotten apples just makes that good one, rotten.

            I bet good cops steal from people all the time (known as civil asset forfeiture) just like criminals steal from people all the time.

            I’d trust my neighbor to protect me over a cop who just might shoot you or your dog if you are fool enough to call 911.

          • Mustafa Gross

            … “leftist communist agenda”….You sound like Stan Smith from American Dad berating his daughter. You sound like a cartoon.

          • RiverMikeRat

            The system is almost irretrievably broken.

          • Zack

            what misinformation? the video camera doesn’t lie idiot

          • n10dkf

            Statism is the most dangerous religion.

        • 215067

          Cause you’ve some nothing but speculation dumbass, your little brain has no idea what would have happened if circumstances were as you said, smfh

      • Eddie Prewitt

        The fact that others attempted to help him cover this up proves that they have no respect for the very laws they are charged with enforcing. one would have to be a blind sheep to think otherwise.

        • Shari Peterson

          Right, always protect the blue line over everything else, even what’s morally right. Where the law and morality hit head on you see the idiots following the law and the just walking away from it.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        only because the detail leaked out dumb ass. did YOU miss the part where his fellow “officers” left out key details??….idiot

      • Teri

        Most cops are acquitted. Just because someone is charged doesn’t mean anything will happen to him.

      • John Dillinger

        He got indicted because they got found out. when one cop breaks the law they close ranks and keep quiet. all cops are bad because it takes a horrible human being to wanna get a job where it affords them to murder another person. And Like Keaghan says if he was on the street in uniform and did the shit nothing would happen to him, in fact pigs kill innocent people everyday and get away with it. Go eat a fucking bullet PIG.

      • Mr. George

        but he will probably get a very light sentence

      • forby

        Jorge is a cop. You can tell by his argument. Not really based in reality. Like most cops, living in a fantasy world, where they think you have to answer their questions.

      • Shari Peterson

        THE VAST MAJORITY are above the law.

      • n10dkf

        An indictment is not a conviction. The corrupt judicial system will let the murdering pig walk.

        • JorgeSoros

          It goes to a trial. In a trial it is up to a randomly chosen jury. Court system can’t override a jury no matter the corruption.

          • n10dkf

            There is nothing random about the way a jury is chosen. Also corrupt judges are in complete control of what evidence is allowed in court. It’s these same corrupt judges that give the jury their instructions. In case after case, these murdering pigs have been acquitted by stacked juries with inexorably biased, statist jurors who worship the government and believe pigs can do no wrong.

          • JorgeSoros

            You support statism by following the liberal path. Think the cops are bad? Just wait until the people you want to have in power actually get in power. Then you’ll see what a true police state is when a military boot comes crashing down on you. I am not an American. I was born in the former USSR and when I see Americans talk and protest about their oppressive cops. I laugh. You know nothing. Absolutely nothing and unfortunately it will be the downfall of us all if people like you continue to exist.

    • Ricky Moore II

      Why did you have to go an ruin a good comment by throwing in that anti-Semitic bullshit you people seem to be INCAPABLE of leaving out?

      There is a huge difference between a genuine patriot and your average run of the mill Klan member.

      • Joey Ray

        What he said was technically true. Israel is a Zionist country and they do have a ridiculous amount of power in our government. Is there even one elected Congressman or Senator who has spoken up about Israeli war crimes? I don’t think there is. Criticism of Israel =/= antisemitism. If he had said “The Jews control the government” that would have been antisemitic.

        • Shari Peterson

          Candidates must fly to DC to meet with AIPAC and get their marching orders. The AIPAC freaks don’t ask you what your views are, THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOUR VIEWS WILL BE or you have no future in American politics.

          Welcome to the United States of Israel.

        • AS1124

          im sorry but if you defend him you have serious issues ALSO. This is about a corrupt cop. Keep the disgusting bigotry OUT.

          • sharpin la

            What bigotry? What other nation has this type of power over the US? Name one. This has nothing to do with anything but exposing foreign control of the nation’s capital..

            And Israel’s IDF is training police chiefs across the US in an ADL-funded program. No wonder they are so vicious.

          • jlb123

            Oh, name just ONE other country who has power over U.S.? How about China? Geez…give me break.

          • eccles11

            Tell me about the China lobby.

          • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

            like a infestation of dual nat’l chinese is present? GTFO…. the whole uSA gutterment is jeeew owned.

          • Christopher Bowen

            STOP internet censorship. SHOW the down votes!

          • AS1124

            look, we are on the same page : I hate the IDF, the Likud govt and OUR system as well. The issue is when people start throwing around “zionism” it is NOT just used the way they claim. It IS a euphemism for antisemtism. I think you and I can agree on the basic stuff. But lets just be careful about not sliding down a slippery slope. Thats my point. And if you didn’t notice, this article had NOTHING to do with Israel. It was about OUR cops. And its not just about supposed “Israeli trained: American police force. We have had militaristic police , SWAT teams and racism and classism WAY Before any Israeli training came in. Additionally, we have a HUGE amount of ex military in the police which is another serious serious issue.

          • tonibrown

            Country? I’m naming a whole REGION. The Middle East and their influence because of the price of oil,

          • Alex Reddy

            don’t be a retard

        • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

          Isrels war crimes look like an episode of PeeWee Herman Show compared to Muslim extremism.

          • Alex Reddy

            like 9/11? lol, we all know that israel specializes in false flags

          • AS1124

            you’re insane. I don’t believe the govt’s 911 story and am part of the 911 AE truth. It does NOT promote the anti-Semitic point of view that “Israel” did it or the “Jews” had something to do with it. You are honestly scary. There is a difference between the discussion of thermite and the insanity that “Israel” did it versus our OWN govt being complicit.. this is why people never take this argument seriously : BEcause of this kind of bafoonery… Sigh.

          • Alex Reddy

            Guess what retard, Israel did have a hand in it along with Bush and Cheney, lots of zionists had a hand in it, Israelis were spotted documenting the event, it is not being anti semitic to criticise and suspect the Israelis of having involvement in the 9/11 false flag seeing as they do have a past for them e.g The King David Massacre and the USS Liberty, you can’t just deny israel having any involvement by saying it is anti semitic, that seems like buffoonery to me and it is a retarded argument.

          • dubinsky

            A bigot, a liar, a conspiracy nut and a flaming bunghole all rolled into one defective called Alex.

          • Alex Reddy

            another retard with no valid argument

          • dubinsky

            no, I didn’t say that you’re retarded. you’re merely quite stupid.

          • Alex Reddy

            Read this if you claim to have an open mind instead of seeming dismissive and having a retarded argument which is it is anti semitic http://chrisspivey.org/911-israel-calling/

          • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

            unless of course you stop lying about 9/11 lowlife.

          • fcbasel

            Really? You think Sabra and Shatila was like an episode of Pee Wee Herman? Or the 80 schoolgirls dead after a Mossad/CIA bomb went off in Beirut in 1985 trying to kill Fadallah?

        • kcdad

          Yeah, NOT TRUE… Israel doesn’t pay for anything… Zionist or otherwise.

        • Christopher Bowen

          WTF does your hate for a certain % of people across the globe got to do with this scumbag murdering pig? Get over the anonymity that the internet gives you. You are being a totalitarian A$$wipe!

          • rad dude

            why’re israeli’s so offended when the truth comes to light? Do your leaders lie to you or do y’all just hate everyone other than the “chosen” ones?

      • Blacktiger

        Saying Zionist Israel is not anti-Semitic because the only Semitics in Palestine are Palestinians! Palestine has been overrun by Zionist Jews since they were allowed by Britain and others of the West to have a small part of Palestine to call home. These Jews are actually Ashkenazim and are totally European since 700-800AD having settled in an area of Khazar.

        • Shari Peterson

          That’s right and anyways, Israel’s freaks are training the cops here in America and that’s why they are how they are now.


          • Jason Hersh

            fuck you shari you coward.

          • Joe Draper

            always the idea was them against us, not us against us

          • Randy

            Awww…you haven’t got any feedback for your comment. I’ll start…

            You’re a f’ing idiot!

          • sharpin la

            Just reporting facts – why do they bother you so much?

          • sharpin la

            I suggest you seek out the definition for coward. Ass hat.

          • Alex Reddy


          • n10dkf

            Pay no attention to Jason Hersh. He is a hasbara troll.

          • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

            and that is know as Treason!!!

          • AS1124

            you are not correct. The police have been amping things up even since the 40’s which had nothing to do with Israel. I am aware of Israeli training and US military being put into civilian police positions which is one of the biggest problems. OUr govt is interested in destroying dissent. Lets keep our eyes on the ball.

        • AS1124


        • Jason Hersh

          Muslim faggot. Id dump pigs guts over you and put you upside down in a hole to drown in the vile.

          • Zack

            jason hersh woah you just planted an idea in my head that is some hardcore shit lol long live israel fuck these cowards they will never see the end of israel and to black tiger your wrong theres many jews myself included of spanish descent from muslim lands the sephardic jews who were expelled from every arab country where are the protests? “we demand the right of return to iraq!” i can see it now lmao

          • Alex Reddy


          • Alex Reddy

            don’t go full retard

        • Kangalanatolian

          Yes, I have read the evidence of that. It is an interesting hypotheses and is somewhat supported by genetic research. Of course we can only hope time will tell us the truth, what ever that is, instead of continuing to repeat the propaganda. I mean even if this is true, why would the Jewish PEOPLE be to blame for that NOW? Just what are the true genetic markers of Hebrew?

          The 10 tribes were carried away by the Assyrians and lost their collective memory. They never were Jewish since that is the name for the descendents of the tribe of Judah.

          • AS1124

            at the risk of creating another issue: Recently Cohenites and Levites HAVE been traced all the way back. There are tribes. Just FYI. And I am NOT ashamed of that.

        • AS1124

          sorry: Jews have been in Palestine for thousands of years and ARE Semitic. Just as are Palestinians. Its historically a fact.

      • billy khalil

        That wasn’t anti-Semitic. First of all, us Palestinians are also Semitic. Second, even religious Jews are anti-Zionist.

        • AS1124

          we all know anti-Semitism when we see it . You can try to excuse it the way you do but we ALL know it.

          • Jason Hersh

            props to you as1124 they are cowards don’t mind them, we stand with israel because they refuse to be murdered by these pig coward fucks called muslim extremists.

          • sharpin la

            Amazing they all come from groups spawned by the same sect founded by a Jew in the 1700s. Gosh, what are the chances of that??? History doesn’t lie.

          • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

            people who stand with israelis are the enemy of Americans.

          • tonibrown

            What? Did I read that right? Surely not. Enemies? No… I do agree that some do cross that line into obsessive behavior when defending Israel, but get a grip, please. These American citizens are not enemies….. just extreme! (and protected by our Constitutiojn, as are you and I)

          • Danny Vinson

            You are an idiotic anti-human piece of pig shit. Israel has started every conflict it has been involved in. Remember the USS Liberty!!!

          • AS1124

            listen, I am not pro LIkud, I am anti Likud, anti settlements and want all Israeli govt and IDF heads who have committed war crimes to go right to f&****&*NG jail where they belong . I do support the state of Israel ( I have friends and family there) but I am not a black and white sort of Jew. Its time to take responsibility and call out the criminals in charge in Israel as well as here in the USA. I just will not tolerate any antiseitism disguised as just a discussion about “zionism.” Homey dont play that…..

          • RiverMikeRat

            Obviously you don’t. Palestinians are Semitic.

          • sharpin la

            Is the truth anti-Semitic?

          • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

            well put, jeews have wrecked the uSA, and idiots helped them with PC

          • Alex Reddy

            don’t go full retard

          • benny

            I have no problem with jewish people and i think the religion and culture are beautiful. However the state of Israel is a disgusting, evil place and it has taken billions of US dollars. End Israeli occupation of gaza !!

          • AS1124

            Benny, thankyou. That is my point exactly. As a Jew, I feel the exact same way: End the illegal settlements and crimes against humanity, put the criminals in jail, change policy and SAVE Israel from itself for Christ’s sake. ITs ridiculous. But this article had NOTHING to do with Israel , thus my concern about the antisemitic tone. And frankly people it SCARES me how much HATRED there is towards Jews in the past 10 years as well as Islamophobia. I have committed to hiding Muslims if our country slides down the slope into complete fascism. Wake up people. Lets keep in mind the REAL criminals are the banks, oil companies and corrupt politicians trying to DIVIDE us and turn people against the “boogyman: Homeless, poor, black, brown, immigrants, Left, Right, Benghazi etc etc… WTFU before its too FREAKING late.

          • Randall McKay

            Quit jacking each other off, and get back on topic. Cops are supposed to be there to help you out, watch your back, and so forth. But sadly, some cops just can’t handle that kind of pressure. I say you’re either born a cop, or die trying.

          • Danny Vinson

            We all know that any criticism of the military complex of Israel is called anti-Semetic In reality, a stupid statement like yours hides anti-semetic words and actions.

          • https://www.facebook.com/paulbhicks66 Paul Hicks

            …not real sure you really understand what people are saying… …too bad for jew.

          • Bill the eighth

            You don’t know anything but victim hood and whining.

        • AS1124

          sorry, but the majority of US Jews ( not my family who are extreme right wingers and I am ashamed of them) are NOT against the state of Israel. We are anti Likud, anti illegal settlement and want the Likud govt prosecuted for war crimes against the Palestinians JUST like I want my US govt ( Bush admin, Obama admin, CIA,FBI , NSA TSA,ATF et al) prosecuted for war crimes, TREASON and anything else we can prosecute them for) Lets just keep our facts straight please. Im sick of people constantly bringing up Israel when we are talking about something else, like OUR countries criminals. Thankyou.

          • Daniel K. Berg

            Illegal settlement?…..you stole the whole damn country!

      • forby

        why is any criticism of Israel Anti semitic. Do yo even know what a semite is. or have you just listened to moron after moron from Israel, spread their propaganda. Most JEWS are NOT semites. all ARABS are semites. it doesn;t take an IQ test, to work out this bullshit scenario the jews have been peddling for 70 years.

        • Helena_Handbasket

          Not every criticizm for Israel is anti semetic… but to blame zionism for the fact we have a corrupt and murderous police force, REALLY REALLY is. It is as bigoted and freaking imbecilic as it would be to blame “The Darkies” for adulterated food ingredients in major brands… or “Those Immigrant Types” for the fact that the sun gives people cancer.

          • Shari Peterson

            Well gosh Helena, if people don’t like it when people bring up rogue COPS TRAINED BY ISRAEL, then perhaps they should STOP TRAINING THE COPS TO BE MONSTERS. I know I know, too simple of a solution.


          • forby

            No it doesn’t you MORON. JUDAISM is a RELIGION, that is all it is. You can not CONVERT to a RACE. And you are calling others, idiots. what a fuckwit you are.

          • Zack

            thats american reform judaism in real judaism you cannot convert you are either born a jew or you are not a jew we don’t impose our religion on others like the christians and the muslims its exclusive so YES judaism is a race

          • forby

            hahah that would have to be, not only the dumbest explanation I have ever heard, but it is also total BULLSHIT and every one knows it. YOU can and people do ALL THE TIME convert to judaism. What a stupid stupid comment from you.

          • Zack

            i’m a jew i know what i’m talking about judaism is a RACE we have distinct physical characteristics and for as much as you seem to hate jews i think hitler would disagree with you. in israel this is a problem all the time for people getting married thats why they many go abroad to get married like to cyprus and also its why you can not even be religious or believe in god AND YOU ARE STILL A JEW. not like christianity or islam where if you denoune god you no longer are part of that faith

          • Guest

            in israel this is a problem all the time for people getting married thats why they many go abroad to get married like to cyprus

          • AS1124

            listen , this subject was in NO way related to Israel . Thus, when people start to attack Israel it is frankly, IMHO, ABSOLUTELY about antisemitism. If you don’t understand that Im sorry for you.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Actually, almost every American “conservative: calls any criticism of Israel bigotry and anti-semitism. Almost every.

        • AS1124

          again, bigotry that has NO place in this conversation or elsewhere

          • RiverMikeRat

            No. Truth. And it always has a place in the conversation.

          • AS1124

            And deciding that only conservatives attack those PRO Israel also has no place in any conversation. You assume too much. I am a reform progressive American Jew, with family and friends IN Israel. I do NOT support much of what Israel is doing right now and I am NOT against Israel. I think its time for people to stop reading IDF propaganda and actually read the progressive Left Israeli newspapers and comments.

          • forby

            You do know what BIGOTRY is, don’t you? You are a bigot fro not agreeing with my beliefs and I am a bigot for not believing yours. So who is the bigot. MORON. Might help to know the definitions of bigot before you call some one a bigot.

          • AS1124

            uhmmmm Forby: I think I misposted and meant to post to someone else. I didn’t disagree with your discussion points I just re read. ……but calling people a bigot ( I just said bigotry didn’t have any place, you personalized it) and a moron is not appropriate. Moving along now….

      • Shari Peterson

        This is why Ricky – THOSE FREAKS ARE TRAINING OUR COPS. OK? This isn’t anti-Semitic THIS IS US ATTEMPTING TO PREVENT ANOTHER SOVIET RUSSIA SITUATION AT THE HANDS OF OUT OF CONTROL COMMISSARS (who were ironically, almost all Jewish, speaking of Semites).


      • JohannIvan

        Zionism and Judaism are NOT the same.

      • Carlos

        Most people know that Israel is owned by the Rothschild family, that’s why his comment included Zionist before Israel. Them Zionist Jews are not real Jews, they are blue bloods fake Jews (Ashkenazi), that are the owners of the international banks. There’s nothing anti-Semitic about speaking the truth, only brain washed people like yourself think that any statement that has Jew in it is evil and racist.

        • AS1124

          again, MORE antisemitism. Im ashakanzi , NOT pro likud and YOU are a racist.

          • n10dkf

            ashkenazi, hasbara troll. Stuff your satanic talmud up your ass sideways!

          • AS1124

            HAHAHAHAHA>>> boy have YOU set yourself up here n10dkf. A. Its NOT the Talmud that is our bible its the TORAH, which , unless you are Athiest or Muslim, YOU supposedly follow since its the OLD testament, part of the CHRISTIAN bible.. guess they didn’t get around to teaching you that. And B: I am NOT religious, so therefore it doesn’t apply. C. I don’t even know how to respond to your “satanic” comment since its INSANE…….Its kind of obvious WHO the troll is here. Now that you have ridiculed YOURSELF I wont be responding further to your ridiculousness. Moving along.

          • n10dkf

            You filthy Ashkenazi are all Talmud following. Perverted mohel, sucking a baby’s penis during your satanic ritual of brit milah and spreading herpes from your stinking disease mouth. You are a sick, twisted, child molester.

      • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

        Because all throughout history, Jews have been hated… At some point, they have to ask themselves, “are WE doing something wrong?”

        • RiverMikeRat

          That would require logic and sense.

        • AS1124

          uhmmm. NOPE thats not it either. Its not the Jews, the gypsies, the Gays,blacks, Indians, the Armenians fault. Its ignorant scared bigots that are the ones that have to ask THEMSELVES the questions…great going there though, attempting to blame the victims again. WOW

      • kcdad

        because he is an ignorant, angry, racist, jackass.

      • RiverMikeRat

        Anti-Zionist is not Anti-semitic. That’s like saying Anti-Nazi is also Anti-Nazi is also Anti-German.

        • AS1124

          nope , youre wrong again. I hope in your next life you COME BACK as a Jew. Then you will finally GET IT.

      • Alex Reddy

        stop sucking zionist dick

      • http://www.911missinglinks.com/ FederalReserve Brown

        yea well israelis getting away with 9/11 with your help causes it moron. we the people KNOW jeews did 9/11,,, why are you still helping them? http://www.911missinglinks.com has been seen by too many.

        • AS1124

          another antisemeitic survivalist PHONY truther. Maybe you should check out an authentic 911 link that isn’t racist: http://www.ae911truth.org The 911 families/ paramedics/ firefighters/ architects that are demanding a real investigation only work with this org. NOT your insane group. Cheers.

      • Brian O’Connell

        Zionism is officially recognized as a form of racism and fascism by the UN, don’t confuse it for being Jewish.

      • RavensRayne78

        anti zionist is NOT anti semetic, zionist are NOT the real jews

    • Lowell Wolfe

      No positive change ever came out of revolution. Fascist america was conceived by a bunch of wealthy businessmen who didn’t want to pay tax to the king so they tricked the people into fighting a dying for them in the american revolution. Look how well the communist revolution worked out for ordinary russians. Revolutions are just a way for the invisible deamon that society is to passify the people every now and again. As the name suggests revolutions just keep going round and round. It’s time to get past revolution. It’s time for evolution. Can we be the generation to spark the global evolt?

    • keith

      if you hate this country so much than leave you piece of shit

    • Trin Kiger

      Fuckin’ A. ^

    • Chuck Robey

      Israel has nothing to do with it or our Politics..

      • n10dkf

        Bullshit, Chucky. The fucking pigs in America are being trained in IsRealHell. Time for you to pull your head out of your stinking shit hole. Also, ZOG is controlled by AIPAC.

        • Chuck Robey

          Prove that they are being trained by Israel..

    • AS1124

      there is NO place for antisemitism here or anywhere. Where you get your ravings I have no idea. You are disturbed.

    • Jason Hersh

      Wade Dewell… zionist israel? go play in traffic. You fucking coward. I would do anything to have 5 minutes with you. No internet warrior here… just a pissed off american that would beat the fuck out of you. Loser.

      • n10dkf

        American? LMFAO! Fucking hasbara troll paid for by AIPAC.

    • Steve d’Orleans

      ‘Wade’ means ‘was that’, about ‘DaveIL’
      means a ‘warrior king’ and why’
      the cross. see? pleace
      use the biblical
      [it ‘is-words’ reference: http://biblehub.com/revelation
      [not real guns & swords]

      take a look here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=709629724

      • Steve d’Orleans

        BTW: Man United Is The Best [Fuck The…. [LOL]

    • Steve d’Orleans

      In this cases the SWORD is camera ‘SHOOTs’

    • Steve d’Orleans

      So ‘Wade’ that’s ‘My Revolution’ and I hope your 2 :)
      Best from a bro in ‘arms’ 😉

  • Wade Dewell

    cannabis intake has never caused a single death while tobacco and alcohol kill millions annually! all human beings and mammals have a endocannabinoid receptor system and women produce cannabinoids naturallly in their breast milk

    • Jenni Morrison

      I only SLIGHTLY disagree; There have been deaths, not because the drug itself kills, but as a result of the “War on Drugs” & trigger-happy cops handing out death sentences for smoking a damn plant.

    • Alex Taunton

      I could argue the same for tobacco (we have nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, of which nicotine is a strong agonist of) and alcohol (GABA is the most common inhibitory neurotransmitter) but why they are dangerous is because nicotine is addictive and tobacco has many poisonous chemicals in it, whereas alcohol is damaging to the liver to process in large amounts, as well as being highly addictive with damaging and sometimes fatal detox symptoms, and acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol, is poisonous but not to the same degree as the homologue formaldehyde.

      Cannabis, on the other hand, has no such toxins within it, as well as being safe to metabolize with no toxic metabolites. As well, cannabis is non-addictive and the body will not go into physical detox from the lack of activity at cannabinoid receptors.

      • billy khalil

        Alex, actually that is quite different. There are amino acids that produce acetylcholine and GABA, you don’t need tobacco or alcohol to stimulate them. Also, alcohol stimulates many more receptors than just GABA. Cannabis specifically activates receptors in the brain that are usually very minimally active and hard to activate further without drugs. The most addicting, dangerous drugs are ones that mimic neurotransmitters that are already effecting us every day to begin with, while psychedelics are the safest recreational drugs, activating receptors that are rarely used.

        • Alex Taunton

          Btw you activate your cannabinoid receptors whenever you excercise. It’s part of the “runner’s high” we experience.

          • billy khalil

            Yes, but only through aerobic exercise, and the effect is very minimal and only lasts 15 minutes (with certain enzymes taken beforehand up to 45 mins). Whereas GABA and acetylcholine is always having an effect and can be increased through diet.

          • Alex Taunton

            Cannabinoid receptors are also at play when your body is healing itself from illness and injury, playing the part of anti-inflammatory and painkiller. In fact, the cannabinoid neurotransmitter Anandamide is one of the most common neurotransmitters in the body, aside from GABA and glutamic acid.

          • billy khalil

            Where did you read anandamide is one of the most common neurotransmitters? My only point was that the only way to activate the cannabinoid receptors for a lengthy time on demand is drugs (you cant run nonstop), whereas GABA and acetylcholine are always active and can be increased through diet.

          • Alex Taunton

            You can try and increase the levels of acetylcholine through food all you want, but due to choline’s ionic nature, it will never cross the blood brain barrier unless through the action of a specific transporter, and thus the only way to naturally get a “choline-rush” is through activities that demand acetylcholine, much in the way that running is an activity that demands cannabinoid activation, or how sex naturally releases serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. Nothing different about any of these. You can eat pure choline bitartrate all you want and the only thing that will happen is that your skin will start smelling like fish from the overload of choline being processed into trimethylamine and ethanol, much like how you can eat however much phenylalanine as you want, but it’s not going to produce a dopamine rush unless you’re already doing some physical activity that demands dopamine anyway.

            Drugs are simply compounds that mimic neurotransmitters at certain binding sites. The distinction between “good” or “bad” simply is whether the positive effects outweigh the undesired effects (with addiction being one of those undesired effects). Other than that, the distinction is a purely human construct.

  • pigkilla

    It’s fucking legal there WTF!?

    • Mitch Mitchell

      Makes no difference to these people, THEY deem it illegal so even if the law says it is legal THEY will ensure it is not. They have stated before they don’t care what the law says. The IRS will try and put any producers out of business because even though the people want it THEY don’t. Look it up.

  • Christina K


  • bob

    again,another day….another douchebag cop

  • Mitch Mitchell

    IF he gets convicted he will do his minimal time in a special “not general population” wing, then released at the first possible oppertunity. They need to reward their operatives somehow. Notice the death penalty is NEVER EVER on the table for cops.

    • JorgeSoros

      I’ve always noticed how the death penalty is never on the table for the illegal alien dreamers that come to this country and rape women. In general, the death penalty isn’t used because it is too “inhumane.” Well… unless the criminal is a white male, then go ahead and execute away. The ACLU and liberal ilk won’t bother defending you unless you are a minority or illegal alien.

      • enkisea enkidu

        A lot of black people end up getting executed. Most notably in Texas

      • Mitch Mitchell

        Cops it’s NEVER for cops, and you are right about that as 56% of death penalties are White and 8% are Latino. But my beef is how many cops have been executed? I cannot find evidence of even one.

      • useless eater

        I can’t recall that *anyone* in the US has ever received the death penalty for rape.

      • X1X

        You might want to start paying closer attention to the details when you “notice.” The vast majority of people executed under the death penalty are black, not white, and the vast majority of those are executed for killing white victims, even though the majority of homicide victims are black. These statistics are readily available online. Stop trying to present your own opinions as if they’re facts.

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        And here comes the racism.

        Oh, what a shock.

        You do realise that there are proportionally more white people than non white people in the US, and so are more likely to commit crime?

        They just don’t get convicted for it.

      • tiny tim

        that might be because the conservative white man has been destroying and killing since they got here. to this good old USA. So as we see in history it is the White Man that has Fucked up the Country and been killing and raping women longer then any illegal alien dreamer has. Pray for the liberals to over come the Satan Conservatives that DESTROY EVERYTHING For WEALTH…

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          hey dumb ass, it was the Zionist Jews that brought the Africans here and exploited them, and us. they are doing the same now, only now, we are all n@##$rs. and btw genius. there is no right, or left. there’s no “choice” dem. rep, conservative, or lib. it’s all the same. wake up idiot

      • jibbles

        Ah and there it is! JorgeSoros showing his true colors!

  • Travis Judah

    Fry both these pieces of shit. Yo JC, where you at? You gonna suck these two pigs off too?

  • Phasung Baccam

    Either me or dirty cop no matter what

  • Boba Brett

    Fallis kinda rhymes with Phallus…

    • X1X


  • nobody important

    I’m tempted to travel to where ever he’s being jailed, commit a crime, and hope for eventual proximity.

  • Angalee Jones


  • Eddie Prewitt

    If this fucking idiotic asshole of assholes does not get leathal injection then, i give up on America. I’m not fucking kidding. I will no longer believe there is any hope for this country if this man does not die for this. If i have to pay for him to live his life in prison it will be TOO MUCH, I don’t want to pay his way. I want him gone. this is the problem with the system. this shit right here.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      might as well face it now. he will NOT get the death penalty. and there is no hope. the Kelly Thomas televised execution should show everyone that evidence is pointless. he told him, on video that he was “gonna f#$k him up”, then he, and 5 others proceeded to execute him by torture and beating. we all saw it, the “justice system” saw it…..and they walked. and all but one of them are still working to “protect and serve the public”……ya, whatever

  • Michael Fuson

    he should get the needle for this.

    • Kelly Combs

      fuck the needle give em a stoning way moe painful

    • http://batman-news.com Pianotm

      Cooked alive over a low flame.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        microwaved, one body part at a time…

    • Barack H Obola

      transfer to utah.. the firing squad is coming back

  • Daniel Barger

    You can’t know the unknown. How many other thugs pinned to badges have gotten away with murder with the help of their sordid accomplices in blue.

  • Mike Sherdog

    Everyone should treat a feral pig the same, just kill it.

  • Jared Abdullah Garrison

    didn’t Zimmerman get off cause travon martin had weed in his system? and mike brown is being demonized for some damn cigars…but cops didn’t even know (if) he stole them in the first place…next time, blame it on a black guy, that always works

  • useless eater

    Why wasn’t a simple test for gun powder residue on Ashley’s hands performed? You would think that should be routine (well, not routine in a few select instances, evidently). If one had been performed it most likely would have immediately ruled out suicide. But this is about typical of police “investigations”. They predetermine the outcome, the steer the “investigation” to confirm their outcome. And in this case at least, it looks like the Medical Examiner went along with it.

    Big fucking surprise.

  • quest2quest

    What about the cover up??? Thin blue line……….

  • Orlando84

    should stick him in a lead box and just forget him…

  • Eric_Jaffa

    When a cop is a suspect (or the only witness) in a death, then the investigation should be done by another department.

    This cop’s department covered for him “by changing witnesses’ testimony and omitting key evidence in reports.”

  • Michael McNew

    Paul Craig Robert’s warnings in regards to police brutality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7lgXc2coAs

  • http://mik661.tumblr.com/ Michael H. Dawson

    The only appropriate sentence is life in prison.

  • ThisStoryIsSad

    And they say marijuana makes you psychotic… Maybe if this police officer had a medical license for his obvious anxiety and mania he wouldn’t have done this. It’s incredibly sad how uneducated people are.

  • John Dillinger

    proof that all cops are bad

  • 215067

    Cause that’s your speculation dumbass, not one fact in a gd thing you stated.

  • 42332

    Check out this story, this cop has yet to be charged: http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2013/two-gunshots/

  • Frances A.

    Truth is that cops are not judged and sentenced in the same manner as civilians who commit criminal acts. So yes they do get away with it. If you’re going to be given a lighter sentence or go to a nice facility which is more like a country club then you’re not being punished for your criminal actions you’re being given a break and criminals do not deserve breaks and or deals! This is why the justice system is flawed it is a disgrace! As far as good cops I believe there are done but even good cops look away when it comes to police brutality so I believe that ppl need to protect themselves.

  • Tony Snodgrass

    What might this ex-officer sickness be, is he a psychopath?

  • medcannabis1

    he will get what he deserves once he enters prison…. they love white boy cops ….. he will make a lovely wife for several prisoners let him reap what he has sown ….

  • Johnny Indica

    Bastard scumbag!!! now you rot in jail you worthless piece of manure!!!

  • Ben Whitesell

    I hope the guy who helped cover it up gets more time than the guy who killed her, because if they are more strict to those helping cover up these crimes, then maybe they’ll think twice before they help another cop abuse his authority.

  • Gerald M Carney

    What’s going to happen to the Detective that helped him

  • Michael Mannor

    the other cop should be charged with an accomplice after the fact and tried accordingly

  • Shari Peterson

    Let him live and pull out his toenails one at a time each week. Then his fingernails. Then rip his eye lids off. Then skin him alive and slide him down a slide of razorblades into a vat of alcohol.

    That would be enough justice.

  • eddeewhite

    Fry hang or better yet put a gun to his head and send him to hell I’ll be the first in line to pull the trigger

  • Marc

    what happened to the conspirator cop?

  • cory

    This sounds more like a domestic murder than the way this story makes it seem like another police killing.

  • Russann Tomlinson

    Why isn’t anybody pointing out the fact that Weld County is in Colorado and weed is legal there?

  • gvmnt_45

    Put him in general population in prison. Make sure everyone knows he is a cop.

  • Manny Singh

    america is dying a slow death you are in more danger from dying from cops and government with false flag events than any terrorist save america boy cott big corporations government big banking cartels save your country don’t sit quite thinking it wont affect you as it will one day or your children

  • dagobarbz

    I hope this bastard meets Mister Mayhem. Soon.

  • Anne Marie Healy

    I think it’s a misleading headline. “A cop” didn’t kill a woman for smoking pot. A husband, who also happened to be a cop, kill his WIFE for smoking marijuana.

  • Slaytanic

    millions of dead flucking cops…I throw a party whenever one of you clocksuckers get dead…..

  • http://politicsplus.org/Rixar13 Rixar13 McGinnis

    Indiana, My cousin lives in South Bend.

  • JohannIvan

    And the “Good Cop”.. where is he in all of this?

  • Rob V Roy

    My heart goes out to Ashley ‘s family and children and those close to her. Her murder was senseless and brutal. May that spawn of Satan Cop burn in hell and relive his actions over and over. I hope someone shoots him n say it was bc he was hogging all the bacon and pork rinds !

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    Isn’t there a standard test that will determine if her hand was on the gun when it fired?

  • Sherry Gillespie

    How about the cop that helped cover up the murder? Did he get charged with accessory?

  • cvr527

    This looks like very strong evidence that Police cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

  • Jonathan Besler

    One more reason why juice-monkeys with badges, and cops in general, ought to be prohibited from possessing firearms and forfeit ALL right to bear arms. Ever.

  • Ann

    We don’t know that his badge gave him the state of mind. I think he would have killed her no matter what job he had. He’s a psycho.

  • J Fan

    When he originally presented this as a suicide, he claimed that she suddenly grabbed the gun and shot herself. But the gun was in a level 3 retention holster and it is impossible to “suddenly” get those guns out if you aren’t trained to remove them.
    Even giving you the holster alone in a room to fiddle with, it might take someone a minute or two–even then–to remove the gun from the holster if they’ve never seen one before or do not have firearms experience.
    She was not left alone to fiddle…she supposedly just suddenly grabbed, drew, and fired the firearm before he could do anything.

    P.S. That’s how men kill themselves, not women.

  • J Fan

    Note that even his friends were afraid of a cop–they all left the house because they were afraid to confront him.

  • Tom

    The ONLY difference between cops and criminals is, cops have badges.

  • Jiri Klouda

    Fallis is just a common murderer, who shot his wife at point blank range and tried to cover it up. This story would not even be about police officer if not for officer Yates. He needs to be charged with Accessory after the fact and Conspiracy to conceal a crime and receive the full penalty possible for those crimes he committed.

  • nathanjfealko

    This is not “cop kills woman” news. This is “deranged man kills wife.”

  • all bout that bass

    wow…what a load of crap. this propaganda should be illegal.

  • Into soul winter I fly


  • Mozart

    This cunt better get locked up for a LONG time, or even just a bullet to the head will suffice… I would personally advocate good ol’ fashioned Street Justice – let the victim’s family and friends loose on the parasite…

  • christy

    I hate cops….always have and always will…they been getting away with this shit for years…it has just became more publicized now!! His ass need the gas chamber!!

    • The Only Person With a Brain

      Christy – have you ever had a point in your life where you found yourself upset because someone was getting abused or beat for their race?

      That’s just as intolerant and ignorant as hating all cops because some of them are violent. Have a nice day.

      • christy

        OK maybe I should have clarified because you are right….how about I
        hate a coward who wears a badge and carries a gun

  • micki Willard

    Why they’ve made this a story about “a cop” I don’t know other than a few bad cops have made the perception that they all are bad. This was about a husband and wife problem not a cop and some lady. This happened in their own bedroom not out on the street.

    • SPQR

      what about the other cop helped him cover it up

      • The Only Person With a Brain

        So you’re telling me that if your best friend calls and says “Hey, my wife killed herself but some asshole is trying to say I did it,” you wouldn’t try to help the guy? If you try to say that you wouldn’t you’re a liar AND stupid.

        • SPQR

          are you insane you scumbag prick?? the cop is charged with murder and the other cop tried to cover it up for him

  • LibertyHawk13

    It would be more accurate to call it a domestic dispute, not a police incident.

  • Krista

    He didn’t shoot her because he was a cop out of line, he shot her because he was probably drunk and enraged about an assumption. This headline makes it sound like its because he was a cop and that she didn’t know him.

    • SPQR

      moron if he wasn’t a cop chances are he would have not had a gun on him at a party and what about the other cop covering it up for him

      • The Only Person With a Brain

        This still isn’t a “Police Shooting.” If people are going to start sticking that phrase to any situation where a cop discharges a firearm the USA is going to be a really hateful and confusing place.

        Also I’d like to just point out, intolerance is wrong. Hating all cops because they are cops is just as bad as hating blacks because they are black. Fuck off out of my country you ignorant hypocritical cunt.

        • SPQR

          if he wasn’t a cop he would not have carried a gun to a party nor would he think MAYBE smoking pot is a capital offence and kill her over it you miserable POS

  • Kittie

    I hope they throw the book at this pig & he never gets out. The guys inside show him their kind of justice in prison.

  • Analise

    Um I’m sorry but I fail to see how this is a “cop shooting” this is more like a crazy ass husband going completely nuts over something trivial and then shooting his innocent wife. I wouldn’t classify this as a police shooting this is just some guy who happens to be a police officer who went bat shit crazy and killed his wife.

  • ResistTheNWO15


  • Marc Douglas Vogt

    ~@ VM !!!
    People, programmed by the feds to cry about so called ‘Jews’ are ignorant as fuck.
    Search and research:
    The Rothschilds were married into The British Monarchy
    The Baron de Rothschilds / Lord Rothschilds
    The Order of English Peerage
    Oath of Fealty

  • tonibrown

    Sounds like a man who was spurrned…not a cop! Hope he gets what Karma gives him!

  • shoddy writing

    this article is horribly written and confusing. nowhere does it mention that the cop was the victims husband. wtf is up with this shoddy writing???

  • Robert Ostrowski

    So it wasn’t an on duty cop, it was a jealous, abusive spouse. Let’s keep the facts straight people, this was complete click bait.

  • Gigi Tanksley

    Shouldn’t Officer Yates be charged also? Coverup makes him an accessory after the fact right?


    This story is about a corrupt cop who murdered his wife and just might get away with it. I don’t see how any of your stupid comments have anything to do with this story, so if it’s not too much to ask why can’t you people stay on topic? Say something intelligent about this story and put a sock on your brainless anti Semitic obsessions!

  • Pissed Off American

    This is a bunch of bullshit. It’s fucked up that the guy murdered his wife, but I fail to see how the actions of one fucked up lunatic make all cops “Pigs.” The sort of people posting here? YOU PEOPLE ARE THE REASON AMERICA IS THE SHIT-HOLE THAT IT IS. Intolerance OF ANY SORT is immoral and fucking wrong. You don’t judge a person by the job they have or the color of their skin. REGARDLESS OF IF THEY ARE A COP OR IF THEY ARE WHITE. RACISM IS RACISM NO MATTER WHICH COLOR YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK FUCKING HEADS AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE YOUR CHILDREN WON’T GROW UP LIVING IN A WORLD TAINTED WITH YOUR IGNORANCE.

  • Emily

    The title should have said, “Police officer kills wife for allegedly smoking Marijuana”. The stigma about Marijuana needs to be broken l. Maybe this cop wouldn’t have been so irate if Marijuana was as legal as cigarettes. I would bet money that he gets away with a light sentence.

  • hobocamp

    He didn’t kill her over marijuana. He killed her because he’s an abusive psychopath. I suggest you watch the Frontline documentary about this asshole and the lengths the department went to cover this guy’s ass.

  • TheAnthem

    Cops are trained to be corrupt. ‘Corrupt’ doesn’t necessarily mean drug-dealing and cash-stealing behind the department’s back. Cops are trained to be complete jackasses and absolute morons. Even good guys that join the force often are peer pressured into morphing into these Jekyll-Hyde murderers. It’s a shame, but it actually helps to tell you the moral temperature of America: when cops, the lowest rung in the authority structure, are corrupt, trigger-happy, and arrogant, really, what does that say about people in higher offices? “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Cops with little power are corrupt and just itching to implement martial law; what are the government agents, politicians, and presidents who have much more power like? Food for thought.

  • Mike TheVet

    Yates needs to be put behind bars as well. Bottom line.

  • Morgan Morris

    Why do we trust ANYONE who’s with a person when they are shot in the head? The first thing that should be done in all cases where one person claims another killed their self is testing for GSR. Then we know immediately if they shot a gun at all let alone into their own head. It could be confusing if the person had been shooting earlier in the day but if they hadn’t shot a gun at all that would be proof of murder. Two people one gun, we SHOULD assume murder until we can PROVE suicide.

  • musikfanat22

    We have to put of with this all the time and then we get called thugs when we protest it. After the bloodlust of the corrupt cops gets so high in the white community, maybe some change will come. ALL Lives matter and BLACK Lives matter!!!

  • musikfanat22


  • Gummy_Grizzly

    I say any cop who knowingly alters and/or suppresses evidence and witness statements, especially if it’s in order to cover up another cop’s crime, should be sentenced to at least 20 years hard time.

  • Julie Schmidt

    That dirty fucker would be shot by a firing squad if there was any real law for the people in this fucked up country.

  • Zach Summers

    If he will do this to his wife, what would he do to yours?

  • R Stefan Joseph

    A little propagandaish guys. You keep listing the guy as officer Falls and except for one sentence steer clear from the fact that this was her husband. I think he should get the death sentence.

  • http://soundcloud.com/disneyvillain Disney Villain

    What an absolute psychopath this piece of shit must be

  • Tom Robertson

    “all because Officer Fallis thought that his badge gave him the right to kill her”

    I see no reason to believe that he killed her because he was a policeman. And usually, the idea behind all of these generally dishonest “cop executes innocent person” headlines is that he got away with it. What’s the story here? It has nothing to do with a policeman qua policeman and it has nothing to do with anyone getting away with anything. Why is it on a site that’s dedicated to fighting police brutality, which will only have the effect of watering down its message? A husband killed his wife. And?

  • MasterC

    I see comments like this, and realize that this in power, that are using incidents like this, and more, to turn the people against each other – to instill hate and fear amongst the people – and it makes me sad that they are WINNING. Instead of the people coming together, people are turning against each other. I cry for this world :(

  • qweztionz5

    I hope this human garbage spends 50 years in prison in some hellhole. Execution is too merciful for him.

  • Ribs01670

    makes you wonder, if this was covered up and he was caught. How many others where covered up and not caught. Seems that not even the police can be trusted nowadays, the list is getting longer………….

  • RavensRayne78

    Maybe if Fallis had smoked some marijuana this wouldn’t have been an issue. My heart and prayers go out to Ashley’s family and those 3 babies. I’m sick of these pigs who join only to become a bully. Bullies never like it when the oppressed push back, well it’s HIGH TIME this nation pushes back against these bullies who forget who they work for. THE PEOPLE. You put on that badge you have LESS rights than I do. YOU WORK FOR ME! Protect and serve, not bully and execute.

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  • Mister Smith

    This is a war on drugs and that brave police officer was just doing his job!

  • Cody Cooper

    Will someone please tell me why most of the comments on this article are TOTALLY unrelated to it?

  • Steve d’Orleans
    • Steve d’Orleans

      unrelated? it’s codes… ‘Cody’ 😉

  • Steve d’Orleans

    ‘Wade’ means ‘was that’, about ‘DaveIL’
    means a ‘warrior king’ and why’
    the cross. see? pleace
    use the biblical
    [it ‘is-words’ reference: http://biblehub.com/revelation/1-16.htm
    [not real guns & swords]

  • Steve d’Orleans

    In this cases the SWORD is camera ‘SHOOTs’