Young Boy Screams in Agony as Cop Snaps His Arm (VIDEO)

Shocking video has emerged of a campus police officer violently breaking a student’s arm as he screams out in agony during an incident at West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas.

Footage of the incident shows squabbles breaking out before a female officer grabs a male student and hauls him to the ground, aided by Officer Steve Rivers.

As the female officer presses the student’s face to the ground, Rivers grabs his left arm and violently bends it backwards in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to snap the bone.

A sickening crunch is audible as the student screams out in agony.

Although the boy is clearly in severe trauma, Rivers continues to push his head to the floor.

Watch the video below.

Following an investigation of the incident, which occurred on March 7, Officer Rivers was placed on administrative leave without pay…

Joel Scott, a professional MMA fighter, said that the cop’s actions suggest he intentionally tried to break the student’s arm.breaks boy's arm

“I am a professional cage fighter. I have trained in Jiu Jitsu for 3yrs with is a form of martial arts that specializes in submissions and breaking bones. It takes a lot of force to break a human bone.

You can clearly see that was intentional. He used his weight as leverage. The average person knows the rage of motion of the human arm and he knew what he was doing,” wrote Scott.

Originally published on March 19, 2014 by Paul Joseph Watson.

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  • Debra Carfagno

    WOW. “calm down”, I just broke your arm on purpose for no real reason other then I could. How shameful.

  • David Freeman

    As long as people fear the police and continue to stand idle by and let these things happen the cop on civilian violence will only get worse.

  • Ben

    Everyone standing around that watched that happen should have stomped both of those cops heads into the ground

    • MRJ88

      Yes. Go to jail for assaulting officers if the law. That will show them…

      • CopBasher1999

        It’s better than letting our country be controlled by a bunch of Nazis…

        • Dana Rider

          MRj88 is one of them, he loves cops I am sure. he is the type that will hide in his house all day and call the cops on his neighbors..

      • Dana Rider

        They cant take everybody to jail, if you know your laws as good as you claim a citizen has the rite to restrain a out of control cop. the problem is their is to many people like you that are cowards and wont stand up for your fellow man. just stay inside and let real Americans deal with it yuppie.

      • Dana Rider

        by the way that is in no manor a officer of the “law” after he snapped that kids arm. more like a terrorist.

      • Jessica Klaus

        They’re SUPPOSED to be the servants of the people.

      • Jenni Lovsey

        Yes, beating the fuck out these pigs WILL get these motherfu****s attention!

    • Stop D Violence Erase Da State

      Be nice if they’d post a new story every now and then, but since they’re slacking;

      “38 year old James Boyd had been camping in a spot that the state deemed
      “illegal.” Trigger happy officers were dispatched to the scene and Boyd
      was murdered by them.

      Boyd was being cordial and surrendering and
      he started walking down the mountain. At this point the aggressive and
      violent escalation by police led to a flash bang grenade and then shots

      Apparently cops wearing cameras does not deter them from murdering people.”

  • James Silva

    I support defending our children in schools from crazy M.F. wanting to shoot them, but this is one of the main problems with cops in schools. Not only does it criminalize our kids, the over exertion of force is something that can’t be prevented. Kids will fight. They always have and always will. There are better ways to handle these situations. As for this P.O.S. who snapped this kids arm, there is no way possible it was an accident. He should be taken off the force and charges should be brought against him.

    • Sam

      My word.

    • Dana Rider

      we have cops in schools because teachers are cowards now a days and scared of the big bad terrorists. if teachers see a fight they say I cant do anything about it, not because they cant but because they want it that way so they don’t have to do anything. you know who i am talking about those older woman teachers that are not even from this planet and hate everything. even buss drivers feel they are military police now a days, my kids come home everyday sometimes in tears because the buss driver is so rude and treats the kids as if they are prisoners.

    • James Silva

      I support DEFENDING our children in schools it doesn’t mean it has to be the police. Actually I would prefer that it weren’t, just because they ruin the lives of kids by charging and convicting them before they even start their lives. It really doesn’t matter who is defending/watching the kids, the over exertion of force can’t be prevented, just punished.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    There’s absolutely no way that anyone can that this cop didn’t break that kids arm on purpose. That was no accident, and totally unnecessary.

  • Ken

    Once he bent his arm to a point he paused and used his weight as leverage to snap the teenagers arm.
    You clearly hear Rivers say “He’s alright!”
    Bullshit you know you broke his arm..

  • Charles Vella


  • emmett

    notice how the woman starts “yelling” calm down seconds after the kid started to say my arms broke at almost the same time the cop says hes alright, sounds like they knew what the hell they did and they where covering it up they both deserve their arms to be ripped off

  • Djimba Vallinor

    Hey pig. Piggy piggy. Nothing’s turning out the way I planned. There’s a lot I think you could help me understand. Nothing can stop me now, cus I don’t care…anymore. ~ Trent Reznor NIN

  • Tracy Miller

    In my years in law enforcement seeing this kind of unnecessary use of force far too many times, I truly believe there is a sadism/homoerotic aspect to some of it. There are too many cops who seem to enjoy pinning another male to the ground and mounting them. Seriously.

  • jbentzr

    FUCK ALL POlice everywhere.

  • Michaëlle Abraham

    This is why I don’t trust cops. I don’t care what race they are I don’t trust them.

  • Lisa Specht

    Another cop who slipped past the pych screening,He couldn’t find any other way to take control than using violance ? Seriously!!!!

    • Jenni Lovsey

      Who says he even took a psych eval?

  • Matt

    If somebody ever did that too me, expect too see me again when your alone with a cast on my arm. I would find this guy and put a bullet in his fuckin head.

  • Matt

    God will punish this sad excuse for a human being, mark my words. It will happen and when it does there will be absolutely nothing that badge will protect him from. He will suffer and be attacked in a merciless manner. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Vengeance will be fulfilled one way or another, that is a promise.

    • Jessica Klaus

      Well, we already killed Lucifer, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear.

  • Divine Insurrection

    Ok, I see what happened. That cop was so worked up from that wild struggle that he pushed his arm back WAAAAAAY too hard and fast. Oh yeah, if he can’t keep himself under control better than that, he needs to not be a cop. Most certainly be held PERSONALLY responsible for the injury. It wasn’t at ALL necessary by that point.

  • KTH

    …could you fix the grammar and spelling errors please?

  • River Rat

    wow. that cop needs fired and I hope the family Sues the hell out of him

  • Randall Reed

    They already had him on the ground face down and the fat guy outweighed the kid 10 fold, was no need to break his arm and laugh n say oh hes alright!
    I wonder how it would have played out if the kid had blue eyes and blond hair?

  • Jim

    ABSOLUTELY NO REASON/CALL OR JUSTIFICATION for that cop to bend that kids arm THAT far back.NONE at all.
    BUT, I’ll bet a million dollars, his POLICE CHIEF will say: “OFFICER used appropriate force in containing the situation. Had the suspect not resisted, it wouldn’t have happened.”
    THEY always say that shit. AND they always excuse their officers excessive force.
    NOW, be a good little drone and obey all the ARMED NAZIS, I mean “POLICE”.

  • I wonder if the kid would have just stood still and calmly interacted with that female cop if all of this could have been prevented?

    Sure, the cops did wrong but… it “takes two to tango.”

    Over the decades I have seen a growing lack of civility in many parts of society. Parents are not training their kids to interact with others in a civil manner.

    Incivility is apparently becoming the norm.

    • Kevin Holmes

      So as long as the cop feels something wasn’t done civilly he has a right to break a child’s arm? You are as bad as the cop who did this… By the way it’s legal to talk uncivilly to a cop without consequences… Citizens are in no way required to act civilly towards police, it’s a constitutional right everyone has… It’s called freedom of speech… and is protected by the first amendment… like it or not it’s the law!! You can give the cops a one finger salute and they have no right to retaliate either… cops should be required to know the rights of citizens in encounters with police and be tested often so it sticks in their brain…..

  • John

    Stick that fake cop in a prison so someone can hold him down and do what he did to this poor guy. POS

  • Adam Brian

    I guess the video was so bad that the cops had to remove it even from this sight. Freedom of information my but

  • Bodhisattva

    Video no longer available, may not have placed the incident in true context, but I can say from the sound of it there were two officers, the boy was under control and the force applied to his arm was excessive. The officer involved (and unfortunately his department as well) likely should be the targets of a lawsuit that will be more about an outrageous settlement than about fixing the underlying problem.

    America, what a country! What is the price of a wrongly broken arm these days, I wonder? DV, want to chime in?

  • catrat

    Of course they won’t let the public see this video because it shows that you give a person a little bit of power and they will abuse that power beyond any reasonable level that should be expected. I would hope that both of them were fired and arrested.