“Your Dog is Under Arrest” — Weird Cop Tries to Arrest Dog, Owner Dominates Cop



ARIZONA — It’s a testament to how incompetent some people can be, regardless of the uniform they wear.

In the video you’re about to see, Terri Franklin, a long-time dog owner can be heard standing her ground against a cop named Officer Whipple who literally announced that her pet dog was under arrest.

One can only imagine what Office Whipple was planning to do to this innocent animal.

Was he thinking he would actually force the dog to the ground and place handcuffs over the its wrist bones, then take mug shots of the dog back at the station?

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Or was he planning to sedate the dog or abuse it in some other manner?

Fortunately, neither of those scenarios panned out, since the Terri Franklin asserted her rights and remained strong throughout the ordeal.

The incident started when Terri had to run an errand, and secured her dog in her vehicle.

When people passed by her car in the parking lot, the pet would bark at them through the window — something pets commonly do when they are wanting to get out and play, or perhaps just defending the vehicle.

When Terri heard the barking, she came back to her vehicle and apologized to the people at whom her dog barked, and explained that her dog was usually a very friendly animal but was probably just thinking it had to protect its family.

The dog never attacked anybody, and everybody was prepared to go their separate ways without incident.

But by the time Terri could leave, an officer arrived at the scene and began an attempt to escalate the situation.

Evidently, a citizen had called the police when the dog was barking, thinking it best that the power of the State could be used to solve an otherwise mundane situation.

Although everybody else had understood Terri’s apology and left by this time, the cop decided that punishment would have to be meted out.

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“Officer Whipple proceeds to demand my driver’s license. I, of course, refuse, as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest?” explains Terri.

In the video, Terri can be heard asking respectfully but assertively, “Am I under arrest?”

To which Officer Whipple gives a bizarre response: “No, but your dog is.”

Unmoved by the weirdness of Officer Whipple’s reply, Terri pressed on and stated that her dog had not done anything to attack anybody, and that he had no right to take her dog.

Looking at the body language in the video, it appears that Officer Whipple became nervous or possibly afraid at this point and shuffled away.

Watch the video below:

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  • Manny Mendoza

    is it ever gonna end?? they have gone mad with power smh

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      I am completely convinced they are either demons themselves, or are possessed by them! this has gone way beyond a “rogue officer”, or “an isolated incident”. this evil is on a massive scale, and it’s spread to ALL of the un nations, which is no coincidence

      • Eric

        Its all part of the new world order plan.

      • Difdi

        Under US federal law, many (possibly even most) US police departments meet every legal definition of a domestic terrorist organization.

        A terrorist (defined by statute) is someone who attempts to use illegal violence or the threat of illegal violence to alter the political behavior of US citizens. Foreign terrorists are people who do this and originate outside of the country, domestic terrorists are home grown.

        Police routinely violate civil, constitutional and statutory rights of citizens in their daily careers, but are seldom punished for it because they are acting in accordance with police department policy. People routinely sue the department over these violations, and win.

        But the thing to understand here is that any rights violation you can win a civil lawsuit over is also a criminal act, albeit one the federal government seldom prosecutes over. But the key issue is this: Police routinely use violence to enforce their orders — both legal and illegal — and if the order is illegal, so is the violence enforcing the order.

        Many police HATE when citizens exercise certain rights, and take action — often violent action — to retaliate against people for exercising those rights. That retaliation is a criminal act.

        tl;dr: police commit domestic terrorism when they use force to stop people from exercising rights.

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    I thought I had seen everything in my 67 yrs but nop, placing a dog under arrest. What have you got, doggie cuffs??!! lmao Rich!

  • Kyohei Hanson

    these cops holy shit I live in australia we have the same shit just not on a rampant scale My mate had his dog shot in front of him because someone said it attacked them all it did was jump up and greet them at the fence im sick of pigs attacking animals they make me so angry trying to arrest a dog because some pussy didnt want to get close when getting in their car GTFO grow a fucking pair holy shit

  • cwjuhl

    Good response from this citizen with a camera, although she might be advised that he actually could have cited her for leaving an animal in a car unattended. https://aawl.org/content/news/onset-high-temperatures-poses-dangers-pets

    • petulantes

      Well informed maybe , but the ‘person’ left a dog in a car while in ARIZONA afternoon heat . Even with windows open that is a oven in a few minutes.

  • Sarah Pretty Dynasty

    This is hilarious and the most STUPID thing I have ever watched. These cops are getting insanely bad out there. Running around with guns and their badges like rabid pigs flexing their “muscle”. We have a severe problem going on here….and it’s going to get much, much worse before it gets better. War on Citizens and their dogs…..

  • upagainstthewall

    Can somebody please tell Officer Whipple we prefer when he sticks to just squeezing the Charmin… instead of trying to squeeze revenue out of innocent citizens? lol

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      he’s mr whipple’s retarded son

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      the dogs name was Charmin… and he wanted to squeeze it…

    • David

      who’s dog is not in harms way.

  • Native Born American

    Cop needs to be put down like the rabbid pos he is.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    “officer whipple” I wonder how many remember the Charmin toilet paper commercials from the 70’s? remember “MR. Whipple”? “don’t squeeze the Charmin”. it’s sad that it’s come to a point, that Mr. whipple, or barney fife would be welcomed as authority figures. instead we get his retarded son, “officer (oxymoron, heavy on the moron) whipple.

  • Churchill

    Yeah, sounds like Officer Whipple might have had DHS training as to their definition and recognition of ‘Low Level Domesticated Terrorists. Its a wonder that he didn’t call for backup.

  • MisterReason
  • my name

    Maybe he was being sarcastic. The lady never shut up to let him speak. we live in a poor picked on me environment everybody feels are entitled to millions. because evidently knew that this was a BS call so he just walked away instead of listening to that woman Yap

    • Interrupting Reply Bot 2014

      Yeah, because everybody in America is entitled to have some fat dumbass, with a loaded pistol on their hip, walk up to your car and demand shit from you, right, pal? For your sake, I hope this never happens to your daughter or gandkids, but if it does, remember who’s side you’re on. the guy with the gun.

    • Dutch Van Alstin

      This response from “my name” can’t be a legitimate response. Nobody is that simpole-minded

  • BrunoFehr

    What a retard! The cop seriously wanted to place a dog under arrest.
    It would not be all bad, since placing a dog under arrest, if supported by a judge, would create a legal precedent which would make the dog a person. So the next time a cop shot a dog, it would be murder!

    • Malcolm Reynolds


  • Ricky Ross

    Statistically speaking … she’s lucky that her and her dog walked away from that encounter alive …

    “FBI Report: Americans Less Violent than Ever, Except for Police”


    “Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Nearly Double The National Rate”


    “Every 98 Minutes A Cop Kills A Dog In America” (a mailman has never killed a citizens dog)


  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    In Sacramento the sheriffs officers (combined sheriff and animal control) was going to cut the locks on my converted school bus because I ‘had a dog locked in an automobile’…. get this, it was in FEBRUARY and it was COLD out…. I responded by saying I would call the Highway Patrol and report an armed vehicle hijacking…. then I got the hell out of West Sac….

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    “Your dog is under arrest, for being vicious and at large…” The amount of stupid in that statement is actually quite impressive. Dogs can not be “arrested” last I checked, and they also don’t drive. So by virtue of being IN the car, it can not be “at large”, unless this one has been taught to drive. lol, wtf…

  • Michele McAlum

    This is so stupid, it’s funny. We literally have thousands of very low IQ, mentally and intellectually incompetent idiots running around that really believe they have legitimate authority over others.

  • Depressivedarking

    Good for her..never give your dog to a cop for barking at people in a car. You won’t get it back alive.

  • The cop was stupid, and he knew he was wrong and he backed down…I can respect that…If all cops would stop and think, like this one did, we would have a lot less problems…

    He could have let his ego take over, and he didn’t…

  • Cadence Wallace

    Starting to think we don’t really need cops anymore

  • John In Col

    Whipple is a dumb ass

  • Christin

    What?….I just can’t fucking even……

  • Tony Velez

    and they get dumber & dumber & abusive with the power trip they are on , steroids are bad

  • Bob Wager

    I don’t agree with leaving your dog in the car while you go in the store. She could have been charged, rightfully(?
    ) with animal abuse.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    DUMBASS badges ……..there’s too much garbage in this society . Kickass lady !

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    Plus the MORON who called it in .. RETARD without a badge .

  • Bob Gratton Gratt

    why the f dont you compaint about this shit to the police department this is non sense use of authority in a illegal way wake up america

  • Rob W

    Officer Whipple, LOL. Did you notice they only gave him one round? He has to keep it in his shirt pocket.

  • petulantes

    In Arizona she left a dog in a car on an unshaded parking lot.. Even if windows are open the heat is immense after a few minutes. She needed kicked in the ass for THAT alone. Never mind the undertrained/skilled officer who did not grasp why he was there really !

  • James Michael

    a fucki9ng treasonous ass moron…..She owned that stupid asses
    butt….Why the hell sare they hiring absolute unreasoning moron and
    giving them guns and badges…..

  • Aram S. Katz

    On the ground, Rover! STOP RESISTING!!! STOP RESISTING!!!

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    That 1,000 pound piggyass Whipple deserves to be dead.