1,100 Police Depts Just Admitted that Marijuana is Least of Nation’s Drug Worries


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

The U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration wrapped up its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary last month, and the results should infuriate you.

More than 1,100 local, state, and tribal law enforcement departments responded to the 2015 National Drug Threat Survey and the numbers don’t lie. Cops do not perceive marijuana to be a threat.


For the last eight years, the threat perceived by law enforcement from marijuana users has diminished. Only around six percent of those who took the survey still buy in to the reefer madness.

This dwindling worry is in spite of people like Angela Alsobrooks, DC area prosecutor and the Prince George’s County police who blame the recent spike in Maryland murders on the decriminalization of marijuana – despite having no evidence to back up their claim.

The drugs that cops are worried about, however, are heroin and methamphetamine. Methamphetamine ironically owes its very existence to the War on Drugs. Also, the recent spike in Heroin overdoses can also be attributed to the war on drugs, as it’s not the heroin people are dying from, it’s the Fentanyl, which is being added to heroin because it’s available domestically and is extremely potent.

Since the survey says that cops aren’t worried about marijuana, one would tend to think that cops aren’t worried about arresting people for it either. However, one would be wrong.

Despite pot not being tied to mortality and despite the fact that it is incredibly beneficial, cops continue to kick in doors, shoot dogs, sodomize, and kill morally innocent people in their sinister quest to wipe out a plant.

The DEA and drug task forces around the US, and even in states where its use is legal, continue to expend billions in their futile attempts to prevent the propagation of this marvelous plant.

As the US ramps up its war on pot by calling in the military to assist in raids, rapes and murders continue to go unsolved. Some prisons have even begun releasing violent criminals and rapists to make room for non-violent drug offenders. 

So why do they keep going after Marijuana? Well, the answer to that question is easy….because marijuana arrests are easy – and profitable. Marijuana is the most widely used drug and when cops are told they have to get out there and make an arrest or risk facing punitive action, they seek the easiest arrest possible. Police who find or smell, or claim to find or smell this plant can then steal your property using civil asset forfeiture.

Unfortunately, many innocent people are killed in the wake of their relentless pursuits, ie, Zachary Hammond.

The system knows that making substances illegal creates a black market monopoly and allows these elite criminal gang units to flourish as they control the supply. They also know that they will get constant funding and loads of new military toys for perpetuating this war, so they refuse to end it.

When the criminals and the state agree that drugs should be illegal, the line between who the actual criminals are, becomes blurred.

Is the criminal the 19-year-old kid who tries to sell a little pot to make some extra cash or the cop who would deprive a young man of his future by kidnapping, caging or killing him over a plant?

As the fingers in D.C. continue to point across the aisle to lay blame for an increase in violent crime and overcrowded prisons, the misinformed taxpayer funded circus can’t see the giant pink elephant in the living room.

As long as politicians and their enforcers continue down this hellish path of prohibition, we can expect things to get much worse.

It is well past the time that we end the war on drugs.