Two UK Police Officers Jailed Following Cocaine-Fuelled Affair

A police woman and her married PC lover have been jailed over a drug-fuelled affair in which she was pictured with a line of cocaine on her breasts.

WPC Kerry Reeve, 36, and fellow constable Adam Jackson, who both worked for Greater Manchester Police, sent each other text messages boasting about the amount of drugs they were consuming.

In one exchange, Reeve, who served with the force’s Tactical Aid riot squad unit, sent a message to Jackson stating “Any news on Friday’s package yet? I well wanna get on it.”

When Jackson, 36, later offered to get three bags of cocaine for £100 she replied: ”Yeah babe, we’ll just take it easy, we’ll be right. We had way too much last time and it f–ked us up so this time we can just have a load of fun instead.”

After one drug taking session, Jackson sent a text to a friend saying: ”Was a laugh mate. I was f–king wired. 7 bags of coke between us and I had three pills too. Made the most of it. Wish it had just been me and Kez though.”

Alexander Langhorn, prosecuting, told Manchester Crown Court that Jackson had begun to ask Daniel Wade, a local dealer, for cocaine on an occasional basis in November 2015, at the same time he entered into an extramarital affair with Reeves.

”Wade received a message from Jackson stating: ‘Do you know anybody who can get some sniff?’ he said.

In one of Jackson’s messages to Wade, they discussed a “birthday bonanza package” of three grams of cocaine costing £90 and talked of an “8ball,” which is equal to 3.5 grams worth £250.

One text the PC, who worked in the special operations unit, sent to Wade included a photo of cocaine and a rolled £20 note saying: ”I’m gonna have to start buying 2 every time. One just isn’t enough anymore.”

The pair were arrested last February as Jackson emerged from Reeve’s home in Middleton, Greater Manchester, with a holdall containing cocaine, MDMA and Viagra pills.

He threw the bag back inside the house and tried to slam the front door. Reeve was found in the dining room, also with cocaine. The dealers were arrested later.

It emerged Jackson would routinely smoke cannabis whilst off duty and had bought the cocaine from a dealer who referred to him as “my piggy pal.”

Reeve, who earned £52,000, had traces of cocaine in her hair when she was quizzed at a police station and a habit dating back five years.

She broke down in court as she was jailed for 31 weeks after admitting encouraging the commission of drugs offences. The court heard she had previously been in an abusive relationship and had undergone extensive surgery to her face following the injuries she suffered. She has since quit her job.

Jackson, who earned £48,910 a year, admitted possession of cocaine on 20 occasions and was jailed for 18 months. He lost his job and has been attempting to repair his marriage, the court heard.

Judge Michael Leeming told him: “’You had no thought to how this would affect your performance at work or the impact on your reputation as a police officer or public confidence in the police. That beggars belief.”

Det Insp Mark Smith of Greater Manchester Police said in a statement: “Both officers in this case have committed a serious breach of cause of conduct. Their offending has had a detrimental impact on the trust of the community police.”