50-yr-old Obese Cop Threatens to Arrest Young Woman if She Doesn’t Have Sex With Him: Conviction

ST LOUIS — An officer has been convicted for threatening a woman with arrest if she did not have sex with him.

Sadly, the woman was forced to perform sexual acts on his body because she feared being locked in jail, according to reports.

It began when the now-former officer Timothy Jones, 50, pulled over a 24-yr-old woman because he “suspected” she was driving drunk.

He began by forcing her to perform a sobriety test.

After she did the test for him, he threatened to arrest her unless she let him penetrate her sexually, according to reports.

Jones worked as an officer for at least 20 years, during the course of which he likely pulled over many women.
Jones worked as an officer for at least 20 years, during the course of which he likely pulled over many women.

Some wonder if there are other victims are out there suffering and haven’t been able to speak out due to fear and intimidation.

Others have surmised that there may be women who said “no” and are sitting alone in a prison cell right this moment, torn from their families and locked away for refusing sex.

Officer Jones put the woman inside his patrol car, drove to a private location, and forced her on the threat of arrest to perform “several sexual acts,” reports say.

According to reports, the woman left her cell phone in the officer’s patrol car.

She then told her mother about the sexual coercion.

When investigators tried to return the phone to the woman, they reached her mother instead, who then reported what happened.

Further investigation led to the conviction of officer Jones.

He had worked as an officer for at least 20 years prior to the recent conviction.

In the course of 20 years, one wonders if he did this to other woman and got away with it — so far there are no reports that he did.

Imagine what would happen to a citizen if he walked outside with a loaded pistol, approached a woman, and threatened to kidnap her and lock her in a cage unless she gave him sexual favors.

Forcing a woman into sex on the threat of violence is grounds for a harsh punishment in most cases.

But in the case of officer Jones’s conviction, he wore a special blue costume and enjoyed government privilege when he forced the woman into sex. Thus he received a light sentence.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Officer Jones received only 1 year in a county jail. Knowing how the system favors those with government-privilege, it’s possible that he’ll be released even earlier.

Originally prosecutors sought a four year sentence.

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