A Cop Just Ran Over and Killed a Pedestrian, His Breath “Reeked of Alcohol”

INDIANA — It seems the Indianapolis police department is dealing with another case of drunken driving by an officer.

Bernardo Zavalza, who has been with the department for seven years, was off duty when he crashed his cruiser into a pedestrian killing the man instantly on Thursday last week.

The man has been identified as Ronny Bowling.

Just minutes earlier someone had called 911 to report that a person dressed in dark clothes was walking amidst traffic on the road.

Police are already on their way to and Interstate 65 interchange on the city’s south side.

One of the officers who arrived moments after the accident said Zavalza’s breath reeked of alcohol.

Once the cop realized he had hit someone he got immediately and performed chest compressions but it was too late and the victim was declared dead.

Zavalza cooperated with the officers on duty and also notified authorities of the accident.
He was taken to hospital for blood testing.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Richard Riddle said on Friday the results would be available soon.

However, just hours earlier Marion County prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Peg McLeish confirmed that Zavalza’s blood-alcohol test results and other information will remain confidential until a thorough investigation is complete.

According to the department’s rules officers are prohibited to drink at least eight hours before the shift or even carry alcohol in their take-home vehicles.

They can be reprimanded for any level of alcohol in their system, even if it is less than the 0.08% reading – the amount that is the threshold for a DUI charge.

Five years ago, the Indianapolis police department cop David Bisard was convicted of drunk driving and is currently serving a 16 year sentence.

Lieutenant Riddle said any cop found breaking the rules would be treated just like any other person.

“Obviously there were questions after Bisard, and we are doing everything by policy in this incident to show that no officer is above the law,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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