An officer arrested me for possession of 20g of weed when I only had 5g. Then as I was in their police van, just sitting there, he pulled my hair ( I have dreads) and yanked my head around the van. I brushed him off of me and looked at him in shock. I asked him “why did you just do that?”, he didn’t respond. I looked at his hand and was amazed that he was married! So I added “and your married?”, he looked as if my question got to him a little and responded by leaving the van and closing the door. As we drove to a different neighborhood, he then opened the door again. This time he threw people in with me and on the other side of the van. I lifted up my head to see and he told me to stand up. I stood and then he threatened to taser me if I didn’t sit back down. I wasn’t paying him attention but when I looked at him I saw all of his peers were around him. I looked at him with disgust and sat back down. This experience showed me how a officer can dishonor their badge. He was an officer from Miami Gardens No. 255.