“..Accelerate Forward.” – Sheriff Instructs Drivers to Begin Running Over Americans Who Protest Police Violence if Necessary



BOYNTON BEACH — Reports of a sheriff instructing people to run over protesters have come forward, shocking citizens across the country.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was speaking to a crowd of the “dangers” of protesters who block highways in attempts to bring attention to the police slayings of American citizens.

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Judging by the quotes that were reported, it seems as though Bradshaw was fear mongering the audience, telling them that protesters are “violent thugs” who may have “weapons” inside the barrels that they use to lock their arms while blocking highways.

Bradshaw remarked:

“With our limited budget, we just don’t have the manpower to be policing the community like we should be. You should be very concerned if you come across these protesters because they are very violent thugs and have even killed white people with hammers in other parts of the country. Now they are blocking the roads with their arms in barrels and we just don’t know what those barrels contain. The all we know, they could contain weapons to use when unsuspecting drivers get close. If you see these people, stop your vehicle as far as possible and back away before they can attack.”

After he said that, a woman replied with a question about what to do if a driver cannot back up due to traffic in the rear.

Sheriff Bradshaw basically answered that the driver should step on the gas pedal and run over protesters if necessary.

“Your safety is far more valuable than those violent thugs illegally blocking the roadways. If you see the protesters, and you can’t back up, stopping will make you an easy target for violence, robbery or murder. If you are driving on a Florida roadway, it is up to them to move, so sit as low as possible in your car and accelerate forward. If you run over protesters, remember that your safety comes first and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Whatever you do, I can’t emphasize enough how important enough it is not to stop and if they are injured, they brought it upon themselves.” (Emphasis ours.)

The DC Post enumerates multiple ways in which Sheriff Bradshaw has come under criticism aside from his latest instruction to run over and presumably kill protesters if necessary. Among those criticisms are:

  • Sheriff Bradshaw has faced 40 race-based discrimination lawsuits that were filed against him just within the last three to four years.
  • Under the command of Sheriff Bradshaw, detectives abused the right to free speech by criminally “investigating” people who posted public statistics about the number of blacks killed by police officers.
  • Multiple shootings of unarmed citizens have occurred by members of Sheriff Bradshaw’s department, leading to several grievances and investigations.
  • He was condemned by local media for associating with members of the Colombo crime syndicate and taking donations from them.

ric bradshaw


Jim Donahue, a radio show host, summed up the corruption by Sheriff Bradshaw as follows:

“Ric Bradshaw is one of the ringleaders of one of the most corrupt public organizations in the country. I have seen what has gone on in Palm Beach County and recognize that in that county there is a level of corruption and dishonesty that puts the Chicago political machine to shame. In fact, it’s the kind of people in power in Palm Beach County that are the kind of people my dad fought in WWII to defeat. They are threatening the very fabric of our republic.”

The DC Post also notes that under the direction of Sheriff Bradshaw, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office collects over $500 million in budgetary cash, a 300% increase from previous years.