American Citizen Labeled “Trash,” Hanged to Death in Police Custody


UPDATE: Cops File Restraining Order Against Coroner, Prevent Further Investigation into Hanging Death

Zachary Goldson was called “trash” by police and found to be hanged to death in their custody. Before his death by hanging, police were also heard saying “Yeah, this motherfucker is getting a welcome party when we get to jail.”

Dr. Judith Varnau with the Brown County Coroner was conducting a further investigation into the Sheriff’s department, after an earlier investigation determined that the death was a homicide by strangulation, according to reports.

The Coroner had issued several subpoenas to the Sheriff’s office for investigative materials relating to the manner in which Goldson died after being arrested.

The Sheriff’s office employees responded by actually filing a restraining order on the coroner, preventing the investigation from continuing.

The Judge issued the restraining order, saying: “The Court finds and concludes that there is reasonable cause to believe…that sufficient doubt exists as to the coroner’s authority to conduct an inquest into Goldson’s death…that Defendant must be restrained from proceeding as indicated, and preservation of the status quo is necessary until this matter can come before the Court on a hearing.”

Interestingly, the Coroner was trying to gain information about the sprinkler system from which Goldson was found hanging.

Some have said that sprinkler system is too high for one man to “commit suicide” by hanging himself from it, and thus required someone else to set up a noose and hang him from it.

If they have nothing to hide, then why would the sheriff’s office employees prevent further investigation into the case?

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GEORGETOWN  – A Brown County coroner has confirmed that a father who was hung to death in police custody was a victim of homicide, according to reports.

Communities were initially told that Zachary Goldson’s death was due to a “suicide.”

But as they looked closely into the death, they discovered that officers had deleted key video footage that showed Goldson in the last 30 minutes of his life.

Footage shows officers initiating force on Goldson while Goldson was handcuffed and unable to defend himself. Reports state that they deleted additional footage that was "key" in showing what they did during the last minutes of Goldson's life.
Footage shows officers initiating force on Goldson while Goldson was handcuffed and unable to defend himself.

It began in September after Goldson was arrested by officers on the claim that he had a .22 firearm and had fired it across a roadway near his home.

He was locked inside of a cell and faced up to 14 years for the gun charges.

Goldson maintained that he did “nothing wrong.”

Indeed, he had not harmed anyone, and the constitution guarantees the right of Americans to bear arms.

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Once in jail, Goldson wrote a revealing letter to his mother.

He expressed a future-based intention to see her again, a fact that became deeply mysterious in light of the claim that he was “suicidal.”

“Im just writin you to tell you I love you mom…I’m going to miss you both and Im prayin you are still around when I get out because I don’t want to loose my mom while im in jail.”

The letter is reproduced in its entirety below:


About nine days after his initial arrest, Goldson was taken to a jail hospital after vomiting.

Jail documents claimed that he had “swallowed” some staples. The notion that an individual who wishes to see his family would just randomly swallow stables is puzzling.

Some suspect that police shoved staples down his throat as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

At some point during his transfer to the hospital, he attempted to free himself from captivity and return back home to his family.

Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son.
Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son.

Allegedly, he used his shackles to strike an officer during his escape attempt. That’s when officers piled onto him and restrained him once again.

He was accused of assaulting an officer.

A swarm of officers can be seen on a dashcam video surrounding Goldson.

They can be heard calling Goldson “trash” and stating a desire to “break his fucking neck.”


Moments later an officer seems to promise more violence upon Goldson: “This motherfucker is going to receive a welcome party at the jail.”


Less than an hour later, Goldson was taken back to jail, a noose made of a bedsheet was tightened around his neck, and he was hung to death.

These factors led many to conclude that Goldson was murdered by the police, and that the police were trying to cover up the murder by claiming that it was a “suicide.”

But because officers deleted the jail footage showing what happened to Goldson during the last minutes of his life, investigators couldn’t be certain.

Now, in a newly released report by the coroner, Goldson’s death has been confirmed as homicide by strangulation.

It would have been “physically impossible” for Goldson to have tied his own noose given how high the ceiling was, according to the report.

“At first I thought it was a suicide until all the information started coming in,” Goldson’s mother said. “But there was so much evidence, it became clear that something was wrong.”

Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son, both of whom he had hoped to see again.