American Policing Fails International Standards for Use of Deadly Force


WASHINGTON, DC — An alarming report by Amnesty International has found that the use of deadly force by police in America has failed to meet basic international standards.

Not just in one state, or even two or three states — but in all 50 states, indicating a nationwide epidemic.

The 41-page report (PDF) states that there is a glaring lack of statutes that would require cops to use deadly force only as a last resort to save lives.

In 13 states, there are “laws” which don’t even meet the basic requirements of the United States Constitution.

The report was released just a short time after a police officer was caught on video shooting an unarmed teenager to death.

The teen simply tried to warn the cop that his bright lights were causing a safety hazard — and the cop indeed admitted that other drivers were telling him the same thing.

Moments later, the teen was forced out of his car, onto the ground, and ultimately shot to death.

The cop claimed that the boy attacked him, but the video does not show any attack.

Matthew Cooke recently released a short documentary including the raw footage of the boy’s death and the report from Amnesty International.

We must warn you, what you are about to watch may be disturbing — viewer discretion is strongly  advised.

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