American Wife Chained Down in Brutal Sexual Torture by Officers: Lawsuit

NEW MEXICO — A woman is now traumatized after federal officers chained her down and pushed their fingers into her vagina and anus by force, forcing her to defecate on command and probing her for nearly six hours.

The officers claimed to be “looking for drugs” inside of her body.

No drugs were found.

According to court documents, they violated her so much that her “labia, vaginal opening, and anus were left raw and sore…”

She “felt violated, demeaned and powerless,” the documents continue.

The woman wishes to remain anonymous and regards herself as a victim of sexual assault.

She was chained to a bed against her will and probed until she was sore and raw, according to reports.

It began when she was driving to El Paso, TX on December 8th of 2012.

She was stopped at a checkpoint, where federal agents began patting her down because their “Border Protection dog” alerted them by lunging at her and driving its claws into her torso as the agents watched.

Laura Ives, the victim’s attorney, states that at that point the officers “ran their fingers over her genitalia and checked inside of her pants.”

“She was asked to undress,” Ives said.

Then “she was asked to squat as the agents peered into her cavities with flashlights and pressed their fingers into her,” Ives said.

They forced her to strip and inserted their fingers inside of her by force.

Despite not finding any drugs, the officers then restrained her and took her to a medical center.

That’s when the situation became even more disturbing.

Doctors at the medical center ganged up with the officers and began examining and probing her vaginal and anal cavities even more.

Adding to her sexual humiliation, the officers and doctors then forced her to take a laxative.

She was forced to defecate on command, as they observed.

Then they forced her into radiation exposure as they X-Rayed her stomach and gave her a CT scan.

They did this against her consent and without a search warrant.

According to the lawsuit, the doctors left the door open while officers freely looked inside and observed her exposed body.

Ever since the incident the woman has been traumatized and unable to experience physical intimacy with her husband.

She was billed $5,000 for the “medical procedures.”

A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a prepared statement that the agency could not talk about a specific lawsuit, according to the El Paso Times.